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  1. It should be noted that Los Gringos made no attempts to contact us about the game time set for several days before yesterday's match. Our entire team was online in the lobby for several hours after the set time hoping they would show up, but to no avail. It is unfair to any team to have to seek out their opponents if no communication has been made to schedule another time slot. Did they just not care? @chrstgtr midnight and post midnight hours are not suitable for tournament games for any player. As @go2die stated above, some members of Los Gringos have given very little response to his messages. @MarcusAureliu#s I think as tournament host, you should be firm when a team does not show up for a match and has provided no reason for it prior to the set game time.
  2. pay for @go2die 's spreadsheet training.
  3. Take note .. @faction02 is spec. Also ..
  4. @badosu @MarcusAureliu#s Maybe we should be more specific about each type of dancing and record short clips / gifs to show exactly what is not allowed because the drama about dancing goes on forever. You can also ban players from setting their hero to passive and force them to use other stances in this tournament. Some will complain about zig zag units escaping because the other units behind the escaping unit are still attacking the enemy units chasing it. Therefore, tournament hosts can describe these scenarios more clearly (adding some short clips would be highly recommended) : 1. What is single unit dance? 2. What is patrol dance? 3. What is formation dance? 4. What is hero passive dance? 5. What type of zig zag micro is allowed? OLE! OLE! OLE!
  5. @Boudica here is the animation Taking down @bbgotbanned CC at 11mins and 27 seconds game time.
  6. 1v3 .. GOAT too op and back to own 2020.
  7. Looks like the inventor of the PACIFIST ELE RUSH (lul) knows how to be incoherent @go2die
  8. You need to garrison units. You can learn more about the 0ad keyboard shortcuts from this link Basically you need your units to occupy the building to prevent it from being captured quickly https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/HotKeys " Ctrl + Right Click on a structure with structure(s) selected: Set the rally point for created/ungarrisoned units to garrison inside the structure. "
  9. How to converse with the irregular programs. @borg- @PhyZik @Boudica
  10. @go2die .. looks like this thread is ending up as a free PR campaign for the guy..
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