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  1. Maybe the "Plot twist" Boudica is talking about, is the one in which Revon or Aqua would finally climb up to the first place after smashing Feld. While Emperior and Wendy will never stop switch each other the last place. Right ?
  2. coz a low quality message is still a nice try and offers possibility to answer and have some fun. But spamming smileys , likes and thumbs up no matter the content of the message is totally brain dead . It's the Instagram low IQ mentality that all superior minds should fight.
  3. putting smileys everywhere won't make you look smarter.. do you know that ?
  4. Alt+F4 2 2) but should apply for useless moralizing speech
  5. Round 3 ranking is not closer to Round 4 than Round 1 is ?
  6. i introduced the starvation idea long time ago. 1 unit will cost 1 food every 5 secs. If 0 food stock, then -1hp every 5 secs. Maybe remove that initial 50 food cost when making an unit
  7. @Boudica it's not like 0AD is helping you doing something with your life. In your case, this idea could help you to find a job
  8. wrong, i didn't insulted thankforpie .. but only likers-zombies ;)
  9. Hello, the main problem with classical tournament system is that some good players can be disqualified in firsts rounds if they have to challenge other good players. Here below, I made a little picture of a different tournament system which works pretty simply and give a full stable ranking of players. 1° Display players (here, 8 for example) randomly 2° For each Round and for each color, 2 players have to fight 3° The winner will go in the upper color, and the loser in the downer color 4° Repeat Rounds until the ranking seems to stabilize (can create a stat for that) or after an arbitrary number of rounds (but at least 4 rounds if 8 players) ---> Final - 1 5° For the final, in each color, the winner will occupy the first place
  10. @user1 man, i was banned from the lobby coz i made new temporal account after losing my Doctor password. And still after ban mask, my problem remains : how can i recover my password ?
  11. As everybody knows, so people spend too much time playing 0AD. If banning people by ip is possible, would it be possible to either limit access to the lobby (like 1-2 hours per day) , either possible to create temporal account expiring after 24h ? It could be a nice service to offer to parents wanting to limit games access of their offspring.
  12. Where do you see i called you stupid ?
  13. @feneur once again i'm the victim of injustice. Look at the screenshot, borg- commit 2 offences to jc : first, he made print-screen without his consent, second he told him to "shut up" after being invited to play . So borg- is the offender and jc is the gentleman. And the joke vs borg is not mean as he said that he lived in a place similar to Malibu, so i assumed his gf name is Favela Anderson
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