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  1. Stockfish,  I'm banned from lobby for being too op.  But if u want to 1v1with me for fun, we could do by ip's .  Okey ?

    Have to fix date, time for that !  cya

  2. Of course i will, (give you a hug, all the ones you want )
  3. We'll upgrade soon to give you more info!!
  4. Hola, bienvenido a la sección de reglas de la Liga de Juno. Antes de comenzar con ellos, del equipo de desarrolladores de la liga , léalos correctamente y con cuidado para evitar malentendidos. También queremos explicar que hay 3 tipos de infracciones: verde, amarillo y rojo * Verdes: si usted o su oponente infringen una regla verde, perderán el mapa que están jugando * Amarillo: si usted o su oponente infringen una regla amarilla perderá todo el partido (todos los mapas) * Rojo: si usted o su oponente violan un estándar rojo, será descalificado de la liga REGLAMENTO OFICIAL DE LA LIGA: 1) CREACIÓN DE MAPAS: 1.1) Mapas: continental, emboscada, llanuras de Lorena, istmo corintio, oasis 1.2) Configuración del mapa: 1.2.1) continental Mapa: Jugadores: Tipo de juego: ------------------------ ------------------- ----- ---------------------- Tipo de mapa: Aleatorio Número de jugadores: 2 Conquista: En el filtro de mapa: Todos los mapas Población: 250 Estructuras de conquista : Desactivado Seleccionar mapa: continental Recursos de inicio: bajo (300) Unidades de conquista: desactivado Tamaño del mapa: pequeño Inhabilitar espías: desactivado Reliquias: desactivado Nomad: Off Trucos: Off Wonder: Off Disable Treasures: On Game Velocidad: x1 Mapa explorado: Off Ceasefire: No Ceasefire Revelado Mapa: Off Equipos bloqueados: On Biome: Random Last Man Standing: Off Juego clasificado: - 1.2.2) Emboscada Mapa: Jugadores: Tipo de juego: ------------------------ ------------------- - ---------------------- Tipo de mapa: Aleatorio Número de jugadores: 2 Conquista: En el filtro de mapa: Todos los mapas Población: 250 Estructuras de la conquista: Apagado Seleccionar mapa : Recursos de inicio de emboscada: Bajo (300) Unidades de conquista: Desactivado Tamaño del mapa: Pequeño Espías deshabilitados: Desactivado Reliquias: Desactivado Nomad: Off Trucos: Off Wonder: Off Disable Treasures: On Game Velocidad: x1 Mapa explorado: Off Ceasefire: No Ceasefire Revelado Mapa: Off Equipos bloqueados: On Biome: Alpine Last Man Standing: Off Juego clasificado: - 1.2.3) Lorraine Plains Mapa: Jugadores: Tipo de juego: ------------------------ ------------------- ----- ---------------------- Tipo de mapa: Aleatorio Número de jugadores: 2 Conquista: En el filtro de mapa: Todos los mapas Población: 250 Estructuras de conquista : Desactivado Seleccionar mapa: Lorraine Plains Recursos de inicio: bajo (300) Unidades de conquista: desactivado Tamaño del mapa: pequeño Inhabilitar espías: desactivado Reliquias: desactivado Nomad: Off Trucos: Off Wonder: Off Disable Treasures: On Game Speed: x1 Mapa explorado: Off Ceasefire: No Ceasefire Revelado Mapa: Off Equipos bloqueados: On Last Man Standing: Off Juego clasificado: - 1.2.4) istmo corintio Mapa: Jugadores: Tipo de juego: ------------------------ ------------------- -------- ---------------------- Tipo de mapa: Número aleatorio de jugador: 2 Conquista: En el filtro de mapa: Todos los mapas Población capital: 250 estructuras de conquista: desactivado Seleccionar mapa: istmo corintio Recursos de inicio: bajo (300) unidades de conquista: desactivado Tamaño del mapa: Medio Inhabilita Espías: Apagado Reliquias: Apagado Nómada: Apagado Trucos: Apagado Maravilla: Apagado Deshabilita los tesoros: Encendido Juego: x1 Juego clasificado: - Mapa explorado: Apagado Ceasefire: No cese de fuego Mapa revelado: Apagado Equipos bloqueados: Encendido Último hombre De pie: apagado 1.2.5) Oasis Map: Players: Game Type: ------------------------ --------------------------- ---------------------- Map Type : Random Number of player : 2 Conquest : On Map Filter : All Maps Population Cap : 250 Conquest Structures : Off Select Map : Corinthian Isthmus Starting Resources : Low(300) Conquest Units : Off Map Size : Medium Disable Spies : Off Relics : Off Nomad : Off Cheats : Off Wonder : Off Disable Treasures : On Game Speed : x1 Rated Game : - Explored Map : Off Ceasefire : No Ceasefire Revealed Map : Off Teams Locked : On Last Man Standing : Off 2) RULES OF THE GAME: - All buildings, soldiers, civilizations and improvements are allowed except for: * Pharos (ptolomie building) * Wonder - To clarify: walls ARE ALLOWED - Spectators are FORBIDDEN (can be if both players want) 3) CIVILIZATIONS: (***) VERY IMPORTANT : You can not repeat any civilization on same match. 