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  1. Servo

    Battalion test mode

    Just standing and probably waiting for timer reload but I’ll recheck again maybe it was on stand ground.
  2. Servo

    Battalion test mode

    Btw siege units need to be operated by units is really awesome but I haven’t tested the catas yet but not repairable? Haha fine with me either.
  3. Servo

    Battalion test mode

    I played the mod last night and I have some errors but the game continues and errors messages are disappearing. There are red(blood?) on some archers feet too. One thing that needs to be fixed are range units/animations in which they stayed in the frontline waiting to reload instead of backing off to the rear. I have yet to test/play more but it seems that this is a promising mod and if you can implement some of borgs mod like no CS training from CC, etc this is going to be really nice. The AI behavior seems fine too though still nub but at least they are fighting and training armies albeit disorganized. Garrisoning is fine with me as it is more realistic especially for firing structures. I would appreciate if the towers will fire with range projectiles depending on what type is garrisoned. If it’s not range unit it shouldn’t fire and just effect the capture rate.
  4. Servo

    Expansion Pack Mod Release

    I tested it I think there will be good reception from the players. We need to advertise it on the lobby and see the players will react. To me it offers more strategic planning now. There was no error at all. I didn’t mind about balancing yet and tbh idc about it. What’s important to me are newer features and structures. I think only good players will experience a slight pattern of gameplay changes and newer ones wouldn’t care at all and will be delighted with the new changes.
  5. Servo

    Add Money resources and related component issue

    I want to play a very realistic game no matter if it’s only on single player mode. I want to build my empire complete with economic, intellectual, civic, and military activities based on realistic occurrence. If you can do that your game will be the best ever in the entire gaming history. I want to build my empire that has people doing their daily activities, business and tradesmen doing theirs, schoolars and priest doing theirs too, the military units has their own activity. Just dreaming... but I like your direction and wish you luck...
  6. Servo

    Economy and Citizen-Soldier Movement Speed

    Personally I don’t like citizen-soldiers. But I don’t mind having armies as gatherers or builders. The problem is that game is becoming too far off from being realistic with the citizen-soldier present game mechanics. Sometimes it’s fun to see/spec soldiers carrying a “grenade launcher” but tbh their actions doesn’t make sense. If they are allowed to gather, build and fight the tasks should be one at a time. If they gather or build there must be a time frame of conversion from one task to the next. I know people or experts try to reduce micro of the game but it makes the game not nice. Why not if you gather you have to either drop off resources then maybe have 1-2 seconds to convert to soldiers. If the player clicks his units to fight when on gather it should take also 1-2 seconds to convert to military stance but losses the resources he gathered. The same as when building structures they should have conversion time too. For me it’s best to have separate. But workers can become militia with techs (RoN style). Some will say ohh the game can take too long to finish (to me it’s a BS). Most higher level team games last only a bit more than 30 mins. I think more players enjoy the game when it last more longer which happens when teams or individuals are balanced.
  7. Servo

    2019 Art Wishlist

    More types of houses for each civ. And eye candy on the base of the structure like shrubs. New CC foundation should be like the first one with those gray tiles or something so that wen you relocate to another good sim city location it will look as the original. Happy New Year and happy gaming.
  8. Servo

    MacOS / OSX RC Bundles.

    Currently I’m experiencing too much pop up spam on my Mac and I’m suspecting after I DL the RC rebundle from @stanislas69 site. It’s the adobe flash thing then followed by Mac repair. Sometimes in my game it pops out too and it’s stopping it aside fro the fact that it’s annoying and maybe dangerous. It pops out whenever I go to any website too and I have to keep on deleting the DL. Any advice on how to eliminate this? Or my pc has virus now?!
  9. Servo

    What a Game!

    Real winter battle: Team B: Boudica (Romans), Itrelles (Gauls), Unknown_Player (Britons), AtendedorBoludos (Iberians) Team F: Fpre (Romans), Vasil9555 (Gauls), PrincipalityOfZeon (Persian), servo (Iberian) I and Boudica were facing on the east front and with the snowy map the hunts are aplenty. I realized I need to rush and slowdown Boudica but the result was bad. Boudica rushed Fpre and did much better. Fpre was my pocket and Itrelles is Boudica's pocket. I was too behind in everything when everyone else is in P3 but Fpre forced ahead to P3 and attack Boudica but was repulsed. Our front has a never ending battle wherein there were no gains or counterattacking advance on both sides( I never had any unit upgrades until late in the game). On the other front my teammates seems to start a pretty good offensive but was repulsed too and counterattacked that PtincipalityOfZEon lost his CC and end up with less than 10 pop. He rebuilt his CC in the middle and with very tremendous defensive effort of Vasil9555 he was able to regain his pop. Midway in the game Fpre was down to 110 something pop and seemed to be afk and the enemy has maintained or able to accumulate max pop. AtendedorBoludos champ cavalries are ravishing deep behind enemy lines destroying CCs and structures but I guess he should have done something more on the frontlines. Seems like their effort to bring Vasil9555 into submission has very little or low progress. Meanwhile I started to slowly upgrade and training champs for defensive purposes and later for cavalry raids. I was able to take down couple of their defensive towers and help take down strategic forts then build my offensive tower to aid on Fpre siege of Boudica. Itrelles battalion of elite slingers and Boudca's swordsmen were wrecking havoc on our offensive thrust. Boudica's attempt to build siege camp was thwarted and he stayed defensive most of the time. Quite a balanced team and was really thrilling... commands.txt metadata.json
  10. Would MP replays and SP saved games be retained after DL of rerelease?
  11. Servo

    Testing pathfinder update

    How we get the patch? How to incorporate to our game? I’m using the Mac OS rebundle these days. Tonight im available if it works on me. Humnn that’s hard to build on Mac for me (svn).
  12. Servo

    Attack of a group of units

    Range units should prioritize the enemy ranged units on a mixed battle. If all units have aura the range units should not target enemy units within the aura of allied or friendly units. Then friendly damage can be avoided.
  13. Servo

    logs and oos

    see what you can on this crashlog.txt interestinglog.html mainlog.html oos_dump.dat oos_dump.txt
  14. Servo

    MacOS / OSX RC Bundles.

    It happens in the main game to me. It happens to both MP and SP. it happens mostly around the 30th minute or more, idk the sense. I will try more test on SP. When I hosted a 4v4 the error occurred almost near the end around 30th minute + or - . Same as when I spectate. I don’t want to speculate but seems like audio allocation use is minimal. It’s like the power allocated for audio is less.
  15. Servo

    MacOS / OSX RC Bundles.

    thanks to elexis for guiding a novice pc man. seems like game is good. Except the same ogg error and one that says handlefade line error. Mod working, MP 4v4 is fine. SP is fine too on regular skirmish and random map.