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  1. You mention your test case uses 135 units. Usually games are played with a maximum total of 1200 units aprox. (8 players 150 population each). From what I know then the pathfinder becomes the most time consuming task for the CPU. Might be worth looking at it with VTune.
  2. You could use template literals given that they support multiple string lines. But seems 0ad guidelines don't want them for consistency.
  3. nani

    Quitter/Desertor Mativen1983 (1399)

    Insulting players' mothers is inexcusable.
  4. @vladislavbelov ty for the presentation. I wouldn't say the presentation was good but I understand that it can be hard. Given that I also don't consider myself stellar at giving presentations I always try to use the slides/video at maximum and make the audience focus at them and not me as they will convey better what I'm trying to say (less talk -> less screw ups). Just my two cents.
  5. nani

    ¿jugadores españoles/hispanos?

    Sí, está implementada, dado que 0ad (archivo public) es un mod en si mismo. Para que un mod tenga traducciones sólo hace falta que tengas (hacer) los ficheros *.po *.pot para cada idioma que quieras. Esto se puede hacer a mano o usar transifex (como lo hace wildfiregames para 0 A.D). Para más info mirate los ficheros *.po *.pot de 0ad.
  6. Eae elexis is back

  7. It is not about the money, it's about sending a message.
  8. nani

    Ideas ?

    Stance mode set to defensive stance_mode.pyromod stance_mode.zip @Emperior you can add more stuff if u want
  9. nani

    Technology Portraits (2019 and beyond)

    A photo or a drawing? Cool.
  10. Added this same thing to autociv
  11. version 0.3.0 Added: Resize bars for lobby chat and sides panels (hover over the edges to show resize option just like if it were a window) *The resizes changes are not permanent (not saved)
  12. nani

    Ideas ?

    The problem is that the counter to hero dance is microing practically each unit (impossible to do) of your army (120 units average) while he only has to micro the hero which is clearly easier.