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  1. Lion.Kanzen

    Portraits for Heroes

    Yes i can, but Rossi is very quickly and very efficient. So I im testing with hard tasks. I can't handle kushites.
  2. Lion.Kanzen

    3 vs. 3: Winter Battle

    :..And screenshots of funny moments.
  3. Lion.Kanzen

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    Over-saturated texture. (Look cartony)
  4. Lion.Kanzen

    Portraits for Heroes

    That I want for me.... I mean I want take the task if you want.
  5. Lion.Kanzen

    ===[TASK]=== 0 A.D Ships Update.

    Nevermind.... As png. Which factions?
  6. Lion.Kanzen

    Fork AD

    But the problem they start without art department... Will be very hard attract players without gameplay mechanics or features. They need some kind of advertising... Or publicity likeMayorcetegaming or MssterofRolfness or any other big youtuber in RTS genre. A IRC kind of chat is very rare in this time, probably for programmers or geeks but... Not for an artist.
  7. Lion.Kanzen

    Fork AD

    In think this was internal, the users and non team collaborators are aware of this things.
  8. Lion.Kanzen

    Portraits for Heroes

    So @Sundiata any recommendations for the next 2 heroes?
  9. Lion.Kanzen

    ===[TASK]=== Mac Installation Background

    You must share or show more of your work. Can be nice have more 3D for many matters like posters game background. Etc. we can remake the original.
  10. Lion.Kanzen

    Fork AD

    The best they can do quickly for starting a community is maybe instead of a forum, make a Reddit community and use discord. So then start recruting artist and programmers, then an community manager and don't forgot use Indiedb. So youtuber can start to videos about new project. Easy, quickly , cheap.
  11. Lion.Kanzen

    ===[TASK]=== Mac Installation Background

    Why no use renders like those?
  12. Lion.Kanzen

    Render Dump

    An Unit for cheats?