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  1. nani

    Why no ban?

    Needs c++ changes thus not possible with a mod.
  2. Option to show less info in the statistic panel ? (like only phase, pop and res)
  3. version 0.16.1 Added: New console with autocomplete (Ctrl + C + L) Snap to edge for buildings (press Alt while placing) Original author: @vladislavbelov This feature is a backport from current svn a24 https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2079 Will automatically disable itself if not playing with a23 Current/max gatherers status bar (press Tab to see) Will show as a white bar above your buildings/units that can be gathered
  4. 2xFXAA 4xFXAA etc basically defines how far the FXAA algorithm looks for lines that can smooth. Turns out that FXAA is usually so cheap having it at max is a good default. Notice that I don't mean how many points are area samples but how far the algorithm will follow a line to smooth (and get a better result).
  5. Starting from 0ad 24 you have the ability to assign/reassign hotkeys with js for each page with Engine.SetGlobalHotkey(hotkey, function); They ones you mentioned are already implemented in the mod fgod from @ffffffff and @elexis has made a trac issue (https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/5669) concerning what to include in 24 from it. Maybe this can also be added or at least considered.
  6. I think this is the best presentation I've ever read of 0ad. Good job !
  7. RenderSubmission seems to take ~50% of the the total render time (measure from the internal profiler). Maybe that part can be threaded as it consist of a bunch of loops (but seems the data from each iterated object is dependent of its parent object as it's seems to traverse to the root object till it finds all has been correctly updated).
  8. Doesn't make much sense to be honest.
  9. You need to know the port and the local ip of the machine hosting the 0ad game. The local ip is usually of the type 192.168.0.numberhere and default port for 0ad is 20595.
  10. ezgif-6-7a13a0a862cd.mp4
  11. Similar https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T899 Ps: I noticed @Krinkle is on the discussion xd (if the same person)
  12. True I guess I didn't take into account the caching as I mostly create js files for my mods. I wonder if it's worth it for me tho to change it :/
  13. Made a script that I think would be useful for the modders out there. What it does: Creates a mod pyromod file Creates a mod zip file Creates a backup file of the original folder Names all generated files with the corresponding mod.json version defined Does some sanity checks. You can define a .gitignore file on the root folder of the mod Requirements: Python 3.8.0 or above Optional: gitignore_parser (to install use pip3) How to use: Execute with python3 make_pyromod.py from the command line and read options outputted. The three arguments: "origin", "destination" and "backup" default values are hard-coded as is easier for me this way. You can change them to your liking. make_pyromod.py
  14. Press Shift while placing building and if rotated when placed the next will also have that last angle.
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