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  1. google adsense is not just for website, it can be used in games and could be placed in the lobby and the room where it creates matches, and even while waiting to synchronize players
  2. Better to use Json, it's faster and more compact
  3. The idea of having a constant source of resources, so can increase the development team and let the game each see better, improve the disclosure so that more people can know to play and have fun.
  4. but if you can have 2 or 3 programmers / artists full time, it would be very good
  5. I do not think it's interesting to always leave me on the edge .. the random algorithm does not like me.
  6. Has the staff considered ways to monetize the game? As for example google adsense in the game and in the site / forum ... add avatars and customization option, free and premiuns? I believe that a little money can help the sustainable growth of the game.
  7. The PhyZic player removing players from the opposing team to favor in game that was losing. Follow the replay 2019-03-04_0002.rar
  8. why this mod insulting people alone? ok i am noob on this mod.. nani teaching me how use.
  9. just 0ad content guys, join fast, group is almost full
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