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  1. Is this fixed?

    Happened to me too 2018-03-23_0006.7z
  2. [SVN] Construction Bug

    The bug also happens when your building has been scouted by another guy. Which means it can block building even if it started.
  3. A23 balance done?

    They should be harder to mass due to train time incrase. If skirmisher cavalry was an obstacle for their massing in a22 (which i don't remember), then other units such as spear cav would replace them for this job. Infantry should be massed way faster than archer cav. But that's true i focused my testing on spear cav rush and strats with slingers recently, because i feared it more. Next weekend i'll try to test archer cav mass.
  4. A23 balance done?

    They will be difficult to mass. But if they are massed, you could still deal with them. Beside what you listed, there are also champions, including spear inf/cav who would be efficient against them, or simply a lot of ranged infantry with meat shield (who can also harvest ressources which compensates a bit of strength difference) can do reasonably well. Still, it is true that they should be quite strong and 2 days ago i voiced the idea to give them an accuracy bit lower than their infantry counterpart. By the way, with archers being the unit with the lowest attack in the ranged units, on paper if i understand well, any unit with something like 7-8 base pierce armor or more should take very little damage since armor compensates attack. They would die very slowly. However i never tested it, not sure it works that way.
  5. A23 balance done?

    balance still being discussed, but skirm cav definitely not op. Ai is just bad dealing with rushes, i can get kd 50/0 against it with any kind of rush.
  6. little funny consequence. It was possible in a22 but i think it's faster now. Also if i want i can change the direction.
  7. 0AD multiplayer

    It seems like you have alpha 21. I don't know how it works in linux, but perhaps the instructions here could be useful : https://play0ad.com/download/linux/
  8. 0AD multiplayer

    Did you install an older version ? Currently the game is in alpha 22.
  9. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    I think he thought of a way to make archers automatically target skirmishers if triggered by some actions. Obviously it is not viable to do it manually, and it becomes even worse when there are large numbers involved.
  10. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    If i recall well, a22 SVN games were mostly played before the important balance changes. (for me, I didn't play any after,but i can't be sure for other people)
  11. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    A simple accuracy nerf for both skirmisher cavalry AND archer cavalry (we shouldn't forget them) can be enough, or we could try some more complex changes suggested by others. I think that with enough testing we can make sure that one unit can't be OP in next alpha. Actually, before alpha 22 was released it was warned that with current balancing skirmisher cavalry would be OP. And, i don't remember why, but i didn't even test it on SVN with other people (i just played a bit in singleplayer SVN before stating skirmisher cavalry would be OP). I don't know if other people tried it in SVN with other people, but I think that with more testing this alpha could be better balanced. And i actually think that people are overestimating rushing power. Against borg, i may have the best hunt in the world, i would still be unable to hit his wood even if he almost haven't made any cav. The best i could achieve is make his farming women garrison (which is quite good, but is it enough ?). The reason is that he can train more soldiers on wood, with britons, because slingers are cheap in early game (otherwise it may be impossible to counter cavalry raid atm). I don't really see the point of forbidding cav in multiplayer games, sometimes i happen to play without training cav even if it is allowed, and still get excellent results. So i think nerf should be slight. Also, not to mention, cavalry is weaker in some more closed map than mainland (which is almost played everytime). If there is water between teams, you can boom without cav and then try an infantry army composition. In nomad, both raiding with cav or booming without are very viable strategies, i'd call them quite balanced on this map. Generally, a CC is built close to wood so you can garrison wood gatherer, which reduces raids strength.
  12. borg- vs Feldfeld 1v1 series

    Games of this series were all unrated and played since 2 days ago. You can find here comeback, nice raids and excellent defense, traps, and some unique strategies, but also some balance abusing and map advantage dictating 1 or 2 games win (i suggest to skip game 1, the least interesting one). Overall, it might show that the balance is not as broken as some people say. Feldfeld vs borg- series.7z
  13. Tactical Formation

    As the game currently is, when you micro an army against another, for melee units (i'll only speak about melee units here), you will always want to micro it so that you have more units that deal hit, and that your opponent has less units that deal hits. With current formations, it is not worth it to fight in formation because while you limit your units by imposing them a specific place to stay in, ennemy army is free, and especially, ennemy can micro it so he enters a bigger mass of unit in a specific place of your formation and, that way, he'll have more units fighting than yours so the fight will be better for him. That way, locked formations is no good. If however, locked formations can be in a way that ennemy units can go in your formation due to pathfinding (i mean that they can't get past your first line of units), and that the distance between your units in formation is minimal, then thereotically (it's the way i see it), the fight should be better for you. Few units will be fighting against few at a time but you'll have more than you opponent. But formations that can't be broken is not realistic, and this is where charging could be interesting. I'm not sure that it is possible to make locked formations like the way i described however.
  14. Really?

    and If you want examples of interesting strategical games in 0ad i'll eventually give some replay. As for unit composition, it is only 1 type of strategy and 0ad could have it with natural/hard counters. But in the end we can always show videos of a boring game of 0ad or a boring game of aeo2 this doesnt show nothing. As it is now a live discussion i just say that i am out of it for today lol.
  15. Really?

    I could very well give an AoE2 video of a pro player beating another pro player with a rush (let's say, scout rush ? feodal rush ?) on arabia map, and I could very well give an AoE2 video of a team game where a pocket player comes with paladin and spam it.