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  1. @borg-: check this balance analysis by @Agora_0AD
  2. If you want to build under fire you must use standground stand. To start repairing immediately use hammer icon or J shortcut I think. Put unit producing buildings in a group to train outside camera. Put priests in standground, default for mod, passive will run from arrows Rushes are more effective in this mod due to counters and outposts
  3. Maybe @Anaxandridas ho Skandiates could add his changes to a mod to preserve his vision and then discuss with others which can be merged into vanilla
  4. Maybe this helps https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:IPA/Greek
  5. I think @gaiusalready implemented fire arrows in his mods, maybe like iberian javelins, but they are seriously op, nothing survives a large archer army.
  6. Yes, the combination of B and C: whole army attacks closest enemy that dodges arrows by quickly changing direction
  7. @fatherbushido: The problem is experienced players use dance cheat to kill less experienced players. A noob will suicide an entire army against a dancing cav while the range units behind cav kills the army k/d -> infinity. The usual way to fight that is to approach owns army to enemy dancer, under fire, because only accuracy when very close can harm dancer, but you are already losing a lot in doing so and the cav/army can retreat and dance again. It is a cheat because many abuse it to wipe enemies or win a fight with way less soldiers. The original problem of post was broader, people retreat hero or a small portion of front army to lure enemy army to chase them while the majority of army is shooting the unattended/noob army. That's why change of target is suggested. And the promotion animation is a problem when it happens to a front unit absorbing all missiles while your units die. This is ofc not under your control and it happens both sides but you can be so unlucky that most your army dies to it before you are benefited from it.
  8. The problem with promotion is that army focuses fire on that invincible unit for a second or so
  9. @feneur This is dancing, requires no skill and makes dancing unit immortal and enemy army focuses on it:
  10. @stanislas69: Maybe some of these videos could be in a separated topic on tutorials for newcomers instead of going forgotten To Tom (asterix post): It's more efficient to train units, send women/men/cav to fruits/trees/chicks and then build farmsted/storehouse. That's why you see Valihr's units carried some res before building.
  11. Why is he reposting borg's post?
  12. @stanislas69@ChaffCommanderCoffey Can these videos be used officially as introductory howtos?
  13. If I'm not mistaken, many of the files in Petra deal with hard-coded decisions to evaluate feature X of the game state and take an action, but if you add machine learning you have to scratch most of that. It would be nice to have a clean base, richer than baseAI with the queues and serialization and whatnots, so people would have to worry only with stimuli and action to allow easy modding with different machine learning methods.
  14. Then the Petra maintainer already works with your lead in that fork My mistake, Stan said that, not ramzok1
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