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  1. Feldfeld

    Not very useful heroes

    All of them are in my mod
  2. Feldfeld

    Honor League

    Indeed. If both teams agree however i think that's okay to allow specs
  3. Feldfeld

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    Feldfeld vs Valihrant Feldfeld vs Valihrant.zip
  4. Feldfeld

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    As christmas asked us to, the winner's bracket final game is organised and announced before so that anyone can come and spectate the game. It will be played tomorrow (Sunday) at 4pm GMT+1 (5pm GMT+2, 3pm GMT) (but in case that there is some unexpected stuff we reserve the right to play it on another time, we never know). (be careful of daylight savings) Also we agreed on special rules to play this match : - One restart is available for each player for the whole series, that can be used before 3minutes of game time - Civilisations are not repickable and will be chosen blindly for each game (so we pick our civilization without knowing which one our opponent chose) EDIT: Those daylight savings are meh, to clarify it will be played at 4PM CEST (which seems to be GMT+2 currently actually)
  5. Feldfeld

    The War of Twilight

    Feldfeld registering GMT+1
  6. Feldfeld

    Hyrule Conquest

    Change your combination of mods (eg back to vanilla 0AD) then enable back hyrule, or disable persist map setting in option, I think this problem happens when we try to set random map scripts (which i don't think are playable)
  7. Feldfeld

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    Round 3 : Feldfeld vs chrstgtr Feldfeld vs chrstgtr.zip
  8. The mods gets occasionally updated, the first post list all changes and specify current version. It is aimed at online testing, other players will find only little change in gameplay
  9. Feldfeld

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    Round 2 : Feldfeld vs Jofursloft Feldfeld vs Jofursloft.zip
  10. Feldfeld

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    There is a way to watch all these replays without any mods. You need for each game to go to commands.txt, go to the mods list ( ctrl+f "mods" if needed) and delete everything that isn't 0ad public. Then you will maybe need to delete replayCache.json in your replay list for the game to detect these changes. After that, launch the game and you should be able to see the replay. It would be nice if players themselves clean the mod list before posting the replays, it would save other people from doing that (or from getting mods) and then no need to delete replayCache. That's what i did with mine, before posting them.
  11. Feldfeld

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    Round 1 Feldfeld vs SPAHIS- Feldfeld vs SPAHIS-.zip
  12. Hello, I made a balance mod for online testing Its principal objective is to rehabilate champion units and balance civilizations between them. Here is the complete list of changes. Some are kind of extreme, the mod is very experimental. - sentry tower +4 pierce damage I may add a sentrynelle tech that adds an arrow for sentry tower only but is cheaper. - stone tower +4 pierce damage - all humans +10 crush armor (catapult nerf) - citizen soldier swordsman +1.5 melee damage - removed champion trainable at barrack tech for gauls and brits - iber stone tower -50 stone cost, but can garrison maximum 5 units - maur worker elephant train time reduced to 10 seconds - maur elephant archer now cost 150f 80w - rome military camp -5 pierce damage - Instead of mercenary skirmisher, ptols will train slingers p1 (not satisfied with this change but should help) - slinger accuracy nerf and -0.5 pierce damage - infantry skirmisher -1.5 pierce damage - loom now costs 100 food/wood but gives a 100% health bonus for women - ranged cavalry units damage (and accuracy) may be adjusted in the future to follow their infantry counterparts - I temporarily gave carthage a limit of 3 embassies until i can do something better - I will probably buff elephants and rams in the future. - Each hero is now trainable only one time through all game. (Thanks @(-_-) ) - Catapults area attack now 5 pierce damage. - Spearmen +1.5 walk speed - Spartan skirtai now cost 50 metal - Added hero changes by @Hannibal_Barca ( https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1400#change-6Pes5Jtrq5P9 ) very experimental champions buff : - Sword infantry champion +3 hack damage - Spear infantry champion +1 H/P damage - Archer and javelinist infantry champion +2 H/P armor - Black cloak train time now same as other sword champs - Every cavalry champions -5 seconds of train time Current version : 1.0.3 Changes through all versions: champions-civs-balance.zip To install, you can drag and drop the zip file to 0AD.
  13. Feldfeld

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    I could try to live comment on twitch games that are being played although i will have bad image quality and i have bad mic currently as well. But i will be away for 1 week from now. Valihrant will maybe record some games and post afterwards on youtube (with quality commentaries) though at least.
  14. Feldfeld

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    I signup, european timezone.
  15. Feldfeld

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

    Reporting again the low train time of the carthaginian shield cavalry and gaul's sword cav speed is lower than other civs' sword cav without being compensated. Also i recall seeing a single scout cavalry destroying field in about 5-10 seconds, i forgot to say it, not sure if that is wanted. I'll see if i can test the changes online.