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  1. How to converse with the irregular programs. @borg- @PhyZik @Boudica
  2. @go2die .. looks like this thread is ending up as a free PR campaign for the guy..
  3. Seems offline .. I checked with some others too and they said the same.
  4. commands.txt metadata.json Another op game led by GOAT, @PhyZik. Team 1: x2 Maury + x2 Kushites Team 2: 1 Gaul + 1 Kushite + 1 Iber + 1 Sele As usual @Wendy22 crying about dancing. Here is the replay for analysis. How is it possible a 1700s player can cry whole game vs a 1300s nubissh? @Wendy22 's typical response throughout the game was "I DON'T CARE.." .. Also a special thanks to @Edwarf and @woodpecker for being super team mates as always.
  5. Thanks Goat! Love, Panda
  6. Come on Mr. Space Man, work work work work work ...
  7. Issh

    goatissh dominance

    GOAT and little panda.
  8. LOL Mbuzi got OP infinity KD
  9. Issh


    Games happen usually later in the day @camel ... Hope to see you playing again soon!
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