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  1. Screenshot from civilization tree, gd (Gàidhlig) locale. The description doesn't fit. The other civs are fine, because their descriptions are shorter. Resolution: 1920x1080
  2. When I find an obvious bug in an English source string, I add an issue there. Developers can access issues a lot easier than normal comments, and resolve them when they have been fixed. And no, comments & issues on Transifex are not part of the po files, you can only see them there.
  3. I'm done except for the 4 "timewarp"-related hotkey descriptions. The term is hard to translate and I can't find the related "timewarp" setting anywhere. Nevermind - found it: It's called "time warp", not "timewarp".
  4. No it would not. People can always run it through GT themselves - it still makes grammar mistakes and some mistranslations that could be anything from slightly embarrassing to quite incomprehensible, depending on the language pair and direction translated. Regarding Twitter/Mastodon, there's a nice crossposter that could save you some work https://masto.donte.com.br/@crossposter
  5. I'm late with my translation this time, would it be possible to do another pull this weekend, or is the release already tagged? I did a big batch today but I'd like to get Misc GUI back to 100% too.
  6. Yep, do take care of yourself! I am taking a break from my main project too right now. The community is very friendly, but I was being crushed by my general work load - too many projects!
  7. Facebook event for learning the Gaulish language (in French): SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2021 AT 19 UTC Celtica - Rencontres Hivernales Free · Facebook Live https://www.facebook.com/events/753715408910273/
  8. I have now found out where my 2 enet versions are coming from: I am also translating the Enigma game, which uses an older version of enet. I don't know how the 0AD build system works; @wraitii would it be possible/worth the effort to look for the system enet before the usr/local enet, or to specify a minimum version and skip the usr/local match?
  9. For changing the Tamil locale: Set up the new locale in the Transifex web UI Assign the translators to the new locale in the Transifex web UI Rename the file in SVN Run tx push -l <localename> Regarding the extraneous language requests, on the projects I manage, I drop the translators a message and point them to the locale that I'd like them to contribute to, then refuse the request. If I'm unsure whether a separate locale is appropriate after all, I ask them before refusing the locale. @Nescio @Stan`
  10. Sounds plausible. You could try scaling it to 100% and reboot to test if that fixes it.
  11. How about tilting the bell for the button that raises the alert, maybe with some added motion lines to give the impression that the bell is moving (ringing)?
  12. Yep, that's it. I deleted it and now the build system is picking the system-provided one in usr/include/enet.
  13. gcc (Ubuntu 9.3.0-17ubuntu1~20.04) 9.3.0 > Do you use with system enet ? I have no idea how to do that and there is no such switch documented on https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions, so I guess the answer is "no". My system has libenet-dev version 1.3.13+ds-1 (= libenet7)
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