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  1. nani

    Fork AD

    Is this to be taken as a final stance on no longer collaborating in the main branch or could there be some resolution? I'm out of the loop on the past events ... pity.:(
  2. nani

    0 A.D. on YouTube

    Annoys me a little that they keep using Age of Empires as naming
  3. nani

    Mod: Map Browser

    Mod that shows you all the maps in a grid for game-setup /ease of use / map selection. Hope is added to vanilla Make click on top of map preview in game-setup to open it. Mod archive: mapbrowser_v0.1.1.pyromod mapbrowser_v0.1.1.zip eae ? * Not compatible with other mods that change gamesetup.xml (autociv is compatible tho) * You can play multiplayer with mod on
  4. nani

    A23 balance done?

    How about catapults each projectile costs 10 stone ? For bolts could be 10 wood 5 metal. *Having a starting 10(?) projectiles for each siege unit.
  5. nani

    Error de imagen

    @Edetano hola. Como ha dicho @vladislavbelov, seguramente tu tarjeta gráfica no tiene memoria suficiente para jugar con una resolución 4k. Prueba con reducir los gráficos bajando la calidad de las sombras y/o deshabilitando otras opciones de los gráficos hasta que no tengas problemas.
  6. version 0.2.10 Added: Now works for host with different language (will auto-assign civ in the language the host has set). Will also work with custom civs names (no vanilla civs) if most JavaScript code is compatible/unchanged. Bug fix : start word won't set civ as "spartan". @thankforpie ??? Profit.
  7. I don't really see an improvement imho. Looks unecessary and confusing, maybe make it optional?
  8. nani

    Your screenshots

    I like the new rainbow effect 0 A.D. has implemented 2018-11-04_0011__territory_border_line_haywire__min_20.zip
  9. "If you wanna make it loo more realistic, push the scene over the edge, again, go for an external renderer" xd
  10. Yes! I also watched all his videos when he was starting in YouTube 10 years ago. Made me progress a lot and was fun listening his anecdotes and line of thought. He even reviewed one of my renders in one of his focused reviews in vimeo XD, so funny.
  11. nani

    Missile Dodging / Dancing

    This bug exist because 0ad doesn't take into account the units momentum, light units should have more maneuverability and heavy ones lower. Knowing that, I don't know any RTS that takes army or units momentum to the mechanics of the game, would look cool and also realistic but the implementation would be not straightforward.
  12. nani

    0 A.D. on YouTube

    Great work, gameplay commentary is hard and tedious, greatly appreciated!