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  1. Servo

    Saved games can't be Deleted

    @elexis I will try later but since (I guess) the game was with fmod there was no saved game without the fmod.
  2. Servo

    Saved games can't be Deleted

    Ok I hope someone can transfer this thread to fgod mod fpre. When I disable the mod my saved games disappear. But I rather use it (the mod) on Mac since I can play MP on it without asking host ip. Also I can still delete saved games during in game on SP.
  3. I can't see the red error on this screen shot but the error is occurring if I delete a saved game from here. something like line 43 load save js. the error scripts are covered by the food mod darkens area?
  4. Servo

    Gameplay features A24

    RoN as I said before is my best multiplayer gameplay I have ever played. The problem is I’m a single player type of gamer. I need walls and promotions and better arts that’s why I go with 0ad and abandoning RoN(which I played since 2003 I guess until I discovered and played A21). I did thousands of hours each (no MP)playing AoE, EE, Stronghold, WC3, Civ 3,4&5, CC tiberean and RA. I know most old players in 0ad have played RoN but maybe not the one with having the general from the senate. Let me tell a little story about it for those who hadn’t played it. Despite having unrealistic infinite resources it’s really hard to amass resources because of the gameplay complexity. It has commerce cap and there are limited slots for resources gatherers. The economic aspects doesn’t need much micromanagement. They have infinite Q on gatherers(military units as well) and keys or hot keys that automatically send them to which resources you want them. The military aspects is where you need the micro as it is the most important thing. Turtling is not a rewarding strategy. Any unit is very valuable starting from the very beginning as losing one even a gatherer or scouts(either military or gatherer) will put a player in a disadvantage. Loot is tremendously emphasized meaning micromanagement is very important. They allow unit deletion to avoid giving loot to the enemy but no structure deletion, they have it as “razing”. Raiding, sieging, unit countering and even flanking are applied, formation as well. Although the player needs to only understand the game and use the Civization capability to become good at it the execution needs more precision. The fact that in standard game settings the pros choose the Civ (Aztecs having no economic bonus) and making it the OP faction is just ridiculous. The pros or good players most of the time choose a random faction showing how flexible the game is and how good they really are(I never been a pro but can fill in any vacant spot). Speed clicking helps but not really a necessity. Just a precise execution and a thinking ahead mentality and good judgement. The game is really good up to Industrial Age as units are still easy to manage. Most multiplayer games are decided before it even reach Enlightenment age on standard setting. Nomad is the most played nowadays but the balance is a bit tilted to favor some factions that have more population leverage. Scouting in the beginning is the most important strategy in the very beginning. There are some very good pro games on YouTube and you will see it’s more fluid than any unit spamming RTS games.
  5. Servo

    Gameplay features A24

    Most games last 30 minutes or more because the first 15 to 20 minutes of the game is making sim city and gathering resources. The next minutes will be war and when a team member is weakened the game is over. Players will say oh I got doubled and many excuses. That is if there are no rushers. When there are rushers the game is over in less than 20 minutes except if some players want to hang on and not waste their time building a city, gathering resources and train armies to at least use them. In a 1v1 game do you see any interesting strategy rather than sim city and AoE like gathering resources and build military. The only strategy is be quick and be efficient on the build/train. If you are not quick you can’t be good in this game. Siege mobile towers are legitimate offensive towers. Any fixed defense towers are not. One of the most interesting and fun game in 0ad is nomad except that the players positions are too random that a team member can go astray and build in nearby opponents territory. If you happen to build ahead of them you might survive until P2. There might be a chance for the player to survive and make some interesting strategy but is being negated by this tower wars. If these tower (termed as “defense towers”) to tower battle is not allowed the game could be much better with organic unit maneuverings. Well it’s good when playing SP just to have fun. What I mean with commerce cap is limit resource production to lessen a very fast unit/s production. It’s not just about trading but rather something like producing food, wood and even stone that are unrealistically used. You want to produce thousands of this resources just to get rotten?! Well if units are “eating food”, reloading projectiles and repairing weapons and armor then go produce thousands of them! Range sieges only have operator for animation purposes. Sieges are manned and when operators are eliminated they should be inoperable. A lot of games are won because even if you don’t have siege support units multiple rams can drastically change the outcome of the game. Beware of Itrelles . What will you do if you train 75 to 100 women on a 150 to 200 pop? If aggressions occur and you need military units? It’s like abusing women even up to the extent that we joke about players raping his opponents women. At least the AI is programmed so that they don’t spam women and CS are farming with them! In some games or maybe most deleting is a strategy just to avoid enemy loot or promotions. But over production of something is not nice right?! Heroes are OP especially cavalry or mounted ones. In nomad the team with mounted heroes have always the best chance to win. They are expensive so what there are so much resources to train them, 0ad can produce them easily. But reincarnation is not realistic and care of these heroes are neglected. My take on the game especially on the MP is that the easier to spam the more it mess the game up. The the only battle strategy is have resources and spam quickly.
  6. Does it fix OS X MP games? If it does I will dl it for my other pc. Also hope @Hannibal_Barca will allow me to have another account so I and my nephew could play with each other on the same house
  7. Servo

