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  1. Maybe you could implement some kind of tax system, where part of the produce of the farmers would be taken by the government (player). That would be cool also because the player could maybe put lower or higher taxes, which would influence in the population happiness (I guess). But I don't know how these tax systems worked in the past... especially with things like bread etc (I don't think the government would take a number of breads from the baker... probably just part of his income? Not sure...) By the way, very nice mod! Looking forward to play it!
  2. What about "realistic" for maps that are not "weird" (like gear or snowlflake)?
  3. That AoE2 turkey sound is imprinted in my mind...
  4. In 10 months of it's publication in mod.io, Delenda Est reaches now 10 thousand downloads... An average of a thousand downloads per month. Congratulations to all involved! PS: community maps mod also available now in mod.io.
  5. Your posts are always full of knowledge. lol that's already 50% of what you need in daily life...
  6. A desert map for four players, very little wood, lots of minerals. Files: Arabia (4).xmlArabia (4).pmp
  7. Hello 0 A.D. fellows. I'm proud to present my first polished map: Four Cities Meet (4). It is a map for 4 players, very assymetric gameplay, but I tried to keep it balanced. There is enough trees and animals, but not a lot of stone and even less metal, so there will be struggle for these resources. Player 1 and player 3 start in a large plain, which has a nice mountain where you can build defensive structures. The entrance of the mountain favours player 3. Player 4 starts at an elevated plateau, surrounded by a dense forest, while player 2 is very well protected by hills and a small stream. A pond in the middle of the map prevents a total war in the center: the players will have to fight in the flanks. Some screenshots: If you try it, let me know what you think. Have fun! Download: [It is part of the community maps mod (you get the whole mod on Github or just the map files for this map). The mod is already submitted to mod.io for approval, but that version still does not include this map.]
  8. In skirmish maps and scenarios the mapmaker can give a name to players, so if there are names like "Guy in the mountain", "Guy in the river" etc. it would be easily identifiable. And also if the host know the map, which happens when you play a skirmish map many times.
  9. If we use the "unassigned" instead of a player number dropdown we can choose which players to remove. Shouldn't these maps should be scenarios? I think it is a clearer distinction between the concept of scenario and skirmish if we consider skirmish = non-randomly-generated random map. In any case, what is the current purpose of "unassigned"? Does seem very useful to have a civ. there without a player or AI controlling it...
  10. Just came back for me as well. Some hours ago was not working
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