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  1. At 0:45 something that comes closest to gameplay
  2. Difficult to call it a gameplay reveal :D
  3. This is not straightforward because the reason the mod has to be broken in several patches is to organize them functionally in order to indepedently discuss them/ test their behaviour, meaning that a functionnality like the counter system will be spread over several files, but also that a template file can be affected by multiple functionnalities (patches), eg borg's counter system and base stats harmonization. Edit : ah thought you were speaking about borg's mod, in Valihrant's case it's different since most of the changes in files are indeed independant from each other making the process much easier
  4. I'm not very active in the game right now but most of the time that people get muted in lobby is because they let a "sh*t" slip, and afaik nobody gets banned from lobby for their language (except maybe for JC 2 alphas ago). From my experience at least 80/90% if not more of team games are friendly to the end. Maybe I'm biaised but i don't really feel the toxicity there, it occurs occasionnaly but remains rare to me. Well at least it doesn't happen in french. I understand a little bit of spanish too and it doesn't seem to happen in that language at well. I know you don't mean harm but that was a reminder. The goal for that rule is more or less the same as with smurfing. When someone keeps his rating low, then (new) players expect similar level of play and their experience may be affected by that. There still is the possibility to play unrated in cases like this.
  5. Clearly you're exaggerating. Arkhipov isn't breaking the rules and won't get banned. That is breaking the rules though. By the way there has already been many players who played rated only against lower rated players, this is not a first. There are also many players who play a few rated 1v1 game and then only teamgame, making their rating artificially low, this arguably hurts the system just as much but if we're making an issue of every single thing this just becomes a mess and as i said the only way to make rating system accurate is activity (more players)
  6. I knew he had weird settings, i played against him once, I'm just saying, I don't think it is necessarily bad intentions from him. The reason rating system only have little meaning primarly is that it's not active. If it was then his behaviour would be a non-issue.
  7. Well, he occasionally asks good players to play, too, but they don't come. You could rather blame the game not being more popular
  8. Very nice infographic. I might be able to play in the last 2 weeks or something.
  9. The ptolemies are the best civilization in multiplayer, just that they can be difficult to handle when we're not used to them/multiplayer.
  10. Typically, the units that are going to gather wood, here it would be the 4 men. I think the tutorial could mention/emphasize the bonus of international trade, self trading just like that is often not worth it.
  11. I just did an example game in multiplayer : 2019-09-01_0003.zip Of course, it doesn't mean it's easy to pull it off, nor that it is worth it trying it but i just say it's possible
  12. It would with an improved build order, but not against >2000 (or except maybe if opponent has archer civ)
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