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  1. i think there's an update of the 23, so you may re-download the file. Also, the ban hammer is very active, so lot of players are out.
  2. brits vs maurya on youtube me : coming back with a coffee youtube : replay ?
  3. Just PM me the moment you will be online here (i will check once a day) so i will be here that moment so i can give u my IP and then we complete our inter-generational war.
  4. praying for noobs and my haters (not mutually exclusive). We can still play by IP but it seems you go full zombie when I ask you.
  5. ah my old stockie , just go outside and say his name 3 times " JC, JC , JC " then follow the biggest star above your head, don't forget your stick as you getting old, i will land on earth for his birth : the 25th of december ( check over your shoulder that user1 is not following you )
  6. HMS , i plebe for a Bronze tournament ( bronze players = 20 best players coming after the top10 ).
  7. ffm would you dare/be nice to host by ip for jc this sunday ?
  8. Roman Empire : - born/ embryo kingdom in 753 BC - dead/ embryo empire in 1453 AD - 5 times more pop than all Europeans and Slavs living outside its borders. European Union : - born/ colony of the US in mid-20th century - dead/ shared colony of the rest of the World, banks and lobbies in mid-21th century - Conchita Wurst
  9. Never heard about the Hadrian's wall ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hadrian's_Wall Hadrian
  10. Actually, it should be not 2 but 3 civs ban-allowed.. because now it's simply a 100% Gauls tournament
  11. @HMS-Surprise , if @elexis host by IP my games, can I join the party ?
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