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  1. So that would confirm my hypothesis. Fortunately, this doesn't really happen that often.
  2. But the red houses don't seem to be connected to the black territory in the first screenshot. Hypothesis: The houses are actually connected, but it's not visualized like that. I think so.
  3. If I recall correctly, I've seen someone with a name like this in the lobby. That's a bit fishy considering you get an error whenever you try to log in. How could that be? Perhaps my memory just fails me now. Perhaps @user1 or @Hannibal_Barca could tell you more about the problem.
  4. Is that second screenshot really an answer? The houses probably should start converting only after the blue CC is finished because they get cut off at that point.
  5. So maybe consider not using multiple accounts then?
  6. Plot twist: The rating doesn't stabilize.
  7. I think I should share my useful life hack with you. When you have a feeling that the game takes too much of your time, all you need is use the magic Alt + F4 shortcut.1 It gets you out of there instantly and you are now free to do whatever you want with your time. There is no need for the devs to manage your free time for you. Isn't that great? As a bonus, when everyone takes care of themselves and their kids, developers will have more capacity to add new features into the game, so everyone can profit from that. 1) Does not apply to rated games.
  8. We should unban JC soon, otherwise he's gonna keep coming up with more half-baked ideas like this instead of playing.
  9. Welcome to the forums! Using cheat codes is only possible if they are enabled before the game starts. In that case, the game shows a warning next to the I'm ready button and the match is automatically set to an unrated one. Using cheat codes in a cheat-enabled game is not against the rules because that's what the players agree to play when they hit the ready button. I recommend either asking the host to disable the cheat settings, or making some planes by typing how do you turn this on? in the chat window after the game starts. Enjoy the choice!
  10. It's possible that your mobile connection provider doesn't support connecting to STUN-enabled hosts. Not much can be done about that, except finding someone who has their ports forwarded and hosts without STUN.
  11. I think the main trick was letting us think you were losing while you were getting a very strong army. I sure wouldn't at least have taken one of the later fights if my allies informed me better. None of our team let the others know they weren't doing any great, but I only found out when it was late. Suddenly, I could see that I wasn't the only one that let his pop get lower than needed. I saw that I had been the last one who had had a decent army till that point. The annihilation had already started and it was inevitable.
  12. Let's also add that you got your points when playing against other players. That makes me think there could be a problem with AstroCoral's rating update message not getting delivered. What could that be caused by?
  13. Did you mean to say "you never stop making me laugh"?
  14. Hello! There used to be some memory leak errors, even though I think it's improved since quite a bit. I don't think so much memory is really needed by the game. As a quick fix, I'd recommend restarting the game after any long game, which releases the possibly leaked memory. Perhaps a question to ask would be which map you were playing on? What was the population cap? I'd avoid huge map sizes and unlimited population cap games.
  15. You took so long to lose that you won.
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