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  1. I don't see many references for South American civs.
  2. Lion.Kanzen

    no puedo jugar multijugador

    Hay que habilitat el juego en el firewall de Windows o en el antivirus.
  3. Lion.Kanzen

    State of the game?

    you can help us with the names.
  4. https://www.amazon.com/If-Rome-Hadnt-Fallen-Happened/dp/1848844298 this included later civs. https://www.amazon.com/Clash-Eagles-Trilogy-Book/dp/1101885300
  5. sorry my English ... i don't finish my point... there many books about assumptions, historical assumptions. for example what happen if Rome never fall. I'm sure there are a novel about that. 0A.D is basically fiction wars and encounters between worlds and cultures.
  6. mostly of wars or match in 0 A.D are assumptions of historical possibilities. like others RTS.
  7. Lion.Kanzen

    Team bonuses

    yeh all these and... counters must back.
  8. the big studios have plot-armor (this way I mean money)so they are above the law is here because of them.
  9. Lion.Kanzen

    Alpha 24 name suggestions

    Xšayaṛša no any normie name here...
  10. Lion.Kanzen

    Empires Apart. ==Freemium==

    Now is Freemium (microtransactions). Only Byzantines civ is free, you need to buy the other civs.
  11. I open this topic for TBS or some city builder...etc.
  12. Lion.Kanzen

    NoMaDiC CiViLiZaTiOnS

    yes, is only an example, I'm not saying they are Huns.
  13. Lion.Kanzen

    NoMaDiC CiViLiZaTiOnS

    gameplay. wagon defenses except Huns they must be Faster Rush kind. instead outposts; camps.pack / unpack unit, unpack increases LoS. stun and enslave abilities to Lasso units. capture the unit and make them their bodyguard. high loot bonus. team bonus for Huns you can access to their Auxiliars cavalry (Alans) and Lasso units. Scythian females can access to be upgraded to Hunter cavalry but they need kill at last a male soldier. Scythian female Hero can have bonus vs Male Heroes.