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  1. version 0.5.0 Added: Should be possible to easily add new shortcuts from buildings not listed (even not from vanilla) Fix: Some building name typo. Buildings you want without shortcut should be set as "unused".
  2. If the map doesn't interfere with the others then include it.
  3. Reminds me of Windows 10 updates "All you files are where you left them" XD
  4. Chester is a master at women booming.
  5. Thank you @ValihrAnt @Feldfeld for the stream, @HMS-Surprise @Unknown_Player and #ThePlayers for the game
  6. So you don't get errors anymore? Keep in mind the fgod doest need to be installed before but enabled before (meaning fgod must be on top of autociv in the enabled's list) given that otherwise fgod mod would overwrite autociv mod.
  7. "May 29, 2019" caption is vertically misaligned, giving the obvious notion that this is a fake, but nice try.
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