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  1. For now (Singleplayer) better AI behavior like they build properly, they make better armies and they battle intelligently. 1. More maps (bigger to accommodate more players)like Alphine mountains (merc camps and Gaia units). Or this kind of map put to random map so number of players and map size can be varied. With more wild animal types too. 2. Better Island naval maps(island spacing wide enough for ships to move freely). As Sundiata said dream some more features. CC produce resource gatherers (farmers, lumberjacks, miners and hunters). Military units just fight or do battle and can be produced in military structures only. The starting units can just do skirmish. Make unit purchases increase as numbers increase so that players could tend to value every unit he/she makes. I play multiplayer but it's just very messy. The easier to build structures and units coupled with easy resources gathering the messy the game becomes. Players are also too crazy about the very fast normal speed but in the end unit controls and counters have no sense. Organic units destroying buildings easily are too OP. Slingers are OP. I can't imagine a structure like houses can be destroyed easily using slings, swords etc much more bigger buildings. I don't mind easy capturing if they are not garrisoned but destroying is too much just in a few seconds! When host leaves the game can other players continue and the one who left becomes AI or game can be turned into diplomacy. More buildings and structures needed. Regeneration of resources and habitat...
  2. Honestly I really love the game despite missing so many things still longing to have in the game...generally what Sundiata and Shieldwolf are pointing at. Just recently feeling some frustration as well as anticipation as to what the next alpha can have and when. Yesterday I read lots about Darkreaver's post and he really have very nice opinions. I only disagree about his style of battalion. I think the developers are succumbing to multiplayer gamers attitude/demand. I recently been playing multiplayer and it's fun but really ugly most of the time especially on teams. Lags, fast paced(causing lag too) that counters are not noticeable, when players drop they don't covert to AI, when host quits others can't continue, no walls, OP slingers, nerf archers, cavalry capturing buildings easily, no signals or flares to teammates. All these things are fine with me in single player. For singleplayer just give me road and more economic and military buildings (Stronghold style weapons maker, stable to breed horses) and more eye candy. Need more better maps like Alphine Mountains with more mercenaries and camps. But make sure "wololo" works all the time. Also if you have or a unit is able to build a unit production structure make sure it creates the unique units or designated units of that structure. Village, town and city phase CC can't look different?
  3. @sphyrth Rofl after I watched the video and also wows TSD.
  4. BTW the mercenary champion on the Gaul camp in the Alphine Mountains map has a long sword Briton champ and not a Fanatic. On one area with a Briton house the mercenaries are Briton units but they can only build Gaul structures . This map is really nice and planning to build a Seleucid Empire in the middle and Briton in the South and Gauls in the East. One problem is I can't build a Briton Camp if the Briton mercenary can't build Briton structures. My only solution is to have a Briton enemy and wololo some units to build their structures. This map has a good chance for heavy battle using formations against 2 Hardest bots because there is a space for open ground battle in the middle. I noticed that after a couple minutes my log in disappears and I have to relog again. I have my user name and password rememberd but it's auto logout after a few minutes.
  5. Mercenary camps are really nice but there are couple maps only that has it. If I remember correctly only Alphine Mountains (my favorite), Caledonia Meadows and one from DE has it aside from the Scenario ones. I think for the sake of enjoyment the ability of building structures (then train unique units) other than your Civ allowed can be a choice from options. I know Multiplayer is not a good area for this but for Singleplayer it's really something IMO. It was a little disappointment when you thought that with the absence of ability to convert units not implemented, this feature of being able to build other buildings using captured units(by way "wololo") and be able to make other types of units could have been an alternative but it was taken out. I know its cheating but we have different thoughts of how to enjoy the game. In fairness I've been playing more multiplayer lately but the mechanics are not really strategic to enjoy. If you decently know the game, good micro, and most importantly fast/precise click you will be good and maybe enjoy. The inclusion of mercenaries/camps and being able to train unique units of a captured structure could add some gameplay and enjoyment as well so why take it out?
  6. Rolling on TSD
  7. @fatherbushido I noticed this average bonus range on organic range units lately too. I knew it's about terrain and elevation. Now if applied to buildings like forts and towers or any range structures can this average bonus be available before planting the building/structure? This way we could know whether there is a penalty or bonus.
