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  1. As explained in the 403 page you need to create an account on Transifex first. The page FeXoR linked above ( has a lot of information for you
  2. Regardless of the font issue, we first need to get translations for the language, I think you are able to contribute to it (if you have time and motivation of course, but no technical skills are required). Just go there: As you can see the current progress for Hebrew is 32%. If it reaches 90%, we will include it in the official releases of the game, and as it was pointed out, it would be bundled separately because of fonts. But that's really not an issue, the real work is translating
  3. @wowgetoffyourcellphone How do you want to be credited? Real name, nickname, both? If real name, it's Justus Avramenko, right? @Enrique, if there is stuff from a new contributor committed you can ask them that and edit binaries/data/mods/public/gui/credits/text/art.json (or another file). That way the committed contribution is associated with the contributor through the commit diff
  4. That would be very nice! However yes, cheap PC mics are not enough and software edition won't help for this quality level. Do you know someone with some audio equipment, even something simple like a portable recorder? In the worst case, just record voices and it will be extremely helpful for other people trying to record hiqh quality ones. We would also be sure that the recorded sentences are proper Basque and we wouldn't worry about checking the quality of the translation itself
  5. Ce n'est pas très compliqué et tu peux demander de l'aide en cas de souci. Attention si tu utilises les instructions ci-dessus, tu obtiendras la version de développement et pas l'Alpha 21 (tu ne pourras donc pas jouer en ligne). Il faut que tu récupères la révision 18915 du dépôt SVN. Est-il possible d'utiliser les RPMs de la version de développement de Mageia (Cauldron) ? Enfin, si tu peux, il serait préférable d'utiliser l'anglais sur nos forums. Même si ton anglais n'est pas parfait, personne ne t'en tiendra rigueur
  6. Hi TenLeftFingers! Thanks for your interest. It would be great to have your help on this topic, although plans are still a bit vague. We don't intent to use modern Irish but contributions to Greek would be appreciated. I should post a number of updates about the unit voices soon (in a few weeks). Be sure that I'll ping you about it
  7. The PPA version has been patched. Please run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade and it should work. Please report if it doesn't, and sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. The PPA version has been patched. Please run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade and it should work. Please report if it doesn't, and sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. @stanislas69 Unfortunately I was supposed to go with sanderd17 but he isn't available because of work currently, so we probably won't attend FOSDEM 2017. I hope we can attend the next event, and that you didn't plan to make the trip just to meet me
  10. 0 A.D. has a new Project Leader, was presented at an event in Toulouse, and is well on its way to have the new unit models implemented. New Project Leader Our previous Project Leader Erik 'Feneur' Johansson has decided to step down, but will remain on the team and still help out with administrative tasks. Nicolas 'Itms' Auvray will take over the responsibilities as Project Leader for 0 A.D. and lead the team to Beta and beyond. Here are a few words on how he sees the future of the project: I am deeply honored to become the new Project Leader after Erik, who has been an incredible source of motivation since I started to contribute to 0 A.D. As a programmer of the game, you should expect my first objectives to be related to the technical side of things. I would like to improve the environment of the programming team, in order to make the development less difficult and stressful; and I also plan to focus my programming activity on the libraries we use, and on communicating with the teams who create those. If we improve that environment, we can recruit new people and have more workforce to push the game towards Beta. However, I also want to be an actual leader for the project and its community as a whole, so feel free to contact me if you think something is needed in some area. I will be far more active in the forums and I'm eager to discuss with you all! Finally, I would like to thank everyone for being part of such a great community. The game would be nowhere near its current state without you, and we can accomplish even more great things together! 0 A.D. at Capitole du Libre The 19-20th of November, Itms went to the Capitole du Libre event in Toulouse, France, to showcase 0 A.D. and give talks. If by any chance you were there too, thanks for participating in this very cool event! 0 A.D. is already quite renowned in the FLOSS community, but a number of visitors discovered the game for the first time and were greatly impressed. The game, while still in development, is already suitable for a general audience. Itms could give a talk about the game and how Wildfire Games develops it, and also conducted a workshop where players could install 0 A.D. Alpha 21 on their machine and enjoy a game together. Everybody had a lot of fun! Itms also met 0 A.D. enthusiasts, including older ones. The image below shows Alpha 4 and Alpha 21 meeting each other: If you are yourself a 0 A.D. enthusiast, don't forget to spread the word around you, so the game attracts more players and reaches new heights. Plenty of New Art on the Way Our Art Lead Enrique has been busy, both in real life and working on 0 A.D. In real life he got married, congratulations Enrique. Working on 0 A.D. he has created more than 90 animations for the new unit meshes which brings them a lot closer to being finished. You can watch several of them in the video below. He has also created the Seleucid Champion Elephant: Our other artist Johnathan (aka LordGood) has also been busy and has among other things created two new main menu backgrounds, construction models for a couple buildings, some new animations, and several more things. Carthage themed main menu background. Models to be used for buildings being constructed. Apart from that there has been work done on both mod support, balance fixes, AI improvements and more. If you want to get a list of all the major things done for Alpha 22 so far check the Alpha 22 changelog (it is updated as new things are added to the game, so keep coming back to it if you want an overview of changes as they happen).
  11. Thanks for the report, please read
  12. The sentences are already ready for Greek, they're the ones we use in game, although the pronunciation tends to be too modern. See here for a suggestion: And see here for recordings, that were never merged because I didn't have access to material anymore when people gave feedback, and then I didn't have much time :
  13. Hi, thanks for the report! I opened a ticket for the issue. That had been noticed in multiplayer games but not in the situation you described.
  14. Grmbl, still no luck here, you need some debug symbols. If you are motivated, you could follow to know how to build a Debug version of the development version and get a backtrace again.
  15. You'll need 't a a bt full' to get the good thread, see You can post the part between that command and quit, the rest is not really useful. Thanks for your time