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  1. Vinme, i believed that i would had the ocassion to interchange solid arguments about the tournament, but i sadly see that is not about that. One more time @vinme , you have poured that mix ot sawdust and manure, that sadly, is the only thing you know how to produce. I was thinking about awnsering you, but if i tell you the truth, i don't care. I'm organizing this event alone, with limits resources and with limited time. Don't forget that. Don't forget that I'm using my time to organize this. I'm using my time to give something different to the community and to try to help all players. Time that im not giving to my family, or to my self. After this event ends, I'm out.
  2. anyway, scared? you need 7 reincarnations just to take an Stockfish's barrack. You're ultra nub jc
  3. if he unbans you, i have no problem in you to play, but you must understand, you can't play an event by IP
  4. No, if he's banned he can't play. If he gets qualified, it would be a problem. If he is polite he'll be unbanned and probably can play the next qualifier.
  5. -.- You have until friday to play the match, don't be nub and play They have one day more, let's see if they play =D yes,you're right go2die =D
  6. Stock,  1v1 by IP or are u scared again ?  :D

  7. No, you aren't suposed to pick a biome, you just must go random, and if it goes savanna or jungle, you should re. If you want to play and both players are nice with that, then all yours. Greetings
  8. 1) Solved, ValihrAnt, in the post it says 300 pop, and i think it is obvious that 300 res too. 2) Solved. But as i didn't say anything about that, i thought it was obvious that you can pick a picked civ. 3) Yes. Greetings
  9. Fish , 1v1 or are still scared from last game ? :P

  10. Hello! you can play at any time, inside the 3 days you have to play each match =D
  11. hahahaha, you bad guy boudie anyway, @Boudica , i want my ultra certificate
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