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  1. borg-

    Expansion Pack Mod Release

    In the sense of composition of the weapons, yes, it has logic, but in isolated units I do not see much sense. What really matters is the type of strategy used in the field. What I mean is that, on the one hand, we have the Iphicrates and their light weaponry knocking down all heavy / light infantry, on the other hand we also have the great alexandre and its pikemen knocking down the entire Persian heavy / light army. Anyway I forgot to mention, that elephants have an advantage against cavalry in this mod, you reminded me.
  2. borg-

    Expansion Pack Mod Release

    There is no logic or historical context in any counter system, this does not exist in real life haha, it is only necessary for the game. Elephant is considered a "cavalry", if spearman have bonus vs elephants why spearman cav no? Tnx for feedback xD
  3. borg-

    Expansion Pack Mod Release

    Needs to be accepted by @Itms. Why u cant manual?
  4. borg-

    Expansion Pack Mod Release

    Tnx for feedback xD There is always something to be changed, but for now small details.
  5. borg-

    Expansion Pack Mod Release

    Tnx for feedback xD. I'm studying all this at the moment and more. I have good plans for version 2.0. But it needs to be studied very carefully, because if it is implemented to the original game, then it must have the support of the devs.
  6. Borg- vs Valihrant Expansion Pack mod.rar
  7. It is with great satisfaction that I present to you guys my mod Expansion Pack. It's been a long time since the game turned into spam with the same drives, no strategy, no big decisions or anything. Many players are complaining about this and we players feel abandoned in this part of development. Small changes are made, but they do not help much. I know that at the present stage of development this may not be of great importance, but I disagree with that. I am the older player in the lobby and the more experienced as well, and I know that 0a.d can offer much more dynamic and fun games than the current gameplay offerings. So, alone, i decided to make the necessary changes to achieve that goal. Talking with @elexis, the main goal was to create a counter system that worked. But for this to work properly I would need to change many things, so I decided to create a new base for the units / constructions. I created a solid and harmonic status base for hp / armor / attack / speedmov / loot / cost, etc ... Created a basis, all current and subsequent work becomes much easier to work with. The base system and counter was ready, I could have finished the mod, but decided to go a little further. So I implemented new units, technologies, buildings, civ bonus/unit bonus, auras etc.., all based on historical context. (I was careful not to change the root gameplay of 0a.d, all the features are the same.) All the techonolgias, bonuses and auras already exist have been remodeled. I also updated the technology tree, so you can see all the changes there. I have as main objective that this patch / mod is implemented to the a24, if this is the desire of the majority. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COUNTER SYSTEM: I had two options for counter system, to do by unit or by status, I preferred by status, because it is simpler for novice players to understand. So this is basically it: Archers ( Archery Cavalry/Elephant too) bonus vs Melee infantry; Slingers/Javelin bonus (Javelin Cavalry too) bonus vs Archers (includes Archery Cavalry/Elephant); Spearmen (Spearmen Cavalry too) bonus vs all Cavalry/Elephant; Pikemen bonus vs all Cavalry/Elephant; Swordmen bonus vs Spearmen and Pikemen; Swordmen Cavalry bonus vs Support; War Elephant bonus vs Buildings/Cavalry; Special units: Kushites Champion Axemen bonus vs Heros and Champions; Mauryan Champion Macemen bonus vs Buildings; Iberian Champion Javelin Cavalry bonus vs Archers (includes Archery Cavalry/Elephant) and Buldings. All heroes and champions have the same bonus. It is important all feedback on balance / counter system, for future balancing. (Do not judge balancing based on what you know in a23) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENERAL CHANGES: As I said earlier, there have been many changes made, I will put here only the most important ones. Civil centre can only train women (athen can train slave too); All civilizations have Archery Range, Stables, Elephant Stables and Workshop; Champions are units a little stronger than citizens, but cost and train much faster than a23; All mercenaries cost only metal; Animation of promotion are desable; Hero can only be training once. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is only the first version of the mod, and we have a very solid base, and this is fantastic. In the next version I want to work on all the auras of the relics, add new civilization (Chinese), new unique units, competitive maps, technologies, bonus, etc. For this to happen, I need everyone's feedback. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We did some tests and the games are much more fun now, you can choose different strategies and the battles are much more intense. It's been 6 weeks of hard work, and most people do not know how difficult, stressful and time-consuming it is. I hope everyone likes it. Tnx all!!! So that I could finish the mod successfully I had the help of many people who took a little of their time to help me, tnx so much. Feldfeld; Moders : Angen/Stan/bb_ valihrant; Stockfish; elexis; Special thanks to wowgetoffyourcellphone and all staff who worked on the mod Dalenda Est. If you have any doubts on how to install the mod: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Modding_Guide Will be available for download automatically by Mod.IO. Expansion-Pack.zip
  8. borg-

    Icon for pers champ cavalry archer

    Mod will be available tomorrow, I just need it before that icon
  9. borg-

    Icon for pers champ cavalry archer

    I searched in dalenda a23 and apparently does not have.
  10. Hey guys!!! I am working on a mod, and I am adding this cavalry to the Persians, but it has the same icon of the other champion cavalry, could anyone help me with this? Tnx so much!!!
  11. borg-

    Adieu to lobby!

    I hope to see you soon, tnx for hours of fun!!!
  12. borg-

    siege towers op?

    In my patch siege rams has only pierce dmg, no bonus vs bulding, it's just a mobile tower.
  13. Just choose the panel you want to work, example: selection_panels_right. So you have some mumbers there that you can change, example 3 3 100% 100%, If my memory is good, have 6 sequences like this. I did not need to change "%"numbers just the two numbers to the left. basically one is for the size of the other icons for the size of the background, and the others are for targeting the icons and blackground. So you make small changes and adjust as you want.
  14. Hey guys, i did it!!! with the help of some guys (Stan, Angen, bb_ and Face) we can do it, tnx again. to increase the number of icons you want, is in sessions/selection_panels_right >> <repeat count="24">, change for the number of u want. Now in sessions/selection_panels in line 214, u need change return 24 - getNumberOfRightPanelButtons(); for same value that you chose in <repeat count="24">. this is for panel construction, if you want to change another panel, the change should be in another panel obviously. I hope this helps everyone.