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  1. Your students and you want pizza but only can ask of one type. If you all want to share the pizza the students and you can't ask for different toppings as you share the same pizza.
  2. I can't see the new icons with the mod enabled :(
  3. I prefer the old ones. Reasons: Have a more defined outline Each has an unique style but share a "theme" of sorts. Old school style suits RTS well. They icon are quicker to differentiate from others compared to the sleek now ones. Don't fix what's not broken. Improvements that could be made to old ones: Resize all icons so they share the same similar size. Improve them doing a "remaster" of the old ones but keeping the essence of the style. Summary: I like the new ones too but the old ones serve well and there is no need to replace just because of it.
  4. nani


    For map triggers ask @elexis.
  5. Set all players to the same team and unselect all win conditions, then you will have what you want.
  6. You can use any constraint in maps\random\rmgen\Constraint.js Use it to "filter" the points in an area (e.g. whole map) based on what you want e.g. use HeightConstraint and StayTextureConstraint
  7. Add what Angen said to e.g. binaries\data\mods\public\simulation\templates\template_structure.xml so all structures autobuild. Or some specific structure if only you want that.
  8. @ValihrAnt yet again showing us how to do fanatic rush and steal the enemy wood line for free.
  9. nani

    Why no ban?

    Needs c++ changes thus not possible with a mod.
  10. Option to show less info in the statistic panel ? (like only phase, pop and res)
  11. version 0.16.1 Added: New console with autocomplete (Ctrl + C + L) Snap to edge for buildings (press Alt while placing) Original author: @vladislavbelov This feature is a backport from current svn a24 https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2079 Will automatically disable itself if not playing with a23 Current/max gatherers status bar (press Tab to see) Will show as a white bar above your buildings/units that can be gathered
  12. 2xFXAA 4xFXAA etc basically defines how far the FXAA algorithm looks for lines that can smooth. Turns out that FXAA is usually so cheap having it at max is a good default. Notice that I don't mean how many points are area samples but how far the algorithm will follow a line to smooth (and get a better result).
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