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  1. Lag is still present even on single player which lags on a 1v1 on normal speed at maximum 300 population. I have no Knowledge in any programming but it seems there is no regulation on the engine to maintain a smoother performance. I end up playing on x2 speed. In total 600 population on a 1v1 single player mode is not regulated compared to multiplayer having 8 players with multiples of population on each player as well as bigger maps and multiple entities. But the occurrence on multiplayer seems regulated that it doesn’t lag assuming the net and pc are good. it seems that the engine is accelerating the units movement that behaves like accelerate-stop-go from 1 point to the destination point. About the post, I started with A21 I’m not sure maybe 5-6 years ago but the improvement is more on the stability and balance on the MP side. The arts is making more progress (really good and makes you comeback from time to time). Borg mod adds some flavor really but still having the same effect, improving the MP but still uncertain on the single player mode, though I haven’t really tested it fully on SP; thinking it might mess up the opposing AI when all resources are exhausted. The single player didn’t seem to gain enough advances, few mods bring some very encouraging factions and its arts as well as animations. I recently played a 2v2 on Corinthian Isthmus and my ally will eventually slaughter my protected fauna’s and gathering trees and minerals etc on my area. If I wall up to prevent them from taking my area’s resources, my ally AI will litter outside the protected walls/palisades. Somehow if you play a 2v1 on the same map the human player will always end up facing another AI in 1 half of the map and the other enemy AI is in the middle of the other side of the map. Why can’t it be that the human player be in the middle of the other side of the map and the 2 opposing allied enemy AIs be on the other side? Also Corinthian isthmus in random map made the beaches very plain flat compared to the better skirmish map but can only be used I guess on 1v1. i understand there are only few programmers in the volunteer dev team team but the 6 years time, the development is really slow imo. In the multiplayer, the competitiveness to the highest level are favoring the best, fast and precise clickers. The best micro managers and multitaskers will have the best advantages. The multiplayer needs hotkeys and flaring signals to at least diminish the slower players reliance on typing the communication between teammates. RoN has the best team coordinations using numbers 1-100 initially to communicate as well as flaring on possible strategic military activities. Slow typists will definitely a disadvantage on the higher level of team game. Somehow the A23 change on training units which can come out from a structure to any direction and not coming out from the front door makes the faster clicker have another advantage. I understand it ease up the bugs coming out from the structure that could get stuck from time to time but imo it only benefits the few good ones.
  2. Since I played 0ad MP and been observing behavior of lots of good players in game, in lobby or in spec and those were my observations @Feldfeld. That’s why I try to avoid joining any team games when these sort of trash talkers are on my team, I rather spec. who knows who can understand Spanish, German etc. But I’ve noticed that even if Arkhipov doesn’t want to mind these people, they keep talking about him. Did he really offend you and you got mad because if his game? Yeah I break the rules to let players play and have fun because no one seems to play with him/them. If a newbie wants to play a game and no one wants to play him, and the game went through, he could have enjoyed, I had little fun so yeah i break the rules without much untoward incident.
  3. I played a guy named Strategoslago and in the beginning I beat him and my rating keeps on rising so later on I keep resigning to give back his rating. He knew he can’t beat me but it was really fun to play on that Mediterranean cove which is one of my favorite single player map. Eventually he refused me because he said I was too good. I told him to keep playing and try to learn and said don’t worry about ratings. And we played lots of his hosted rated games and for me it was fun. So many games lasted 40 minutes to more than an hour! Even if I’m winning I resign to keep my rating lower because I entertain those who wants to play and no one wants to play the player. if I have very high rating I couldn’t play fun games with more hosted games from newbies to inters. High level games are only fun if players are fun but 1v1 is like a bravado kind of setup. I even played the legendary Aqua for almost 2 hours on my first attempt to play his settings. It was a 2v2 that went to became 1v1 between us. It was fun! Even high level team games are frustrating with bad balance, lag and the game mechanics is just about keeping on spamming and just battling effectively. Arkhipov can be a substitute in team games too though he is not good enough but he can be a good substitute if no one else is available. If you want to have fun playing 0ad 1v1 with lower level players you have to rethink your attitude and not obliterate your enemy. If you are not scared to lose you can do a lot of things to play for fun. Im not really a very good MP player just decent enough to play on the highest level of team games before but I rather smurf and play the new players who wants to experience playing and hopefully they had fun. But when I play svn game Hannibal Barca found it and stripped that opportunity. I can still play smurf but I like to play other game now, Dawn of Man as I am a single player type of gamer. Relieve yourself from stress by singling out this guy.
