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  1. Itms

    Terra Magna Mod

    As Vlad said dropping exes and zips works. If you install 0 A.D. with administrator privileges you even have pyromod files automatically associated with 0 A.D. Unfortunately yes mod.io and a lot of platforms enforce the use of zips, and we can't associate zips with 0 A.D. unless we want to break people's computers I'll look at the mods!
  2. Itms

    Support of mod.io

    Ahoy! Just to let you know that I reported on Monday the bug that gaius discovered by himself. No answer yet but I might get back to them after the weekend.
  3. Itms

    Terra Magna Mod

    Just to be sure there is no misunderstanding, I'm waiting for a PM from Stan or somebody else, so that you can test stuff as much as you want before I sign
  4. Itms

    Funny Relevant Videos

    @wowgetoffyourcellphone That reminds me a lot of Carbot's Starcraft short animations. They are really incredibly funny and accurate @Trinketos and @Lion.Kanzen, I don't think the title on the topic was "Los peores memes del Internet en EspaƱol"
  5. Itms

    Formation-Fighting Mod

    There is such an entry, but that would also require care to be sure no mods with a link to a bad website is listed. I think that for now, browsing the different mods on the mod.io website is easier and way more appealing (with screenshots, descriptions, all the social media stuff) and when you have made your choice you can use the mod downloader to get stuff. I'm sorry I have been sick Let me know if you want to plan changes to your mod(s) after fatherbushido's (or others') comments, else I'll sign what you gave me, as planned.
  6. Itms

    Support of mod.io

    The bug that allows (and proposes you incidentally) to go live should be fixed now, according to the devs. Please let us know if the bug continues to appear after now.
  7. Itms

    Mute / Ban players.

    In that case I let the moderators explain their reasons to you, but the way you are talking here would certainly warrant a mute on the forums as well. You are being disrespectful, crude and insulting and you are making the whole community ashamed. I don't think you know what freedom of speech is, by the way (using those words on the Internet will always get you this link).
  8. Itms

    Can't finish tutorial

    I'm unpinning this, since the fix is out for everyone.
  9. Itms

    Mute / Ban players.

    I'm not talking for the lobby moderators, who are doing a fantastic job by the way, but we want to have (your words) a "loyal community" who enjoys the lobby and want to "have a nice game after a workday", and they probably don't want to see you shout bad words and creating new accounts to bypass the blocking of your bad words. Considering the way you are complaining I don't think this thread requires an official answer from the moderators, unless they want to (but thanks Stan for pinging them). What is required is that you think a bit about why you were muted in the first place (you probably know the reason very well) and also think whether you want to stay banned or accept to make some efforts to play the game respectfully, like most players.
  10. Itms

    Support of mod.io

    Hey, this happens when mods have incomplete information and are marked as "Live". In theory, the administrator (me) has to approve them first so they are live: this is a bug in the mod.io website and I'm reporting it. In the meantime I marked the mod as not "Live".
  11. If you want your mod to be available in the 0 A.D. mod downloader, you need to follow these steps. 1) Prepare your mod as explained in the Modding Guide. You should end up with a .zip file. If you created a .pyromod file, copy it and rename the copy to modname.zip so it can be uploaded on mod.io. 2) Sign up or login on mod.io. Go to Mods > Add Mod, and specify 0 A.D. in the field Game. Add all the information you want to make available for visitors. 3) When you are ready, send me a PM here on the forums, or an email. I will get the mod from mod.io, test it and have it tested by another team member. When we have checked the mod is not dangerous, I will sign the file. I will answer the PM/email with the signature, as well as the JSON snippet that you have to put on mod.io for everything to work. I can also report bugs in the mod, and mistakes you may have made when uploading the file on mod.io. Important Notice: Wildfire Games signs mods in order to mitigate the attacks that can be conducted against file repositories and the clients that download from them. Signing a file does not imply that the mod is official, nor that Wildfire Games participated in its creation in any way. It does not mean that it is exempt of bugs or oversights either. The only guarantee signing brings is that the file you are downloading is exactly the one that the signatory tested. 4) When you have copy-pasted the snippet on mod.io, click the "Go Live" button and wait for me to approve the publication. Right after this is done, your mod will appear in the mod downloader! Happy modding
  12. Itms

    Untranslatable Strings

    Not really recently, we had issues with that when the SVN/Trac server had issues before the migration to our server. But the fact that those two specific resources stop being updated is definitely a bug on their end.
  13. Itms

    Untranslatable Strings

    Wait, it seems like Transifex stopped updating Civilizations and Buildings a long time ago... Explains the Kush issue. See Source Updated at https://www.transifex.com/wildfire-games/0ad/content/
  14. Itms

    Support of mod.io

    I think we'll have to discuss that first on the forums if someone starts working on that. We'll certainly won't accept it if it comes from somebody we haven't interacted a lot with. Adding a filter for "adult" content like blood animations is something that we would like to add to the config options anyways.
  15. Itms

    Support of mod.io

    What about it? We already have naked warriors in the main game, our policy isn't going to change very much. Of course, a pornographic mod, although original and bound to attract new players, is unlikely to be validated by WFG