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  1. nani

    0 A.D. on YouTube

    Great work, gameplay commentary is hard and tedious, greatly appreciated!
  2. nani


    I'm afraid that having ideas without any math to back them up is not the way formations are going to be fixed.
  3. nani

    How many are too many? Content.

    Beard in mind the tipos.
  4. nani

    How to boom with gauls

    Build order is important but is even more the feel of the game/map environment and knowing your opponent strat unless you want to assume the best conditions for boom, then is mostly luck/sim city skill.
  5. Check if you are using c++ compiler from visual studio 2015 first.
  6. version 0.2.7 Made /link command for lobby, gamesetup and in-game
  7. How about making a mini profiler for JavaScript mag gen? Knowing functions times and number of calls would allow to know where are the bottle necks. Some functions are called millions times for each map gen.
  8. version 0.2.6 Added: Link opener for the lobby (only) How does it work? /linklist: shows the links that did detect in lobby messages, will show a list with a number (index) for each link /link index: will open the link with the index specified, if no index is set will open link index = 0 (the more recent if no links then gives error message) ** Each time it detects a new link it will add it to the list. The link list will be chronologically sorted from newest (index 0) to oldest.
  9. nani

    leagues mod

    They want presets for each stage of the touranment
  10. https://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/
  11. nani

    Not very useful heroes

    Using hero to kill unprotected women in enemy base should not be the purpose of heros in 0ad ....
  12. nani

    leagues mod

    I think making a mod for tournaments is just not practical: Most people have a hard time installing mods not in mod.io Enabling a mod makes it non playable/replayable to others without the mod. Is much more easy to just state the settings in the forum. In case of tournament changes the mod would become obsolete unless all players update it. Forum topic followup works just good enough for the moment (imho).