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  1. Spear cavalry rush is super Depending on the starting resources you can immediately train a batch of spear cavalry and send them to the enemy. Usually(low res) you can afford 4 cavalry if you wait for your 1st horse to drop 20 food off(4×80) . This makes 5cavalry ans when they are done harvest the remaining chickens and send them to the enemy. If you have a reasonable BO then while your cavalry are causing havoc at min 1.5you can keep adding till you have about 15. Even if the enemy send out skirmish horse(which beat spear ones in small numbers) with continuous reinforcements your horse can take out his for few losses. After that its only a matter of building eco and keeping enemy holed up in CC. Usually they ragequit but some try to hang on. If you reach phase 2 you can choose between building another base just next to him or being content with him crippled and proceed to phase 3 with regular checks so that he doesn't recover. Enemy spears can be simply overwhelemed and if he doesn't have a wood supply(shouldn't have) then he can't keep it up and you have won the game(or part of it) Without spear cav.. While technically it isn't a proper rush, one could as seleucids or ptolemies get to phase 22at around min 8, secure resources for a military colony(200 each) and build one just on his border If he doesn't have gatherers there(scout before you choose a place) and you have enough builders(should be all or almost all your men in case he finds and attacks) then you will get it up and have no trouble building towers to support it. If you are lucky you will be able to tower the enemy fields and/or mines There are other rushes such as phase2 sword cavalry ones and fanatic rush etc. but those can wait for another time
  2. Skirmishers are good targets for spear and sword cavalry (basically melee cavalry), archers same. Slingers take more cavalry but if they are few then can be wiped out. For massed slingers you need a champion cavalry army Swordsmen.. well.. don't fit in much Use them to destroy siege but as of this alpha they are quite poor If lategame then its quite simple for this alpha A slinger spam is very op and needs champion cavalry to deal with them. Alternatively, descend on them with fully upgraded spear champions and try to close the distance between troops asap. Roman cavalry champion armies are.. OP, they only fear spear champions, anything else is not an enemy, more like walking loot Mace champspam is extra OP, counter it with OP brit chariots or a huge slinger spam Those are the 3most OP armies yet there are ways to counter them
  3. Setting up 2 wood sources earlier on is a much better move. Just in case 1 woodline gets attacked, at least you're getting wood somewhere else. Even if your enemy manages to know that, he'll be forced to divide his forces, weakening his rush. A smart enemy will have scouted your perimeter and then rushes. Why should he split his forces? If he has good manpower he will do well at the first attack then go to the 2nd site and finish the job there Setting up 2wood sources early can damage your economy if you aren't careful Unless you have on the 2d site only women which invites slaughter, you would have to split your own forces and this makes you more vulnerable to rushes
  4. Alternatively, use the traditional 5 women batch and set them on berries, skipping the farmstead. While this makes gathering slower, it saves wood. Cavalry hunts chickens and the 4 initial men go on wood. If there are a few trees reasonably near to the CC then you can skip the storehouse act too. Of the initial 4 women, 3 go on berries and 1 starts building a house, even if your civ have big houses she will finish just in time. Make sure to have houses queued for build and she will keep ahead of pop at the very beginning. 1st batch of women on berries, 2&3 wood, 4 & 5on extra berries with farmhouse or just farm Around min 4 start building a barracks with your men and then continuous production That was a boom strat If you feel like rushing you can choose an alternative start With a spear cav civ(rome/mace) you can choose a super fast rush Train 2cav and set them with starting one on chickens, delay setting of house and set 4 women on berries, 4men on wood. Train cav as soon as you have the resources. Once you finish chickens and have about 6 cav its around min 1. Send these to your enemy and target his/her/it's workers. This works devastatingly well if properly done. Or.. batch queue the maximum cav you can from starting res and just send them when done. Note that if these superfast cav rushes fail you will have a hard time recuperating. Still as spearcav are great raiders if you are smart you can manage. Meanwhile don't forget to work on base eco A spear cav rush will delay the enemy. With 6 or so at the start, keep training and sending to enemy while keeping the enemy boxed in. This way even if the enemy gets spears by that time you could have about 10-20 cavalry, use their instaattack skill to take out the spears if you see them vulnerable
