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  1. That’s why I like to play it up to gunpowder or the most without stealth bombers and nuclear missiles.
  2. People don’t like caps idk why. There is a limit on things. Without capping things the strategic essence is lost and spam effect makes the game more ugly. In RoN the variation in caps make you adapt to what could possibly be the best strategy or route that could put the player ahead if his guess is right. Every little numbers count in the beginning of the game until you reach Age 3. The unit costs increase every after another makes the player to think more as to what effects these could have in the other areas. The game is so balanced that all pro players take a random civilization in every game and in all rated games. AoE alike, 0ad is not going to become great by going the same route imo. Just imagine 200 units in 15 minutes or even less to others. This is what you call a spamming game, nothing strategic. The faster and accurate clicker you are you can be a pro sooner.
  3. Not everytime a game is based on multiplayer type of game to be gauged as good. Single player and modded games are equally important.
  4. What I don’t understand why the devs can’t make more game mechanics options so that at least the modders or the players can have a chance to mod/play with different sense/feel than just spamming units. Is there a lack of programmer or there’s no courage to change things? Since A21 I have never seen any changes except on balancing (which imo is not very important as everyone has same opportunity) and arts. Borg mod is long overdue (when I played this with the Christian boy Kerat we really enjoyed it however long it took) this could’ve been done in A22 at least so that more options in the next alpha can follow that could improve the game. DE was my last single player game because wow made it beautifully playable and there are couple of players (me included) wants to play MP. Nescio’s 0abc has great potential (silver and food consumption meta, etc) but he is taking his time to get it completed. And lastly Angen is doing great things with additional mechanics! Two other mods are just factions extension of the vanilla. Inspite of these efforts from the devs and modders there’s something lacking in the game huge enough to impact tremendous attention from people. And imo the game needs more realistic gameplay, the game needs more mechanics than just a fast clicker type of game. The spam mechanics has to go imo. If the mechanics stays AoE like I don’t think 0ad will improve more than what is present The devs need to have greater vision and not just tweaking the statusquo. RoN is imo the best balanced, very strategic and not just a spam units type of game. Who could have imagined a Aztec without economic bonus is the favorite faction of the pros And DoM by far has a very realistic mechanics, not perfect nor finished but a modder is making it very hard militarily (2-one hundred “Roman” raiders in one season), economic (winter effect) and QoL because the devs have a very attentive support. The optimization is not bad at all. The devs have no plans of making a paid dlc or any paid version or upgrades. They just want to keep improving the game little by little when necessary that every month a new version with added contents keep on coming.
  5. @Karamel I hope you succeed. DoM like units behavior and more realistic mechanics is really missing in the game.
  6. For now DoM has only raiders. Though I also like the game to have tribal wars but raiders in hardcore mode is really hard. Your settlement will be littered with towers that may not look good and realistic at all. You can eventually beautify your settlement when you reach the Iron Age and when you established their attack zones. There is a flaw on tower mechanics since the raiders can destroy it using arrows and spears despite having steel structures. At least towers don’t fire projectiles but only those range units garrisoned. The raiders are kind of invincible with full health, nutrition, hydration, stamina, and morale at all times as well as all are adults compared to your aging defenders. And if you face them head to head you will lose lots of your units that takes a long time to replace. When your population increases their numbers increase too. Somehow they attack during blizzards when your people are hampered by the bad weather while them are not. Neolithics which is under development by a single person seems to be awesome with warfare! But it may take awhile but hoping to be released if not this year maybe next year. Ancient Cities imo have better mechanics than DoM with more realistic game mechanics and already got some funding from donors (more than 100k pounds?!). But I haven’t seen their walls yet. 0ad Romans have the best wall so far for me.
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1730436925 my settlement. But I think Neolithic is going to be better with armies, formations etc but still in development by 1 person. I can give 1 gift to anyone who likes to play and experience a single player game. Just give me a day or 2. It might be boring but just give it a try, free anyhow .
  8. DoM has only 2 devs with maybe a couple of help but the game is thriving because probably having a realistic mechanics. The game might be very tedious to play but omg it’s really awesome. 0ad have lots of better things than DoM, just lacking realistic features. IMO.
  9. Honestly I still have high hopes that 0ad will become my final dream game before I stop playing pc games. The only problem is that I’m too old to keep on waiting that I have to keep on finding games that suits my liking. I will never abandon this game even if I’m not playing it in the meantime while DoM suits my liking. It’s just like who likes what. Even if I play another game I still put 0ad on the discussion because I’m hopeful that someday sooner my interest on the game will be back. The same as RoN which I tried to comeback for MP games since I noticed that bugs and fixes are in place still and to my surprise whenever I logged on to steam my old buddies (two of them are retired workers already, 60-70 y/o) and those who left for so long were back or still in the game. If I’m only capable in the development I could have done it and do mod unfortunately my engineering background did not develop well to adapt to the new technology. Nevertheless I can only contribute monetarily and I promised before that I will contribute whenever a new alpha is released. Also I always support by advertising the game whenever I go or do. What im surprised with DoM is that there were only 2 developers and they created an awesome single player game. It’s not even polished but the improvements imo can easily be done. The modification seems to me like less complicated than 0ad despite so many features that needs more tweaking. Players were even clamoring for the devs not to introduce MP because it might mess up the game. The only problem which I haven’t asked is whether it can be DL and played without internet while 0ad has.
  10. If the game is almost close to completion and the Meta is still the same IMO MP playing will be not be too attractive due to its repetitiveness. Therefore mods should be developed more. DE, 0abc and Angen’s combine with the mil AD and terra magna should be improved gameplay wise with city building mode. Then create better maps that are more realistic. The tech aspects should not just for balancing but rather on the realisticity. 0ad needs more focus on realistic single player.
  11. Idk why I have no trouble hosting or joining the game using Mac OS X. The pc just promt me if I will allow the net from joining my hosting. I don’t bother to check my security settings but seems like they are on. The pc just ask confirmation of my user password and that’s it. Though my pc was corrupted a bit by Mac cleaner, bing etc when I DL a mod last time and having trouble getting rid of it short of resetting my pc to factory but that’s a huge endeavor since I have to re DL apps and things.
  12. Like Tropico. Ive been playing DoM since the release and it’s really awesome. Though there’s not much military involved yet but I think once you level up playing and have achievements it wil be very tough. What was in YouTube earlier were just the lowest level and if you are ready to play the harder ones ahead with probably tribal wars it’s going to be really tough. The economic aspect is really great. Plenty of resources, trees are regrown, fish too. Resources like wild plants, fruits, nuts etc are seasonal harvested as well as farm products. Taming young animals, hunting too are really natural. Minerals might not replenish but aplenty. There’s so many realistic mechanics though structures are really not good looking, anyhow you can’t expect much from very early peoples of this world. I hope 0ad or mod can be like this one day.
  13. It remains to be seen. There are many more military activities needed for the game to be immersive. If they DLC with tribal or faction wars and could even progress to medieval ages then it could become awesome. Like I said single player mode is the state of the game. What is important is a very lively base and unit activities compared to others. Weapons and resources need to be acquired, climate changes, unit behaviors etc are really fun. I hope the houses can have more variants. I bought banished but it’s too much all sim city. Small raids is just fine at least similar to tropico. I just bought it for $21 on 15% discount coz today is the first launch and can’t wait to go home and try, hoping it really runs on Mac OS.
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