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  1. i didnt play AOE but that catapult vs healer thing is on spot so much even in 0ad. especially the catapult AI. + add to that these long pack/unpack times like.. lmao wolf+house thing op too
  2. i dont read manga nor books. internet is my wisdom
  3. jc alpha male online alpha male offline @JC (naval supremacist) you need to have more strategies m8
  4. ples balans teh game i hav nothink to play me poor irl
  5. work, work, work, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, dead.
  6. cut off sugar, sweets, they make you lazy af eat more meat buy coffeine pills and take them daily start exercising in home listen to music 24/7 when in home for dopamine increase, unless youre reading something eg reading complex stuff about programming work on your projects while listening to music cut off socialmedia, youtube,reddit,forums,games, TV, xbox, every pleasure form. if u dont cut it in 100% it may be hard to stay on track what u want to achieve? i cant be productive unless i believe in my aim. i wont learn a language unless i want to code an interesting application that will make ton of money and bring me fame in my belief. mindlessly creating simple things like calculators make no sense because you will give up sooner or later due to boredoom and zero satisfaction. You need idea for application/product, then choose correct means/programming language/anything with certain criteria,then do it
  7. hows the lags?

    1. Hannibal_Barca


      Tolerable, as always.

      If you choose to view it as intolerable then naturally it will be intolerable

  8. i need sword +100atk +200crit +300% atk speed slayer sword

  9. its already hard to find players for non-modded game,with mod its impossible
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