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  1. Hey, how are you man? Everything right? 

  2. Lion.Kanzen

    Antiquity Expert's Main Thread

    add even I'm not too much to write even in my language or to write. my intellligence is focus in visual area.
  3. Lion.Kanzen

    ===[TASK]=== Celtic Unit Textures

    looks better, from artistic point.
  4. Lion.Kanzen

    Bad marketing departaments?

    at this point is incredible.
  5. Lion.Kanzen

    Antiquity Expert's Main Thread

    we can be patience to wait, can be nice split each topic, buildings, style (Hellenistic from…), then periods, etc.
  6. Lion.Kanzen

    ===[COMMITTED]=== Hellenizing the Ptolemies

    yes i forgot this. we can replace Roman mosaic by this. if we found a public domain version.
  7. Lion.Kanzen

    Antiquity Expert's Main Thread

    better, i love that. sense. but you have sources, the common sense is good but is needed contrast the evidence. I mean the detractors. ------------------- by the way you have an example of Hellenistic fresco, even if is digital. we work with sources, is our method no my choice.
  8. Lion.Kanzen

    Antiquity Expert's Main Thread

    please solid evidence. if you insist to be that way, probably you will be ignored.
  9. Lion.Kanzen

    Antiquity Expert's Main Thread

    as I guessed. ------ maybe I should open a topic with this topic in the reference forum.--------
  10. Lion.Kanzen

    Good FPS based in historical wars

    isn't historical and neither a FPS.
  11. Lion.Kanzen

    The Alphabet game for foreign words

  12. Lion.Kanzen

    ===[TASK]=== Celtic Unit Textures

    Is for practical reasons, otherwise we must added a new pose when he is idle.