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  1. @shieldwolf23 the problem here isn't that. I accept it I was flammer with this guy. ( isn't the first time probably that's why) I haven't loyalty to the game, only the people and my own interesting of course.
  2. OMG at last. someone else see the weakness of only battalion based system.
  3. obviusly, AoE 2, have this kind of "defect " based in historical bonus and counter system. another neutral buildings to take. like this.
  4. The Development becomes inefficient from A 16. I feel that. so the development start to becomes stalled. we are running out of volunteers. design document is only a point where the team is weak.(nobody starts to planning again). before I remember. guys similar to Justus creating Road map. we create a machine without soul and spirit. the game reflects that. for me the game isn't as bad that this guys suggested , I follow this game since 2004. so nobody promises me the game be different from AoE saga. can be nice this more from gameplay proposes than realistic. but i have a question the entities mcosts only 2 resources or 3? if you only manage 2 resources peer unit is easy to player focus their economy.
  5. ok. stop of that. now I know you best. so we are adults. No is not my isn't beautiful yet. if were this way probably I dont suggest anything. The problem when you suggested something here you need convince the people many times. But why the way forget the personal things and work over the thing. Ok delete it isn't great thing. try ignore the things aren't relevant for you. Yes indeed but the last time we talk about battalions, we have different points of view so I'm based what I rermber. AoEO have nice gameplay but have wrong artistic concepts for fan base. have things like Inventory merging RPG style. Other example of game mechanics that is War Nations: the Spartans. they have inventory system and customizable units. What is my point? there plenty of game have great mechanic that 0 A.d can emulate if the game want be a clone. Stop talking this way please, many people have their opinions. using retarded isn't good way. that why ask your age. If you dont care... you must be specific when are designing. if you dont put mind in little things all work can be ruined. are a example hahaha, i dont get why you are upset quickly. the game like that have units in battalions because are the most easy way to control. obviusly you need the game but I dont know. to the point. not all time you need an huge army are many people don't use batch system. not all war are based in battles. the illusion of Empire is desired but is desired too the illusion of a poor village that becomes in a huge City from an empire. that why the game have phases. yes, I get you an idea, for example diversify resource extration and the point where you gather that. Example try to get gold from a river. the game wasn't planned to be another thing.(2001-2003) but in the last years, some developers like Wraitii wants change that. but there is the problem, the fans dont want be change. be creative is a dangerous step, see the citizen soldiers, isn't complete creative idea. but is different but is refused for some people that wants the game be like others. -nice graphic isn't a huge advantage but are love by fans. -yes but have their advantages when you are designing it. you need care of the every single details. -maps can be better, the resources aren't (for me) are place near of CC. looks like Blizzard RTS placement. -that why we are here getting make factions different. -A15 have this, I missed but no same. -you can describe this deeply? -because the lack of many features planned and not planned. -that is relative. and you are using your point. -Progression like what? Campaign? Character Progression like a kind RPG? or MMORTS? "would be", lol. So we haven't game? we must delete our design document and concept and make a new game with actual art set? What we must do change the genre to VR museom called 0 A.D? or contract a professional guy that was designer like Rick Goodman and make or own game? and dont steal others ideas?. Its a nice reflection. probably that the reason nobody plays our game.
  6. Booming is mostly used in strategy in the lobby.( in my experience)
  7. Indeed the game isn't perfect but one thing is the game and another the people. the "arcade mode" the game works without some features. territory citizen soldiers ( mostly newcomers say this). basicly emulates AoE 2. ------ I have experience too, and the proposal are fine for other kind of game, not all of course, I agree with him in mostly of points. but citizen soldiers are the pillars of the game, is in the early development. I don't say if is removed is bad. But that way will be clone. Because the other games does this. I don't take this personally ( about the developers). the only I disagree with his way of battalions. I play games with that mechanic. Praetorians and Battle from the Middle Earth. I prefer of mix of them. This way you can create some flexible tactics, battalions are perfect for have total control. see Total War, Rise and Fall of civilizations and Praetorians. The problem is in some cases and with our pathfinder you can need disband formations, may in some cases are in the map corridors where units need go individuals. I'm talking from my experience and I'm a modder too. Ok if I were less indulgent with the team. Yes there an issue about game design. We never follow it or try to rewrite many things. That is why have this little problem, the other is the developenmt isn't speed as we want or players want. we haven't people dedicated to the game. So at this point we have. ---- I was this way in the past and only get disagreement with team----
  8. yes but no was the idea of the project the game were this way. It's supposed be more strategic but the formula have that. its this when I asked myself if there possibility to get more slow gameplay, I mean game speed I mean same pacing as Rome Total War. Units in a large combat... or close of that idea.
  9. The problem with that is :to jump in the "soldier mode" when enemy are attacking you? how many second you will lost? must be a K-shortcut ? there are many questions. So the the most fast player have a advantage? --------- I do many experiments in my map battle of dirt. starting resources far. slaves and women at the starting without CS's around. no many resources, the poverty of a village.
  10. Yes , but we don't wants celts and Germans becomes The Pre columbian civs of 0A.D, I mean is weaker in mostly of cases specially Aztecs , nobody wants play with them, and Mayans are good in few moments. the imbalance can exists because the counters and a civ can counter other. But no one wants a useless faction. but in a 1v1 must be a way to have victorious even if the military units are unbalanced, that brings the game more strategic.
  11. @Enrique I don't say he can't right with some stuff, but some aspects aren't right for 0 A.D. Sounds like he wants another game. More arcade. I want an arcade mode. But he can say the team don't want the game because the lack of time. That ask the age, because I don't get why is he so demanding our time. ------- why so out your ideas ( at this point I'm not reading the reply after my reply) but I have a suggestion, try to open your own path through of forum I try to find volunteer, if you haven't skills to create that modes that ar ideal try bring people so this way the game will have more changes that you desire. ------ I try to read your last thought replies later------
  12. @sphyrth edit it and ask for delete.
  13. MUST? hahaha. your idea must... nah I dont like it sounds like another bad EE idea same mistakes thats bring them never launch another game like that. some modders are Developers like Niektb, Lordgood, etc. How old are you? the people here dont work or have as Job this game, we have a life outside. is this hard to understand, and you how you are helping? are you helping?
  14. No, you must probe this is wrong and is an Inaccuracy. I Agree with that but I dont want a Battle for Middle Earth game. I like more like Rise and Fall : CAW. No, this mostly of worst thing of RoN. we have infinite resources to do that. I dont see problem with your proposition for resources. thats need a topic itself. So you even had idea i proposed The call of arms before. but not like RoN. that turn Citizen to soldiers unlike have an animation or click a button(UNNECESSARY MICROMANAGEMENT ) why these costs? Historical inaccuracy so far, even is a cliche, Iberian have more HP than others. the others have different costs in materials. you are runing the concept without investigate, how about Ptolemies? and some civil buildings. This can be nice with Nomads not with Celts or Iberians, more Inaccuracies. Yes I like this is similar to DE the first time i play. This haven't sense more than gameplay, I tell nope. Aoe3 do things like this. I know this solve the way of use this units Infantry melee over other but isn't the way. sounds like this... a mobile game? you want do that with 0 AD why? hmmm no thank you I want RoN. or other game. this no the feeling of we want sounds like fantasy RTS. or RoN that was so inaccurate. We have anothers common concept with Slaves. this very similar to TW series, that for me fits so well. I'm sure there are more cliches , the other part I mentioned in other topic about delete your own units. and the problem now you unbalance the game between factions. About Conversion. its working game because have money. but what you think about this? probe it that.
  15. @DarcReaver that is better why you dont start a topic like that my first time I do in that way.