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  1. I still have to send the path of fauna/champs/siege and other.
  2. I like the possibility of building a heavy artillery on the battlefield. For work, it needs to have a very high attack as it would be extremely vulnerable cuz cant move (right?). I really like the idea of Boltshooter/Stonethrower vulnerable to ranged damage, but it has a big effect on current balance. For this to work in my opinion, the patch/unpatch needs to work properly, and increased effectiveness against troops.
  3. Aoe4 screenshot wins². The graphics quality of aoe4 in pré alpha is better than any other. I really don't like rts games on dark filters.
  4. What do we already know: 1- They are working with a large number of civilizations, and they play different from each other; 2- We will have 4 ages, some civilizations broke this rule; 3- Starts before aoe2, and ends in the renaissance; 4- There are the four traditional resources, but not all civilizations collect them the same way or use them the same way; 5- Height plays a large role, with ranged units having a bonus when firing from walls or high elevation; 6- There are special and hero units of some sort. Mongols have Khan units for instance, and one of their special abilities is sending an eagle to scout an area; 7- No have card system; 8- Melee units will switch to torches when they're attacking buildings (so you won't have a knight hitting a building with his sword).
  5. Me replays weak 3. borg- (2364) vs Ludi1 (1305).zip borg- (2364) vs nani (1671).zip borg- (2364) vs Stockfish (1989).zip
  6. To me it's perfect. I don't like rts games in modern era, what really made me draw attention in rts is the old age or mystical games.
  7. I think it will be a mix of age of empires. The map appears to be large as aoe2 and not as aoe3. There seem to be more soldiers, like aoe2 not like aoe3. But there seem to be heroes, like aoe3. About art, to me does not seem cartoonish, Especially if you watch on a big screen. It is also possible to see the difference in gameplay between the two factions, probably Mongolians will be something similar with the nomadic civilization of 0a.d mods. It is possible to notice that the amount of constructions is greater than the other age of empires. We have two different churches for example, and a lot of others that is hard to say what it is, possibly we will have a much more strategic game than the previous age of empires.
  8. Two announced civilizations, Mongolian and English.
  9. I found a bug on 0:38 last horse movement, nub devs right?
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