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  1. To be fair when i started 0A.D. i learned quite a bit from the economy scenario which was harder than it should have been due to it being outdated. Also a scenario embedded in the game has more visibility, I think that the 2 ways can complement each other.
  2. I can at the very least assume it to be 5, either way they need to learn to batch just like the previous economic scenario
  3. I could make a build order for a specific map (would be better if the player changes his default batch size to 1 beforehand)
  4. It's just 1 guy almost, if he's still not IP banned yet then i still wonder why. If he is then he's very dedicated. Also, the forum is more active now in general.
  5. All the significative numbers are not shown in tooltip, it rounds up to .1 so if you want to do your test, first you can look at the real base values in the game files (because they are rounded up too) and the other solution is to do the cheat "gift from the gods" in your tests which will have the effect to multiply the gather rate and will thus show more significative numbers (useful if you want to test bonus stacking i suppose)
  6. How about you verify it by yourself if you don't even trust the devs ?
  7. I wonder why it was removed from the game but not in the civ description, that makes things not easy for new players
  8. Where did i say that ? I just made an observation.
  9. That said, Hannibal's bonus to allies don't stack with other possible hannibals :
  10. Result : Vercingetorix only affects the player's own troops as expected, Hannibal affects the player + his allies, Cleopatra health bonuses affects the allies but not the player (actually logical) Yes
  11. As for the ambiguous cases, we can first compare Vercingetorix and Hannibal auras, respectively : -+20% attack and +1 capture for soldiers and siege engines. -+20% attack and +1 capture for nearby allied soldiers and siege engines. When we see them together we can obviously tell the difference, but for 0AD players that see them at different time, they could assume it do be the same, it would also make sense in term of balance. But indeed we have : "affectedPlayers": ["Ally"], in the code for Hannibal and not for Vercingetorix. But that's not all, Cleopatra's tooltip has : "+10% health for allied heroes." which is written the same way as Hannibal's but in the code it has : "affectedPlayers": ["ExclusiveMutualAlly"], which kind of hints to a difference we don't really know of. And on top of that it's unclear if in the bonuses to allies also affect you, which is not the case for teambonuses. I don't mind, but i'm almost sure you still don't know the answer.
  12. Yeah, true, although for those cases it's specified in the tooltips. I got focused on the attack bonuses which i remembered didn't stack with others (after veerifying, some do, other not). In the end, even the cleopatra bonus can only stack with itself, right ? Worry not, i looked into the codes. I found a very ambiguous case. And still, it doesn't necessarily stay at the highest, it would only stay to the bonus that affects you, and if it combines, it doesn't necessarily combine to 35%.
  13. It is an understandable worry. I think this bonus is not implemented and won't be.
  14. Imagine you have a base stat of 100. You apply a bonus of 20% and then a bonus of 15%. After the 20% bonus, your stat is 120 and you apply the 15% bonus on that number making it 138. This is higher than a 20 + 15 = 35% bonus which results in 135.
  15. By 20% and then 15% he meant that the 15% is applied after the first 20% bonus is, so on an attack value that is higher than the base one, making it give a bigger bonus and what it means that ally aura don't affect you (afaik) EDIT: in other words, the answer is no to the very first question of the thread
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