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  1. I might link the Road to Expert thread again, which might now be slightly outdated, but it still sums up many little things new players get wrong. On the other hand, learning to play a RTS is a lot like learning to play an instrument or drive a car. Someone can tell you what to do or not, but at the end of the day, you just really only need to practice for hours to get the intuitive feel of the timing. And even if you become a really good driver, you never know when a truck hits you and the driver runs away without giving you insurance details. I mean, sometimes the game crashes or someone leaves without resigning, but it's probably time to leave my metaphor now.
  2. I know we should refrain from applying modern criteria to past housing standards, but to me it looks highly impractical having such a huge hole spreading all over the building.
  3. How do we know that that object isn't actually just a verdigris-covered copper palm statue, which could logically be mined for metal? Let's just agree on that and there is no need to search for the ticket anymore.
  4. I am for the the option to already include borg's changes in A24. Let's be realistic about when that release is going to take place – it won't be anytime soon. I also offer help with making / reviewing patches and testing. On a different note, we could probably get more people interested in the mod by making a tournament in it. When there was a Hyrule Conquest tournament, it was the first time I found out about that mod and there were suddenly many people giving it a try. I don't feel like organizing this, but I don't strongly refuse to if none of the experienced organizers is interested. Maybe @HMS-Surprise, @Unknown_Player or @Stockfish? Right, there is currently one tournament going on, but for now we could at least find some players that could possibly be interested. Let's make it the #4 goal of this thread to find out if there is interest. I would myself sign up for the Borg Expansion Pack tournament to help it gain more popularity.
  5. ValihrAnt's patch looks useful to improve the gameplay fast and relatively easily, but now i'm more worried about borg's changes. If there is an intention to eventually let them into the game, it can become harder the longer it's postponed. I believe rebasing those changes onto the new alpha wouldn't be comparably hard to making and testing them, especially for someone used to working with patches. How strict is the requirement of separating the changes into several patches? This is something that could be really hard to do. There has been a lot of testing of the mod as a whole. Trying to split it into several patches could be as hard as making several balanced mods out of the borg's original one. I think an exception should be considered in this case. If we agree to allow submitting borg's mod in a single patch, I'd consider volunteering in rebasing those changes onto the current game version. Is it possible to get a any of guarantee that making the rebase won't come to a waste?
  6. The assumption that some other aspects of the game would now be better if there were fewer civs might be incorrect. There were some people interested in making models and it wasn't that hard to include those and make a new civ. There are currently more civs than planned but people generally don't dislike that. (Edit: Stan was faster on this one by a minute.) There have been several 1-vs.-1 tournaments and I don't remember any game ending prematurely because it became unplayable. I could watch all the replays on my years old laptop with an integrated graphics card. What do you mean by that smaller maps don't work?
  7. Is this just something you wanted to share, or are you expecting an answer? Because the only thing I see you possibly ask is how it is possible that the development is slow (provided that that question wasn't rhetorical). Maybe you for some reason expected things to go faster, but you didn't state any reason why it should be that way. Imagine I decide to build my own house. But I'll only use bricks that I made myself and materials I could gather around. A few friends on mine promise to help me in their free time but most of them have a job or a family, so it's only a few hours at weekends. Are you gonna expect me to have a modern habitable house in a year, based on how much time a construction company with dozens of full-time professionals and modern tools would require? Or is it a success that I can somewhat use the house after only five years of work, while it is still slowly getting better and better? The beta version is just a sticker. The game already brings a lot of fun to many players who don't mind avoiding large maps with lots of trees or high pop games, which make the lag worse. Instead of losing hope, we just enjoy what the game offers right now, knowing that somewhere far, there is a cool developer testing out his patch to again make it all a bit better next year or so.
  8. Boudica


    Or maybe you can just go into the settings and re-enable the public mod again? First make sure that it gets to the list in the lower part of the screen, then click Save and only then Start. Saving should keep the settings for next time.
  9. Why not only ban him from playing rated games then?
  10. You understand right, it's really just for 1 vs. 1, plus the game must be marked as a rated one by the host in the match settings before it starts. This setting doesn't currently do anything visible for other types of games (so a rated team game is still not rated).
  11. Quitting a game other than a rated 1-vs.-1 can be rude but it doesn't violate the rules. This is because rating only gets affected by rated duel results. Consider it as an implicit resign when the opponent quits other types of games.
  12. If it happens like that, I'd guess it to be a router problem. This kind of thing often gets better after a router restart, so I'd try that (I mean, your friend could try that).
  13. Do you mean that he also gets disconnected from the lobby periodically? This would look as if his connection simply drops, which could be a problem with his provider or his router. Then the same would probably also happen with other similar services.
  14. I think that @elexis had a patch to increase the player count limit. One of the problems is that (some of) the map generating scripts aren't designed to work with more than eight players.
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