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  1. Probably see my inline comment: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D5227#inline-101992
  2. Hi and welcome Baelish !! You are already in the right place to share your map. Just attach it to your post here on the forums. The map (I presume it is a scenario/skirmish type map) consists of two files. one .xml and on .pmp. Maybe https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths will help you locate the two files. Just zip them and attach them. In order to use them in MP all players should download the map and place it in their local maps directory. The map should then show up in the gamesetup and you can use it. Out of interest: how did you create the contours of the map? Did you use a hightmap of some kind? In that case, what is the source of your hightmap?
  3. There seems to be a bunch of errors before this one. These are about missing templates. Probably not too relevant, but doesn't harm fixing. I suspect you did add the `simulation/data/civs/Adrestia.json` file? What is the value of `Code` you put in? What is the value of `g_Players[g_ViewedPlayer].civ`? You can get that by adding a `warn(uneval(g_Players[g_ViewedPlayer].civ))' just prior to the codeline the error comes from. Also there might be more errors too (which don't seem to fit in the screen). No worries: you can find all errors in the logs (see https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths where to find them).
  4. It has been so good having you around @Stan. Feeling bad now I wasn't there much for the last 2 years almost. Meeting at FOSDEM and staying at your place on @Imarok and my crazy cycling trip has been a pleasure especially. Going to miss you certainly, but all the best. And be sure to be welcome around any time.
  5. As @Freagarachsaid committing the art makes arcanists' live easier (and as a consequence mine too). The art was made by Lion Kanzen (see the ticket).
  6. Wait for the autobuild tomorrow morning, or revert to rP26521.
  7. Don't particularly like the new default cursor. The old one could have been a weapon-head too, but one could sell it as a pointer too, making it a very universally used icon. The new one is a weapon however you look at it. I don't want a weapon on my screen when selecting a tree!! Besides that: the new cursor is way oversized. Making it feel very clunky too work with. The same comment applies to the new attack cursor (the image is fine there, just make it smaller). I would propose to restore the old default cursor and use the new default for attack-walk instead (that red line is not making things prettier).
  8. For the record, this happens since https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP26393.
  9. Delete your savegames, they have an outdated entry.
  10. I does, since the females are all trying to reach the same point in the field and only moving around eachother, to find a free spot, onces they bump into eachother. Then obviously they need to turn and reaccelerate.
  11. The better values are having some realistic turnrates, instead of the almost insta turns that happen in current svn. What is seen as "clunky" movement, is not caused by turnrates or accelerations at all, they merely highlight the actual issue. Which is "units bumping into eachother all the time".
  12. That the whole point of "Distributed Denial Of Service". It is many many IP's trying to connect to your server. All requests are blocked (since nothing is listening), but the shear blocking is sucking the bandwidth. Probably the initiator is not even part of the ddos. AFAIK, that is already the case. Do notice that someone who wants to join *needs* the IP, since it cannot join otherwise (if you want to send a postcard to someone, you will need the address...).
  13. This is very much expected. In multiplayer the game needs to be synchronized over the internet. In order to do this, any command you send needs to be shared with all clients before processing it. More precisely, a client need to send the command to the host, then the host shares it with all clients. Hence when you give a command it is only executed a little while later. IIRC this "delay" is hardcoded to be .6s (or .4s?, whatever). In future we might implement having this time "dynamic" i.e. it would be as low as possible depending on the used network connections (this also related to the idea of "variable turnlengths"). This would make the game more responsive in some situations, in particular two computers on the same network. However do notice that there will always be some delay. In particular, if you are playing with someone on the other side of the globe, you will have at least .133s delay (we need to travel from the client to the host and back, so basically travel a full circumference of the earth). Simply by the laws of special relativity (nothing can move faster than the light). Likely this will be even higher, since your signal probably will travel slower and with some detour.
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