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  1. Fall of Civilizations Podcast: So the Britons didn't have beards?
  2. I can say the same about AoE2. I think all games I really liked and remember have killer soundtracks. My favorite in 0AD is "Eastern Dreams".
  3. Isn't there a limit in the engine for 8 players? Or is it possible to make a mod with more?
  4. Didn't notice that one actually
  5. Exactly, Turkic and Ottoman archers did that too.
  6. Have you tried nomad mode? It's basically that but you have to walk to where you want to build your base.
  7. Yes, with the name "Mappa Europea III Secolo a.C." (which is the name given by @imperium inside the xml file). Map type "scenario".
  8. You can install the mod community maps (via Settings > Mod Selection).
  9. A24 probably is going to take a while to appear (as mentioned in this thread), and even if it is released the breaking changes in the mods probably won't be so huge.
  10. Seems that Alpha 24 is going to look much better than A23.
  11. It's very nice to see a new voice set. They feel much more Persian now. And cool new buildings! Any chance it is included in vanilla?
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