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  1. Can be like a treasure that attacks. Fake treasure like Trojan Horse.
  2. It is not the first time @Hannibal_Barca
  3. Maybe u playing on svn version?
  4. The rank upgrade request of archer is the same as that provided by spearmen. Its happens if archers attacked one unit each.
  5. Well I made changes to the new version, before slingers had bonuses against archers and archers cavalry, now they now have a bonus against infantry. I also did a standard village phase for all civilizations, spearman, archer / slinger, javelinist cavalry. Seleucids and Ptolemaic are somewhat different, they have spearman, javelinist infantry and archers cavalry. The civilizations that have archers in the village phase do not have slingers in the town phase (in barracks, may have mercenaries in other buildings), and the same for those who start with slingers. The current status are: Slingers: Attack 4, Attack speed 1.25, armor 1/2, reach 48 meters, health 70, movement speed 10 / 16.5, bonus vs infantry melle 3.0. Archers: Attack 4, Attack speed 1.0, armor 1/2, reach 72 meters, health 70, movement speed 10 / 16.5, bonus vs infantry melle 2.0. Currently the slingers have a greater advantage than the archers in short distance, for having a greater bonus and also more precision of firing, but is also much more vulnerable to attack by having a smaller range What I intend to do at the moment is to differentiate these units by civilizations, for example: Egyptian slingers may be cheaper but weaker than the standard model. A question, rhodian slinger worked for which civilizations? I think the answer is Romans, but I'm not sure. Anyway I need a new slinger model for the Romans. They have no archer or slinger.
  6. slings has greater range than bow? wow
  7. well, I do not know how to differentiate them, they were used for the same purpose in real fights. The only difference I see is that archers penetrate heavy armor and slingers were used vs light infantry.
  8. In version 1.0.5 I made a p1 standard for all civilizations. Only spearman infantry, archers or slingers and cavalry skirmishers are available for all civs, except ptolemeus and seleucids have archer cavalry instead of skir cav, but it also has skir infantry instead archer or slingers.
  9. That's exactly what I thought, speed reduction.
  10. Stench of the camels scare the horses? interesing.
  11. Counter system is really hard to work with, because it needs to be realistic, but it is impossible to follow it 100% true to the real world. I could have done by unit type as Cav > ranged > melee infantry. But that would be strange because we will have several units with the same proposal, example: archer, skirmishers and slinges. How it would work the skirmisher cavalry and archer cavalry?? They must have bonuses against ranged for being cavalry or against melee infantry for being ranged?? I discarded this possibility and prefer to make a system based on each unit of the game. How the system works now: Spearman - pikeman > All cavalry and elephants; Archer - slinger > Melee infantry; Javelinist infantry - Archer, archer cavalry and slinger. Swordman infantry > Does not have a bonus, but has a better status than the other units, so it becomes naturally "good" against everything; Spearman cavalry > All cavalry and elephants; (same infantry spearman standard) Archer cavalry > Melee infantry (same infantry archer standard) Javelinist cavalry > Archer, archer cavalry and slinger (same infantry javelinist standard) Well, we have some more bonuses that happen naturally, per example: Swordman cavalry and Spearman cavalry > ranged.
  12. Well actually I did not put a lot of new stuff, just a few things that were already in the code but that were not being used, some auras and techs, but i will do so, I will follow your tip. I'm preparing a "final" patch with the best balance possible. It should be ready in the next few days. After that I will apply to the snv a24.
  13. Actually, the initial goal was just hard-counter, that's where all the problem came up. The game has severe balancing problems on almost everything, it's not just about changing status like attack, armor, and that's it. I had to change many other things for the counter system to work. As the feedback was very positive I decided to continue the work, giving more dynamics and depth to the game, including many bad things, with the technological tree for example, which is super outdated, or heroes archers as cleopatra that if I fail the memory has an attack speed of 0.3, totally out of balance and realism (every 1 second she attacks 3 times, almost 4), I'd say idiot. Just a few examples of what I've seen and changed. I say for sure, if you make only minor adjustments it will not work.
  14. My priorities are also pathfinder, lag, among other things, but I do not know how to do that. But I know how to make a good balance, and why not? if we have who do, and how to do, why not? Why not make the game even better?
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