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  1. Hannibal_Barca crushes dirtyTurk in 1 vs 1 game

    Suspicicious 3rd party uploading replay
  2. spectator optional?

    You can disable spectators in the options Edit: also no need anything special, just a new window
  3. how to improve?

    If you manually ungarrison units that were garrisoned by the bell, those units will be insensitive to the next bell
  4. Artificial adjustment of rating

    The practice of betting for points is (as very correctly pointed out by @mapkoc) forbidden by the Terms of Use. Although betting on some poor unfortunate may be very fun and spikes interest, it is exceedingly excessive to bet 5 instaresigns on the outcome. Indeed, there is nothing else to bet besides points so I understand the view that @camel is representing. Nevertheless, the players involved should not have bet in such a manner: betting 5 instaresigns and then openly talking about it in lobby is not acceptable. This betting is not something we want to encourage, ratings aren't there for people to gain undeserved points. Now some fellow colleagues may not approve of my following verdict but I will say it nevertheless: IF an observer wants to bet with a friend on a player, so be it. BUT: A bet may only be placed with a maximum of one (1) instaresign at stake. A player may place maximum 1 bet per game. (= with 1 person) The bet may not be discussed in lobby. Other players in the game may validly report them Summing it up: we don't want to hear about it, we will ban if we do
  5. how to improve?

    One of the most important things - stood out on video starting image Your farms are very loosely placed: note the gaps between the CC and the farm edge Farms should be placed as tightly as possible, don't care about aesthetics, focus on productivity - basically as many as near as possible to each other and to dropsite
  6. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    Units gain experience (in barracks, or for romans after researching tech) In time
  7. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

  8. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    Sorry, will upload later once I get back
  9. how to improve?

    You can rest easy on this one. For years I played with a mediocre mouse that started to die so at the end it was mouse left-click + touchpad right-click. Now that's solved with a new mouse but I never really use keyboard shortcuts much - maximum barracks group and keeping track of enemy hero in regicide mode early start off is crucial so I suggest watching good players and copying strategy. Never go into fight 1 by 1, always attack grouped (quick grouping tactic that i use is to put them in formation for a bit so that ones behind run to catch up) The next crucial "trick" is "dancing":you move 1 unit ahead of the others in front of enemy, making it go back and forth and changing directions to avoid missiles - alternatively select damaged horse to retreat behind lines and see enemy units chasing after it while under fire When retreating a group or unit you must dance too - minimizes casualties: NEVER retreat in a straight line. zig-zag is the way to go. Rest depends on concentration, skill, experience and luck
  10. Player leave lobby during rated game

    Conflict resolved, case closed.
  11. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    New release Exotic technologies for each civilization - main goal for now is 1/civilization so feel free to help out fill the missing ones Hero abilities XP trickle added (thanks to patch by @temple - btw this should be added to vanilla too) Stables added vox_populi_22.1.3 Note: Due to some problems with my installed version and compiled version buggy response I can not test the mod, @(-_-) has been trusted to complete this version so please refer any bugs to him
  12. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    But that still doesn't justify a 100% livestock diet So they can do fields + corral supplement
  13. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    A civilization in the village phase should rely mostly on grain. Some nomadic civilizations could get a bonus but not all
  14. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    It's an addition aura (btw I recall Hamilcar aura is global, don't need to drag him along on raids as he lags behind anyway) With both cheap techs you can train domestic animals at only +27,5% train time of current unupgraded Yes, IF you wish to go all-corrals your food production will be slower compared to current. In a22 you can get by with around 13 cavalry and 10 corrals, with this I'd expect 8-9 Keep in mind that having sheep pop out as fast as/faster than they get killed and collected is a bit.. weird
  15. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    Indeed Iberian cavalry seem to have been left unmodified, this was accidental I do not think it should be done like this though, I'm postponing the next version till I have added stables for each civ, this will fix the AI problem and make it more authentic Speaking about the next version, it'll feature hero abilities and a unique technology for each civilization. It will also correct some hindsights and things that were overlooked.