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  1. It's still not the smart place to ask though - we're developing neither for mobile nor for the web here, so the chance that somebody can offer some informed advice is very slim.
  2. We already have a topic for it. I found it by searching the forum for "bactrian".
  3. Install Git for Windows ad you'll have sed on Windows too, in the Git Bash. Alternatively, Notepad++ can also do a regex search/replace on all files in a folder.
  4. I ran into bad conditions on a translation job once using a platform that shall not be named. The deadline was 2 weeks away, but they had a counter running for each batch that you picked up. If you didn't finish the batch within 4 hours, they'd put it back into "auction", and if somebody else picked it up, you lost your salary for the words already translated in that batch... we completed the job commitment because we had promised the client, and then said goodbye to that platform, never to be graced by us again. The platform states that they "care about translation quality". Aye, right.
  5. These are a bit glaring though. Maybe increase the saturation from EA just enough to make them pop out, but no more. Sort of find the balance between gameplay needs and aesthetic needs.
  6. Try git clone --depth=1 That will only clone the current commit and save a lot of time. You can always get more history later if you need it with e.g. git fetch --depth=1000
  7. You'll need to make the license official in
  8. Maybe this will give you some clues: https://src.fedoraproject.org/flatpaks/0ad/blob/master/f/container.yaml
  9. Interesting that nobody picked their own country - except for one person who failed.
  10. Our export scripts work with Blender 2.79 too. I have recently updated them to produce 2 scales for mipmaps, so it's been tested with that version. The game engine itself doesn't care, because it will only see the exported png files.
  11. Intermediate knowledge should be enough. I have a pending patch that changes the syntax though, so you should hold off until that one is in. This will happen soon after the release is out. Also, tribes are not fully pluggable as mods yet - that's something I still want to program, but I haven't started on that yet. Take a look at https://www.widelands.org/documentation/map_objects/ and at some files in my branch to get a general idea. For the animation system, we have some Blender scripts to export to png hosted on Launchpad. How to use the png files is documented on https
  12. It is. We're currently in feature freeze for Build 21 It doesn't have support for research though, which is why I didn't mention it. Research could be sort of built into a scenario via Lua scripting that unlocks buildings, but not as a general gameplay mechanic.
  13. Thanks for the info! I don't know any other FLOSS engine off the top of my head that would fit your needs. Maybe Battle for Wesnoth for turn-based if research can be hacked in. You could try asking on https://forum.freegamedev.net/.
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