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  1. Hang then Crash on CentOS 7

    Hello @gw1500se! In order to force debug output, it might be interesting to run the game inside a debugger. Either the crash will leave you with a stack trace, either you can break into the debugger at the moment the game hangs to see, with some luck, what it is currently trying to do without success. The basic instructions to use the GNU debugger on Unix can be found here. Don't hesitate to ask for help and I hope we can track the issue down! Thanks for reporting
  2. 【Fixed】Compile tool crash.

    You need to clean your workspaces and rebuild everything. And no you can't yet.
  3. Surface mesh appearing!

    Honestly that looks great, creators of sci-fi mods should keep it like this
  4. Sorry I don't have a lot of time to make memes and it looks like you already have a number of people participating - keep it up folks!
  5. 【Fixed】SVN20325 compile error.

    Well autobuilds shouldn't fail, so if we don't test patches on Windows, we would be better off with autobuild failures loudly reported to everyone, and then we would figure out what broke. Let's keep the sophistication for clever continuous integration
  6. 【Fixed】SVN20325 compile error.

    Yes I fully agree with you and I don't think anybody has ever been against more testing - however putting that into place takes a bit more time than what I currently have. For Windows I admit I am the only active one with full access to stuff, so I am responsible, but for libc++/clang, I'd be happy to receive an incremental patch on top of D18 (I will probably commit the current one next week, so patches can be proposed!) I suspect making arc work under Windows through Jenkins job will be very tricky, so we probably shouldn't loose the habit of performing manual testing when touching sensitive things like the gloox wrapper.
  7. Sound- and Musicdesign

    This sounds very good for a first attempt, good job We already have full music tracks for winning and losing, so I don't think we are in need in this area. I like the notification sounds though, they fit very well the game IMO! The Attack ones lack a bit the "emergency" feeling to be good attack notifications, but I totally imagine them for message notifications, or for game start... We already have some sounds for this kind of situations but we'd need a roadmap of the ones that are missing, or that could be improved. Do you think you could help us in this "organization" area, before tackling the actual production of sounds? As you say it's difficult, even for us, to see the big picture.
  8. Sound- and Musicdesign

    You can upload your work to the forums, or, if it's too heavy, use a file hosting service like dropbox, framadrop, etc. For sounds Soundcloud works as well.
  9. Sound- and Musicdesign

    Hello and welcome! Nice to see someone interested in the audio department. For music, you should ping @OmriLahav as mentioned above. For sound effects, you can contact @Pureon and myself. But in general the community will give you feedback, not only the core team. First of all, where in the game do you think the sound should go? The programming side of things will depend very much on that. That is also part of your creative liberty Finally, don't forget this as soon as you have some final product (or before):
  10. Really?

    Okay there was a misunderstanding originally, but just take a look at the discussion above: Justus continued complaining about having to, I quote, "waste time altering all [his] templates for this seemingly random change", after I explained he didn't have to. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Unless he just wanted to go wild, in which case leper helped him a lot indeed Seriously that's beyond me, this commit is such an insignificant commit to ragequit over
  11. Really?

    Yes I don't understand what happened here and why @wowgetoffyourcellphone reacted that way to this specific commit. I agree it's not always easy to follow our changes but this commit didn't change anything at all for the mod! There is no breakage and no need to update anything (unless you want to perform the exact same change to the mod files, in which case patching the mod using the diff from the commit should be enough in 99% of templates).
  12. Really?

    But that doesn't break downstream templates, right? The values are still the same and several layers of inheritance work perfectly. Even if I'm wrong, unfortunately this kind of change is important if we want a tidy codebase which we can work on. Sorry for the inconvenience (if any)...
  13. I renamed this thread "Free Games and Offers" since it's looking like we're spreading the word about interesting offers rather than advertising a specific must-have free game
  14. Application form for 0 A.D

    Hello and welcome to the community! Considering the very low level of effort put into the formatting of the application (Lion was being helpful but what he produced is probably not what you intended to do, so don't copy-paste him), I'd suggest you spend some time around first, in order to improve the way you interact with us on the forums. We are not currently looking for a new Video editor but we welcome contributions. Feel free to share your work on the forums, and don't forget to read this if you do so.
  15. Advertizing Media

    You want to ask @Pureon, who created the other one linked above.