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  1. If you cannot join this discord due to the lack of invite link distributed to the public, it is not a global discord. Whatever is posted there by a bot who monitors a certain site doesn't change anything Interesting, did people agree to having their data sent to discord without their approval?
  2. I think "global discord" entails admission of every 0ad player, thus the current discord is not global and it is technically correct. If you wish to press the point then I'll say that since it isn't announced to the public then it isn't an official global one. Sorry
  3. Hannibal_Barca

    1v1 quitter

    The offenders reported in this thread have been noted. Also, only uploads of commands.txt itself are accepted. Do not archive it.
  4. I do not see the need for moderator presence in the organization of games in the community's interests. As @nani said, discord could be a viable option. There is no official 0 A.D. global discord as we speak either, nor may you presume to create one thus named - unless with the permission of a WFG team member. (Although I could create one if the Team would agree.) ((and moderate it))
  5. cloud9 was banned from the lobby with the reason of "unpermitted N'th account" based on the banreason format I would guess @elexis And you were rightly banned
  6. Hannibal_Barca

    Expansion Pack Mod Release V 1.0.2

    Packed with direction trait differentiation and co. Upkeep has always been considered, guess people don't want to handle negative food. Recent feature "exit wherever rallypoint is" doesn't help this everyone wants this, or at least says so last thing i heard, @(-_-) was working on dynamic in-game terrain change. Probably gave up
  7. Hannibal_Barca

    Expansion Pack Mod Release V 1.0.2

    You disagree with what you know? Or you disagree with those who consider it to be unimportant?
  8. I agree that the lobby could use an extra moderator or two who would cover American and Asian gaming times. Primarily for chat moderation, they would be able to assist in the processing of reports and other administrative issues. However, those with a tarnished record featuring multiple issues with administrative authorities or those who are temperamentally unsuitable to the position need not apply.
  9. Due to some undetermined tampering with my files (I use the compiled version) which may have happened while applying a corrosive patch, I have lost the ability to gain/lose points. The issue was also noted with @Stockfish who left somewhat bewildered after we resigned several games to each other - without impact on ratings. If you would like to further press the issue, you are welcome to debug my application.
  10. Hannibal_Barca


    The rules are specified in the Terms of Use, which is agreed to by every player when they register an account. While the rating system and the enforcement methods may not be adequate, it must be observed that ratings are enabled solely for the purpose of player entertainment. They should be viewed as a means of motivation to participate in competitive play, yet people consider their rating to be important and are willing to violate the Terms & Conditions to safeguard it. Reading the above, you might argue that it supports your argument. True, ratings are for the amusement of players. But they are nevertheless meant to reflect the skill of the given player, this aids match creation between unacquainted people and gives a rough estimate of the "top players" - always a hype in games. Of course one might still maintain that it is not a "big deal". Yet the fact remains that the Rules are laid down in the Terms of Use, rules which are there to be respected. If a user violates a rule - and one of significant consequence - without receiving a punishment then what of the other rules? Are they of any consequence if one violation was not met with retribution? 3-day ban was distributed to parties involved in this "rating shaving" issue. @wing is pardoned but there is no reason why DoctorOrgans or even Aristol should be. Artificial adjustment of ratings is a ban offence, they may consider themselves lucky to have gotten off lightly.
  11. Hannibal_Barca

    Cheat walls

    I see that my latest exploit hit the news. It is true that it is a bit unfair, since I started using this strategy some players call "gg" upon me building a wonder/capturing the relics. @(-_-) it is true that I always try to keep myself up-to-date, leading the fashion in 0 A.D. bugs and abuse is what I do. Nevertheless, one could argue that this effective bug detection and its subsequent systematic abuse will drive people who play with me to campaign to get the bug fixed ( @elexis ). Numerous game weaknesses (not just game exploits) have been unearthed in such a fashion, leading to the overall improvement of the game!
  12. Hannibal_Barca

    Troll players aiming to mantain 100% win ratio.

    If you are host, end the game (preferably ban before). If you aren't, just leave with Alt F4/ I'll be back button.
  13. Hannibal_Barca

    Hyrule Conquest

    Destructible trees sound nice And the current tree mechanic is good too
  14. Issue being handled via private discussion. This topic is closed.