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  1. Hannibal_Barca


    The rules are specified in the Terms of Use, which is agreed to by every player when they register an account. While the rating system and the enforcement methods may not be adequate, it must be observed that ratings are enabled solely for the purpose of player entertainment. They should be viewed as a means of motivation to participate in competitive play, yet people consider their rating to be important and are willing to violate the Terms & Conditions to safeguard it. Reading the above, you might argue that it supports your argument. True, ratings are for the amusement of players. But they are nevertheless meant to reflect the skill of the given player, this aids match creation between unacquainted people and gives a rough estimate of the "top players" - always a hype in games. Of course one might still maintain that it is not a "big deal". Yet the fact remains that the Rules are laid down in the Terms of Use, rules which are there to be respected. If a user violates a rule - and one of significant consequence - without receiving a punishment then what of the other rules? Are they of any consequence if one violation was not met with retribution? 3-day ban was distributed to parties involved in this "rating shaving" issue. @wing is pardoned but there is no reason why DoctorOrgans or even Aristol should be. Artificial adjustment of ratings is a ban offence, they may consider themselves lucky to have gotten off lightly.
  2. Hannibal_Barca

    Cheat walls

    I see that my latest exploit hit the news. It is true that it is a bit unfair, since I started using this strategy some players call "gg" upon me building a wonder/capturing the relics. @(-_-) it is true that I always try to keep myself up-to-date, leading the fashion in 0 A.D. bugs and abuse is what I do. Nevertheless, one could argue that this effective bug detection and its subsequent systematic abuse will drive people who play with me to campaign to get the bug fixed ( @elexis ). Numerous game weaknesses (not just game exploits) have been unearthed in such a fashion, leading to the overall improvement of the game!
  3. Hannibal_Barca

    Troll players aiming to mantain 100% win ratio.

    If you are host, end the game (preferably ban before). If you aren't, just leave with Alt F4/ I'll be back button.
  4. Hannibal_Barca

    Hyrule Conquest

    Destructible trees sound nice And the current tree mechanic is good too
  5. Issue being handled via private discussion. This topic is closed.
  6. Hannibal_Barca

    I am being kicked for multiple accounts

    Issue being handled via private discussion. This topic is closed.
  7. Hannibal_Barca

    The War of Twilight

    I thought he signed up too
  8. Hannibal_Barca

    The War of Twilight

    But sometimes you can get away with it, especially in ffa games Check the following replay for an amazing view of 333/25 pop and a true gohma-style swarm attack ! Enjoy commands.txt Fix before tournament?
  9. Hannibal_Barca

    #FreeMacWolf i'm muted for days

    An automute is maximum 48h Deal with it and learn.
  10. Hannibal_Barca

    #FreeMacWolf i'm muted for days

    @user1 Automuted Also your last mute wasn't 2 days ago 2018-08-30 12:41:31
  11. Hannibal_Barca

    The War of Twilight

    Please check anything I report but I'm pretty sure with this one Seems like Ruto wins the #1 for everyday use then
  12. Hannibal_Barca

    The War of Twilight

    I think I've also came across a description bug, the feature is different than written I'm compiling a list of bugs but am not really familiar with the game so ill submit it in a month when its more complete The Zora hero Telara doesn't seem to increase unit attack though (tried with mages Floodmaster and Stormbolter)
  13. Hannibal_Barca

    The War of Twilight

    If it is based on the oversight and arguable inattention of the modder involved, that it isn't a glitch but a feature that was misconfigured and made a bit stronger than intended? It would mean disabling a valuable unit, and it was expressly said that this wouldn't happen.
  14. Hannibal_Barca

    The War of Twilight

    @rain_ironwolf I take it that according to rules everything is allowed This includes possible oversights and bugs right?
  15. Hannibal_Barca

    The War of Twilight

    I'll look into this and see if I can find op unicorns somewhere Hannibal_Barca GMT+2