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  1. can we bring that in lobby announce? maybe ref to 0ad ticket, modding, forum and trac sides. i would appreciate to see that. talked already to @elexis, @ffm, @user1 (ack: @Hannibal_Barca). Maybe in conjunction with saying as to be supporter to the project/ or donator. I guess we need there a bigger announce and catch the people. Good day, f.
  2. pls notice that stockfish is using my fooking mod and everybody loves it. pls apply to maingame
  3. Suggestenius Suggustus stop funny no code
  4. borg u have problems with windows installation software
  5. Fffffffffffff

  6. Fpre are you ready?

  7. disable autociv, maybe other mods, fgod23 name is good in mod page
  8. some fix and new experimental (new player status in lobby when in game logged and some fixes): fgod23_experimentalv2.pyromod
  9. any interest in having playing/won/lost/spec status in playerlist in lobby?
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