    Gameplay features A24

    It’s hard to go back and read everything but as of late observing how A23 gameplay the change (on gameplay) right now is quite minimal imo. New animations and good maps are just the most exciting ones either for SP or MP. 1. Cavalry seems fine especially on new maps with rugged terrain. I watch a really epic battle last night that lasted 2 hrs. But if it can only be trained from a stable rather than CC and barracks the early spam with good hunts map is not really easy especially for good micro players. Another thing with cavalry is the abuse of hunting from the corrals which is really quite unrealistic and a mess. 2. The pacing on speed as well as resource gathering imo really needs to be slowed down. Trees need to fall before gathering like AoE and it could also serve as barrier from melee attack. Farms need to be far from CC and each corral and farmstead needs to be distant far distant apart. Support structures like temple, market and maybe blacksmith as well need minimum distance, possibly 1 structure each every phase or CC. Temple should be far from battle fronts and/or must be built within or not too far from CC aura. A small chapel with less capability is just fine I guess. 2. As I said before towers being used as offensive weapon imo is not really good especially that team game maps are limited in size for the time being to avoid lag contributions. Non living things should not fire arrows. If manned by range units it should fire projectiles if not their purpose is just a refuge with hard capture points. Until there is an upgrade to have it equipped with range siege weapons then it can’t fire a heavy projectile damage. 3. I think a feature giving docks, and/or captured structures giving aura for players to build other structures like houses, markets, blacksmith and even military structures around it is a good gameplay. 3. Siege weapons please make it manned and if not manned should be inoperable. Just give aura for the manning units so that it’s hard to get destroyed or inoperable. Also make it more expensive and hard to procure as it just kill the gameplay and not putting the more emphasis on organic units battle. Military ships too, despite having few wide open naval maps these are being spammed easily that makes the naval battle so crowded and mess. If they are not equipped with catapults or any range siege weapons units manning should just either survive or die from range attack but arrow fire should not cause more ship damage. 4. Deleting units especially women need to be removed. bbgotbanned just send it to the frontline as sacrifice. 5. Commerce cap please and I don’t mind if traders generate roads. Btw I haven’t tried if traders can be commanded using waypoints. I know that markets or docks can...maybe. 6. Some relics should be stationary and could even provide territory aura so structures can be built. 7. Heroes need not get a second life so that they are not becoming OP or abused. Also they should not train champions or units. Instead they can promote his accompanying unit/s. Healing heroes can train it’s accompanying units into healers too. Duh I’m also dreaming.
  8. Servo

    A23 - It crashes on OS X

    This “genius“ mod works on OS X and play multiplayer? If so I will try it later. On the site note will this prevent a crash on windows 10 too? I played SP last night on windows 10 without the mod and it just crash without registering any logs. It was a 1v3 relic on Hellas with between 800 to 1000 total pop.
  9. Servo

    Units are behaving weirdly

    I think like in RoN the military structures should have options as to what behavior/stance the unit will have when it comes out. This way the player can have their preference. Though support units can always have a default “flee when attack” stance.
  10. I was able to install it on OS X and played for an hour on SP but didn’t try to join the MP though but will try after work to see if there’s an issue. I tried the 0abc mod and it loaded up but I didn’t see the silver resources on it so I abandoned the game thinking it wasn’t the mod. Will try again sooner. The vox populli seems to have an error that seems not supported. There were only 3 mods onto it, 0abc, vox and user_1 mod. From the svn games previously the captured (by wololo) unit(of different faction) can’t build the unit factions own building anymore so that’s the only thing that will prevent me from being immersed on SP. Hopefully MP games would be much much better this time since it’s fun really to play with buddies.
  11. darn I was expecting a weekend release. Now I have to gloat as I do OT work! Anyhow good job!
  12. Servo

    Known Problems (Please read before posting)

    So the erratic ship behavior when they are to be boarded or repaired is fixed for A23?
  13. Ranged infantry climbing mountains and melee units through passes in Hellas to take up battle positions against the marauding Gauls and Britons.
  14. Servo

    Play Hard Pays Off

    Late night 3v3 relic Rhine Marshland map T1: JC(as usual sparta), Servo(rome), 12edVipe12(Iberia) T2: bbgotbanned(Briton), Prodim(Gauls), CADG_Lulofun(rome) I am aware that there's some kind of curse that bbgotbanned feel(most or everytime lose) whenever Prodim is playing. But this time they showed their more love than hate(fun) relationship. I was flank and our Iberian ally 12edVipe12 too with JC on pocket. CADG_Lulofun is flank and opposite me, Prodim pocket and bbgotbanned flank opposite our Iberian ally. The game started with bbgotbanned rushing 12 edVipe12 that our ally almost quit earlier coz he has only that forest(being raided) to gather wood. I was expecting our ally to play decently coz of his rating(1400+) but he did not. JC did not bother to support our ally early on so he became too behind that even he went P3 Prodim and bbgotbanned attack finally made him quit despite JC is there. I started slow but eventually got ahead on CADG. Surprisingly he attacked my fort camp(with just 1 Ram but many troops) that I was caught unprepared for defense. I repulsed but my executions were too shabby that I lost quite a lot, My little knowledge of the map cost me some tactical blunder too thinking that my left front has a choke that he will not attack from there. The lakes are crossable on most part IMO so I did not put up much troops there. Though I repulsed all his attack he eventually almost subdued me but for some reason maybe a team decision instead of killing me methodically he went towards JC base and all 3 of them attacking JC. That battle there was like a waterloo for T1 where the Spartans thrive and repulsed around 7 to 8 Rams and many troops. I think that was the turning point. Though JC raid hard on their eco and my Hero raided too. JC was able to build a dock for trade up northeast and me trying to keep the market trading too. I almost quit the game coz it was late(I normally don't quit on a team game as long as I have a unit alive) and CADG is slowly killing me but I decided to stay until finish or JC quits but he did not so the game went on and we won. commands.txt metadata.json Another hard fought game: JC team vs Decger team. A seesaw battle. No question about JC and Decger skills but two becoming strong players namely Palaloigos and Vick shone. commands.txt metadata.json Relic Nomad game: Causative, Dizaka and Pass Vs bbgotbanned, Prodim and servo Quite hard to believe how we won despite being behind on level? Or my allies are good at this type of game? commands.txt metadata.json