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  1. Its still a base of the game lol For the next civ, why not a civ nomad without citizen-soldier ? only cavalry citizen, some light infantery, inscreased looting, hunt and some building on cart lol ? a lot of women and slaves for wood, berries 2 units killed = 1 free slaves on camp But the hunt no farms ??? a civ who puts the pressure on or dies afterwards --just want to write.. but it seems very complicated without fields afterwards... go sleep lol--
  2. Hello, Stop shouting everywhere is not balancing. This group idea is really modly. if you think some civilization is weaker, start to think at new games features, a new unit to give a strenght in a domain for example. A hero, a building, a new idea in a tech or building tree can give power to a civilisation At worst, if a civilisation is slighlty weaker, it will play lass, no problem, it will be taken only by lovers of this civilisation or the pros to blance a game in search of challenge. Perfect balance does not exist, the meta will take over Do people agree ? ,
  3. where test ? and why rpg instead funny game ? will enjoy to try after my holidays
  4. J'aimerais essayer comme tout le monde
  5. Dakara


    thank you topic can be delete or close
  6. Dakara


    Hello, i was unban today but when i connect i have again a ban of 4 day without reason thank you for help
  7. Salut jc on a pas choisi de nom lol
  8. who play vs los gringos this night?"
  9. 0AD is not aoe, i like very much this feature ! you can do it with some civ or romans but u can do it in mod or maybe in option if all player want try it
  10. reduce dammage is not good choose no? Because a player build 8 rams deserve destroy building (8*3 population = -24 mens for fight) sometime 2 rams is not enought for kill castle so with less dammage it really bad.... i go slingers lol just ram can't click on unit and it ok ? we can talk about cata can kill a lot of unit easy ? and the ALT option..?
  11. The rams are balance but for me they should not attack units (no logic and 1 ram can kill a lot of archers) and maybe move less fast and please add a little possibility to attack building before age 3, look like 2 men with a big tree, with little dammage to building, not a lot of dammage but they are killable by ranged unit, formed at barack at AGE 2 (100 food 100 wood 100 metal) maybe for 2 or 3 civ or all ? What you think about it ?
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