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  1. The issue is it needs a compiled version of the game to generate it. I have a patch that I will be able to work on again now that the release is out. There will be documentation for the latest SVN and for the latest release once it's up.
  2. Hola, por favor intenta hablar en ingl├ęs, en este foro hay personas de todas nacionalidades. What you are describing is not an error, it is a file path. Please tell us more. Please check that you have enough disk space on the C:\ disk (where the files are temporarily extracted) and not only on the drive where you are trying to install the game.
  3. Here you can share your replays of games. There is no limitation regarding multiplayer, single player, with or without mods, but in case some piece configuration is funky, include it in the title. The title should contain the name of the map and the number of players at the very least. The top post should include the necessary files (commands and metadata) for starting the replay. It is not mandatory to spoil who won or anything else, do as you prefer. You can add a screenshot to attract people Important: Like everywhere else, but especially here, insults towards other people are not tolerated. This is only a game, even though it has a special place in our lives. Regarding reports of bad conduct: Lobby moderators should be contacted directly in case of misbehavior (disconnections, insults in the game chat, cheating,...) but here is not the place to post replays proving that.
  4. Guess what I'm currently looking into that
  5. Read: "How to open an app from a unidentified developer and exempt it from Gatekeeper" on that page: If you have to pay for your antivirus updates and you don't want to, uninstall completely your antivirus and enable Windows Defender, the one that is bundled in Windows 10. It is as efficient as other freemium antivirus and the updates come with the Windows ones. Also make sure you perform those updates regularly. The popups are not here for you to ignore them, securing your PC is important
  6. Hello Ell! It's a real pleasure to see you are motivated by the audio side of things As feneur said, we don't have anybody in charge for real, but me and Pureon are indeed the ones you should ping in case you need something in the audio area. The topic Lion linked contains a few pointers to the things that need immediate attention, but the list there is not exhaustive at all. Don't hesitate to give your input about existing sounds if you think they could use some improvement. I think Stan gave you all the necessary information to get you started, but in case of need you can also join our IRC channel at #0ad-dev on QuakeNet. Welcome to the community! Looking forward to hearing from you!
  7. Hello and thanks for sharing this with us! You might miss your audience a bit on a historical RTS forum like ours, but we are always happy to hear from game developers. I'd like to advocate the open-source (or even libre) software cause Especially if you are doing it for fun, sharing your code and giving people read access to the skeleton of your project is going to help you a lot. It will give you motivation and you are likely to get feedback about how to improve things. You will learn a lot. I'm not deterring people from creating commercial closed-source games, because one needs to live, but if this is a personal hobby, I think giving your work an open-source license would benefit you tremendously in the long run. If you want to know more, don't hesitate to ask! Everyone here is at least remotely a FLOSS enthusiast. End of the parenthesis Welcome!
  8. Welcome to the forums ray_ark Your project looks awesome and we are happy to have you here! Good luck with the game development, it's a tough work but it's very rewarding Regarding the licenses, you can use 0 A.D. art as long as you credit us and share it with the same license (CC BY-SA). The stuff you find on opengameart can have any license, usually there is no problem, just check carefully.
  9. Don't worry, you are not going to wait a lot more. Unfortunately we are a bit understaffed because of the holidays, but we are working hard. By the way, I believe people on YouTube asking for the new release is good, they will be even more excited when it gets out (as long as the hype doesn't die down).
  10. Shouldn't that depend on whether the other classes (ships, big siege engines, etc) are still needed? Ah indeed, if some pathfinder classes can be removed the performance cost can be evened out
  11. This is possible without touching the engine in theory (and it would be a good test for the engine!) but it will come with a performance cost for the pathfinder. No, but that might be possible to implement in the engine. If you can keep it for later... No, trees are just obstructions, like buildings. If they can cross the trees they will be able to cross the buildings. You could also, conversely, make the trees have no obstruction, but then all the units would be able to move through trees, not just some of them. A solution I imagine is adding a new type of terrain (the forest terrain) and do the same thing as for water. But this time the engine would need to be touched and that might impact the performance of the main game. Maybe this can be tried and tested though. It's very easy to mod the Visibility component. As Stan says we didn't put it in the main game yet but that's not because of technical limitations. Not really but modding that is possible. Just write a new component for this logic and add it to your building template. You will need to mod the ProductionQueue component to make it interact with your custom component. This would require work, but it's possible. Probably not a fully featured turn-based over-world campaign. We don't have definitive plans in this area but the "strategic map" we could have for campaigns would be largely less important than in Total War:Rome II for instance (I never played Medieval 2, sorry) I think the other questions were answered, and I'm sure you will get help for animations Your first screenshots look great! I am excited by this project even though I don't know much about the world of Zelda
  12. Unfortunately no Your syntax is dangling in several places. For instance, one of the most influential statesmen (plural needed if he's one of them) the predominant leader (if you keep only one of the phrases joined by "and" you get "Pericles was predominant leader" so it's wrong) leader of the golden age of Athens (you make that mistake very very often) period at the end of the sentence (that sounds trivial but it's better to have the finished text right now if you want a direct inclusion into the game, else we will have to perform another round of fixes - so let's fix everything now) I cannot spot a sentence without a syntax error, a typo or something else. I suggest your read all of your sentences out loud, if that works for you. Or try translating back into your language, as if you hadn't written the text yourself, and see if you can spot the mistakes this way.
  13. Probably more files, probably not XML but rather JSON, but that's just a conjecture since the encyclopedia is still being implemented. We might just put this in the templates for the tech tree improvements, but that's only the first step.
  14. Well there is no historical information about Pericles in the game files right now. Anyhow the aim is starting work on this front again, not rewriting everything. It doesn't hurt to have a fresh perspective on the historical information which could be so much better! Thanks for the constructive input @Thorfinn the Shallow Minded We're looking forward to the next iteration @Fahrern! As a side note, I think you shouldn't use the formatting you are using, it's not adapted to reading on the forums.