  5. Build one storehouse where there are most trees around it For example, if you have 4 loosely spaced trees try to set a storehouse nearest to the middle(shortest equal distance to all). Do not favour 1 tree because once its gone workers will have to walk more to get the others. Baobab maps certainly do not ruin games, instead they make the player value wood, be more economical and choose the best troops that save wood. This also encourages trade and expansion unlike some other maps. Instead of lamenting the stupidity of such a map and wishing for a rehost, try to turn this dire calamity to your advantage. After all, as iberians you have slingers that cost little wood. You can choose to train raiding cavalry to disrupt other players gathering the unfortunate baobabs Every random map challanges the player to adapt or fail, this is the ultimate test of your resourcefulness, endurance and skill Market barter can only take you so far Also there is a possible strategy even there. Stock up on extra food at the start and be the first to phase up and get a market. Once there, buy all the wood you can and in doing so you will ruin any players depending on barter. At the start, locate the area with the highest tree density and build a storehouse there. After, choose others etc If you cannot maintain villagers at work then too bad. Also, expand with barracks or houses towards possible gather sites, think of the future and prosper!
  6. I feel flattered. (16:59:48) chrstgtr: you were chrstgtr (16:59:55) ragnarlothbrok: yeah but first i was borg (16:59:41) ragnarlothbrok: that was me joining as borg lol (17:00:36) chrstgtr: borg and mapkoc got super worked up about it last night (17:00:43) chrstgtr: they somehow couldnt figure it out Culprits caught red-handed. Avoiding 1v1 rated games to end with point loss is super easy. Just don't be in the lobby when defeated. This can be achieved easily and is a traceless way, unlike some people quitting or using elaborate methods to reach the same goal.
  7. I guess this is illegal and the culprit(s) should be given a warning that continuation of such behaviour might lead to unnecessary actions with unpleasant results.
  8. borg = borg- = borgsvn Cesar_SVN = Cesar palank = palank_svn fatherbushido = fatherbushido2 = fatherbushido_svn ffffffff = fpre Hannibal_Baraq = Hannibal_Barca JC = TurboBurger franksy07 = Franksy mo = moe__ --- mo is the used account, not moe__ Also should banned accounts be left in the list?
  9. Genskul = jc = zztop LeRoiScorpion = TheLegendary is a total troll, remove him please - no ddos-ers on the list drunkadius = arcadius txoz12 = borg- Merosvn = Merov svnUran238cz = Uran238cz as usual several Hannibal_Barcas and even 1 Hannibal_Baraq and fiji23 = me x)
  10. Vexillum (suggested by @Enrique) sounds good. Flag, banner Heralding a new age for 0 A.D. gameplay hopefully.
  11. smurfs in this list: Trapast = pesem Please = smirno = Burger_III = Burger_II = BurgerExpress = JeanClaude = JC_TRUMP_World_&_Partners ragnarlothbrok = noobie LeRoiScorpion = TheLegendary defenderbenny = WW_Butcher zztop = Please moe__ = mo spolia_opima = PhyZic GlenRunciter = meiyo equilibrium = equilizer elexis2 = elexis3 = elexis4 (red = banned)
  12. This could be good but the game is full of smurfs, banned people and it's also a bit unrealistic in overall. For example trade shouldn't be really counted, some are great simmers at that. (or great abusers) (For more data see the a21 replays page's last few posts to get the link to my replays.) Also somehow i appear 3x in the list (not after arrows)
  13. Hi, I've decided to share my replays with whoever wants to see them. They can be found here. While most of the games are from a21 (comes in 5 parts), there are also some a20 and a22 (svn) games for you all to watch. I hope there are some replay fanatics out there who will jump with joy at this news These replays are also good if you want to learn the game a bit more, since I play acceptably well (most of the time) and I also play with "pro" people who each have their strategies. Good watching
  14. Never experienced such a rule. Who is doing this?
  15. Works on my Windows 7 and Linux systems both.