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  1. I meant when an attack order is given, I wasn't precise. Even if in a general case it makes sense to follow a target with attack order, it is often not the case for catapults who target a unit which goes then out of range (since we just want to target the army actually). And the case might happen if we click on a unit that is out of range but with other valid targets around, would we really want the catapult to take a lot of time to pack/unpack in middle of the fight ? But of course, then comes the situation where we target a unit (building) that is out of range and we want the catapult to do all the actions to do so. Since it's difficult to differentiate the case, a solution needs to be taken. In AoE2, packing the trebuchets is always manual, which can be frustrating especially for players slow/not experienced but otherwise the system works well, it's just a matter of choice i suppose. Well, the weakness would be far from removed (actually, if only this is their weakness then we could say that current cata don't have weakness since we can cancel instantly if we ever want to). The catapults will still have to pack if you see that your army protecting them is losing and you have to go back. This situation is in the case where catapult starts unpacking because you decided so/made mistake.
  2. For me it just feels nicer to use gameplay-wise. Without the cancel i would have to stay frustrated with needing to wait for the catapult to unpack to pack it again. It is also how it's done in AoE2. Currently, the case where multiple catapults in different states are in selection is handled by having 2 different cancel buttons, although they look the same. It's also not realistic having to let the catapult finish unpack where it is at only 1% on the progress, but to be fair I don't want to have a game 100% realistic in situations like this anyway.
  3. Personally, i would prefer still having the cancel button. There was this patch : https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1520, I wonder how it went but it should be useful. Additionally, I also think catapults shouldn't unpack automatically, they should only do so when we click the button or give an attack order in my opinion. I'm pretty sure catapults were easier to use in a21, I'm not sure if it's me or if something changed by the time. Edit : Also, when a catapult targets a unit that goes out of range, it will pack and try to follow it, which can be annoying when we intend to use catapult against army, we would just want it to switch target.
  4. Maybe someone can do a script for this
  5. To be more exact, you resign because you knew you lost the game. I suppose it's hard to swallow for a "silver player" to lose 2v1
  6. I share my 1v2 and 1v3 wins : Feldfeld (2012) vs DoctorOrgans (1825) and Aristol (1754) 2019-06-06_0009.zip Feldfeld (2012) vs Dunedan (1767) and Issh (1377) 2019-06-10_0004.zip Feldfeld (2012) vs Just_Xnr (1343), F3DAYN (1356) and KeepRaiding (1352) 2019-06-12_0005.zip Feldfeld (2012) vs Just_Xnr (1343), F3DAYN (1366) and Nico1111 (1207) 2019-06-12_0007.zip All replays : 1 vs many.zip
  7. At 100th and counting It starts to lag
  8. You've been banned for having multiple accounts most likely
  9. Not necessarily. There are different level of commitment whether to make more women or not. It can also depend on the extension to take additional ressources more exposed around one's base. It's a gamble to make women as it could give an eco advantage but also could easily lose the game, or lead to a disadvantage if someone makes more citizen soldiers and decides to attack with them. There actually has been quite a decent number of infantry rushes in the current alpha. It could very well fail in case of similar number (although often the attacker can choose a favorable engagement) but the viability of a rush depends of scouting before to check if it's a good idea. A borg- and borg- from alternate reality will deal differently with their maps and civilizations which can lead to imbalances here and there but borg- will never do an infantry attack without scouting before.
  10. It is mentionned in Learn to play > Manual, also if you select one or multiple units that have worked but have stopped, then the back to work button appears just near the repair one.
  11. The few techs are very important though which is why it's better not be late at p3. Also i think rams are overrated but that only engages me
  12. But ptolemies are just as good as celts !
  13. The baskets are fine in vanilla, borg said he changed it to adapt to other changes in the mod.
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