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  1. I personally don't like them... Too bright
  2. Jofursloft

    How About a Button for Economy Stats?

    This number is really really variable, so I don't think it can be usefull during the gameplay. For example, every second I change something in the number of people gathering res, so it would be in my opinion a total mess stat. Maybe it can be more interesting a stat that makes an average of how many resources of one type you collect per second, but also this is too variable
  3. Jofursloft

    Roland (Gaul) v DoctorOrgans (Sparta) 2x

    Boudica Valihrant borg Phyzic camelius chrstgtr Feldfeld RolandSC2 Emperior faction02 (And I didn't want to put myself on the list)
  4. Jofursloft

    Is there any nerf planned for gauls and britons?

    I personally think that instead of a nerf for celts there should be an improvement of the other civilizations
  5. Jofursloft

    Cheat walls

    Yes. Something like 12 walls on the same place are OP because behind you can put a large quantity of catapults to destroy attacking bolts for example, while the enemy takes a lot of time to destroy them and your units a really low time to build them I appreciate a lot the question mark man anyway XD
  6. Jofursloft

    0 A.D. on YouTube

  7. Jofursloft

    Your screenshots

    When there are some people that are not correct as you in placing defenses for their base... ...
  8. Jofursloft

    Cheat walls

    Mass of catas and bolts are surely op, but remember they need a lot of time and resources to make, so I don't think we have to work in this direction, but to fix some thing that are clearly op in games like 1v1 or team games in mainland
  9. Jofursloft

    Cheat walls

    I personally don't know. I "was born" where people were even fooling around if they player with cavs, bolts, siege towers or walls. So I was really weirded when alpha 23 was released because I had to learn again how to play in 0ad, and it wook me a lot of time. So, I really don't know why we passed from a rule-based alpha to a everything-free new alpha. ANyway, I personally prefer games with no rules, because they are more realistic and also more funny
  10. Jofursloft

    Cheat walls

    Building multiple walls on the same place is cheat
  11. Jofursloft

    Cheat walls

    With the new alpha 23 there are no more rules. Walls are part of the game and of the fun, and it's sometimes annoying this bug, cause it allows to some players (that maybe are weaker in game than you) to win for example a wonder or relic game
  12. I wanted to ask if it's possible in the next alpha to fix this bug, that allows to the player to build multiple strats of walls in the same place. Pls stop this that makes always @Hannibal_Barca invincible on some types of maps -.-
  13. Jofursloft

    Usage of spear cav

    The advantage of a cavarly army is mostly the fact that is really faster and manovrable than a infantry one. So you can easily attack the enemy from different points with all your army without spend a lot of time. Also, the damage of cavarly units is higher than infantry one, so they are particulary effective even against a good normal army (obv if we are not talking about max ranged upgrades + pikes) What I generally prefer is to use cavarly units in early game or to use them in late just to annoy the enemy attacking his eco at base or to defend from rams attacks
  14. Don't write an email, just send a private message on forum
  15. @mysticjim I am avaible to teach you how to play. I already teached some players that lately have become medium level players. So, if you like, I will be happy to teach you Jofursloft (1700 player)