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  1. Am I Banned?

    Seems like the issue got resolved. There was a server restart at some point @elexis
  2. account banned

    Your account was banned from the lobby by @user1 with the following reason: Do not make multiple accounts. (yuy137) You aren't banned so it must have been your connection. "Connection refused by server" message does appear in such cases.
  3. Ban user Bokluk2000 #rule-breakers

    Case noted Player confronted and given 1 last chance before ban
  4. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    The values have been changed in the svn version This close to release there is not much point in continuing to develop and update this, best if people aren't distracted from testing svn
  5. Account recuperations

    As far as I know the cleanest and possibly only way is to re-create the account This happens by deleting it and registering it again Also any ratings you got (at least recently) will not be affected Please reply here and tag me (@) if you would like to follow such a procedure.
  6. Stoas and champions

    If the axe and sword champions will be differentiated, imo it would be nice to see both Sure, both get the limit of 1 and the player may choose to "favour" one of the gods by means of a pair tech On one hand you get the normal costing temple with axe champions (whatever they will do, also there is a hero to bonus these), on the other you choose the expensive and bulky Amun temples with the traditional sword champion As for max 1 Amun temple I agree it would be nice to limit such a huge structure and also its champions since Kush already got enough (This discussion closed on this thread due to not being in the least related to the actual topic)
  7. Stoas and champions

    Not the same icon, maybe only your mind gets confused. You still don't get the historical point of view, @Sundiata the creator of Kushite civilization would never agree and we owe him this much. It would be nice to have more axemen in the game.
  8. 3vs3 Mainland (Destruction of JC)

    Since I am not totally informed about the happenings on this issue I will refrain from drawing conclusions. We may all agree that JC is indeed special in the history of 0 A.D. and that (s)he is quite aware of the received elevated status. Following the removal of the belgacom banmask this player was an excessively unruly, arrogant, hotheaded and obnoxious individual. Randomly creating new accounts, habitually posting profanity in the lobby, demeaning the worth of others - these were just a select few of the countless clashes with the Terms of Use. Indeed, it is almost certain that (s)he currently holds the record number of accounts created and likewise accounts banned. Nevertheless, over the past year or so the subject of our discussion has amazingly started to be more moderate in terms of behaviour - while not really reaching the level of pristine civility - and no longer posts profanity nor insults in the Multiplayer Lobby. True, there is absolutely no connection between the Lobby and the Forums but this does prove that things can take a turn for the better. After having gotten to know the age of the given person (I will not disclose private information) it is rather easier to explain and forgive erratic behaviour such as has been shown. We thank @Prodigal Son for the lecture in Morality that (s)he has chosen to share with us. At such an age a person might have several problems to cope with: aftereffects of a disharmonious childhood, relationship- or work issues etc. PhyZik was not very polite in the summary of the game replay, yet what may be judged based on that? Merely a reflection of JC cast by other eyes, it may hurt but it may be true, who are we to judge? Yes, JC should be banned from the Forums for such behaviour, re-posting after the warning. Yet would that be the solution to the problem? Will it make us feel better now that such posts no longer are visible? Some might say so, yet it is rooted in human nature to act impulsively and disregard the consequences of our actions, everyone probably has said (in one form or another) some things that would have been better off left unsaid. The purpose of this post was not to tip the balance to either side of the argument but to help with the overall outlook of the issue being presented to us, even though we may not know the contents of the hidden posts we may deduce the core meaning. Note: Mentioned people mustn't take offence over the use of the form (s)he. It is better to be safe than to presume and be sorry.
  9. How to reset Game Lobby password?

    "may have forgotten"? Did you have an account already? What happened? You are trying to recreate your old account or you are trying to log in to it. If you already have an account, you must click "Log in to an existing account" and enter your login info. From the way you typed this line I would deduce that you have previously created an account then either reinstalled your system or are trying to access it from a different device. Instead of clicking the right button you try to log in with your credentials using the create account tab and are rebuffed due to it being already existent. If this is not the case and you have merely forgotten your password please say so in the following post.
  10. Player who quit 1v1 rated game : MatGress

    We got a shortage of possible candidates Actually it's posting on forums and mentioning us. Because I don't think @elexis would be thrilled to look over replays in his tiny free time. But it might be useful to have a subforum we can check everyday.
  11. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    Meaning foundation capture?
  12. Player who quit 1v1 rated game : MatGress

    People need to contact us, either PM or mention us @Hannibal_Barca @user1 Thank you for reporting, the problem will be addressed.
  13. ===[TASK]=== Kushite Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    Aura names of other heroes don't have native scripts
  14. ===[TASK]=== Kushite Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    In my opinion the mount of a general got nothing to do with his abilities But I'm fine with it An idea: Cavalry Campaigner: Cavalry units +1 armor and have movement speed and vision range increased by 15/20%.
  15. Hannibal_Barca crushes dirtyTurk in 1 vs 1 game

    Suspicicious 3rd party uploading replay