  4. 0ad has rules but they aren’t perfect to protect and safeguard the rules. They will just hope that players abide by these rules and they can’t if they have inadequate safety nets. I’m sure it’s enough for now and it’s up to the players with each having different attitudes. You should not single out an individual player if you really want to gauge your capability. If you happen to play with the best players in team game and you became a regular one, then you can at least know your place in the rankings averages. Playing a rated 1v1 has so many different purposes. For ranking or level or beats who and can’t beat who. But those are just temporary. Some really good players stopped playing rated for so many reasons. And each player/s have their own reasons. As of me playing 1v1 is not about proving I beat you or you bested me. It’s about what fun I can get out of it. If Arkhipov is happy to where and which he is at now, just let him be. There are so many ways to prove or improve ourselves but not this way singling out a player because he does this and that. 1v1 rated in any settings can be fun or not, so if you embark on this kind of experience it’s up to you. If you choose to play for fun it’s up to you. But if you choose to be among the best and stress yourself up it’s up to you too.
  5. @Stockfish there are so many players (decent and pro) who talk trash and you know that. Some are for fun and some are serious that they get muted and banned. Not only in lobby but also in the game or even spec and ruin the game. There are so many players who can also talk s&@t using their own languages, and there are lots of players who can use their own language or 2nd language to talk trash. @go2die every now and then you will encounter such kind of attitude from a player, and if you are decent enough and just have fun playing, you will ignore such behavior. I played and beat him once already long time ago and it was lopsided and I think I got the points. But if he quits if in the losing situation and me not earning points, I wouldn’t care. i don’t need to report any of this kind of behavior because I’m old enough and not childish. What will I gain? Bravado?! Am I proud to kick a@s,Blah blah, I’m not! Now, how many times temperaments getting high and are prevalent in team games that leads to misunderstandings. And these are caused by childish and arrogant behaviors. Blame here blame there in really hard words that results in more obscene languages, do you report that?! Me, I find playing multiplayer fun if I’m playing with people having fun. Somehow 0ad needs players. This guy Arkhipov has been here for a long long time and you guys just emerged and became good lately. If I’m the dev team shall I punish this guy who just want to play the way he likes? You knew that you can beat him despite having lower rating, so the problem is not his but yours.
  6. I think no need to really make his things a big deal. if you want to play him, then play, if not just leave him alone! He is not bad at all regardless of his 1v1 things. He doesn’t brag or write any obscene language in the lobby compare to most decent (playing) players. There’s nothing wrong if he tanks his ratings. I’m sure it’s his style of having fun with the game. And each of us have our own fun of playing the game too!
  7. Any realistic features in the game will make it better, there’s no doubt. And any unrealistic feature is s turn off, there’s no doubt too...
  8. Here is simple gameplay that “may” at least make the multiplayer game better imo. I’ve posted these things before already. Cap the number of each units (all units) that can be trained. For barracks and stable units depends on number of these structures. Corral might be prerequisite for stables building (Hannibal Barca has it). And perhaps someday armory and/or weapons are prerequisite for barracks. These things and any variation should reduce the pacing of the game and can introduce more strategies. This way small skirmishes before any final major battle can occur. This is just a very light presentation but needs some polishing. The players should be very careful of their actions and would not resort to spamming. Tbh I don’t mind having Citizen Soldiers but imo citizens can become soldiers and should come from the ranks of slaves, tradespeople etc. Barracks units just fight and Civilians just become militia or CS to defend the base, but can be used for an all out assault. And common, these structures that fire without any “range units” garrisoned is just ridiculous. Towers and forts that fire magically?! At least limiting the number of units moving could reduce lag. Man those siege units please and not just imaginary but rather organic operators that can be killed. Let us know the reason why these can’t be done and reason/s why these are not possible mechanics. Worried about game duration?
  9. Yay! Yesss those things @Alexandermb! Maybe someday...
  10. I can’t find any link to read as to how 0ad will eventually be finalized. The way I sense from most of the discussion/s, it seems the features have to be tailored to multiplayer gaming; AoE, TW, aom or the likes. So mostly altering the arts and few tweaks on gameplay. I also spent more than 1k hours on AoE 2 on SP and after that I realized it’s a boring game to infinity. And it’s happening to 0ad, just that imo 0ad is more pretty with very realistic arts. Though each person has each own liking. But imo simple mindset a game that involves realistic scenarios are the ones that make gamers immersed.Not much pressure to play, relaxing but challenging. A game that even wife will understand that his husband gamer should rather stay at home and playing such a very pretty game than going out to flirt. Anyhow, still hoping this game can be improved before I even vanish from this world.
