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  1. In a private staff discussion, we had thought of "B. Population Cap"/"A. Housing limit" However, the issue was that using "Housing limit" would make us change the majority of strings related to population and we would end up with something that is not commonplace in RTS games. I feel like it's the B. word that especially needs an original idea.
  2. Thank you very much for contacting them and getting involved and of course for all the translation work!
  3. Why so many Alpha stages?

    I'm curious to know why you think so I agree it's a very positive thing for us when people realize we still aim at something even better, but on the other hand at some point we have to create something that is complete and officially released for the general public, don't you think? We will still have Part 2 to start working on, if what you are afraid to miss is the ability to follow developments.
  4. Happy New Year!

    All the members of Wildfire Games wish you a Happy New Year 2018. May it be full of wonderful surprises and of achievements in your projects and personal lives! As for 0 A.D., the year ended with a great recognition from our community of players and followers: we were awarded a Honourable Mention in IndieDB's Indie of the Year competition! This is the best we can achieve considering we already made it to the top 5 in 2012 and cannot be ranked again... unless we enter the Released category! Be sure that we are headed towards that direction. We are looking forward to all the new things happening to the game in 2018 and we thank you, old-timers and newcomers in the community alike, for being a part of it
  5. Hello, this was reported by @GunChleoc six months ago and the issue came from Transifex and their new PO parser (which Tutorials uses because it's a recent resource, while others still had (have?) the old parser). Was the issue fixed at some point only to reappear, or is the bugged parser still in production after such an amount of time? You should contact Transifex directly. Their support is usually quick to answer questions so at least we have an update on the issue.
  6. Advertisment on 34c3

    I moved the topic to Help & Feedback. Thank you for promoting 0 A.D. @rugk Maybe you'll be interested in this other topic:
  7. Only a few hours left! Rush to the IndieDB page, and don't forget to login if you can http://www.indiedb.com/games/0-ad
  8. He did retire, and it was his choice to leave without big announcements. It goes without saying that we are extremely grateful for all the work done, as the community is. He is greatly missed already. We did as well! But I'm thrilled to disclose that @plumo is very happy to be back and that you should see regular development reports again The cavalry models will be for a future report This one is already going through validation on IndieDB.
  9. I think asking him is not a problem at all, and it doesn't even need to be official, if you folks want to ask him as members of the community that sounds fine to me. However, if we need to put money in this, then my opinion is we're not ready, for all the reasons mentioned above Any publicity is publicity, I agree with that, but it makes no sense to spend money on presenting something that might significantly differ from the final product. IMO going to Beta is a guarantee that the game is ready to be judged by the general public. We will also be in a position of handling criticism from players that are outside the community, which is something we cannot dedicate most of our time on right now.
  10. I don't really know that piece of code, you should ask @wraitii about this. And of course the mount/unmount gameplay decision needs debating, I'm looking forward to publicizing our decisions about the design process, as promised. (like a lot of things, it is still in progress)
  11. We indeed made it, and the follow-up announcement is now online! Share it
  12. We are happy to announce that we made it in the top 100 of Indie of the Year 2017! In this competition celebrating the independent games and mods created by professionals and hobbyists alike, we made it to the second round and you can send your votes until December 21st. We need your help to overcome in the Players Choice - Unreleased category, in which we have some serious contenders - and you can of course cast as many votes as you want in the Released Games category, and in the Mod of the Year sister competition. Do not forget to log in to your IndieDB account if you have one, as this action gives you a chance to win prizes, and it also means more points for us. Vote for us here! 2017 Indie of the Year Awards via Indie DB The first part of the competition was the easy one, now is the time to highlight 0 A.D.! Spread the word for the competition but also because everyone deserves to play a great free and open-source game of ancient warfare.
  13. Catalan translation updates

    Hello, when we release Alpha versions, we pull complete enough translations inside the game installer. If you keep up with the pace, that means CAT will be in Alpha 23, good job! If you want to test your translation in-game, you should play the development version. It contains the latest translations from Transifex, which are pulled in twice a week. Follow these instructions (note that if you are on Windows, you don't even need to compile the game, just start binaries/system/pyrogenesis.exe). Thanks again for the work!
  14. We usually make it to the top 100 but for those years we weren't on the podium nor in special mentions. We count on everybody to keep 2017 out of that list
  15. This is up now, feel free to share with your friends