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  1. Support of mod.io

    To clarify, we will only sign mods that are compatible with the Alpha releases, those should be kinda static and have "releases". But you are free to distribute pyromod files anytime, those are now easily installable by just double-clicking them.
  2. Support of mod.io

    Yes of course, the signature helps ensuring that the mod was not tampered with by anyone, so changes will make the signature invalid and it will have to be updated.
  3. Dear players, We have a great announcement to share with you! Wildfire Games and DBolical (the team behind IndieDB and ModDB, already famous in our community) have worked together to offer you a big surprise. DBolical created mod.io, a new website for sharing and downloading game mods, coming with an API. It is a bit like Steam Workshop, but open-source. In a nutshell, this website will allow content creators to put mods online and 0 A.D. will be able to download them directly... starting from Alpha 23! This has required a lot of work, and this is the reason why the release was delayed. We are now in actual feature freeze, and since a part of the team didn't work on mod.io and focused on fixing bugs instead, the release should happen quickly. We hope that your enthusiasm towards mod.io will be enough to forgive us for the delay and the deliberate lack of communication. As you can see, the mod.io website is not yet public, but we have access to it and we are able to publish official mods (i.e. the language packs for Chinese and Japanese). They will appear before the release. On April 26th, mod.io will go public and you will be able to create an account there and add mods. Don't hesitate to report bugs here or directly to the mod.io team, they will fix them before the official launch on May the 10th. On that date, their marketing campaign will start and we should get a lot of exposure from this, since only a couple games use mod.io as of today. One last thing for the modders among you: we have added a security step in order to make sure 0 A.D. will not download broken and/or malevolent mods from mod.io. In order for mods to be available for download in 0 A.D., they will need to be signed by the team. Contact us when you are ready to publish your mod, we will test it, sign it and give you the signature to put online. Your mod will be approved and available in 0 A.D. after that. We hope that you are as excited as we are about this, and we are looking forward to seeing your mods on this new platform soon. Don't hesitate to ask questions here if you have any!
  4. Lobby server downtime

    Unfortunately, even for us, the answer to that is "when it is ready". We're really excited about revealing it, but excitement does not give extra time to work on it, alas...
  5. Lobby server downtime

    Unfortunately the upgrade was unsuccessful (I got that by trying this on Friday 13th!) so we are back to the old server without any change. Sorry for the disruption... The new server will work with A23 and later only, so we will roll it out in several months after everybody is up to date.
  6. Dear players, The multiplayer lobby server will be stopped tomorrow in order to perform a major update. The database migration is supposed to take several hours, during which all lobby rooms for all versions of the game will be unreachable. Maintenance will start at 8 AM UTC (see your local time) and will last at least until 12 AM. We hope no issues delaying the service restart will occur. I will keep you updated here. Please excuse us for the inconvenience! And happy playing.
  7. Debian Stretch and 0ad 0.22

    A22 is indeed not in the backports A23 is around the corner so I don't think it makes sense to bug them again about A22 now. You didn't install cmake so you cannot build the bundled NVTT. Just install cmake If building from source is an issue, you can try a flatpak as a last resort: https://flatpak.org/ Follow the setup steps: https://flatpak.org/setup/Debian/ Then install 0 A.D. : https://flathub.org/apps/details/com.play0ad.zeroad
  8. [Resolved] icu 61

  9. [Resolved] icu 61

    Considering how commonplace the name "Locale" is, being forced to specify the namespace is certainly a good thing, even though it breaks stuff. We usually don't write "using namespace foo;", especially in headers, so I think the better fix is what elexis proposes.
  10. Crusader Kings II is free for a few days! Of course that is just a way to trick you into buying the massive amount of DLC, so maybe I should not help them
  11. I also got a discount code, and since I'm unlikely to pay the release price (even with -10%) for this, you can PM me if you are interested
  12. I received the money and reimbursed everyone.
  13. Translation Credits

    I'm not really sure I understand the question. Every release, we update the list of translators in the game credits by parsing the first lines of the po files. Transifex adds the list of contributors to a specific resource in a specific language, as comments.
  14. No problem for me. Stunning work
  15. Considering I am the one getting most of the reimbursement, I propose myself. I pledge to transmit the money that goes to other people as soon as I receive it.