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  1. yes, gg. Badosu, game by ip if u want. Just inbox me. Im online, dont be zombie
  2. .. fishie are u scared ? @user1 can unban me for some days and extend that much my ban period
  3. indeed. Also, this is a problem when you want to "gaia" your allies
  4. the most funny thing is that you dig out an old thread in which PhyZic try to get revenge (requiring being over-feeded) from an humiliating 2v2 I put in the same thread .. but it doesnt matter for you .. hate blinds you so much you become stupid
  5. boudy, why do you even talk to me since i smash you in 1v1 ? haters seem to be extremely picky on replays .. lets 1v1 ? ah no, you won't ...
  6. how is it possible to lose to Christmas ?
  7. error need a mod to run them ? --> Ah yes need one ( as i said, i never read what Stockfish writes )
  8. Stock,  1v1 by IP or are u scared again ?  :D

  9. Fish , 1v1 or are still scared from last game ? :P

  10. I will participate. Due to corona , user1 is agree to postpose my ban !
  11. no, it's cool . I saw the game of Twardosky vs Christmas, he plays good
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