  8. @feneur thanks! Honestly I'm pc or gadget novice. I thought that if I buy nice PCs and accessories I will be fine in gaming (ex no lag, nice video/sound etc) but it's not the case since high end things need more knowledge to make it work better. What I mean was re-register and unfortunately I'm dealing with lots of password resets nowadays. Now that OS X is so nice (compared to windows 10 imho/experience) and downloading the Alpha directly was so easy i can play much better without issue so far x1 speed with around 800 units (4players) in very large map. If I want to I can easily play multiplayer either joining or hosting too! I hope my issue won't recurr when I'm in (serious) multiplayer team game and if ever I could just do what Itms said about that key or will try to play with it when I play the game today. btw I saw that same thing in the beginning of sergiudragoons video posted by someone about unlimited houses. Thanks everyone!
  9. @Lion.Kanzenthanks Lion but I used to post using my iPhone. I haven't registered or do I need to just to post anything in the forum using my pc?! Anyhow I will do that so I can have better screenshots to post whenever I need to however hard it is to navigate or use a pc. Thanks @Itms for that key.
  10. Btw I took this picture long time ago but I hope it's not going to be an issue...a swastika?!
  11. Recently I was able to try a couple of multiplayer games on OS X and really worked fine. Wasn't able to succeed going into multiplayer with windows 10 but probably because of installation issue. I had this issue which I think I accidentally press a key and the error message occurs with blue highlights covering almost half the screen. Idk what key I accidentally press and what to do when this happens. I think on windows I did manipulate my mouse arrow and the blue color slowly move up and away. I was playing multiplayer with OS X and no matter what I do the blue thing won't disappear.
  12. After so many single player games and watching some multiplayer games on YouTube it seemed like the game has less depth but very much fun IMO. Even if it has less depth, a team multiplayer game is enjoyable to watch than 1v1. But I have higher hopes on some mods like DE. Why I say less depth because it's becoming less strategic. Only easy gather resources, easy tech and easy build armies then battle. Its not that I don't like citizen-soldier but they should be possible only later in the game when expansion is available that you will use every possible means to plan or defend invasion. I rather have trained builders, farmers, lumberjacks, Hunters , foragers and miners with more resistance to raids but less attack. These are the logistics that should be in place throughout the game in order to survive. Armies just for battle until techs allowed them to build military buildings and fortifications. They might gather resources but in very less effectivity. They should be a little harder to acquire than the present and must cost all the resources even a possibility of monetary cost. I wonder how a unit won't cost you metal even if they are might have paid for armor upgrade techs but still a unit that uses metal should be acquired requiring metal. I will be looking forward if there would be any game or mod that would make every possible unit/s useful, not just very dispensable and very valuable from the beginning until the middle game when micromanagement is still ably done. I would love to see more skirmish actions of the original/beginning army unit composition. These are the skirmishes of future champions or Hero. Future Hero(military/economic/scientific) or champions can be trained in the CC to create civilization bonuses but in very expensive way. Foot soldiers can only be trained in a barracks only in big batches(I don't mind they fight in battalions). Only possible champions (corresponding to unit available types) can be trained in the CC early on(at very expensive cost)that can give aura to battalion unit it commands if they have acquired abilities. It seems like A22 is coming very soon! Can't wait to see how much positive changes it brings! I hope that when you download it the existing mods are included too in just a very simple and easy way. Whoa I'm asking for too much but no contribution at all! I hope I can help but my head/body is pretty banged up already that it's very hard to go back to school.
  13. Now I'm even enjoying the game more on Mac OSX than windows 10. It's either the screen is big or the game really works better in OSX than in windows?! So far it seems no big problem at all but will try in faster speed (beyond .5x later). Before the version goes to 22 I would like to share some bugs or maybe code error or something. 1. Units or some unit types formations won't automatically break formations or ranks until ordered individually. Normally I use line formation but when I put to no formations to perform some task they couldn't break ranks thereby path finding malfunctions occur. Could it be because it stayed very long on a previous formation that they could hardly break ranks? Breaking ranks can make the units do more like marching in single file passing through narrow passes or doing some combat individually. 2. Some or maybe all ranged units (including bolt shooter)on stand ground formation won't won't fire even if enemies are within sight. I think this happens only after a couple minute of lull in the fight. Bolt shooters are prevalent to not fire. I have to click back on the formation/s then they will commence firing again. 3. Previously some water turned into black when you start or reload a game. This happened on windows 10
  14. Yes I have A21 only
  15. @wowgetoffyourcellphoneOk thanks man. Do I need that to download DE?