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  1. sarcoma

    Expansion Pack Mod Release

    you can look here where to place mods https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths but I think you can also drag and drop the .zip or .pyromod on top of 0ad icon in desktop
  2. Why doesn't the game just use the fonts installed in the system? Why can't one type Arabic like scripts in lobby? Hebrew already supported.
  3. sarcoma

    Add phase?

    Check Delenda Est, it has 4 phases
  4. sarcoma

    Adieu to lobby!

    There's a geolocation where the server asks the client for permission to get GPS coordinates and there's another based on public lists of ip ranges assigned to ISPs. The latter was used, the one Boudica talks about, and it's not hard for anyone to get that info since we share IPs when we connect anywhere. That said it's not right to share with others.
  5. sarcoma

    Anyone know where to find the classic 0ad soundtrack

    You can find old windows binaries and source code here https://releases.wildfiregames.com/, probably won't compile
  6. sarcoma

    Formations cancel themselves

    Formations still canceled before free hand formation was introduced
  7. sarcoma

    Avoiding endless lines from barracks

    Then you haven't met @ValihrAntThat's one of his many tricks
  8. sarcoma

    Building Error

    So, it's best not to run clean-workspaces unless you really have to? Spidermonkey takes ages to compile and if you get an error it starts over from scratch. It's hard to compile on 4 GB RAM, at some point it starts swapping I guess and freezes OS.
  9. sarcoma

    exclude units from double click (selecting all)

    Grouping, ctrl-# / #
  10. sarcoma

    siege towers op?

    I don't see how infinite siege towers can beat a bunch of catas already deployed
  11. sarcoma

    Civilization Selection Screen

    @nani can add this to autociv
  12. I think @gaiushad a similar situation in one of his mods. Maybe he can help you.
  13. sarcoma

    Gameplay changes & suggestions

    You can select and garrison a clump and unload the surplus 1 by 1
  14. You can self host with gitlab, no hassle. The only advantage (for me) to use svn over a distributed version control is the partial cloning.
  15. sarcoma

    Unit Group with ctrl

    Select some units/buildings, press 'ctrl 1', an icon appears to the left, deselect and click '1'. Create groups 1,2,3, ...., 9, 0