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  1. or start posting some nice music like this happy song
  2. You are a very pretty girl I knew it by touching you a tit, And it was soft, round and expeditious Anyway, a very pretty tit. With this girl I may go out I knew it by stroking your buttock And I said "God is worth me, it's a beautiful buttock" "I would like to smear it with seaweed cream." You are a goddess you without a doubt Well, seeing you lying and naked I thought about asking for help from Christ, Allah and Buddha So that our intercourse was macanuda. I deduced that you were someone unusual When consummating the sexual act Well, it was strange and normal, bizarre and natural It was healthy, pure, perverse and bestial. But then I changed my mind Well you hit me raw gonorrhea And I tried rea, dirty and ugly @#$% I accused you of synthesizing gonorrhea. And now comes the fun part Not only does my @#$% itch, I have AIDS darn pervert, you screwed up my life My life is going down and not going up. And after all it's over What powder started in powder is over But although it killed me it was a well-thrown powder Powder I'll be more dust in love
  3. for me is the same to share a difficult frase by some dead person or food, and im not sharing it w u, here take some paella
  4. but he says mean stuff in lobby, maybe a permanent lobby mute, great players should stay in 0 ad, great player should learn to behave and get propperly social manners like leo dicaprio if ugly, bearded leo could learn how to be a king, u can also do it!!
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