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  1. Here is the original @elexis may be with this, give the idea of things we do in the past.
  2. The texture is too yellowish.
  3. Try attack variation like stab horseman, try destroy siege ram or other engine, try attack vital points infantry.
  4. This one best references that I can found Real fighting not Hollywood choreography.
  5. Can be nice added some battleground outside, may be for archers.
  6. Always I'm checking the forums even if I haven't time. other fun feature are the victory condition.
  7. I like to see double wooden wall, like middle size wall, the same for stone. Have small, medium and long.
  8. We have a disagreement here. My opinion the units could be more resistant even if are the counter. This way the player can do some micro and save expensive units. They slinger was nerfed. This is complicated. , because needs improves GUI, I have that issue in Aristeia mod.
  9. Darcraven ideas aren't official I want some new kind of conversion like capture animals. better implementation of spies. counter system ( even old AoE have one and Upatch gives good balance) hotkey implementation to buildings a new game mode. King of the hill , may be. improved nomad map. some Delenda Est concep bring to main game. 1 You can see it here #997
  10. I rember when mythos creating topic asking to community the desire features. I ask you which are the planned awaited features that you most want to see in A23 ( November/December) think realistic, many needs more than an alpha to see the light.
  11. Some times I hate my own voice into romans units.
  12. I'm impatient to see new units running in different computer around the world.
  13. Cleopatra Latina?
  14. Sabes que están planeados tener tribus germánicas en 0 A.D Empires Besieged?