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  1. 0AD is not aoe, i like very much this feature ! you can do it with some civ or romans but u can do it in mod or maybe in option if all player want try it
  2. reduce dammage is not good choose no? Because a player build 8 rams deserve destroy building (8*3 population = -24 mens for fight) sometime 2 rams is not enought for kill castle so with less dammage it really bad.... i go slingers lol just ram can't click on unit and it ok ? we can talk about cata can kill a lot of unit easy ? and the ALT option..?
  3. The rams are balance but for me they should not attack units (no logic and 1 ram can kill a lot of archers) and maybe move less fast and please add a little possibility to attack building before age 3, look like 2 men with a big tree, with little dammage to building, not a lot of dammage but they are killable by ranged unit, formed at barack at AGE 2 (100 food 100 wood 100 metal) maybe for 2 or 3 civ or all ? What you think about it ?
  4. Dont worry too much about the tournamenent, play and take fun You will organise better at the next tournament but i'm not agree with choose your strating position beacause is not feature without mod, noboby play with this (not AOE here)
  5. Pourquoi ne pas rendre impossible la danse? De façon à ce que ce débat soit clos 100% de précision aux unités les plus répandus, si les unités à distance deviennent trop fortes réduisent leur vitesse d'attaque ou de dégâts, et cavalier vs distance 25% de chance d'esquiver le projectile simple idée, script facile, jeu sain
  6. Hello, can we have 2 team? if in team 2 we are 5 ? if my team 1 play vs my team 2 i don't play in team 2 , u understand? Ty
  7. as my opinion May Gods - fpre (8.75), MarcAurel (7), Lord_Commander (6), randomid (7.5) French - Dakara (7.5), esu(4,5), Metafondations(7.25), Dakeyras (7) eae em - Badosu(8,25), Stockfish(8.75), Borg(9.25) , Vicentesk(only see 1 game) Goats - ValihrAnt(10), Phyzic(9.), Issh(7), Edwarf(8.5) Los Gringos - chrstgtr(8.5), Rauls(8.5), SaidRdz(7.5), Ricsand(7.5) No name Yet - Boudica(9), UnknownPlayer(8), Havran(8), go2die(6.5)
  8. Hello, our participation Esu Metafondations Dakeyras Dakara
  9. We can try, if there are some imbalances it's ok I trust in phyzik
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