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  1. Never experienced such a rule. Who is doing this?
  2. Works on my Windows 7 and Linux systems both.
  3. Iron Age in Europe is 1200 BC – 1 BC and 0 A.D. = 500 BC - 1AD so yes.
  4. 0 A.D. features each civilization at it's prime.
  5. For me the trader goes to the other market using set way and comes straight line back
  6. Redirecting conversation from Application: Gameplay Developer conversation: This isn't true, unless you are thinking of 2 horsemen "raiding". And it isn't just a matter of training time but of resources, if you produce men very early your economy will be will near 0 and if that raid fails the enemy will gain the upper hand. The player can always choose the gamepace (or another player). If you choose to quietly eco boom and manspam then you will have that. You can choose to go on offensive with cavalry or build a 2nd CC next to the enemy and hope to wrestle his land away. Firstly, you have 4 resources right? Food is needed for everything except building basically, wood for anything military, stone for building or slingers and metal for mercenaries/champs. If of these 4 resources you choose to only use 2 - thus creating "trash" armies- and fight using those, against an experienced player this will be for naught. That guy can either choose champs + siege or a mixed army of citizens, champs and seige. A good army needs all of the 4 resources, mostly wood and food (stone for slingers), but the better quality stuff needs metal. Fights also depend on how you arrive to the battlefield and in what way you engage. If you arrive in a long line you will probably get slaughtered. In a fight you can choose to detach a force to attack possible ranged units behind enemy melee, or attack any enemy siege threatening your buildings. Remember that the enemy can do almost exactly the same units as you can, if one can't defend vs. a cavalry rush with spears and cavalry... Rushers tend to do less women, instead making first/2nd batch a batch of men. Building a barracks earlier is often done, and the type of food gathered usually is more vegetarian for non-rushers. (due to cavalry hunting) Also this way it is quite flexible, if you fail in rush you can try a smooth transition to an eco-centred build.
  7. Play, get to be good, suggest, test, (learn from our most active dev in the lobby), in the end you might even become a moderator or just someone who is asked his opinion before things are done. This is my suggestion to everyone like you, I am online a lot of the time and can help you if you want.
  8. "Work on 0 A.D. began in 2001, first as a mod concept for Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. In 2003 development moved to a standalone game with its own engine, Pyrogenesis. In 2009-2010, the game was released as free, open-source software and and much of the codebase was rewritten. Learn more about the story of 0 A.D. »" Read our game description and of course you won't be surprised if we are similar.
  9. The Cavalry Archers from CC of Ptolemies (only civ with cavalry archers from civic centre) aren't horsemen, they are camelry (or whatever you call those).
  10. Currently traders trained from markets can be set on custom trade router (to avoid enemies), but once trained it is impossible to set a custom route. Training traders from the market then setting them between CCs will make trade routes take fastest way, hence maybe into enemy territory. This is illlogical as you should be able to tell the traders to "go this way or you will be killed".
  11. 4 basic unit types : skirmishers & spears swords slingers Of these only 2 use the same resources, arguably because a javelin and spear composition is similar in resources While mercenaries require high upkeep, more metal. (I just had to reply to such a detailed post)
  12. Another main pillar of a civilization is the mass of indifferent looking people who power the whole machine. Anyway, why some of your proposals could maybe fit into the game (after some adjustments to fit into the game), I find that the restricting units trainable from civic centre thing unappealing. It would make the early game much more eco boom centred, which is currently fine. At the moment you can choose to "rush" enemy or concentrate on economy. Rushing an enemy of equal skill is risky and makes you neglect your home economy. It is also a burden on your growing settlement as wood is needed to train men to fight which could otherwise be used to further economy with farmsteads, houses, more strategically located storehouses etc. That's my personal opinion on your suggestion for the Civic Centre. Also for example your idea of prolonging fights and making units into battalions isn't appealing either, one of the fun points of this game (IMO) is the speed, sudden changes and battles that can decide the victor of tiny wars between players or even the whole game. Anyway, as I feel that the topic has strayed off too much (you might also lose interest in talking with me again) , this is my final post here. I wish you luck in your "concepts", but to tell the truth, I do not see the need for you getting the "Gameplay Developer" official title. You should observe, discuss with other players (since they are the ones who are actually testing and playing this game, people who don't play really shouldn't just start changing stuff without prior discussion with them) and finally suggest changes and maybe even upload a patch if its agreed to by most. There is no need to get a title for all that, if your opinions and suggestions are good they will be heard anyway without people feeling that you are above them.
  13. Concepts are there, lots of them. Concepts for reducing side and rear vision of units, concepts of corralling animals, trample damage, charge damage, ramming, stamina, upkeep etc. There is no shortage of ideas of features to be implemented, it is the actual implementation of such things that is the problem. So if you are going to add yourself to the mass of people asking for this feature and that, I don't see how it would further the game. Unless you would actually create patches (after approval) and put them up to be tested and reviewed. Micro is fine, teaches you that without a sound, stable, detailed plan of economy you won't get far. Military could use more features but as mentioned they are already in form of ideas, just waiting for the time when they finally will be accepted or rejected for good.
  14. Replying to @drsingh: Food and wood are the most common resources and fastest to gather, currently players have to choose whether they want to phase up and get a champion army, or build up trade for later profit. Also what does the cost penalty mean? Factions with trading bonuses? Currently a few civilizations team bonuses are trading bonuses. So this would not be very practical, since only the allies are affected, not the player itself, making it extremely complicated. might be ok They are already quite raidable, speed isn't such an important factor here. This would remove one of the main features of the market building-not really that good IMO. Trading with a limit of traders per market with minimum distance basically is the solution. Trade is easily raidable unless the enemy "turtles". But if there is a maximum of traders per market and a minimum distance between markets, players will find it harder to spam trade. If they control enough of the map to have several markets and traders, it means that the enemy is letting them do this by being overly passive.