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  1. Why not only ban him from playing rated games then?
  2. You understand right, it's really just for 1 vs. 1, plus the game must be marked as a rated one by the host in the match settings before it starts. This setting doesn't currently do anything visible for other types of games (so a rated team game is still not rated).
  3. Quitting a game other than a rated 1-vs.-1 can be rude but it doesn't violate the rules. This is because rating only gets affected by rated duel results. Consider it as an implicit resign when the opponent quits other types of games.
  4. If it happens like that, I'd guess it to be a router problem. This kind of thing often gets better after a router restart, so I'd try that (I mean, your friend could try that).
  5. Do you mean that he also gets disconnected from the lobby periodically? This would look as if his connection simply drops, which could be a problem with his provider or his router. Then the same would probably also happen with other similar services.
  6. I think that @elexis had a patch to increase the player count limit. One of the problems is that (some of) the map generating scripts aren't designed to work with more than eight players.
  7. Welcome to the forums! Don't worry, more people have complained about single player difficulty for beginners. On the other hand, experienced players often complain about how easy the bot is to defeat (or even more of them and at higher difficulty settings). So perhaps it can be just that the game isn't the easiest to learn. Anyway, there are some articles with useful hints for beginners. I could recommend reading The road to expert (see topic below). Other than that, watching experienced players play in observer mode can give you a great idea of what (not) to do. You can even find interesting game replay files here on the forums, so you can watch them whenever you decide. Enjoy the choice. I think I won't go into any specific gameplay details here because everything has probably been written elsewhere already.
  8. So if the game took place yesterday, you'd look for a folder with a name like: 2019--23_0001 Jokes aside, there probably aren't some special tricks to beat multiple lower level players. You probably just want to grow fast and attack early with rams. For an experienced player, beating five noobs is often easier than beating just two medium players. Anyway, Feldfeld has posted a few games like that, so you might be interested to check how he does it:
  9. Nice map! I'd just ensure that the Alps are passable by elephants, otherwise @Hannibal_Barca probably wouldn't want to play.
  10. It probably was an abuse. Elexis wouldn't have banned you for no reason.
  11. This new name really fits you though.
  12. So that would confirm my hypothesis. Fortunately, this doesn't really happen that often.
  13. But the red houses don't seem to be connected to the black territory in the first screenshot. Hypothesis: The houses are actually connected, but it's not visualized like that. I think so.
  14. If I recall correctly, I've seen someone with a name like this in the lobby. That's a bit fishy considering you get an error whenever you try to log in. How could that be? Perhaps my memory just fails me now. Perhaps @user1 or @Hannibal_Barca could tell you more about the problem.
  15. Is that second screenshot really an answer? The houses probably should start converting only after the blue CC is finished because they get cut off at that point.
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