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  1. Hi all, Unknown Player and I are organizing a weekly event on Youtube. We would like to live stream during a 4v4 pro team game with commentary. We would like to collaborate with a streamer. Our main purpose is here to create something like a league that not depend on players. We saw how hard to schedule 1v1 during The first 0ad championship. Sometimes it took weeks to finish the games. According to our experience, most pro players are in the lobby seeking for a team game between 18.00 to 21.00 (UTC). So it can be a good idea to broadcast one of those matches with some i
  2. It doesn't say anything when you try to join a game that doesn't allow specs.
  3. I have found an idea while reading elexis' post above. Maybe it can be easier to fix. So basically, the hero moves between the shoots and units like archers shoot synchronized at some point. If they shoot randomly it can solve the problem. There won't be blind spots anymore. What do you think?
  4. You can write your choice here. @Thorfinn the Shallow Minded
  5. There are some discussions about dancing during the games. Some players support it some players don't. This poll can help us to decide there should be a rule or not. What do you think about it?
  6. Please make sure that you apply all the steps correctly. 1-Download "AutoCiv" mod from the first post of this link: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24649-autociv-mod-less-clicks-more-civs/ 2-Unzip it. / I'm using this app: https://theunarchiver.com/ 3-Change the name of the folder as "autociv". / it's very important. 4-Go to the mods folder. ~/Library/Application Support/0ad/mods Here you have two options to find mods folder: Option1: -Open Finder. -Click on "Go" / "Go to Folder..." on the top left of the screen and press
  7. I've recently discovered that there was another place to disable the router's firewall. If you have trouble to join games try this one. It wasn't in the firewall tab but it was in the status tab. If you disable your firewall you can join games in the lobby. No error message. It worked for me. I hope it works for you too.
  8. I think there should be a hierarchy between colours. I suggest that we need to use colours to communicate. Here are the examples: For food, wood, stone and metal between 0-250 it should be red. between 250-500 it should be orange. between 500-1000 it should be green. So basically the colours tell us if we run out of resources or not. What do you think?
  9. It seems that it's not the reason of the problem. Any other ideas?
  10. Hi all, My friends and I have a hosting problem. It seems that we all opened ports and added 0ad into allowed applications in the firewall options. However, we cannot join each other games. Somehow it changes time by time. Here are my router and firewall settings. It's the same settings for all of us. Could someone help us to solve this problem? All ideas are welcome. Thank you.
  11. I think this is not a bad idea. If there is a checkbox that asks permission for an anyhow rated game it could work. If players want they chose that option and it doesn't matter it's a connection problem or not the last man standing gains the points.
  12. Video Link: https://streamable.com/mzqiq 1-Download "fgod" mod from this link: https://github.com/fraizy22/fgodmod 2-Unzip it. 3-Change the name of the folder as "fgod". 4-Go to the mods folder. ~/Library/Application Support/0ad/mods Here you have two options to find mods folder: Option1: -Open Finder. -Click on "Go" / "Go to Folder..." and press enter. -Copy this path: ~/Library/Application Support/0ad/mods A window should pop up if it doesn't try the second option: Option2: -Open Finder. -Click on "
  13. You can be in a wrong place. Please follow these: -Open Finder or any folder. -Then you'll see some tabs like "File - Edit - View - Go..." -Click "Go" / "Go to Folder" -Copy / paste this path " ~/Library/Application Support/" Now you'll be able to see all the files the game has. @iceblendedmocha
  14. Which one is missing? 0ad or mod?
  15. @iceblendedmocha Sorry for the confusion. 1- go to that link and download the latest fgod mod files. 2- Extract the file. 3- Change the name of the folder as "fgod". The name of the file is probably "godmod-master". It should be "fgod". So, change the name. 4- Go to ~/Library/Application´╗┐ Support/0ad/mods/ 5-Move the folder you have downloaded (and you've just changed the name as "fgod") into the "mods" folder. So, the folder must be here: ~/Library/Application´╗┐ Support/0ad/mods/fgod 6-Launch the game 7-Go to settings / Mod Se
  16. if you drag it won't work. Change the folder which you've downloaded as "fgod" if it's different and then move all the files under "mods" folder. then follow these: launch the game. -go to settings / Mod Selection -select fgod mod. -Click on "Enable". -Click on "Save Configuration". -Click on "Start Mods". @iceblendedmocha
  17. it's could be good to be notified if there is a new version. I think we need to check it manually.
  18. I think a lot of ppl are experiencing connection problems just before the game starts.
  19. @ffffffff Idk is this just in your mod or general, the logo of ptol went missing in some part of the game.
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