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  1. As @Freagarachsaid committing the art makes arcanists' live easier (and as a consequence mine too). The art was made by Lion Kanzen (see the ticket).
  2. Wait for the autobuild tomorrow morning, or revert to rP26521.
  3. Actually not. Certainly one needs the secondary attack patch for it, but more is required. We also have the #4000 issue. Ships are using buildingai for their attacks and there the ranged attack is hardcoded. So for ship ramming one also needs some fix in that direction.
  4. Don't particularly like the new default cursor. The old one could have been a weapon-head too, but one could sell it as a pointer too, making it a very universally used icon. The new one is a weapon however you look at it. I don't want a weapon on my screen when selecting a tree!! Besides that: the new cursor is way oversized. Making it feel very clunky too work with. The same comment applies to the new attack cursor (the image is fine there, just make it smaller). I would propose to restore the old default cursor and use the new default for attack-walk instead (that red line is not making things prettier).
  5. For the record, this happens since https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP26393.
  6. Delete your savegames, they have an outdated entry.
  7. I does, since the females are all trying to reach the same point in the field and only moving around eachother, to find a free spot, onces they bump into eachother. Then obviously they need to turn and reaccelerate.
  8. The better values are having some realistic turnrates, instead of the almost insta turns that happen in current svn. What is seen as "clunky" movement, is not caused by turnrates or accelerations at all, they merely highlight the actual issue. Which is "units bumping into eachother all the time".
  9. That the whole point of "Distributed Denial Of Service". It is many many IP's trying to connect to your server. All requests are blocked (since nothing is listening), but the shear blocking is sucking the bandwidth. Probably the initiator is not even part of the ddos. AFAIK, that is already the case. Do notice that someone who wants to join *needs* the IP, since it cannot join otherwise (if you want to send a postcard to someone, you will need the address...).
  10. This is very much expected. In multiplayer the game needs to be synchronized over the internet. In order to do this, any command you send needs to be shared with all clients before processing it. More precisely, a client need to send the command to the host, then the host shares it with all clients. Hence when you give a command it is only executed a little while later. IIRC this "delay" is hardcoded to be .6s (or .4s?, whatever). In future we might implement having this time "dynamic" i.e. it would be as low as possible depending on the used network connections (this also related to the idea of "variable turnlengths"). This would make the game more responsive in some situations, in particular two computers on the same network. However do notice that there will always be some delay. In particular, if you are playing with someone on the other side of the globe, you will have at least .133s delay (we need to travel from the client to the host and back, so basically travel a full circumference of the earth). Simply by the laws of special relativity (nothing can move faster than the light). Likely this will be even higher, since your signal probably will travel slower and with some detour.
  11. IIRC relics are spawned near gaia entities on the map. I read from your post, there are no gaia ents. So then the relic code will error saying it can't find a spawnpoint. Maybe a solution would be to add some triggerpoints on the map (these are invisible for the player). Would need to test if that really works.
  12. For the second link, I suppose you refer to: It seems that epriestly (the old maintainer of phab) is just posting some suggestions on what one could do. It doesn't seem to contain any evidence that svn is/will actually be dropped. Not sure what the official line is (I heard some conflicting info from @Freagarach on irc). Would be good to figure out. This is an unfair comparison. A git repo contains far less than a phabricator instance: think of all discussions, attachments of whatever kind, non-committed patches etc. The fair comparison would be to compare the size of vcs's (git, svn etc.) with size of development tools like phabricator. If anyone has some data on either of these, please add them to the thread. Not the only person asking: https://secure.phabricator.com/D8775?id=20822. Also may I add https://www.tuleap.org/integration/tuleap-gitlab-integration-why-and-how-to-use-it and https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/integration/github.html. Feel free to list similar pages for other solutions.
  13. Thanks for everyone posting their input. I have updated the posts at the top of this thread. Also I made a short list of the limitations in our current setup. Feel free to yell if I miss points. Between the listed points I feel there is some overlap. To start with the top point (not that there is any particular order, feel free to comment on the other points too) "Phabricator not being maintained anymore". If we want to migrate, we can migrate anywhere. @dave_k already posted some ideas on possible systems before: Obviously there is also the Phabricator fork, Phorge. And surely there are more. What are everyone's thoughts on these? Are there migrate scripts available for any of these? Do we loose any data currently in phabricator? What features do we loose? What do we gain? Can the trac or forum data be somehow incorporated. How does it work with external linking to the current phabricator pages. How does any choice relate to the feature list at the top of this thread?
  14. https://dzone.com/articles/git-lfs-why-and-how-to-use Basically it would solve the size issue on the server Don't think you answered my question. How does git-lfs work with the versioning history of binaries? And does a clone automatically inherit the linkage? It is NOT. I tried to make in the first post clear what this thread is about, namely gathering ideas, wishes etc. regarding VCS.
