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  1. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    Most of the fun and intense plays are team games on MP. IMO flaring and able to draw lines to signal allies are very important right now. Supplemented with taunts will enhance not just the gameplay but give chance to players who can’t type fast enough to send and understand messages. In RoN these features really enhance gameplay. Taunts even have sounds. Warning audios are also present if you are being attacked, messaged and/or flared.
  2. Horse animations + actors update

    Nice to learn how horses or maybe most 4 legged animals walk or run. Looks like in Phalanx video the horse walk or run is like a human walking/running or stepping. One foot on the rear is balanced by the opposite side foot on the front and vise versa. Kind of natural feeling to balance their pacing. Nice animations and videos, hope to have this next Alpha. Would there be toggle to have a walk or run movement? I hope so because IMO pacing has something to do with unit mobilization.
  3. 0abc mod

    Thanks Nescio. Yeah I researched Gastrapetes and there are many types and one of them is like the one Alexander did. Im very fond of using wololo to capture a couple of enemy units so I can build some of the buildings I like to have in my territory and that’s what I noticed from the gameplay that 0abc have. My own Civ women can enter almost all buildings that can be garrisoned but captured ones can’t. But in the mod the infantry can enter houses and storehouse etc to keep the building/s in neutral territory which is a nice feature that the vanilla doesn’t have. The walls, turrets and wooden walls as long as garrisoned can be kept too! The palisades don’t become Gaia either in neutral territory which is really nice! I think if the gates can be modified to at least allow to be garrisoned in the side maybe one slot each on each end they won’t turn into Gaia. Anyhow wololo is always there.
  4. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    They or people have to play the mods like Vox or 0abc or DE if it runs/works fine on MP! The animations and balances are way way better. 0abc with added fourth resources, most units requiring metal, pikemen animation, melee cavalry animations, stables, siege workshop and more added features. And balance too! Vox Populi has Kushites! Nice melee cavalry animation, balance and features to delay cavalry production too! This mod is really nice for MP. Both mods are nice but 0abc has more new features, more available units and more variety though the minimap is quite hard to use especially if there are messages.
  5. 0abc mod

    Been playing the mod for a while now on SP and have some of the observations: 1. Most if not all range units animations are not quite accurate. The projectiles they throw mostly come out from the center of the body and/or not from releasing hand/weapons. Is there a new animation for Seleucid champ cavalry? They smack the enemy! 2. Units promoted don’t change appearance though they get the upgrade qualities. 3. Some AIs don’t progress towards P3 and seems like the size of maps has something to do with it especially in multiple players. They build too much farms. Shouldn’t there be limits? Two AI opponents on Alphine Mountains can’t go thru P3 if I occupy a little less than half of the entire map. 1V3 on Corinthian Isthmus, most of the time only 2 AI opponents can advance to P3, maybe unless you give room to them to build more than 4 CC. Btw 4 players at 300 pop lags but 3 players is good from .25 to .75 speed. 4. Captured women can’t garrison houses but all infantry units can. 4. Gastrapetes/crossbows have very big weapons. Shouldn’t it be like the loaded arrow be shown? 5. Roman infantries kind of having some bugs whenever you click on them...seems like about shipyard. 6. Can’t delete corrals! 7. Needs new siege buildings. You use a blacksmith for it though it’s producing units. So far the mod is really nice. The fourth resources(silver) is a good add-on. At least it’s realistic to buy using silver or gold even if bartering remains. Allowing to build storehouse, farmstead, palisades and wooden walls in neutral territory is really nice for SP . Balancing seems fine and hope the devs can improve path finding and AI behavior.
  6. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    Just not building easily CC too far from your main borders if the gameplay can’t be changed. Well it’s just a game...that whatever strategy is available use it. In most wars that I’ve known armies battle they won, they conquer, they raze the city but never heard they build CC close to the enemy and very far from the main CC. When Civs have alliance were there Civs allowed by ally to build a CC near them during those times? IDK.
  7. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    Shouldn’t be a CC be built a maximum 1CC radius away from “a player” CC border? Some Civs might have built CC very far from its main CC but probably after conquest of an enemy Civ CC. It would be impractical for colonizers to build a settlement and “grow” into CC due to some logistics and conflict reasons. Playing SP, AI build CC too far from main CC which make it defensive and focus on high maintenance of the newly built one. AI doesn’t even build sufficient numbers of different types of structures to qualify for use in advancing or making it look like a well developed CC, they don’t even build houses. Their armies would even be spread thinly. The AI behavior can be affected by this type of gameplay as I noticed they don’t become aggressive even with so much resources. Though I experienced this playing 0abc mod coz I play long game/hours. I haven’t tried the vanilla for some reasons, mainly animations of melee cavalry and range sieges. Well it’s ok to build encampments and possibly control a tribe near the enemy territory (that is if maps are dotted with neutral tribes or towns and not just a Gaia farmstead or corrals) but shouldn’t be able to build structures that exerts too much border push. In MP players tend to choke each other building CC too close to enemy borders and building annoying towers because they have resources in the “bank”. I think this should be changed. Say doubling the cost to cover logistics mobilization. Or whatever ways just to discourage doing so.
  8. 0abc mod

