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  1. nani

    Spec mod

    Should be easy, look at @ffffffff fgod mod code, specially at the stats overlay and the statistic window where he added the techs list. As for performance try doing it the naive way and limit it every 1 sec or so, in the case of taking too much many ms try doing partial updates. I suspect the actual rendering of text changing all the time will be the most expensive part so take that into account too.
  2. @vinme 0ad uses https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system as far as I know.
  3. You have probably changed the contrast or the hdi strength with in the code, usually those are at the end of the map script code, check that.
  4. The map browser could be handly for this: select maps clikcing on them -> they get highlighted in special color -> other players could see selected ones -> use them, maybe make option to save list -> ??? Ofc none of this is supported by vanilla but can be done anyways and be compatible with non mod players. svn 24 did some gui code structure changes that could make it more viable altrough you need some time to get used to the new code. You can start trying the basic and see where it goes by making a mod, ignore edge cases and custom config options for the time being.
  5. Try good old reinstall. Do you have mac ? maybe some new update is blocking 0ad from starting up.
  6. metadata.jsoncommands_no_mods.txtcommands.txt Teams: May Gods : @MarcusAureliu#s @nani OPteam : @JC (naval supremacist) superPOSITION
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  8. nani


    Doesn't look like an GPU OOM and more like a depth fighting issue with the transparent objects when projecting the shadows? maybe .... also reminds me of the behavior of the silhouette flickering/disappearance bug, maybe they are both connected to the same issue? maybe ... @vladislavbelov we need your knowledge???? @Mr.lie videos 300 mb 30 sec -.- I know they look good but takes 5 min to download, compress before hand pls (also the forum server must store all these gb of uncompressed data)
  9. Known issue, most probably the texture manager loading the wrong texture. I've seen it happen in the GUI, main menu, wall, metal mines, map preview, etcc. The grey is because no texture is loaded. The bolt <-> relic is probably a change from @ffm2 mod?
  10. Doesn't reshade apply the glsl effects on the gui too?
  11. "hotkey.autociv.session.entity.by.class.select.(Soldier|Siege|Dog)&!Ship": "Alt+S", add "Healer" class (disable the old one) "hotkey.autociv.session.entity.by.class.select.Healer|(Soldier|Siege|Dog)&!Ship": "Alt+S",
  12. Welcome to the underworld What effect was it ? maybe we can replicate with glsl shaders
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