  15. I distilled a feature list from the posts above and will continue doing so. Please yell if I wrongdo anything here. Some questions from my side: How does that work with versioning of the binaries? And with clones? Can someone elaborate on these? what these are? why we would care? etc I am not sure if I understand the exact feature one is after here. "Being able to say 'this patch is ready to be merged'"? Lastly my own requested features: First and foremost, I find that all code, art and anything else must be in one and the same repo. Obviously there must be a clear directory structure. But for some patches (the secondary attack patch #252, is just one example) it is required to change both code and art at the same time. Having to propose different patches for different repo's, will make life a lot harder. We have been around a long time, the world around us will change and we don't know what will happen. Therefore I will strongly plea for keeping sovereignty. Make sure everything is available in a self-hosted variant. Using third-party services is perfectly fine with me, however we should depend minimally on them. Whether it is to avoid a total collapse of the service, changes in the service itself, or changes in the terms, it shouldn't matter us. We should be able to continue, and at any point be able to decide to stop using any service. To make things secure and reliable, I would recommend to have a third party back up which is usable as is, preferably using a different vcs. This will make sure that if our one server or vcs collapses, we can continue, using the other at will. A VCS should work, for everyone from anywhere. There should be a minimum of potential restrictions on joining deving. This means that the vcs should work on many platforms, be free of (third party) account registrations, have a simple workflow with straightforward commands (also understandable for ppl who never used a vcs before). Dev version testers should be made easy to test: we need them and they might not be as experienced as devs when it comes to handling code bases. Therefore precompiled binaries (autobuilds) should be directly available in the repo. This might also help devs on some platforms.
  16. Some current limitation: Phabricator not being maintained anymore To much sysadmin time Many different systems used No full GUI workflow Highish threshold for new contributers Post reserved to gather pro's and cons of different solutions.
  17. I try to keep track here of all feature requests. Please yell if I wrongdo anything. List of feauture request fro VCS Low sysadmin efforts (at most as high as phabricator currently) (Stan, wraitii) Security (dave_k) Proper binary handling (Freagarach, dave_k) All code art etc. in one place (bb, dave_k, Freagarach) Longevity (dave_k) Used in mods and other FLOSS projects (Stan, Locyneah, samulis) Companies involved are FLOSS minded (dave_k) Partial checkouts (Freagarach) Possibility to self-host (locyneah, bb) Reliable (dave_k) No branching (Freagarach) Branching (locyneah, maroder) Possible to work completely remotely (locyneah) Back up on devs machines (Freagarach) Public in production third party back up using different vcs (bb) Possibility for bots (elexis) Easy export of data (dave_k) Autobuild in repo (maroder, bb) Easy rebasing (maroder) Incorporate gitlab PR, github PR and phab Diffs in one system (wraitii) Usable by everyone from anywhere (bb) Simple straightforward workflow (bb) Low threshold for new contributers (Stan, bb, dave_k) Supported in maintaned platforms (Stan) 2FA (dave_k) Including (parts of) other (third party) repo's in ours (submodules) (Stan) Easily properly credit authors of patches, even if they don't have direct commit access (Stan) GPG signing of patches, tags and pull requests (dave_k) Support for GUI based workflow (samulis) Features not directly related to VCS Low number of different systems used (maroder)
  18. This thread is meant to gather and streamline the discussion regarding our choice of version control system. Discussion appeared to be in several places. I did my best to gather all relevant material, but feel free to add any missing information. We currently use svn, this has been working ever since 2004. Some earlier discussion about the lobby bots: Below an excerpt from an e-mail Stan has send round a while ago to all staff members: A relevant related topic is On November 24 2021, a discussion on IRC: What I did like to hear from everyone (staff, contributors, svn testers etc.): What is required from the version control system and CI? Which features are required? And what is only nice to have? Please list your wishes in this topic, preferably ordered in priority. What are the current limitations and what are possible solutions for that? What are the pro's and cons for them?
  19. I guess I found the culprit: the cost/Resources/wood entry must be a nonnegative integer, following the cost schema. Since you multiply with 1.2, this will be interpreted as a decimal (even though 1.2*30=36). So I suppose you can fix it by explicitly setting the value in the children instead of using the operator (maybe using the add operator still works). Another option is to try to fix the operators in this case.
  20. Yeah, that is arcanist being a @#$%. Please download the icon manually and put it in the correct place. Sadly can't do much about it. (When committed this issue is gone)
  21. Given the lobby changes to hide your IP from the lobby, we might be able to trisect which lobby user is malicious (and then act upon that). For the host who experiences a DDOS, please attach your mainlog.html to this thread (see https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths for where to find it). Make sure you to save the mainlog before you start 0ad again, since it will be overwritten. In that file all connection attempts are present, see the lines of the form XmppClient: Recieved request for connection data from {username} If one can change their IP address before the game, we have even more information (since the malicious user might store the IP to use later).
  22. Neither you can do it all by editing the xml file you already found. I guess: search your favorite tooltip in game and look how it is done there (hint: the mod up and mod down buttons on the right hand side of the modselection panel seem like a good candidate)
  23. That file is used in the replaymenu in the public mod. It is loaded via Engine.GetReplayMetadata called from replay_menu.js
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