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  1. @Stan` next week I’ll start making patches to differentiate civilizations from each other with a few small changes.
  2. borg-

    My arts

    Yep, low poly.
  3. borg-

    My arts

    Really? haahha
  4. In allied territory, @ValihrAnt give a good argument. Some players can spoil your allies with some walls near the center for example. In enemy territory it is a great idea, however it does not make sense if are converted to the enemy after a few minutes. In neutral territory I think it would work very well. My only fear is problems with the pathfinder. Some players can abuse it.
  5. I'm making a patch for ranged units.
  6. Why you guys taking this so seriously? Are just a few games to have fun, no one wins anything here. Myself dont play 0a.d as a competitive has been some time. Keep calm and hf
  7. very eae games? im in
  8. I still have to send the path of fauna/champs/siege and other.
  9. I like the possibility of building a heavy artillery on the battlefield. For work, it needs to have a very high attack as it would be extremely vulnerable cuz cant move (right?). I really like the idea of Boltshooter/Stonethrower vulnerable to ranged damage, but it has a big effect on current balance. For this to work in my opinion, the patch/unpatch needs to work properly, and increased effectiveness against troops.
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