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  1. 0abc mod

    The foot soldiers promote to maximum at level 4 only. Only champs can promote to maximum level 12. Once citizen (foot) soldiers reached its level 4 maximum the experience just cycle but don’t level up.
  2. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    The Kushite fort garrison now working? In any mods? If so nice! maybe off topic but there seems a bug on the Kushite CC corner. The infantry unit sometimes gets stuck.
  3. Does it make any sense that an ungarrisoned tower, fort, outposts, CC, turrets fire projectiles/arrows? Same as melee units garrisoned fire arrows don’t make sense either. I would like the AI produce and fight in battalions especially on foot units when launching massive attacks but the human players should have no restrictions. It’s his/her choice to formation his units. If cavalries have trample damage as in BFME it be interesting if it can form a wedge and smash through a formationed infantry units. Upgrades on units and structures should not be done on tech structures like blacksmith. Research can be done on blacksmith or schools, universities or libraries but upgrades must be on units and/or structures. One example is Vox Populi turret upgrade done individually though the tech to walls strength is still on the turret.
  4. 0abc mod

    I don’t keep do much SP replay but the same bug happend to me building farm, dropsite and house.
  5. 0abc mod

    Yeah there was a bug on most structures being built. I just delete and readjust the location and rebuild. Maybe the minim distance from obstruction...
  6. How to start modifying?

    Your mod is becoming more interesting and imo have so many features very good for MP. It’s really really nice on SP tbh. The balancing seems good. With metal requirements for most if not all combat units make you more cautious as to what units you want to train. The original wild animals lure is still in place(very good for SP, I love it!). The dropsites can be placed in neutral territory and might decay but garrisoning keeps it not turning to Gaia(very nice!). I haven’t gone through all the meta changes but the AI behavior retains most vanilla meta which is really good when you want them to keep on attacking heavily. They produce cavalry since only barracks is required to train it. The promotion is a bit harder to distinguish quickly but really awesome! One thing that I noticed is the mod might have problems when using the new maps (it’s not loading with Danubius so far). I have to read the readme file...
  7. Cant Download mods

    thanks got hit @Loki1950
  8. Cant Download mods

    Thanks yes that’s what I’m trying to look after. Will try soon
  9. Cant Download mods

    @Loki1950 I tried many option in finder but can’t seem to have any effect. Maybe idk what you mean or what to do. When I try to get info on the game it doesn’t show anything like mods, users or screenshots. The contents seems different
  10. Cant Download mods

    yes, it used to be on documents/games but now it shows only on Apps. The game is found on Devises (seems like the remote disc)
  11. Cant Download mods

    My Mac crashed, restored the default settings, installed the game and its working but can't download mods. It is like I can't see files having the mods, user etc. I used to click on "go" and the folders show the 0ad application but now its empty. I downloaded the game directly.
  12. Really?

    Alexsu is decent player but most of his videos are really boring. Spamming structures and units are not my liking. I want more gameplay style. I just do it in MP which I seldom play.
  13. Really?

    Sergiudragoon has low skill level and there are good MP games for A22. But it doesn’t mean because you are 0ad expert the game has depth. I prefer 0ad not because of strategy but the SP mode where I can build a nice empire and fight off multiple AI enemies.
  14. Really?

    You can spam units to gather without limit (no commerce cap easy spam). You can train any military units without limit (no military cap). No build order needed as long as you acquire resources to train desired units. Easy strategy (but hard to do) just click and little think/guess. I think Feldfed is saying build order is the strategy you need to do to play and win. But at present you need to have the best possible train/build with the prevailing circumstances to win. Some players leave because they don’t like the Alpha but the game is fair to all. If they rush you can rush too! There are still lots of MP gamers new/old. If you don’t like cavs set rules without cavs or limited. Play the Monkey, Vox or 0abc at least the cav production is lowered. If still not satisfied play not with low resources but rather the very low (better with mods imo).
  15. Really?

    With regards to SP the AI is really not hard to contain. I rather have them more bonuses as the game nearing to expending all the resources (wood, stone and metal gone). I remember playing A21 against multiple AI and they keep on attacking me relentlessly with combinations of champs, citizen soldiers and sieges it is because they trade efficiently. As the difficulty level becomes higher they should be given more trade/barter bonuses because it’s their only source of income.