4) REGISTRATION: To register for the league , first of all we must tell you that by doing so we understand that you have read ALL THE RULES and therefore in case of infringing any of them will face its subsequent sanction. To register we need you to do the following: - Send a private message to this account with the following requirements: * ID of you and your elo points. (For example: borg- (1127) eae) Once sent that message any of the administrators of the league will respond confirming or not your registration. In case of not doing it , we will give an explanation on why the denial. Once registered, we will use the forum as a courier and through it , you will send us the results, possible infractions and traps that can be made by rivals. (In case there is a administrator of the league online in 0 A.D. , tell him about the infractions and the possible cheating that you may have seen, he will tell what you should do {The results will always be sent by private message to THIS account as soon as possible} IMPORTANT: Result not sent before the end of each week is equal to defeat. 5) THE RIVAL TEAM HAS MADE TRAPS WHAT SHOULD I DO? If you have detected that your opponent has committed ANY violation, you must: 1) Tell him by the game chat the infraction he has committed 2) Immediately afterwards you must leave the game SURRENDERING TO HAVE REPETITION 3) If the opponent has committed a green infraction, you must continue with the next map, if they have committed a yellow or red, send immediately the result to this account counting what happened and send the repetitions of the maps * In case of any problem contact an administrator * If you leave with no reason , the map will be marked as lost directly 5.1) LOSS OF CONNECTION : In case of loss of connection of a player, the game will be paused for 5 minutes + 1 of courtesy to wait to the player returning to the game. In case of not returning to the game you must close the game and play the next (you won). If the connection loses the host, the player that is hosting will lose the game VERY IMPORTANT : In case a map is continued having an infraction, if the marked protocol has not been followed , the sanction will be nonexistent, EXCEPT: Build a lighthouse and destroy it in a short time, In that case the 3 maps will be lost directly. (Evidence will be needed for that case) 6) HOSTING : The maps of the league will be hosted as follows: The player that is above in the table will host the first map and the third, therefore the other team will host the second (In case of a tie, the position in the league will be respected) 6.1) WE DO NOT HAVE ACCESSIBLE HOST : In case of not having a host to which people can join, you must find a host which must create the game according to the rules set by the regulation. In case of any infringement the player that had to host will be the only responsible 7) How can I send the results of games? If you have finished a match, follow the following instructions to send the result (ONLY SEND IN CASE YOU ARE THE WINNER) 1) Send us a private message and write your name and your rival's 2) Send the result + the repetition of the 3 games (if any) NOTE : If there has been any type of problem in the confrontation, communicate it and tell us the exact minute to be able to review IMPORTANT: PLEASE , SEND ALL THE RESULTS AND THINGS RELATED WITH THE LEAGUE WITH THE SAME ACCOUNT 8) OPENING OF JUDGMENTS An opening of trials will begin in the following cases: - Both players claim the same result in a match - An infraction is committed and the infringing team alleges not having committed such infraction - A red offense is committed (where the offender must state the reason for his behavior) Once a trial has been opened, it is mandatory for the two players to present the evidence of what happened in order to give a correct solution, for the following it is mandatory to have the repetitions to pass them in case of problems, in case they are conversations, it is recommended make a capture of them (with the