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  1. that was my net speed when this was happening
  2. It started happening about 3 days ago. Anyone else or just me?
  3. thankforpie

    Expansion Pack Mod Release

    op mod 10/10 much wins with this
  4. killing enemy women as melee cav hero is uncounterable. you need about 30 units to kill him (or more), and he cna just run away if you go back with army thoughts?
  5. thankforpie

    Suggestions for 0 A.D.

    1. agreed, before u make all important buildings as persia (but not only) u will die from celtic civ spam. most civs need stone to spam barracks (the more barracks the easier to win) that is expensive considering u also need stone for slingers/fortress,p3 advance,etc 2. sword cav is really strong (you probably wont see it because they can get one-shot from grouped slinger/javelin attack, but they are strong, and most units will get oneshot from such attack anyway). spear cav is weak, as they attack once per 2 seconds. they are not legit dmg option as there are better choices(javelins and slingers) and they are also not good tank as spearmen and pikemen cost less and have better defence (at least pikemen). they also barely can destroy enemy siege (but sword cav can) so theres little use to spear cav in game (other than early rush or some later women killing) 3. afaik archers miss majority of shots (that are quite weak even if they hit) on their max range so yeah quite unfair imo archer civs could at least have skirmishers (if thats not wrong with history), as skirmishers can win a fight vs slingers (sometimes) and can kill melee units 4. totally agreed on elephants, they die like mooths. destroying a cc/fortress or something that has a lot of hp, armor and shoots arrows as elephants most of the time will either completely kill your elephants or badly hurt them (lets not forget they also almost get oneshot from slinger/javelin attack but rams dont, at all) rams take long time to kill even as 50 slingers or more. i most of the time skip destroying enemy fortress as elephant civ due to the cost, but it is not good to skip it. some civs have combo elephants + catas, but catas are bugged at the moment and will often refuse to listen to your orders(and need to be protected) 5. yes, currently most played civs are gauls and brits, then ptolemies and romes on second place (something like that, not exact stats). i believe its because you can reach high pop and fortress/rams about 2 min earlier as gauls.brits than on normal civs. also their barracks cost only wood which isnt that limited and is chopped faster than stone is mined for example, so they can get to 4-7 barracks without issue and without postponing building fortress
  6. thankforpie

    Adieu to lobby!

  7. thankforpie

    Formations cancel themselves

    now i think, althrough i clicked only once each time and quickly released button, maybe 0AD thinks im dragging right mouse button that would cancel formation and create free hand formation? however thats just speculation
  8. thankforpie

    Formations cancel themselves

    Althrough it tough me few clicks to replicate during recording, usually it takes me less. Is it intended behavior or some bug?
  9. thankforpie

    Publish the game on the new market places

    not sure about epic and discord, but on steam it costs money to add a game also most game devs know putting game on steam will help nothing. theres tons of indie games. how can they find your? its not like it will be featured on main steam page. althrough 0ad has some fanbase already so it may work better than in case of new game
  10. thankforpie

    Rams and swordmen

    Formations also have speed decreased on each obstacle they meet (if formations are tight). Sometimes they cant pass through narrow ways
  11. thankforpie

    Rams and swordmen

    Anyone else feels like rams are hard to kill with swordmen unless they stopped? I sent 20 swordmen after a ram and they couldnt kill it because of its speed
  12. it is in rated games replays tho
  13. LOL language barrier// i mean that I destroyed him
  14. I played many games where i did pop records or some other nice actions. Something like 120 pop at 7:30 min. Afterwards I browsed replays folders and edited replays file content, where I would change my in game name (it can be searched in replays menu) to something thats easy to remember and recognize. After saving, after I wrote 'ptolemies', I got my pop records showed using that civ with more info instead of player name. Thats nice workaroundish way to organise replays but its troublesome as you always have to minimize client, find replay file and edit it (thats why I (and not only me I believe) lost many valuable replays, they just sunk in the sea of untitled replays that has no info so theres no way to know which one contains what) Ii think we would all benefit from adding notes (in replay menu) to replays, so they can be easily searched afterwards with search option, as replays are very big deal in this game