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  1. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    But that still doesn't justify a 100% livestock diet So they can do fields + corral supplement
  2. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    A civilization in the village phase should rely mostly on grain. Some nomadic civilizations could get a bonus but not all
  3. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    It's an addition aura (btw I recall Hamilcar aura is global, don't need to drag him along on raids as he lags behind anyway) With both cheap techs you can train domestic animals at only +27,5% train time of current unupgraded Yes, IF you wish to go all-corrals your food production will be slower compared to current. In a22 you can get by with around 13 cavalry and 10 corrals, with this I'd expect 8-9 Keep in mind that having sheep pop out as fast as/faster than they get killed and collected is a bit.. weird
  4. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    Indeed Iberian cavalry seem to have been left unmodified, this was accidental I do not think it should be done like this though, I'm postponing the next version till I have added stables for each civ, this will fix the AI problem and make it more authentic Speaking about the next version, it'll feature hero abilities and a unique technology for each civilization. It will also correct some hindsights and things that were overlooked.
  5. Stables, Workshops, and Ranges

    When stables are committed to SVN I'll take them and put them in Vox Populi, corral tech is a placeholder for something more logical I'll skip the ranges and siege workshops as those are huge changes, instead everyone can play the Persian way for now (infantry from barracks, cavalry from stables) This will basically solve any AI behaviour problems mentioned by @Servo P.S: Will AI behaviour have to be changed for it to build and use stables? If so I need to add those too.
  6. ===[COMMITED]=== Iber Shooting Range.

    The bracket stuff would be overkill I think we should have the basics: Barracks, Ranges - Infantry, Stables - Cavalry, Elephant Stables - Elephants, Siege Workshops - Siege
  7. Spartan Structures

    Quite diverse footprints I would think. Consider brit vs hellenic corral, the 2 kinds of houses If you meant inside a civ then definitely not
  8. Really?

    There are tons of possible strategies, the number of which are reduced due to the map and victory condition. The base fact is that if there is balance there can be diversity. In my mod, Vox Populi, I've rebalanced cavalry so that they counter each other in the sword>spear>skirm>sword way. Infantry have resumed their primary role in the composition of a basic army. Players can choose to delay the training of their own cavalry if they do infantry instead since cavalry can no longer win at such drastic ratios as in A22. One can opt for the cavalry rush which is still viable if you do it right (not just mindless train and blast the enemy) Or one can choose a risky but possibly rewarding boom involving a higher ratio of female population. In late game, you can access a Specialization mini tech-tree where you can go for melee/ranged and after that cavalry/infantry Meanwhile several other technologies added and little balances, additions. Remember this is a new mod under development but progressing. It aims to keep the unique 0ad concepts of citizen-soldier and those things you like to rant about so much They are all parts of a whole that is the unique 0 A.D. style So summing it up, I think balance and new possibilities in the form of pair techs and mini tech-trees can improve this game a lot. Like DE but without some of the bullshit.. There will always be spams but if those spams can be countered(possibly naturally) then it will result in many fun games especially where there are several players in a team. Many games feature spams, it's a specialized army that you need so that you can further research down that path. Mixes (sometimes called rainbows) will always be viable due to the different shielding, damage capacities of the given mixed units. Spams and mixes both have their advantages, bugs can be fixed, units can be balanced, things can be done if we work together in a CONSTRUCTIVE manner and not try to manufacture bigger and better Proof Bombs and the like to wipe out the defences of the other player who loves this game as much as you do. Work together and be sensible, the future of 0 A.D. lies in your hands so please don't drop it. Everyone has a place in this future, we need you all. We need @elexis with his neverending code fixes, commits and instructions; we need people like@wowgetoffyourcellphone to do their best, @Grugnas and the like to create mods to test potential features, @LordGood the artist, many others, and last but not least: people like @DarcReaver to incense us to such exorbitant heights that we end up doing something. I can't match you guys in post count and I guess there will be tons of counterarguments and whatnot by the time I check it out tomorrow afternoon so take your time in replying and stop playing argument volleyball. *Me out for today*
  9. Really?

    I can find tons of replays in which cavalry spam fails, where we can play a normal game IN SPITE of the cavalry balance problem of this alpha
  10. Really?

    This kinda went off topic from the first post
  11. Really?

    Doesn't justify anything It's the wording that makes you sound like an arrogant thug
  12. Really?

    1) You are rude and thus not fit for the Gameplay Developer post that you applied for. No regard for others that don't share your views. 2) You have not contributed anything in code, you just shout around for changes and don't DO or suggest any yourself 3) You have not created a mod to showcase YOUR idea of this game. Go ahead with the "its a waste of time because the core game(which is broken) gets all the attention" line but it shows you are not willing to contribute anything just being rude on Forums.
  13. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    No icons, noone making tritech possible = no
  14. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    1) currently the case 2) I mentioned that we got the actor problem, not so easy just to choose nuba one unless someone will actually make them 3) nice to have != need, if no model then problem solved 4) Noone questioned the fact that icons and models are needed. What was asked is that who would do them. If want battering rams need a model Still I think they'd be OP
  15. Really?

    *pics up broken mic - nasty glare at stan* Also if there is to be a choosing of a gameplay lead, it should not be just someone suddenly placed on the chair. Maybe some sort of election where the candidates would tell us their vision of the future 0 A.D. Where they would highlight the changes that they would try to do, what is their overall standing on the subject It's always a bad idea to walk with no destination in mind but isn't it worse to rush without thinking down the correctly-deemed path? If I wake up tomorrow and suddenly see that X just became gameplay leader or whatever and will now proceed to push through counters and whatnot, turning upside down the whole game, I would not be jumping with joy If X doesn't have enough influence to push through his ideas then what use is a lead? There is no need to appoint a head - it's just dangerous (could turn out to be someone like @DarcReaver) Simply choose a council comprising of an odd-numbered selection, make everyone vote y/n and things could be done. We don't have to suddenly rush down the drain after so many years of floating.. lets just paddle harder and avoid the rats. *mic in garbage, go buy a new one or don't post*