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  1. Supposedly you cant create your account with restricted characters to begin with
  2. Perhaps our technical support person @elexis could shine light on this issue.
  3. Black was allied to red right? So that
  4. I am not aware of any such issues with the login panel. Please check if you have: properly typed your password upon registration experienced network issues around the time of your registration pressed any modifier key while entering your username/password entered your username with the appropriate capitalization Our apologies for the inconvenience caused, please contact us if the issue persists or further issues surface. @user1 @DoesntMatterH
  5. Romans don't have siege towers either
  6. Maybe AstroCoral chooses not to recognize the authority of Ratings over his matches.
  7. Upload replay. Can ban him then.
  8. I much appreciate the work on the bananas but would like to point out a few things that currently ruin its aesthetic qualities. too many bananas, wild bananas so long ago had quite few, but if we want a nice visual then alright, but half would do the supporting stem is too thin the banana "ring" placement is a convenient way I guess, but then at least the rings should be closer to each other to avoid unpleasantness on zoom non-fruiting variant would be cool too (and the template shouldn't call them trees)
  9. Besides, I'm sure the host would like to make sure they don't lose 4$ And really, who the **** would regularly risk 4$ on 1 team game -.- This isn't a game for the rich so I see few applicants I can think of many better things to spend that on, for example an inflatable chicken-rabbit hybrid that squeaks every time you poke it. It probably exists so why not
  10. This must be due to the fact that you failed to subscribe to our customer protection plan. Sign up today!
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