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  1. Amphibious animal swimming animation request

    movies category B Like Aztec Rex, even is in YouTube
  2. A mix of Techniques painting+3D render + Photomontage
  3. Amphibious animal swimming animation request

    I'm familiar with alligators and Crocodiles we have a Zoo for some lizards named the "Serpentario" and I like biology and Natural History.
  4. Amphibious animal swimming animation request

    Yes is very similar to snake.
  5. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

  6. Ayuda! no puedo unirme a partidas

    Que es un stun?
  7. Relaunch of Aristeia

    Military but Judeans can be represented with their neighbors Canaanites and Phoenician.
  8. Can't finish tutorial

    New thread
  9. Empires Apart. now is Beta.

    I dong know, I have several weeks may be months. The game always Crash. I think they haven't enough tester and they give the beta to anyone. but you haven't Windows. I follow their videos , but... they are veryyyyy silent, may be the Beta of AoE DE make this scenario for them.
  10. ==[ENHANCEMENT]== Hellenic Unit Textures

    You have right with the hat, look like sailors. ------------- I can give the symbol in a svg file
  11. Tactical/Resources map

    @elexis basically this.
  12. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    I made the suggestion to have tactical map, with icons and things like that but must be accepted as feature at last. ------- So this Alpha no game play features?
  13. Horse animations + actors update

    Nope. we don't have gameplay features yet. only optimization.