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  1. 0abc mod

    This is really interesting and hope to be able to download it. Another feature that I like is the standardization of attack rate to 1 second. Any attack rate of a melee cavalry closer to 1 second will show a better animation too imo. Man if I become successful downloading this I think my multiplayer playing time will be reduced tremendously.
  2. 0abc mod

    I like this mod. By requiring metal on most if not all units devastating raids won't really occur and skirmishes could occur from time to time and could increase in magnitude until final battle on P3. This could limit armed unit production and the game progression is more strategic because you have to think more to get ahead of your opponent. Units can be more precious that it's hard to afford many losses early on. Where to and how to get this mod? Any chance your mod can be combined with DE. I think DE is still using same resources requirement (no metal on some) but you can't train cavalry from CC.
  3. Game crash on windows10 60-80 pop

    @stanislas69 I resumed the saved game and managed to reach higher pop before it crashes again. Is this a pc issue or whatever?!
  4. Alpha 22 - Replay feature broken

    This maybe off topic but it's about the replay. If you saved a single player game then you resume at a later time/date why does the replay go back from the very beginning then consume the resumed game time and stop. Shouldn't it be that it start from the resumed beginning up to when the resumed game stopped?!
  5. Game crash on windows10 60-80 pop

    crashlog.dmp crashlog.txt interestinglog.html mainlog.html just now my game just crash. maybe its the pc issue...
  6. commands.txt Africa Plains- good hunt I was hesitant at first but decided just for experience. i was a bit nervous even if its just a game and I'm quite raw for multiplayer game against very good players. Skirmisher cavalry against Rome.
  7. Retardado vs Servo

    commands.txt Mainland-less hunt Retardado is a better player than me. Same Greek faction capable of training skirmisher cavalry.
  8. My idea for counter system.

    Hey are mods can be played on A22? I heard it's millinium AD. Is it ready for download?
  9. One of the Best Games I was into

    It was laggy actually but it seems normal playable circumstance. I want to post one game (a 1v1) that shows how a skirmisher cavalry Civ is very OP even you're up against a very good player having no range cavalry Civ or a very good player who don't use a range cavalry in the very first minutes of the game. But I want to ask permission because it's very lopsided. One game really gave me confidence to be able to play with the best if I want to. @Lion.Kanzen btw the one I posted are viewable?
  10. commands.txt Unknown Land/Looks like Mainland- very plain less hunt. Almost non-stop action. Temple, Achelao, Mapkoc, servo vs Boudica, Kiziton, Franksy, Phoenix I like to team with General Mapkoc and Temple always as they can supplement my aggressiveness. Achelao as usual enjoying his Sim city and strike hard after reaching P3. You leave Temple alone he will be hard to stop later.
  11. Game crash on windows10 60-80 pop

    Do I need to post the other half of my fort pix but those concerns mostly about my pc and it's specs. Let me know if I have to. I like to use this pc (Alienware 17) because it runs quite smooth in this game better than using on RoN. Only problem is too small screen. I haven't recalled any issue on A21 and now a22 multiplayer.
  12. 2v2 temple/servo vs JC/Achelao

    commands.txt Mainland temple owns. While Pretension (JC) was a bit less aggressive instead of killing me softly he allowed me to pinch him little bit and allowed Temple to do his usual performance.
  13. commands.txt Mainland physic, servo, legendz vs pretention, burito, maxicantrix? Pretension is very overwhelming, PhyZic is very methodical and LeGenDz defending really hard at all cost!
  14. Game crash on windows10 60-80 pop

  15. CArthage : the map !

    darn is this pretension? its awesome! I want to have that kind of map too but must have an opposite land mass where the enemy bases are located. I use wololo to capture enemy units and make buildings these captured units are capable of doing. yeah a multicultural city but segregated. I hope I can make my own maps easily too.