  11. No, I’m not angry. Just that such a pretty game seems to be stalled to its current state. Any alpha that might emerge seems to just feather features. There no depth tbh and not much interesting unique add ons. So if for example a feature/patch is developed and the vanilla decision makers don’t want it, this means the modders can’t use it? If that’s the case the one who makes the patch just washed his energy. Why not commit it so that mods “might” find it useful. Any resources an entity have should be given attention to either be useful or not. Some might be trashed but what if some are useful, like if not on vanilla perhaps on mods.
  12. What I’m at a loss is that a free open source game can’t make multiple codes so that other mods can prosper as to what type of mechanics they want in their mods. Or is there really a shortage of programmers to do such things? Or those contributors are focusing on their own mechanics? Just for example, “wow” wants a battalion system, can the programmers not do it? Not much spare time to do? Any reason? Isnt if that each codes are independent to the vanilla that if some modders wants to try and use it, they can? tbh I don’t know nor understand how games are being developed but only those games (Game developers) for monetary reasons have rights for their own benefits. Imo all throughout the years since the game is being developed, the pacing is just to make the game playable and without regards to how to maximize the possibilities of making it distinguished from other games of almost the same genre.
  13. What attracts me to 0ad are the arts and historical depictions.. The structures and units are really the best and being polished with the help of so many historical discussions. The animations are almost done except with the rams, ships, and walls/towers garrisoning. The mechanics imo is so so. There is no unique meta. CS does only little change from other games. The economics and logistical systems are just token. Sorry to say this again but I think there is no one in the dev team who has that genius mindset to make this game really great. I know these are voluntary contributors but imo no one lays out a concrete plan as to what direction the game is headed to. Are they really discussing things if they have the best ideas themselves as to what can make the game really good or just whatever comes?
  14. I know it is city building but combat is really possible, by adjusting the villagers health, nutrition, hydration, stamina, rest and spirituality to do a siege on other settlements. Otherwise the maps need some resizing. If they can add faction and fix the AI to allow having multiple settlements, it’s be interesting Now it’s not possible because villagers can go back and forth trekking far distances to use multiple structures on each settlement or camp. The AI is too much automated. The good thing with DoM is that the settlement has lots of activities. Compared to 0ad which is too dry when you establish your base. Waiting for AI to attack and when resources are depleted, the enemy AI stalls. You have to pinch them so that they will attack from time to time. If you play to infinity, the most that you can do is getting those undying units to get promoted and just wait. Once you build everything the game is into a standstill. In DoM, when there is an attack an automated defense system is established but can manually realign defensive positions by disabling some defense structures. Every year attackers arrive to disrupt your activity. And in some “steam workshop (modded)” scenario, the attackers can increase as you increase your population. And depending on your pc capability your population could grow to infinity until you lag. But its combat system right now is just tower defense mechanics and quite annoying to beautify your settlement. The decay of resources is one awesome feature. Every tools, weapons, clothing, shields etc decays. Buildings need maintenance. Towers don’t fire magically, trees regrow, season changes. Villagers and animals are aging. And now dogs accompany hunters. There’s just too many close to realistic features. Once grains and pulses are harvested, the fields are empty. After fish is exhausted, it will take time for them to regenerate. Metals are classified into copper, bronze and iron, then steel.
  15. I was trying to get back a little bit to the game because of HMS_Surprise call so i spectate some games. It was good that some settings like capture the relic as well as starting with very low resources are being introduced. Though my mindset is more focused on more realistic mechanics in SP mode, I found that by spectating an MP game, it’s kind of annoying that because of some of these unrealistic mechanics the game becomes frustrating. Take for example, teleporting resources to an ally can really mess up an interesting game. Although every team has each opportunity but the end result is not satisfactory imo. An unsuspecting target can get raided and the outcome of the game is already decided early on. I think if this game wants to be recognized by lot of gamers it has to have its own identity, a very unique and realistic mechanics. As I was playing Dawn of Man and already spent almost close to 1.6k hours, my mind is murmuring, if 0ad arts and other things are incorporated on this game, it’s going to be really the best game for decades. I don’t think more player’s care about playing time or the game should last just 30 mins on average on MP. This game needs to really focus on developing the single player mode with unique and realistic mechanics to really attract the largest numbers of gamers. I don’t think it’s the MP gamers, imo it’s the SP gamers.
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