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  1. RoN UI is really good. Corner tool tips don't really disturb me. Minimap in the middle is better for quicker minimap click. Economic interface is collapsed as in Lion illustration but can be expanded to show how many workers are on resources(food, wood, iron, oil, caravan ,merchants and I think schoolars too). Game controls are very easy/friendly like hotkeys, units, buildings etc. The one thing that's missing is you can't rotate the map. It's very important because you can have positioning or clicking preferences wherever you are located in the map. There was one game I can't remember that was very user friendly when scrolling the map. You don't need to use hotkey or positioning the the mouse arrow on the screen edges to navigate just using I guess the left and right mouse button. I think it's Red Alert.
  2. If I want to limit defense tower numbers to 5 all I have to do is change the number from 30 to 5 for example?
  3. Not necessarily changing any mechanics but just unit real capabilities/abilities. In fact present mechanics favor me to beat, defend in the end multiple Hardest AIs(currently 3), I try to adapt my game as to what my or my opponent AI can and should do. However scenario that I find interesting I will focus on that scenario to have fun and satisfaction.
  4. No, I don't like that game. I just want realistic one and this might add more difficulty in beating Hardest AIs. I only play single player on infinite hours but very satisfied using low resources at the beginning to prevent early messy combats. I build my kingdom nicely, secure the environment and wildlife, prepare the defenses before letting AI to rebuild its econ so he can produce massive armies to attack me. If it's more realistic it will be awesome.
  5. @causative I guess we have similar mindset. I really like realistic things to happen in a game. I am sorting out threads after threads and found you're arguments to be very real good but mostly not considerable to the developers for so many reasons. I can understand them because it's really hard to make games. Maybe they also think about how and what majority of current players would like the game to be. Maybe the engine is not capable enough to support etc. etc. 0AD is being developed based on historical facts but the actions aren't really realistic. I realized now fully that RTS is mostly based on real times as RT means. I don't have accurate data and facts as to how most pc gamers play and what games they play or which one is really popular as well as why. One thing I noticed is that a lot of players play Dota, counter strike, Starcraft and if you examine the number of units (ex. Dota) there were very few units but involved heavy micro. There are upcoming RTS/RPG games that are very expensive which emphasizes realistic actions and people can't wait to have the game at even maybe $100! Archers or range units are heavy favorite by most players at the early stages. But when you see them firing at will on infinite arrows and fast rate it's really not realistic. I really don't mind them miss on moving but hope they can inflict considerable damage on stationary organic targets. They should be able to launch volleys of projectiles (group firing) on a specific target area and inflict some damage on units on that target area. Regenerate weapons (if not doing any action) if there are available wood or metal as explained by Causative as well as fight melee at close combat. I'm not sure if minimum distance is or already implemented. I wish I know how to mod the game to have these kind of features and other features that could provide more enjoyment/fun.
  6. The one in RoN is nice but could also be catastrophic if you don't pay attention too much. It's called infinite queue. You buy unit either single or in batches of 5 then it will produce that amount until no more resources are available. Simply buy then press letter Q then it will commence. Its catastropic (if you don't pay attention) sometimes for a game like RoN because there is a limit of number of farms or woodcutter/mine slots. I sometimes build more citizens or merchants than needed coz I forgot to turn it off. It's ok in 0AD because there's no limit as long as you have cap spaces.
  7. Nope that's why I'm hesitant to upgrade it to increase healing range, it's almost the same as other range unit like archers and cav skirmisher. I guess that minimum distance in the case of military units are making it possible. I will try to observe more with and without stances on either aggressive or defensive behavior later. It happens mostly when you order it to heal a single unit.
  8. I recently watched Incog's games though I guess he was playing some rookie (IMO). He was emphasizing efficiency though there were idle units but his game is quite fluid with so much raiding thereby neutralizing his opponent very early. He does not depend on champions or waiting for the champions to be available. I think it's very interesting to have him play with the best like as others mentioned Borg. It will be very attractive to viewers. A game that has full of actions.
  9. I use an average of 10 healers every time I play. I like the posters suggestions and will improve its use. There's one thing that seems like a bug is that when you upgrade the healing range and if the healer is very close to the specific wounded target they are moving back away up to the extended healing range upgrade distance before they execute the healing.
  10. I've seen lots of YouTube 0 AD videos and they are almost the same. I think there are no good or pro player videos. And as stated by the poster it's just gather, build armies and do an ultimate battle or 2. I play AI but mind you it's more interesting and fun and kinda more actions militarily if you encite them. In multiplayer games pro players are those who have less idle units/time. It's good to have a real battle like with massive armies but most good/pro players imo based on say AoE2, RoN, or any RTS games not just build/gather once they have enough units they raid, explore or patrol, etc. it's like when you have capable armies available you have to use it, military micro applied to avoid losses in the early stages while constantly building up forces for final assault which would come sooner in the final stages. Some things I noticed are: 1. Not all factions have archers that could at least let all players do some annoying raids or defend remote area raids. Ptolemies which I think not yet fully loaded would one day dominate because of these early long range cavalry archer. 2. CC that fires arrows without garrison would discourage players on doing small skirmishes deeper inside enemy areas. 3. Early units are very cheap and coupled with lots of resources available early makes the gamer to just keep building and gathering. Expensive units and low resources could make the players think more strategic and selective as to what is best for his faction. If I will sum up based on the YouTube I watch almost half or even more of the amount of time you will only see gather/build. You think viewers would appreciate the game?
  11. Oh you mean any AI can't build palisades wall/gates? Oh it's sad... But I saw one of your pictures having palisades! i misunderstood you. Well AIs don't build walls and palisades but human players can which is important. I will just used this for herding wild animals like wolf, boars, etc depends on the map.
  12. @Eraser I like to test your mod but idk how to install it. I'm worried my installed A21 and saved games might be affected too. I like to try Romans but there's one little thing they don't have..."palisades wall and gates. I don't play multi and Romans fit my game better than my Athenian favorite faction. I was about to play Romans against 2-3 hardest AI but realized that for this simple palisades walls are missing I did not push through.
  13. The best strategy in single player is keep raiding using cavalry constantly and drawing their forces out and get slaughtered when they go to your territory. I always use 2 cavalry per enemy alternately raiding-heal. For multiple enemies it's best to have a map with treasures. Economy needs to be strengthened but not too much priority than military actions. The hardest AI can outboom you but militarywise they are dumb. For beginners it's best imo to set resources to low so management is easier. Slower speed can make micromanagement easier and the game is more fluid.
  14. In single player mode I used bolt shooters after maximizing the pop cap meaning I only capture it than producing. It's nice to use it in defense while allowing the AI to attack you in masses. It may not do much help in destroying mobile units but it's good imo against stationary ones like archers siege rams etc. Offensivewise it really needs more range and damage abilities especially if enemies are on top of the hill/mountain. It should be able to outrange any range unit in any terrain. They may not be very effective in any gameplay but it adds more variability and versatility. Most players (single/multiplayer) don't use range sieges because champs and mobile units are enough to win as well as their effectiveness is very minimal. Siege rams are the best options mostly (including AI) but they are mostly effective in flat maps and on clearing operations.
  15. DarcReaver said that resources increases exponentially with more gatherers. This is one very good point. It's almost analogous to spamming unlimited numbers of one combat unit type a players prefer. If there's a sort of commerce cap there will be no over production of resources, it would be very nice. Same as combat/or any units(including women, priests, merchants, etc) if there is a cap on the number of any unit type it could avoid spamming too much that could IMO have better gameplay.