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  1. You are understimating my new pc only in need a gpu and i can have very decent equipment.
  2. Can fade out with the time, by the way. AoE 2 check mixed with fire.
  3. (Seleucid) Median cavalry The Median people were once the rulers of an expansive kingdom spanning central Persia to Asia Minor, seizing the opportunity to create a unified Median state after the collapse of the Neo-Assyrian Empire in 605BC. The Median Kingdom endured until 505BC when the Persian king Cyrus the Great conquered its lands and formed the Achaemenid Empire. Under the Achaemenids, the Median people were considered prestige citizens, with equal status to their Persian kin. They held power as government officials, generals and as 'satraps' or governors. In battle, the Medes were known for the extraordinary agility of their horsemen, which they used against the crumbling Assyrian Empire, outmatching their enemy's skilled cavalry with superior mounted archers.
  4. Vs spear can make some damage take as example a spearman vs a knight in AoE. You need 4-5 vs 1 to take down.
  5. Maybe with a few tests we can get out of doubt. 7 slingers vs 1 Seleucid cataphract. Same vs Persian lancer Same vs Macedonian lancer...
  6. Spear calvary can deal with all range and little bonus vs siege. Sword cavalry a bonus vs siege big bonus vs ranged. Check how works in AoE DE. All sword cavalry line. Add defensive building bonus vs slingers.
  7. Yes, they can have natural crush attack but cavalry must have litlle bonus to all missile units. But for cavalry can be a little pain catch them if they are a lot. 5-7 of them can take down an heavy horseman. Slinger must be a defensive support unit for infantry like spearman.or for defending walls.
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