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  1. so is dead?

    Can be nice divide the mod by features and departments like a big jigsaw But keep in mine the other pieces. Even @DarcReaver can participate, he don't need rush the things only give analysis.. I try to implement my part art, icons and new eyecandy buildings. Another can try gameplay wraitii may be or another community member. Another balance the gaming and add counters this most delicate, this mean add and cut off things. Testing And as we do with CoM adding new even civs . You can help all pieces , niektb can be project admin If Alexander and lordgood want to join.
  2. ===[TASK]=== Crowd Sourced Civ Thracians

    So... lets do it. What is needed.
  3. [Design] guide to make Mesoamerican mod.

    Ask when you have a trouble, and open a topic for your mod.
  4. so is dead?

    By the way next alpha, sadly... will be less attractive. There no a mod to match DE. One are balance( over same content, boring) other are great civilization focus. But no gameplay... boring. ---------- This be should be open. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/1067
  5. [Design] guide to make Mesoamerican mod.

    debemos tener acceso.
  6. Mercenary mod[art mod]

    May be after after Xiongu faction can be nice start produce eyecandy units and mercenaries. I have a list, and we cant do one by one. Can be useful for mods. Isn't gameplay mod.
  7. [Design] guide to make Mesoamerican mod.

    Si lo haces en un repositorio abierto podrĂ­amos ayudarte. @Alexandermb es bueno con el 3D
  8. [Design] guide to make Mesoamerican mod.

    Lo estas haciendo solo?
  9. [Design] guide to make Mesoamerican mod.

    Que mod estas planeando? @Trinketos
  10. Spartan Structures

    Can be nice upgrade buildings those produces units. Not all civilizations are same. Romans don't need this. Persians and Greeks does Carthage and Successors have more needs. Seleucids have a bigger rooster.
  11. Spartan Structures

    Why archery range produces 2-3 rank units and barrack only level 1?
  12. Spartan Structures

    All ranged the.... thing is even cavalry? AoE doesnt this AoM done.
  13. so is dead?

    I'm understand your point, the game losses players each alpha since A16, only have new comers but isn't enough , the game isn't funny have players start to boring easily, immtalkmof me or your WFG community I'm talking people in other forums and pages. The player prefer AoE , EE or Ron, even AoE Online (project celeste) are making 0 A.D looks a game without single vision, with nice boring features, like collage of goods things that Don't work well, the actual game is monotone. Even a community manager can't solve this. Who want support a project without soul, is only a pretty face, and the void inside?
  14. [Design] guide to make Mesoamerican mod.

    More buildings and cities
  15. Gastraphetes