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  1. Lion.Kanzen

    Gameplay features A24

    Lack some game play features are now jamming a bunch other little, even new game modes. Conversion. Snapping Switch weapons.(range/melee)
  2. Lion.Kanzen

    Gameplay features A24

    They work a socket the correct terminology is socket(gaia)
  3. Lion.Kanzen

    Gameplay features A24

    IS different form, you capture building over them., I record this in YT several times.
  4. Lion.Kanzen

    Mercenary camps and Neutral buildings.

    Added suggestion under "bandits camp" as neutral building environment
  5. At last we can have sounds very close to our visual quality. for me alarms are more harder to do and Foley the more simple but massive.
  6. Lion.Kanzen

    0 A.D. on YouTube

  7. Welcome, we need a bouch of Foley, metal sounds to editing, alarm sound is fundamental, better cavalry sounds...etc.
  8. Lion.Kanzen

    Millennium A.D. - Alpha 23 Release Discussion

    F2 To take screenshot and here in forum you can upload.
  9. Lion.Kanzen

    Problems with multiplayer in MAC

    What?... why?
  10. Lion.Kanzen

    Updates and Triggers?

    @elexis @stanislas69