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  1. Another guy running 0 A.D. in Raspberry Pi. It seems that tiny maps with not too many resources could run smoothly. Maybe we could even make a mod for less powerful computers. hf
  2. Done! For the next version: Slow Tower, maybe Mines if I manage to implement. I made it a separate mod, so now I will have the freedom to mess up with all units, etc. That will help to try to fix the lag with the big waves (+100 as borg said is lagging and crashing the game).
  3. Are you saying this is the first fridge in history?
  4. Thanks! Yes I thought about this, would be great if I changed the unit stats. I wanted also to change the loot for the units, but I thought having the original units could be interesting to see how much fire they can handle. I really wish there was a scale option in the template of actors to resize the models. In Warcraft III editor you had this option, usually these op units used graphics of standard units but scaled up like 1.5x.
  5. Yes, slowing towers would be really great, but I'm not sure how to implement that (if it is possible). The same for the mines
  6. I found a bug in the script, it was skipping the hardest waves I'll post an update soon. Edit: updated the files on the original post.
  7. Not sure if this is intended or a bug, but I was playing this map today and started without any military units... I went to phase 2, but since I only had workers, I could not build a barracks. The AI apparently had the same problem.
  8. Wow that's impressive! haha My best was 37th I think lol
  9. Thanks! Added to original post.
  10. If you save in Atlas it should automatically show up in the game (at least that's what happens for me). If you did not change the name field in Atlas it will appear as "Unnamed Map". You can see here depending on what OS (Windows, Mac, Linux) you use where is the folder: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths
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