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  1. Done ✅ we have the ticket. And as Wraitii says must be training individual.
  2. ok I will start the ticket.
  3. The score can be best method. Like AoE 2 HD or rise of Nations. You can read that in that "space info".
  4. The last changes get you a notification when an ally/enemy reach a phase.
  5. Play Anatolian Plateau. There no much resources.
  6. I think we can open a ticket about this matter.
  7. There are an example why is bad idea have only battalion without individual role. min 4:39. You don't need a battalion for do simple task like that.
  8. You can provide a screenshot of the mod folder? which mod are you trying to install?
  9. And then you need activate the mod.
  10. As of Alpha 17, the game has a mod selection screen, which can be accessed through the main menu: Tools & Options > Mod Selection You need activate in main menu
  11. Interesting...