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  1. There is nothing to be learned, you just need to move the unit from side to side, requires no skill.
  2. It is obvious that dancing is not a skill, its a cheater.
  3. It's an additional loot to give a bit of realism. The add wood, i already retired in the new version. Since version 1.0 i reviewed and modified all loots according to the value of the construction
  4. Anyone can play SVN. It's just the developmental version, the new things that came up in the a24, will be there.
  5. What has been changed so that Minotaur can expel its opponents?
  6. where I can donwload this mod?
  7. Is possible add more metal to the initial ptoleimacan mine?
  8. What I thought was to make a small cost for houses and stores (example 40/60), and a quick build, its make more sense to me, since the houses were faster construction, but fragile and cheap.
  9. Elephants have no thinking ability to build something alone, so they are just helpers.
  10. it's not just the houses, the deposits are free too.
  11. This is something I will look at more carefully for version 1.4.
  12. I thought of some aura of capture rate, or something that affected enemy units.
  13. Any artist willing to model new unit carnyx player?
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