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  1. i rushed but it didn't go well, so when you came with rams (op gauls to rush P3) i had nothing to defend seriously. I just used my soldiers to the end and then resign, because no point to continue. During that time, Aristol was having a random walk with his army then suicided. Call that a 2v1 if you want, it was not. It That's why i posted a true 2v1 (in which u lost ofc) @borg, what makes you "sad" in previous post ?
  2. 2019-06-06_0011.zip This is a true 2 vs 1 Feld (the one you post , i resign before Aristol started to play)
  3. 3 games > 30 mins 33mins.zip 44mins.zip 71mins.zip
  4. oh elexis, where 've u been ? Why do you let those people harass me , i've never been so kind . Why can't i post memes to defend myself ?
  5. this is no place to talk about politics Itrelles ;^)
  6. nope, i play with everyone. i'm banned from the lobby because i shared my password to people. But im' ok to be banned for some weeks, helps me to do other things
  7. Not sure, but if i remember well, the Ptolemees and Seleucides super war ships have the Roman SPQR flag.
  8. The main issue with ranged units in RTS in general is that they have unlimited ammo. While in real life an army need supply and logistics.
  9. Let's say : Brits and Gauls don't need to spare stone for building barracks and temples. So yes, there's a difference as they can go full slinger spam. And Brits can even start make slingers as early as P1.
  10. nah, too much time to make. But i hope i gave some ideas for people making maps .(ie : clustering buildings in each others)
  11. and the haters are back ... u was feeded to obesity on naval nomad map to early attack with lot of boats while i gave my metal to my nub allies so they can build boats to defend.. hum ... better remind people what a fair 2v2 on naval map gives ( jc + aristol > camelius + ) hi hi hi hi hi hi
  12. For some reasons, i would feel safer with someone throwing me random stones than aiming me with a bow .. don't you ? A crushed bone is not lethal, an arrow in the belly button or in the eye is. Also, arrows can go through armour and shields, stones don't. A stone will kill only if landing on an unprotected head. Slingers were the lowest units, no armour, mostly peasants. They were just like auxiliaries. Does it sounds logical that a cheap unit could make more damages than a more valuable one ?
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