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  1. Why is he banned? I suggest a debut + mute of 2 months renewable at each gap in the hall, free to people to ban their game if they do not want it
  2. Let him play as he want He does not bad action and he don't avoids rules, everyone can dodge ^^
  3. Hello I find that producing his units in the CC is really a quality in this game ... remove it I would find it sad. The interest of the barracks lies in the addition of another production line, different types of unlocked units, unlocked techs from the barracks. A building that tank and allows garrison units. A call to arms would be interesting (but since the barracks, women would be briefly armed). This would also increase the interest of the barracks early in the game.
  4. Dakara


    Hello, A25 should have new map skimish for more than 6 players (atm we play 99% of game with random maps) And also why not 2 version of map ( 1 with gaia and 1 without gaia, some map are beautiful but we can't do fast game cuz gaia) Thank you team
  5. Hello, Are you planning in the future to set the possibility of replacing absent players? Bests regards,
  6. Hello everyone, What do you think of the possibility of making 12-player games see 16 players? @team 0AD, what are the technological limits? The generation of random cards? Of course many will say that the game is not optimized enough for this but I think it can be playable with 100 / 150pop and a good map. It would be really cool that we are free to play at 12 or 16... Thank you all !
  7. Hello everyone, I do not know if nerf the technique of slingers rush is a good idea, you must be able to play in many different ways and there is not a single way to play. In addition, compared to the old version of the game, the slingers have already received a debuff crushing damage (which I find justified) On the other hand, giving more opportunities to play against slingers rush can be interesting. These are just loose ideas but we could for example: - Make a redesign of the technology that increases the armor of the towers. Make it accessible P1. Technology would increase armor against overwhelming damage (Tech level 1 Phase 1: cost 200 wood and 100 stone Tech level 2 Phase 2: cost 500 wood 400 stone) -Increase the resistance of the house to capture if there are women in it? I mean make the catch slower (is it possible since women do not have a capture attack?) -Increase from 80 to minimum the hit points of some civilization homes (150 wood houses), this is sometimes really punitive in early game. -Increase slightly the armor of the cavalry to the piercing (this buff includes a big nerf for the archers ???) so that the cavalry does a better job on the slingers. -Nerf slightly the Gauls lategame by reducing the power of the hero Vercingetorix (20% -> 15%?)? Another problem: Nerf slingers could too nerf the Athenians civ and indirectly make the shooters powerfullllll Thank you for your reading and possible return.
  8. Hello, The choice of the view can influence the FPS? thank you (because I'm a little computer rowing)
  9. the mods it's galley when you install mod, noboby play it everyone is scattered the creators work hard for not much is sad.
  10. Maybe it's a role play and it's against the Kushite, Carthaginian civilization. LOL I am for no moderation, because being mutated while we talk quiet but we used the word "@#$%" or "@#$%", which may mean just broken or bad action is frustrating. Néanmoins, il faut une fonctionnalité pour ajouter les joueurs à une blacklist afin de ne plus voir ses messages.24h ou à vie. Avec ca plus besoin de modération. There are often players who harass others (and without being vulgar just by treating them "noob" "nub" 100 times afilée). it would be interesting to have a "profile" on the lobby with different information that could be informed. (language, country, 300 character description ). Give a slight social aspect.
  11. Désolé j'ai pas vu ton message, si tu joues encore je peux répondre à tes questions
  12. Bonjour, Ce n'est pas le sujet de la discussion mais où pouvons nous trouver les % de précision de chaque unité ? On ne peut pas augmenter légèrement la précision des archers ? Cordialement,
  13. Un soldat c'est avant tout un larbin, un larbin qui récolte du bois pour faire un camp romain ou construit une route ^^ Le système de citoyens-soldat rend unique ce jeu, et permet de se détacher de tout ces RTS où l'APM a trop d'importance
  14. For civ without cata which solution for destroy tree ? Thank you if you like the idea of destroy tree, for civ without cata, which solution? I imagine women can burn the tree for all civ can and women more useful. How do scrypt dat ? Dunno After try 2games vs IA, *Cata have big range ? *Slaves of athens look useless no ? Big cost (iron instead food for no advantages (10 secondes training instead 8 for women who are not going die by the time), i can't heal them with monk or cc but no problem i don't want heal them lol. Maybe they will be almost free (25 métal) and +40hp start (for live more time) or same cost but 2 sec time training for a fast growning. Basically my idea it a lot of civ have the slaves (about 4 for exemple) but only 1 can tech them for have a big growning risky (less cost but they die 120 second after), without tech they are just like women, they cost like 40 metal and they don't die by time. *About the civ my english is approximate but i don't ask create 10 new civs but add little "feature" for 4 or 5 civ. Like i said in the first post.Just give the opportunity to have different strategies without making it the norm *You uniform travel speeds, the cavalerie don't show too slow ? They can attack elefant moving for example? i don't test, maybe up the hp of cav slightly like 10 HP. The fanatics gauls have speed of infantery of cavalary ?
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