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  1. Horse iconography is kind interesting later I will post that. There are some french books I can try translate something but is better from french speaker know if something is valuable. @Stan`
  2. Healers can do it better, but this is a kind off topic that can be nice discuss. Is quite interesting there's no much great military bonus to make "combos".
  3. Kushite is bad bonus if you haven't elephant civ. Worst bonus so far. Related with my bonus. Suggestion compare these with AoE and AoE II. Those are real bonus.
  4. In Age of Empires HD (2013) certain factions have a bonus with which they share a unique unit. I know this is not possible even in 0 A.D. and I think it would be a good idea for factions like the Mauryas or the case of the Numbers to share a unique unit or with a special bonus. In AoE it works like this. if you are being an ally of Italian you have access to a new unit. (Additional new unit) same with Berbers in African Kingdoms. @Stan` @Freagarach @elexis @Angen Is it possible to program this feature? This would work as follows. if you are not allied, no additional icon will be shown.
  5. Yes is kind a "cringe" face. I don't liked.
  6. Todavía tenemos esa característica en el juego. Le debo pedir a Stan que si es fácil de hacer.
  7. So, they are some kind Thureophoroi? or more Scutarii like? @wackyserious I love these details in the textile. or more Hannibal army with Lybo Phoenician usin mixed equimpent? (removing the Hellenistic helmet) the helmet is from Phoenicia the front is similar to Attic but mixing with Levantine Helmet shields are Thyreos Hippo Regio stele. I found the source of image and very handful material is from. Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars 359 BC to 146 BC. @Sundiata I found the unit you asking for early. now Im realize where they access to such great technology.
  8. @wackyserious I was searching Numidians and I found a source. check the Phalangite with asiatic influence .
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