mobile for example) 9) HOW DOES IT WORKS: In the Juno's League we've been thinking in how to do an interesting thing, and we got this: First of all, you players, will play a 12 people max league, and each player will play two times against everyone. After that, the 4th first people in the league will play a new league between them, playing 4 times against each one to see who's finally the best 0 A.D player, the 2nd, 3rd, ... We're open to new ideas or suggerencies. This event will be uploaded to You Tube. We'll try to stream one match each week and upload the rest to YouTube (commented of course) This is just an informative post, and it's not ended yet. We'll give you more info soon!! (You can pre-register now if you want to) ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Green infractions: - Build or use any element prohibited by the regulation. - Set the map wrong (do not follow the instructions given by the team on the '' CREATION OF MAPS '') - Repeat civilization. - Entrance of spectators in the middle of the game (The host will lose if accorded no specs) Yellow infractions: - Establish an anti-sports behavior - If a player of a team has a different ID than the one he puts on the template, he will automatically lose the match Red infractions: - Insult (seriously) ANY member within the sporting event (That would be told to 0 A.D moderators) .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .... Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre las reglas o algo relacionado con la liga, no dude en enviarme un mensaje aquí en el foro. El reglamento anterior estará sujeto a posibles cambios con previo aviso.
  5. borg- I don't see that implement your mod on a24 like the only way to play 0ad is a good idea, i think you (with help of another high players if needed) could balance the game without changing the whole game, i like 0ad's bases and i think they must be respected, That was my opinion, greatings :))
  6. do i? Maybe i missunderstood
  7. Borg asked me to do it, to give him more views. Greetings
  8. Hey guys, new version 1.0.2 is available to donwload. It is also available directly from MOD.IO. Due to some major issues, I had to put a new version 1.0.2. Sorry about that. Changelog V 1.0.2: Fixed techs; Fixed loot of sword cavalry; Fixed attack of elephant archer; Techs CC reduced search time; New unit cavalry scout for iber. Fast movement, fast attack, low damage, low price, bonus against support, fast hunt, low armour, can not be promoted; New building spikes. Protect your soldiers, can be building only on neutral territory, low hp, fast build, low price. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog V 1.0.1: New units status base; Better units balance; Palisades/walls/houses balanced; New techs; Fixed all techs with +1 dmg for %; Fixed legionnaire on barracks; Elephant archer mov speed fixed; Slaves can be healed; Priests balanced; Bolts balanced; Mace can build stoa; Advanced and Elite rank only give 10% health; Swordsmen infantry/cavalry no more bonuses, but better status; Javelins infantry/cavalry less dmg, but better bonus and range; Slings infantry less dmg, but better bonus; Spear cavalry better bonus; and other little things. I need all possible feedback, thank you!!! Version 1.0.2 is already doing well and soon we will have a lot of new stuff. Not yet compatible with fgod mod. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is with great satisfaction that I present to you guys my mod Expansion Pack. It's been a long time since the game turned into spam with the same drives, no strategy, no big decisions or anything. Many players are complaining about this and we players feel abandoned in this part of development. Small changes are made, but they do not help much. I know that at the present stage of development this may not be of great importance, but I disagree with that. I am the older player in the lobby and the more experienced as well, and I know that 0a.d can offer much more dynamic and fun games than the current gameplay offerings. So, alone, i decided to make the necessary changes to achieve that goal. Talking with @elexis, the main goal was to create a counter system that worked. But for this to work properly I would need to change many things, so I decided to create a new base for the units / constructions. I