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  1. Well, perhaps the observer chat shouldn't be relayed to those who shouldn't be able to see it. So the part you initially complained about has a potential partial solution. Partial because it won't prevent someone from reading the chat via a smurf observer account. The ability to see the whole map or enemy stats is very hard to prevent or even detect. You'd need to change how the maps are generated and use some cryptographic methods in the process to achieve that. Without distributed random seed generation, the host will always be able to see everything and bias any random choice towards his liking, such as always getting a great position with extra food and mines, while the enemy gets none.
  2. You do have control over this. Just put your Bitcoin where your mouth is and let me make a lobby for you! A small financial motivation could make the players of your choice join your lobby regularly. I'll even write a script to mute any hate speech about you as a bonus. Don't be one of those who only have a lot of money till it comes to spending some. All my offers are serious and I accept any kind of payment.
  3. For $100,000, I offer to help explain to your Instagram followers why you are getting repeatedly banned. For $10,000, I offer to set up your own lobby server no one can ban you from. For $1,000, I offer to send you my replay files, so that you know what you are missing. For $100, I offer to play one 1-vs.-1 game with you to help you deal with your addiction (IP hosting fee subject to negotiation). Contact me for further details if interested.
  4. I also wish I got some every time I log in.
  5. It's not very hard to do. It's harder to do it in a way so that the map doesn't look unnatural.
  6. The lag can be made bearable by avoiding some match setting options: High population limit. I remember times when the population cap of 150 was the norm for 4 vs. 4 games. Lower population games teach players how to cooperate better and they aren't any less fun. What isn't fun is when the game starts running at a third of its normal pace. Maps with a big amount of trees. Too many trees are hard for both the pathfinder algorithm and the renderer. When you select from Random maps, which are popular among advanced players, you can typically select a biome that is easier for the CPU. At least avoid the Tropical biome, or try going for Savanna and Desert options to be sure. Large map sizes. Again, I can remember times when we used Medium map size for eight player games. Yes, the strategy is a bit different, but it still isn't unfair to anyone and it isn't any less fun. You avoid situations when an ally dies too fast and you are unable to come help because of the huge distance. When you consider how much fun even a tiny map 4 vs. 4 game can be (those are called pizzas and the real pros love those), I don't see a reason to consider the smaller map size as limiting. Maps with many obstacles and impassable areas. Units can get stuck on the choke points and it's not generally easy for the pathfinder when there are too many units at one place. Thinking about it, there are quite a few known ways to reduce the lag, which makes me ask why we play with lag settings so often. I guess having a fast game isn't a real priority for quite a lot of hosts. It's similar to the typical lobby waiting time. People don't care that 20 minutes pass and the game hasn't yet started. I don't really know who introduced these norms.
  7. This feels exactly like the value you wanted to know if you're a pro. And like one that should probably stay hidden from you if you aren't. I mean, those numbers seem as high and arbitrary as they seem useful. Not sure what could be done about it. Anyway, great job!
  8. Oh right, I've found the thread. Thanks for writing it down, I honestly think there isn't more than like 5 players who know what the numbers really mean. On a side note, I've been with this game for so long that I even remember when this OP armor system got introduced.
  9. I don't know what thread this should have been in but thanks for making this table anyway. I've done these computations many times in my head. Also I doubt that there are many people that have an idea what the armor levels means. Even the basic explanation that an extra armor level blocks 10% of the damage could help. This system is much better than simple subtraction, which forces you to make a minimum damage of 1 (I think that's how it was in AoE). However, it's harder to present it clearly to the player.
  10. I think that adding a simple dislike icon could prevent all the confusion regarding the confused or sad reactions. Sometimes you read a post so stupid that there isn't really even much to talk about. And it's not exactly making me sad; it's not preferable to let something your read on the Internet affect you happiness after all. I wouldn't say it makes me confused either. Could that be that I didn't understand that post? No, I don't think so. I see exactly what was being said and it's something I didn't like. Just let me express myself briefly and precisely.
  11. Yes, please, make a Q&A livestream. I'm signing up as the troll.
  12. I've noticed that @ValihrAnt cast and commented the first of the 50-pop game replays! You see what happens when you don't keep your replays hidden on your hard drive.
  13. Congratulations, very nice! Your play was better than expected: Good idea with the treasures. They are most often disabled in multiplayer, but when they are available, they can be a real game changer. If you want to be even faster, try to keep the walking distance of wood workers shorter by moving the elephant or placing another storehouse closer. The walking time is easy to underestimate and reducing it helps. Women are great on farms and OK on wood, but they are very slow at mining minerals. Better use citizens. There was some unnecessary delay in unit production because of missing houses or not queuing units early enough. It seemed that you know about it, but I mention this because it's one of the common mistakes that can make a great difference. Some players use Ctrl+<Number> groups for barracks to easily select them all. When you went for the attack, I'd recommend retreating units to heal them at a temple when their health points get low. Especially with champions that are expensive to produce, but their greater health allows them to retreat before dying. You had a great advantage when you went for the attack, but in a common scenario, losing so many units for one fortress might not pay off. Cool, hope to see you in the lobby soon.
  14. Thanks for the reply, maybe you can post a replay too for us to discuss what can be done better. There are a few tips: Champions are no longer cost effective since this alpha version and they are typically only good for specific tasks later in the game. Most of the games we play in multiplayer are without any champions. Dealing damage from a distance sounds nice but in the case of archers that damage is pretty low. Archers are generally considered inferior to other types of ranged units, yet still an army with a majority of ranged units currently works the best. Often you are best off with only so many melee units that they can take all the damage for the ranged units. Formations currently don't give any bonuses, but they can be used to quickly gather your units together (and you can disband the formation afterwards). Engaging fights where your units keep coming in a line is one of the most common mistakes. It makes only a small part of you army actually fight at a given moment, which is the opposite of what you want. The basic strategy for almost any map is to grow the population as fast as possible. New players might often tend to only make as many units as they feel necessary, but you should generally aim to make as many and as early as possible. Using all the fast food sources first is one of the key parts to achieve this. Elephants are the best source of food in the game and luring them in your territory is one of the useful soft skills to learn. Cavalry units are by far the fastest at gathering meat. All of the fast resources are limited though, so don't forget to transition to farms early enough. The Easy Petra AI is actually quite hard for new players, so it's no shame. Anyway, Petra behaves in a way that can be exploited to defeat even multiple of the bots teamed up. These exploits won't work against human players though, so I'm not listing those. If you want to see what experienced players usually do, there is a section full of game replays on the forums. I think it's a good learning material. Ask if you need anything and maybe come join the multiplayer when you feel ready.
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