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Found 10 results

  1. Since the thread I opened on toxicity raised a lot of discussions (maybe even too much) I feel that one problem is that there isn't much information about the language register that is used in a particular game displayed in the lobby. I would propose adding a 'safe language' tag to the 0ad games. This tag will be shown next to the game name or similar. The hosts can decide whether to put such a tag or not on their games to make the players aware, what is the tone of the conversation to expect. So, e.g., a player like me that doesn't like in-game toxicity can skip non-safe-language games, while other people that don't care or want to be free to express themselves more aggressively can choose these games. So when a player hosts a match, a popup will ask which language register to use (e.g., see attached image). Two additional points are to be added to this idea. I thought about this feature as non-binding. Meaning that this relies on the good faith of the hosts and players. This is to avoid using it to raise too much controversy about the subjectiveness of the definition of "safe-language." Also this doesn't mean either that an host of a non-safe-language-game cannot kick someone if they think that such a player went too far. This is not a free-for-all card. Even without the 'safe language' tag, Wildfire Games team can (obviously) act when dangerous situations may arise in extreme cases.
  2. i have Wifi "router Nucom R5000 UNV2" i want open the port for 0AD but i don't know how i can do it???? or the best is an ARP Poisoniong on my network and enable ports with Iptables??? how i can open Ports for 0AD on router, or in computer
  3. Hello, I love 0 AD but I have a problem setting a host, it doesn't matter if it's online or local network. I've open UDP port 20595 in my router, also I've added the port to windows firewall. And every time I try to connect to the host I just can't do it. The game says that I probably not forwarded the port 20595. What should I do? I'm lost.
  4. After multiplayer game was launched, it loaded the game, but finally the connection failed (lost server connection, reason unknown). It seems to be a new randomly occuring bug after joining. It's like on defect-ticket #5163. Several times rejoining didn't worked, restart 0AD wasn't successful too.
  5. My brother and I recently began playing multiplayer 0ad but found that there was no way to re-open a saved game. This could be easily fixed by adding saved matches to the list of available map types in the host server menu. Is there already a way to load saved games into a multiplayer server or can I add a ticket to the development? Any insight on this matter would be helpful. Thanks, K
  6. Right now, i'ts very easy to ruin a game. Just pause without saying, and wait the hate of others players. Pausing could be regulated in some way?
  7. It would be nice to return to general room when you're hosting or you have joined a game that hasn't start yet. Of course then, they should be tools for advising a player that isn't aware of the preparation of the game. This way was implemented in Aoe3 Also would be nice to see the chat historial that was writted before you entered in a little time span. So you can see the full sense of a conversation. This should come with an option to clear.
  8. When I try to host a game on an iMac running OS X 10.9.1 Mavericks, I get the following error ,>,>,>,>,>I have tried the Library folder and reinstalling the app, and it doesn't work I have to be content with joining other people's games or hosting on another computer
  9. how setup a multiplayer match?
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