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  1. Feldfeld

    Ideas ?

    Dancing is actually a thing in AoE2 and has been done quite a bit in its latest NAC2 tournament, it's just that there it needs very low latency (like in LAN) in order to be done (and is less effective in general)
  2. Feldfeld

    Help in french language ?

    Dans les 2 cas la réponse est le commerce, il est possible de créer des marchands dans le marcher puis le faire commercer entre 2 marchés pour avoir du revenu, plus les marchés sont éloignés meilleur est le revenu, et le revenu est également meilleur si le commerce est entre 2 joueurs différents
  3. First post has been edited, needs a bump
  4. Feldfeld

    Expansion Pack Mod Release V 1.0.2

    In the mod women can now build barracks/range/stable
  5. You only smashed him ? Must have been a very close game then
  6. Feldfeld

    Avoiding endless lines from barracks

    They do if you want to manage them well, after all it's better to engage a fight with your units being grouped instead of sending them one by one
  7. Feldfeld

    Avoiding endless lines from barracks

    I don't understand that point, why would formations be used to dodge projectiles ? Currently dancing is more efficient, constantly setting and disrupt formation seem useless to me. Also removing formation would lead to larger scale battles micro requiring more clicks and being more complex, I remember being quite successful with it at A21.
  8. Feldfeld

    Crash du jeu.

    Je suggererais d'ouvrir le gestionnaire des tâches et vérifier si le jeu est pas déjà lancé au cas où
  9. Feldfeld

    Antiquity Expert's Main Thread

    @feneur @Itms
  10. Actually the changes i used in the mod are something like 4 lines added for it to work so it might be not worth to use it as a dependency but here's the mod anyway. heroes-do-not-reincarnate.zip This should work
  11. Updated to version 1.0.4
  12. If you find other players i could be interested in trying a big game (6 players or more) with the patch, to see what settings it would free for those
  13. Feldfeld

    Amazon map not included

    Yes there was one. I think it was part of the heightmaps that got removed due to legal issues, but this one along with Howe Sound didn't get back probably because the settings was too irrealistic or something like that.
  14. Feldfeld

    Empires Apart. ==Freemium==

    This review was written in beta so maybe a bit outdated, most things remain true but some things are fixed (for sure double click work for selecting all units). Its still a pain to click on things sometimes. Also it doesnt mention differences in phasing up because that didn't exist at the time. Something as simple as setting rally point on living sheep for villagers only got working in latest patch