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  1. Is possible that you disabled all active mods. You must enable at least the "public" folder mod with name "0ad". Fix: Double click on mod with name "0ad" so that it goes on the bottom list, then press "save configuration" and last press "start mods".
  2. Two options: enable reveal map in gamesetup (all players will see everything) or use cheat to reveal map.
  3. Make a multi zip file (7-zip can do it)
  4. There should be a specific topic for video tutorial with all these types of videos sorted.
  5. version 0.13.2 Added: Realtime APM meter and chart (actions per minute) [disabled by default, change in user.cfg] Hotkey to select un-wounded units Improved: FXAA: now preserves details better (sharp filter). What do you think @wowgetoffyourcellphone ?
  6. Known issue. Happens randomly (at least appears to) and the glitch shows itself differently for each computer. There is a trac ticket about it.
  7. @HMS-Surprise thanks for organizing this tournament's third week round ! Let's see if I have better luck next one lol
  8. Vali playing empire map, an underplayed but superior map compared to mainland.
  9. Update: Added coastal actors Fixed players' starting entities. Fixed some inaccessible stone mines.
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