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  1. [SVN] Construction Bug

    It happens to my recent game to when I noticed my ally AI was trying to build a storehouse. When a CC is erected the fog of war is removed all over up to the border so in my case it’s not just the fog of war. Wow’s case happens to the same recent game I had where in a house stays at 1 HP while my builder is trying to build it near a dead sheep. I redirected my cavalry away from gathering it and tried to continue rebuilding the house to no avail. Recent update.
  2. Recently been playing the fun Regicide nomad settings and found out that if the map has water or river crossing the Hero can’t garrison any ship. Is this really intentional? There are times or probably more often a player is either in an island or separated from their main team alone and have to be either 2v1 or 3v1 on the enemy side in a 4v4 game and can’t evacuate the hero. Could there be exceptions so that a non mounted hero can garrison a fishing boat and/or any ship? And all other hero can garrison on transport or warships? I understand that it can’t garrison on any land structures.
  3. For a CS I like the Mauryans overall. They cost food and wood only. Though their HP is reduced when upgraded in the barracks but their attack and range are enhanced, nice for no cavalry games. The best feature that I like with them is their appearance! For now Kushite is my second choice especially if they have barracks upgrade too (is there?). Their icons I think are complete up to elite units and they really look good too! My taste may not be good about arts but Persian archers and also other cavalry archers doesn’t look good especially on the elite appearance. Their heads or helmets are too big that when I use a cavalry unit I try to keep them at 2nd rank. The Greek archers with hats rather than helmets but their icons are nice.
  4. Citizens

    @wowgetoffyourcellphone I use wololo to capture structures and units. I think the fort garrison is already fixed. It happened on Kushite Civ. I maybe off topic on this but I hope if DE will be updated when you capture a unit for example a Roman CS they should be able to build their own structures. I’m sure this was or will be removed on A23 as I tried it on SVN. For SP games this feature is really nice as some gamers (like me) could still be immersed and have fun building a nice base/empire.
  5. Redesign Rams

    I think for now it’s best to limit the number of rams that can be built, maybe maximum of 2. Aside from they should not attack organic units nor could be destroyed by organic units easily they should only move and attack when garrisoned at full specs using half the maximum allowable garrison. These days with no cavs game they are too OP and can’t imagine they just can destroy structures without accompaniment. Capturing of unmanned sieges should also be made easier.
  6. I could hardly locate my screenshot you can only see it if you move away from perpendicular sight by moving the mouse towards the right
  7. Quite nice map on 1v3 SP. my best choice would be Seleucid spot in which the only way of having a prolonged game if the Persian AI or Kushite could phase up, train army and invade using the river. The Kushite I guess can manage to go through the land but could be hindered by the Gaia forts and towers which I could just capture then delete. This way the Carthage can easily trade with the Kushite. If Carthage won’t try to invade the Roman side, Rome can be captured then use that beautiful zigzag trek for the trade carts though should be halted when there are battles on the north. Sea trade could still be possible though but that northern water gap should be widened so that Carthage could also trade with the Persian. So far the Carthage can’t recognize the sea trade (maybe the gap is too narrow for their merchant ships?) as they keep on training land carts only that just die along the Gaia area trying to reach the Kushite. I will be focusing on this map on my SP it’s just really fun and quite realistic terrain. Maybe a bug I notice is a line (kind of old borderline (from square map?) along the Carthage base near the Roman temple Vista and stretching through the sea. It can only be noticed if you look at it in angle from the east of temple vista. Maybe it follows the human player color as I see it blue (my color). Also the Gaia hunts(deer) seems keeping the Roman gate open?
  8. Attack stats

    Range units are really OP in any gameplay on A22 and probably on following alphas if they don’t change their mechanics. IMO one solution is to put more realistic behavior. 1. Spread damage to all units on the target area both friendly and enemy. 2. They have to be reloaded by means of resupply (cost resources) else they have to do melee. 3. They can’t release projectile if not on proper stance and minimum range (should frontal face the target). I haven’t noticed yet on A23 Balancing is a big issue to many but imo (fair enough that the game is decently playable in many aspects) doesn’t get noticed when playing MP nor does it really matter playing SP. Not everyone has the same skill level. A player or team who lose a game are just result of misplay or just the opponent played well or the randomness of the situation (this balancing is needed:eg resources seeding but cannot be an excuse). I agree sieges are OP and unrealistic. Counters to it are unrealistic too but fun. Rams should not attack organic units and should be easily demobilized if not guarded or manned same as siege towers. Make it like Stronghold, if the manning units get killed they are immobilized. If the catapults have no stones they can’t fire. Though their range arrow sieges have infinite projectiles. IMO the game is really really pretty despite the ramblings of those so called pros. It only needs to get out of the sense of mirroring AoE, AoK or any fantasy medieval games. I can’t imagine how heroes bring so much aura and fantastic ability to like boosting too much armor, attack, HP and healing. And being able to train champions magically. But the things give fun though. For as long as the game don’t drift towards “funtasy” it should be fine. But it could be much better if it is “funrealisticplay”.
  9. Happy to have just recently. It loads quite grayish (maybe my frame rate is still slow) in the beginning and/or because I start at .1 x speed. But I guess if I quit it goes normal. Same as the pictures on the screen while it’s on percent loading. Lagging seems improved though I played on .75x speed (which imo a very good pace than normal). My initial impression is very nice if not awesome! Thank God the melee cavs are at 2.0 attack rate at least and the animations are really nice! The unit stats seems very interesting! Btw is it intended that units come out of the production structure from any part (of the structure) that’s closest to the rally point disregarding doorways?
  10. How to get SVN version?

    Oh it works! I can’t remember what I did though haha! Looks cool with horse animation! Thanks @feneur @vladislavbelov @stanislas69 and others! I cleaned up though lots of icons disappeared from my desktop but it’s ok as long as 0ad svn works! Now burning the candle hehe.
  11. How to get SVN version?

    I guess I checked out now around 1700 MB transferred. Updated 21455. Next? These I did when right clicking on desktop and saw the svn checkout. Tried to click on pyrogenesis 0ad icon thinking the game can launch, same error. I’m doing some trial and error and now checking out on download. If this doesn’t work I will try checking out on documents too and see what happens. I’m not sure what to do next though
  12. How to get SVN version?

    The same error occurred. 1. Reinstall newest Tortoise SVN 2. From tortoise repo browser went to pyrogenesis.exe and checked out to new folder(desktop) 3. New folder update to 21443 something. Then run the game. Same error. How to reinstall the program means deleting everything again then reinstall beginning from Tortoise svn? picture shows that I had the game file with a green check on it among my desktop icons pyrogenesis Btw I was able to watch a game lately using windows. After I exited the game I can’t go back to lobby. Case forbidden system
  13. How to get SVN version?

    Lol yeah embarrassing and showings my lack of pc knowledge. Will do thanks!
  14. How to get SVN version?

    Humnn, I had that format when I tried to open it. Previously I was warned that I’m checking it out on a folder or something with contents which I can’t recall where. Probably the reason why I can’t find it and wondering why I can see it only on downloads and not in any other places. I’m going to redo it on empty one then.
  15. How to get SVN version?

    Thanks everyone I will try each and every opinion. Some confusing things: 1. If I remember correctly when I tried removing everything until I can’t locate or find any files to delete and then reinstall it says the tortoise svn can’t open because the program exists already. Tbh idk where it was hiding that I couldn’t find to delete that previous file. I think I also look at add/remove program. 2. When I try to update the options are only 3. Repair, modify and uninstall. I did the first two only though idk if there’s something to repair or modify.