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  1. version 0.12.5 Improved: Max number of corpses visible setting (replaces hide corpses setting) autociv.session.graphics.corpses.max = 100 // 0 to show none, Infinity to show all
  2. version 0.12.0 Added: Hotkey to clean all production queue of selected buildings Hotkeys for formations hotkey.autociv.session.formation.set.null = "Space+1" hotkey.autociv.session.formation.set.box = "Space+2" hotkey.autociv.session.formation.set.column_closed = "Space+3" hotkey.autociv.session.formation.set.line_closed = "Space+4" hotkey.autociv.session.formation.set.column_open = "Space+5" hotkey.autociv.session.formation.set.line_open = "Space+6" hotkey.autociv.session.formation.set.flank = "Space+7" hotkey.autociv.session.formation.set.skirmish = "Space+8" hotkey.autociv.session.formation.set.wedge = "Space+9" hotkey.autociv.session.formation.set.battle_line = "Space+0" hotkey.autociv.session.formation.set.syntagma = "Space+'" hotkey.autociv.session.formation.set.anti_cavalry = "unused" hotkey.autociv.session.formation.set.phalanx = "unused" hotkey.autociv.session.formation.set.scatter = "unused" hotkey.autociv.session.formation.set.testudo = "unused" hotkey.autociv.session.production.queue.clear = "Alt+R" To see/edit all shortcuts press F4
  3. version 0.11.3 Added: Units selection hotkeys. Select units or buildings based on their class type. You can combine classes with a boolean expression to specify what exactly you want. Current list: you can add more entries or set as unused the current ones to disable them. hotkey.autociv.session.entity.by.class.select.(Soldier|Siege|Dog)&!Ship = "Alt+S" // Selects all attack units except ships hotkey.autociv.session.entity.by.class.select.Cavalry = "Alt+E" // Selects only cavalry hotkey.autociv.session.entity.by.class.select.Infantry = "unused" hotkey.autociv.session.entity.by.class.select.Ranged = "unused" hotkey.autociv.session.entity.by.class.select.Siege = "unused" hotkey.autociv.session.entity.by.class.select.Support&Worker|(Support&Elephant) = "Alt+A" // Selects womans and elephant workers.
  4. First video from 0ad bros ValihrAnt destroying the enemy as usual darn you woof
  5. version 0.10.0 Upgraded: Hotkeys viewer and editor. To open press F4. ** You will need to restart 0ad after editing the hotkeys. @ValihrAnt
  6. Interesting details of the gameplay. Every day looks more professional ! Detailed fanatic rush walkthrough though I doubt it would work in matches with rating >1500 :/
  7. version 0.9.5 Added: Hotkeys viewer. See the hotkeys you have defined in user.cfg. To open page press F4. Improved: Opening lobby chat during a game should feel faster/lag less.
  8. Looks very appealing. One thing to improve could be the blocky grass textures, try painting with right click mouse to get a smoother ("curvy") transition from one to another. Props if this is your first map
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