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  1. Async await lets you perform I/O bound operations like talking with database or reading file from disk in the same time that it lets you perform mathematical calculations. afaik 0 a.d. pathfinder consists of loads of heavy mathematical calculations right? honestly i didnt manage to make use of it yet in my code because i dont perform any heavy mathematic methods in my projects, and when I do, i dont use anything I/O bound. I have to study about this mor,e maybe its more useful than I think
  2. What WFG wants is cosmetics and other non pay2win features. every serious game does it and does great. usually, in games cosmetics are things like: - exotic haircut - tattoos - face accessory, likeeye glassess - muscles, - character skin -character clothes that may be hard to implement in 0A.D because characters are small af. but its still possible, give your knights rich look and people will buy it every game that goes for pay2win model dies with time (usually chinese MM0RPGS !!)
  3. google adsense on site with 0 traffic NICE IDEA PUDIM !!! XDDDD HAHA for google adsense you need thousands of visitors daily and even then profit is minimal ads in game will kill the game
  4. oh well thats bad, im using c# now, its faster than node, can make more, can be multithreaded and asynchronous, so i can have like few threads all of them being asynchronous
  5. javascript (node), c# and c++ have it. It makes the most of single thread (but not only) applications, as it does other things instead of blocking the thread
  6. cant we ban this guy alrdy plz escaped tons of ranked games (mostly unreported because who would bother registering on forum just to report that), including my, pretending to have net issues insulting other players and their mothers BAN MATIVEN @nani @Boudica@user1@Stockfish
  7. theres a bug im affraid: units (Here: upgraded athenian mercenary javelins in formation in standground mode but probably all units) dont hit targets in range regardless the fact they are in "Standground' mode and are supposed to do it: i didnt have it in vanilla 0ad @borg-
  8. Things im sure I like: - barracks cost same (do they? i think so) for every civ, so not only gauls and britons can spam barracks cuz they cost only cheap wood (and not expensive stone). now you can have as many barracks as gauls or celtics when you play seleucides or other civ. - rams not op anymore (my theory, didnt see rams in action) - since all melee units have hack dmg, its easier to kills rams, that make elephants more comparable to rams (before rams were way stronger than elephants because you needed special unit type to kill them, and that unit type was usually killed by enemy slingers, lol) - slingers not op anymore (not sure if archers,javleins and slingers are balanced now or if archers are op, that depends on how many shots archers miss from far distance), but this is quite great because now you dont HAVE to rush fortress and spam slingers as britons or gauls if you want to win - you can pick any other civ and win as well with archers or javelins. that kinda makes all civilizations playable, and not only these with slingers. Things not sure I like: - nisean horses went from 20% to 10% hp bonus (not sure if that was OP so was the nerf needed?). - many things like Blacksmith upgrades, went from10% or 20% to 1 or 2 points - that makes players think less. before Javelins would get the most from ranged attack upgrade in blacksmith (javelins had higher base dmg, so 20% from 20 for example is higher than 20% from 10) - there was one more reason to pick javelins (which were still losing vs slingers, by the way, but idea was there). i understand that its more 'fair' for all units if it adds a static, non-percent value (like 1 point), so archers get same amount of dmg that javelins get, but it makes players think less - kushites clubman, oh that was interesting that they had "club" type and had crush damage. now that dmg is taken from them. is the same going to happen to mauryan crush melee infantry champs and iberians crush cav javelins ? Things I consider bugged: - you took crush dmg from siege towers but they still target buildings when shooting, so siege towers are kinda useless when in enemy base PS. not sure how quickly it took u to change it but im happy that most important fixes needed (nerfing slingers and celtics) are already done
  9. i dont know what i meant and i dont really like mauryan anyway this was just my random thought
  10. He should give food when killed
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