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  1. Oh, man, that's very helpful. But, I've solved the problem. It just was so stupid... My personal LAN was configured as a Public network, and I only granted 0AD private network access. Thank you very much. [SOLVED]
  2. It doesn't work. I get the same error message, something like "Cannot connect to the server, probably you have not enabled port 20595 in portforwarding. Again. IP I should use is IPv4 address like 192.168.1.xxx 0 AD is allowed on windows firewall. Also I have MalwareBytes Antimalware and Antiexploit (both free versions), I think they have no firewall options. Maybe I'm missing something about my router firewall or Windows.
  3. It just doesn't work. What IP should I enter in PortForwarding section? The IPv4 of my pc or the generic router Because I've entered mine.
  4. Thanks stanislas69. Okay, so lobby is not for lan. That was my second try, after trying to connect with "host game"/"join a game options". But I got the same error message with "host game"/"join a game". I guess for lan playing I should give my IPv4 address, shouldn't I?
  5. Hello, I love 0 AD but I have a problem setting a host, it doesn't matter if it's online or local network. I've open UDP port 20595 in my router, also I've added the port to windows firewall. And every time I try to connect to the host I just can't do it. The game says that I probably not forwarded the port 20595. What should I do? I'm lost.
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