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  1. What are we even supposed to pick as biome ? And why would Jungle (or Savannah) be a problem ? The game won't be laggy with just 2 players and small/medium size and i suppose with the balanced map pack tigers are not going to be a problem ?
  2. Please link me to the relevant patches. I already agree with Valihrant's changes that are extracted from his mod
  3. I'm more likely to enter this evening, I'll be studying this afternoon
  4. Well, there are 3 more events to go, nothing is pressing. I'll probably wait until rules are changed.
  5. The bans should be for both players and picks exclusive to 1 player. The order of the picks might have to be shuffled, too.
  6. Yes you can. Hold Ctrl. Wish we could change the key though
  7. There were 4 full games before that one. Could send all of them in pm if you want
  8. There was this try :
  9. I think it's 79 but you can verify by having an archer shoot an ennemy tower
  10. I think that it is the mean elevation bonus over all directions. Towers (and other ranged units or buildings) can have a range bonus if they stand higher than their targets. For units the number displayed is the range bonus in the direction they are looking at, for buildings it is a mean range bonus over all directions. The height of the tower is considered in that calculation i assume. Edit : note that it makes the range ring (aura) only approximately correct when elevation changes in the surroundings of the tower
  11. Well, in a game like this, a very small change can have big consequences, especially when there is no counter system, the stats have to be near perfect.
  12. This tooltip value is a rounded mean of food gather rates from different sources (berries, farm, hunt)
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