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  1. coworotel

    0abc mod

    I wasn't sure, but if you are saying... I'll take a look at how you have done it.
  2. coworotel

    0abc mod

    Maybe you wanna take a look at /gui/reference/structree/draw.js. I was trying to make a mod to increase the size of the icons in the techtree screen and it was surprisingly hard to do. There's a lot of things hard-coded there. If I recall correctly the number of phases there is hard-coded to 3 as well. Good luck!
  3. Disabled my mods, still not working... I remember this used to work sometime ago, maybe before the re-release or in A22... (Sorry for the off-topic comment.)
  4. For me this command is opening the Diplomacy window.
  5. You can look at the replay of the match, select the Iberians' point of view, then you can know exactly how many of them are there, without counting manually. To see replays, if you are in single player, go to Single Player > Replays.
  6. You guys could merge autociv + fgod = autogod
  7. coworotel

    Help with Atlas Map Editor

    Thanks @stanislas69, now everything works!
  8. coworotel

    What am I missing?

    Hey, I think it's a similar problem that I had. Did you enable the mod, then save the configuration, then clicked on "start mods"? Might be that. Also, if you are on Linux, you can try to launch Atlas with your mod directly from the command line: pyrogenesis -mod=public -mod=yourmod -editor
  9. coworotel

    Help with Atlas Map Editor

    Some other random questions, is it possible in Atlas to: control units when simulating inside Atlas? show health bars of the units? place the starting positions of the civs in a skirmish map, without using specific structures (for example, I can put a Athenian and a Persian CC, but how to just say "the civs start here" and then let the players choose?)
  10. coworotel

    Possible Mod Idea: Nabataeans/Lihyanites

    I think would be perfect for the main game, as they controlled good part of the Arabian peninsula between 400 BC and 100 AD., with a nomad style gameplay like the Xiongnu. Looking at this map it seems that that area is empty in 0 A.D. vanilla at the moment.
  11. coworotel

    0 A.D. on YouTube

  12. Replying to myself:
  13. coworotel

    rated 1v1 leaver: marcusen

    I'm not sure but that seems to be more than what is actually necessary. One thing is to trust people to not leave when there's basically no punishment and they know nothing will happen. Another thing is to expect people not to make fake reports to earn points - that would require too much effort, certainly less people would exploit that than the number of quitters nowadays. No system is 100% safe, the current system is just 100% easy to circumvent. Let's say - ignoring the possibility of hackers - that the host automatically sends a report of winning after the other player left for some time. In these cases, the server could wait for a confirmation from the other player. If the player is not online (the server knows who is online), he loses, because it indicates that he is gone for good. If the host somehow sent a fake report and both players are actually still playing, he will send a report that contradicts the host's report - in this case nobody gets points. Normally though, the game would be programmed for, after this quitter re-connects, send a report confirming the host's report. Then the points are given accordingly. I don't think this would become a dystopia where everybody is making fake reports...