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  1. Feldfeld

    Empires Apart. ==Freemium==

    It will now be possible to unlock civilisations just by playing https://steamcommunity.com/app/530630/discussions/0/1745605598704928365/
  2. Feldfeld

    Empires Apart. ==Freemium==

    Actually they have it too, in a lesser extent
  3. Feldfeld

    Planned forum upgrade & downtime

    Also, i need to tick the images literally everytime, i don't want a tool that makes me lose time on top of regularly reminding me that i don't have human behaviour.
  4. Feldfeld

    How About a Button for Economy Stats?

    It could be useful to have number of gatherers per ressource, to know when a mine run out for example, and number of idle units would be good in general. But for me it would only be interesting if it's print somewhere on the screen, i wouldn't click a button just for that
  5. Feldfeld

    "Very hard" Al

    Better economy balance, better use of dropsite (walk distance quite high), better use of batch training and more organized attack (have the units regroup before they start to fight would be good) If i were to contribute, AI would be one of the first thing i would try to improve, but on top of being lazy, i could lack some knowledge about it and maybe it is hard to improve these things without using too much computer ressources (especially for the dropsite stuff)
  6. Feldfeld

    A need to Hold Ground.

    For that i'd say that iberians are best followed by carthaginians (iberians towers and fortresses, and carthaginian walls)
  7. Feldfeld

    Are you scouting frequently?

    The position of CC is always the same in maps like mainland. When seeing opponent base, i scout his unit composition, his woodline location and his additionnal ressources
  8. Feldfeld

    No redemption?

    Just say you're a physician from Lyon and should be fine
  9. Feldfeld

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    Well, don't forget that there are different generations for this map, one with this small path of land that cuts oasis in half, and one with nothing in there. If there is nothing, only one dock and ship are needed. If i wanted, after the dog has explored which gen it is, i could just go boom, but i decided to go for this risky strat because it can be quite strong anyway It doesn't necessarily mean the games were played with fgod mod, it just means that the replay provider (Jofursloft) had the mod enabled while spectating the game afaik Also for this issue i had sent a message before in the thread
  10. Feldfeld

    0AD On Twitch!

  11. Feldfeld

    Not very useful heroes

    All of them are in my mod
  12. Feldfeld

    Honor League

    Indeed. If both teams agree however i think that's okay to allow specs
  13. Feldfeld

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    Feldfeld vs Valihrant Feldfeld vs Valihrant.zip
  14. Feldfeld

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    As christmas asked us to, the winner's bracket final game is organised and announced before so that anyone can come and spectate the game. It will be played tomorrow (Sunday) at 4pm GMT+1 (5pm GMT+2, 3pm GMT) (but in case that there is some unexpected stuff we reserve the right to play it on another time, we never know). (be careful of daylight savings) Also we agreed on special rules to play this match : - One restart is available for each player for the whole series, that can be used before 3minutes of game time - Civilisations are not repickable and will be chosen blindly for each game (so we pick our civilization without knowing which one our opponent chose) EDIT: Those daylight savings are meh, to clarify it will be played at 4PM CEST (which seems to be GMT+2 currently actually)
  15. Feldfeld

    The War of Twilight

    Feldfeld registering GMT+1