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  1. There is a huge difference between leaving the game as soon as the player "breaks the rules" of your game / waiting until the end of the game to see if you can win, and quit.
  2. While this is not fixed, the proposed rules must be respected, and amenable to punishable. As far as I know, the lobby is not a lawless land where anyone can do what they want.
  3. Now you have the evidence @user1
  4. Kushites op? New plautus acc?
  5. Exactly. The other day he came into a game that I was playing with other players, just to say that I was bad, and that I only knew how to spam skirmishers and that I couldn't win. Totally random, no sense.
  6. Dude, I am the oldest player in the lobby, I help elexis and others with some stuff. Once I created a second account and was banned for a week by elexis, I had to wait exactly 7 days to get back to the lobby, I didn't have a 1 second advantage, why do you think you would have any? You made a mistake, take this time to learn from your mistake.
  7. Elexis is testing some bugs with me and some other players on a24.
  8. The question is, why do you ban a player from a 1v1 game? The only reason I see that is to win the game, there's no other reason. If he broke the "rules", then you pause and ask him not to commit it anymore, or you have the option to close the game and start another player.
  9. You could just close the game so, why ban?
  10. He banishes the player during a 1v1 game. And had done it before.
  11. When will you understand that you cannot demand anything here?
  12. You are toxic both in the forum and in the game. You in some days had your account banned on forum, and was muted several times in the lobby by offensive language. You are now banning your opponents to win the games. Totally fair, use this time to learn something.
  13. Press the "Ctrl" key and click on the building.
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