created a solid and harmonic status base for hp / armor / attack / speedmov / loot / cost, etc ... Created a basis, all current and subsequent work becomes much easier to work with. The base system and counter was ready, I could have finished the mod, but decided to go a little further. So I implemented new units, technologies, buildings, civ bonus/unit bonus, auras etc.., all based on historical context. (I was careful not to change the root gameplay of 0a.d, all the features are the same.) All the techonolgias, bonuses and auras already exist have been remodeled. I also updated the technology tree, so you can see all the changes there. I have as main objective that this patch / mod is implemented to the a24, if this is the desire of the majority. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COUNTER SYSTEM: I had two options for counter system, to do by unit or by status, I preferred by status, because it is simpler for novice players to understand. So this is basically it: Archers ( Archery Cavalry/Elephant too) bonus vs Melee infantry; Slingers/Javelin bonus (Javelin Cavalry too) bonus vs Archers (includes Archery Cavalry/Elephant); Spearmen (Spearmen Cavalry too) bonus vs all Cavalry/Elephant; Pikemen bonus vs all Cavalry/Elephant; Swordmen bonus vs Spearmen and Pikemen; Swordmen Cavalry bonus vs Support; War Elephant bonus vs Buildings/Cavalry; Special units: Kushites Champion Axemen bonus vs Heros and Champions; Mauryan Champion Macemen bonus vs Buildings; Iberian Champion Javelin Cavalry bonus vs Archers (includes Archery Cavalry/Elephant) and Buldings. All heroes and champions have the same bonus. It is important all feedback on balance / counter system, for future balancing. (Do not judge balancing based on what you know in a23) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENERAL CHANGES: As I said earlier, there have been many changes made, I will put here only the most important ones. Civil centre can only train women (athen can train slave too); All civilizations have Archery Range, Stables, Elephant Stables and Workshop; Champions are units a little stronger than citizens, but cost and train much faster than a23; All mercenaries cost only metal; Animation of promotion are desable; Hero can only be training once. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is only the first version of the mod, and we have a very solid base, and this is fantastic. In the next version I want to work on all the auras of the relics, add new civilization (Chinese), new unique units, competitive maps, technologies, bonus, etc. For this to happen, I need everyone's feedback. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We did some tests and the games are much more fun now, you can choose different strategies and the battles are much more intense. It's been 6 weeks of hard work, and most people do not know how difficult, stressful and time-consuming it is. I hope everyone likes it. Tnx all!!! So that I could finish the mod successfully I had the help of many people who took a little of their time to help me, tnx so much. Feldfeld; Moders : Angen/Stan/bb_ valihrant; Stockfish; elexis; Special thanks to wowgetoffyourcellphone and all staff who worked on the mod Dalenda Est. If you have any doubts on how to install the mod: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Modding_Guide Out of that, i must say that is a very good mod, that increase the equiality of civs, units, siege, ... I recomend to all of you to try it Could be possible that a torunament is coming ?? Only time knows ^^ Greetings all.
  9. Bye, have fun in your life and enjoy I hope you can regress here, farewell
  10. @stanislas69 ,when will be the game in beta version?
  11. Ah , another thing , i think this could help your little brain to renember some things , bye bye and enjoy your only victory , i'll enjoy all mines :DD Greatings nub , you are a big joke comandos.txt metadata.json metadata.json comandos.txt metadata.json comandos.txt metadata.json commands.txt metadata.json commands.txt
  12. omg you posted it , i don't know why but i knew it Enjoy it
  13. Hello players , the Honor league has started. For more information , please , go to the first Honor League's post , I'll be uploading it each time there's something new .
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