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  1. Hola @soloooy0, he aprobado tu cuenta manualmente en Phabricator. Pero, como lo dijo Lion, no necesitabas registrarte para probar el patch.
  2. Hi @LeineX! I think you are missing the Windows 7.1 SDK, which was proposed in VS 2017 but apparently not in VS 2019. This SDK includes the gl.h file you're missing, among others. You can download it and install it from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8279 Let us know if it works. If it does we'll add this piece of information to the build instructions
  3. But did you fix the CMakeLists line which controls the filename, as instructed? zlib has not received any upgrade since last time I upgraded it, so you should just follow the instructions to the letter and it should work, unless of course I made a mistake writing them.
  4. You should not rename libs after compiling them. I assume that you followed the BuildingWindowsDependencies page? When does it fail exactly?
  5. Hi @Bellaz89, nice to meet you! I have seen your work on SM in my emails, but as you've probably been told I was unavailable because of my PhD. I will be back to programming on 0 A.D. next week, and I will start with the SM 45->52 migration. I have already prepared this migration in a way that will probably conflict with yours, so I apologize in advance. When I'm back I propose that we schedule a chat together (IRC or elsewhere) to discuss how I plan to do the migration to 52 and whether you could help, and after that migration, I would be happy to help you include your work in the game by targeting SM 60, 68 and probably 78 at that point! To answer the question above, yes we plan to update incrementally every time. Thanks for your work and see you soon
  6. Itms

    NSIS error.

    Well, we never got this issue with nsisbi. The last time we used it it was this version: https://sourceforge.net/projects/nsisbi/files/nsisbi3.03.1/ Maybe trying this version will work for you.
  7. Itms

    NSIS error.

    Sorry I'm seeing this only now. Yes, we do use nsisbi to package the game in order to work around the size of the public mod. What is your question?
  8. I signed the mod and validated it. If you wish to distribute it somewhere else and want proof that is was validated by WFG, here is the signature file: linux-libertine.zip.minisig
  9. Oh, it's not required, I'm just giving you a suggestion here and the language packs do include the license of packed fonts, which is the reason why I came up with the suggestion for you. However, and I'm discovering this only now, I forgot to put the license files in the a23b releases of the mods they were in a22 and a23 versions. Be assured that I will keep adding them when I don't forget, and that your mod won't set a precedent. The script directly calls libcairo's API, so the answer is probably yes, even though I don't know much about that API. I also really like the "unusual" but better perispomene accent featured on the bottom line
  10. Yeah it is necessary as the fnt and png files are derived work from the font itself. You are right that the FreeSerif license is already covered by the vanilla game (but it can't hurt to say it again in the mod); and even though Libertine and Biolinium are covered by the same license it's not written anywhere yet. In any case adding the license information to your mod is not going to cost you anything
  11. That is the issue: in order to build SM45, you need the mozilla-build from 2016 (and I also use NSPR from back then as a security, but it might work with current NSPR, never tried). The mozilla-build from 2016 will not allow you to build with VS2017, the only options will be VS2013 and VS2015.
  12. We are lagging behind SpiderMonkey and the version we use (SpiderMonkey 45) did not support VS2017, as it was released in 2016. (Actually, the code is probably buildable with VS2017, thanks to backwards compatibility, but Mozilla's build system from 2016, needed to build version 45, did not know how to use VS2017 tools) Upgrading SM is one of my highest priorities, but it's a lot of work. From SM52 on, VS 2017 will be supported and we'll enable support for it. (and maybe 2019 will work too, since Mozilla's build system hasn't changed significantly between 2017 and now)
  13. @Nescio The mod looks good, I think you should include the license file for Linux Libertine and FreeSerif. You can place it next to the mod.json. (we place the license along with the font files in the fontbuilder folder, which you can't do with a mod) Please upload a new version of the mod, instead of trying to replace the current 5.3.0. The latter usually fails because of the way mod.io caches files.
  14. Hello, regardless of the debate about serif fonts, it would be nice to have that as a mod for people who agree with Nescio. Can you please follow these instructions? Thank you
  15. Hi gameboy, I was waiting for your bug report! You must delete your cache: delete folder C:\Users\your_name\AppData\Local\0ad\cache If the problem persists, try deactivating Alpha 23 mods: some of them are not compatible anymore.
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