    @Nescio I can’t delete a Seleucid corral on my current game, same as the Ptolemy one. The update before the latest. I was able to do it two updates before the latest. I will try with the new updates anyhow. Btw I’m able to build enemy structures again using captured units, thanks, though faction abilities are not in effect like free houses, dropsites etc for Ptolemy which is not a problem to me. Romans and Iberians are doing really well with massive armies (combinations of regular and champs) plus rams. But Ptolemy doesn’t make siege and if I remember doesn’t make siege workshop. I think I might try against Carthage. They used to produce range sieges a lot.
  9. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    Some features for A23 if possible: 1. Make AI build walls and gates. Walls can be occupied by anyone if one turret is unoccupied. A slot on wall available for an enemy melee foot unit to come up and kill. Make AI station range foot units on walls and/or turrets. Make AI bell when there is attack and some foot range units occupy wall/turrets. 2. Increase the resources amount especially trees (maybe 400-500 per) and stone/metal and decrease the slots available for workers. African Plains stone formations though annoying but better(multiple pieces) Metals should be the same. In real world I guess you don’t get resources in one spot alone. More different food trees. 3. With very nice animations from Alexandermb why not allow some factions that were capable and maybe built bolt shooters. If they are not specialized then make it very expensive to discourage training them become OP but in SP it would be very nice. Since the game will be in alpha for a very long time it’s better to allow training of many different units not just because the game can become pretty but testing too!
  10. 0abc mod

    It took 18 seconds from my timer btw and says 100% but stop for a while after tha, then waited maybe a minute or 3 if I remember before the game loads. That was his update before the latest which I haven’t tried yet. The saved games took little time though even with max 300 pop.
  11. 0abc mod

    It’s really nice to be able to train the pikeman and swordsman champ for the Seleucid! Been waiting to have this. Thanks! Maybe the bolt shooters someday too! For SP no matter how OP the faction is doesn’t matter really. The more units and structures a faction can have the more pretty the game is!
  12. 0abc mod

    Right now I’m playing from with your previous update(the one before the latest). The AI are still in P2 so I’m not expecting any siege unit soon. So far the AI looks fine building stables and training cavalries. Stables though are all the same on all the factions involved in my game. @Alexandermb the stone thrower has much better animation now but maybe little more tweaks coz I could see two stones right before the release(micro seconds difference). TBH I’m fine with all the animations though I observe most if not all range organic units needs some more adjustments. 1. Archers have a late pull than the arrow release. Both cavalry and foot archers. The arrow should still be visible up to the the maximum pull. Slingers behave almost the same too. The slings are still behind while the projectiles are released already. 2. Javelins disappears from the hands earlier and comes out later from the middle body. Both cavalry and infantry javeliner. For now I will stay with the older updated mod on my 1 pc but if there are new updates and animations I could still test/try on my windows pc.
  13. 0abc mod

    I started a new one and looks really good though loading takes a little while. I will repudate with the latest then start a new one again. I’m really satisfied with the Romans and Iberian AI though not the Ptolomies so I might replace it with Carthage because they used to produce range sieges and want to see the new animations that Alexander did if updated. in your opinion is it a good idea for the AI being allowed to build max 30 towers and a lot of forts? This just waste their resources in the beginning and hindering the training of more offensive units. iMO AI opponents should be more programmed offensively using dynamic units (I know might not be your concern and scope) and building offensive static structures like towers and forts would affect and hinder production of dynamic offensive units. Also I’m not sure which starting resources if there’s an effect of AI behavior but I will try the Quite Low (300 each) this time. One more thing is if I won’t replace the previous update (with saved games) and download the new ones, not replacing the previous will I have two types of 0abc mod? I haven’t tried this but might try next time.
  14. 0abc mod

    In my previous update my saved games run very nice with some occasional Roman errors. The new changes were autoupdated With new update I played the same saved games even with errors popping out.My Ai automatically captured enemy Ai and the HP was still high (strange but nice). Maybe due to error only my slingers can repair damaged structure on default, the rest I need to click on repair icon. Seems like the recapture rate by units inside the structure is very slow at almost 90% level. When I click a single unit to recapture it can't. But when in multiples they can recapture the remaining capture HP. When I highlight all units in the screen only a couple units HP bars can be seen.
  15. 0abc mod

    some erros interestinglog.html