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  1. Yeah I use to like this band: They have a lot of throat singing (and a lot of throat cutting in the video as well). PS: @Free if you don't like blood don't watch the video above It just says Terra Magna 0.0.23. I downloaded from a zip posted here in the forum.
  2. For the opening screen? I always hear the same one. So, no Xiongnu music for now?
  3. The ogg file I have here for the opening of Terra Magna is named "Omri Lahav - Hill of Sorrows.ogg" As a good workaround one can always just set music volume to 0 and use an audioplayer in the background.
  4. In fact I think there is only one guy He is very good though. I'm addicted to the opening track of Terra Magna.
  5. coworotel

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

    Nice surprise to see the Scythians already in there. They are not playable yet, or are they? I notice that they don't have houses and when I try to open the tech tree it breaks the GUI and throws some warnings.
  6. coworotel

    Cambiar el idioma

    de nada!
  7. coworotel

    Cambiar el idioma

    @CastorDK ¿Qué versión del juego estás usando? No me parece alpha 23 (feb 2014, versión muy vieja). Prueba esto: sudo apt-get remove 0ad sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wfg/0ad sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install 0ad
  8. coworotel

    Cambiar el idioma

    En la pantalla inicial: Settings > Language
  9. coworotel

    Terra Magna Mod

  10. coworotel

    AI map revealed

    Yes... It's just pathetic how it just stops doing anything after you defend the first waves of attack. Also funny that MS didn't bother to make their AI work on water.
  11. coworotel

    AI map revealed

    Compared to AoE2's AI it is pretty smart. In fact, I think one of the main advantages 0 A.D. has over AoE2 is the possibility of not having a stagnant AI - both in the sense that at some point it "gives up on life" and just let their people sitting there doing nothing, and in the sense that there's nothing that can be done to change that (well you can mod the AI, but you know, closed source game, not that easy). I'm taking a look at Petra... 18k lines of JS. Maybe I can come up with some small tweaks.
  12. coworotel

    AI map revealed

    Why when we watch a replay with the AI the map is completely revealed? Does the AI "know" everything that is happening all the time?
  13. coworotel

    Delenda Est alpha 23 - feedback

    interestinglog.html commands.txt
  14. coworotel

    Delenda Est alpha 23 - feedback

    These? commands.txt interestinglog.html
  15. coworotel

    Delenda Est alpha 23 - feedback

    As promised, some screenshots of warnings (although I didn't see anything wrong). In this one the cyan soldiers are dead, but the image is as if they are alive: I hope this helps. Edit: I have the impression the graphics are better/sharper in Delenda Est compared to original game, is there any change in contrast or something like that or I'm crazy?