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  1. Well, isekai it is then https://mangarock.com/manga/mrs-serie-100205003 https://mangarock.com/manga/mrs-serie-100105021
  2. As I said to Unknown player I could maybe do it but with a lot of drawbacks. I have monotone voice with bad english pronoucing, on top of having dubious quality micro (i think i had problems about volume), I don't use camera hotkeys and I have 4Mbps upload speed (if you mean live streaming). That's what you pay for getting my understanding of the game
  3. The advantage is that it would be more standardized but the disadvantage is that you'll find less replays than PvP. I have a decent number of those human vs petra in the folder i dumped but most of them are in previous alphas i think, and also many of those were tests and not actual games so be careful.
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/file/b9650400tcso7h4/replays.7z/file It will be available for 14 days. It could be important to write a script to remove fgod from mod list in commands.txt if all those files are used
  5. After doing a parametized hard compression on 7zip it amounts to 200 MB
  6. I think the problem with AI vs AI is that AI always do about the same thing, so the algorithm wouldn't learn strategies to win, it would just learn to imitate the AI i think. If that's of interest I have 1.7 GB of replays including 600MB on a23, most of them being played on mainland, human vs human
  7. Alliance can collapse in games depending on the diplomacy settings (fixed teams or not) That said i think the situation where 2 enemy players have linked walls is already possible if a piece of wall is captured by territory but i'm not sure, didn't experience it personally or don't remember.
  8. Maybe the batch train size had been changed ingame by shift + mousewheel when hovering a unit card
  9. I think there would be a problem to visually convey that, are we going to make projectiles magically attracted to a unit, or will we have a projectile hitting despite obviously not landing in the game ? (or projectiles at supersonic speed ?)
  10. Yeah but still it could be quite frustrating if a player sees that, especially in a game where dancing would be forbidden, and it could have quite an impact in the 2nd situation I described. Formations does indeed that but fixes the "issue" quickly whereas with the other way, the units manually moved would take longer to relocate, and dodge more arrow. By tacital (meant tacit*) I mean that it was unsaid. It's not like it's important anyway especially since those games are unrated, and i believe still that there is no clear bound for dance. And even still, if moderators had to handle those kind of report the amount of work could be potentially much bigger than that of rated leavers I agree with that. Also i think it would be very fine even if balance was changed after fixing dancing (that i belive should be hard). Balance can be re-done after, and only ranged units should be affected
  11. The problem is that I think it is difficult to define exactly what is dancing and what is not : - say I have a cav targeted by multiple ranged units, I want it to get out without getting damage, then I move it out while changing its directions sometimes to avoid arrow, the cav receives less damage than it should, then would it be considered dancing ? If so consider the next situation : - 2 big ranged armies are going to fight. The best way to engage is to have my units lined up as much as possible (with a limit to the width of the line) when ennemy enters range so that as much unit as possible fire at same time. But, crap, i didn't enable formation so i have some units more advanced than others and i want to place them back in the line. Doing so might attract the ennemy units if he doesnt care, and might have some dancing properties like in the first situation (in order to not receive too much damage), which could turn battle well in my favour, would that still be okay ? And in case first situation is not okay, then what is the bound ? some change in directions that aren't dancing could be interpretted as such, and maybe some players who like to spam click could be wrongly called for actions that change nothing actually. In practice, i'm pretty sure i had many games with Valihrant where there was tacital agreement not to dance, but since limit is not clear and some actions can be interpretted as dancing then, well in the end we both dance because no choice. I mean, the host does what he wants anyway of course, but i can expect heads on fire and facepalms nubest suggestion of the thread Si tu regardes dans les fichiers du jeu, tu pourras trouver dans les templates des unités la valeur "spread", qui n'est pas un pourcentage mais une valeur telle que plus elle est basse, meilleure sera la précision. Augmenter la précision des unités ne changerait rien, en réalité ça aurait juste tendance à avoir l'effet inverse : une bonne précision implique de prédire la trajectoire de la cible, alors que la dance consiste justement à changer constamment de direction pour brouiller cette prédiction. On pourrait alors penser que la solution serait de baisser la précision, mais en réalité, dans la pratique ça ne changerait rien IIRC. I think that this suggestion would bring quite a bit of side issues of units not acting like we want them to. Say i have a group of skirmisher cavalry raiding, i move them close to a group of 5 women to kill them quickly. But there's another group of 5 women (or unit) barely in range, maybe that are leaving, then only half of my army will fire effectively, where i want them to, and half of my raiding party would be firing inefficiently or drawn away and that would be quite annoying. As for dancing, its efficiency would not be reduced that much, a group of 5 units can draw 50% of enemy arrow which remains quite practical. I think that this is a problem for the engine, that something can be changed like maybe how a hit is determined (make unit "hitbox" larger and perhaps compensate with lower accuracy for units ? perhaps projectiles faster as well ?). I don't think at all that it will be easy to fix, some other RTS like AoE2 and Empires Apart have some sort of dance as well. When i play personally, what i do generally is that i don't dance (or "too much") until ennemy does it, which is why i picked my choice in the poll (closest choice)
  12. (or give me the sample you used for testing and i will try to make it work when i have time)
  13. I tried to fix it quickly but didn't test, i dont have much time lately, if someone wants to test the patch has been updated
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