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  1. i advice using discord for abuse screen sharing during no vision and using mic for team communication with tested sound for good communication and cam for direct view of person. eae
  2. Jes we gonna try out settings tonight or tomorrow. I interested in team survive bc of res share in team. and may make maximum time frame for game. 1h or something. and go the tournament for next month as schedule or something. is that good?
  3. EAE go for danubius, polar sea, jebel, too?
  4. @borg- @Boudica @bbgotbanned @Pudim @chrstgtr @Marcus Aurelius @faction02 @TELL OTHERS TO SIGN HERE!!!! Also @bbgotbanned make PIZZA TOURNAMENT!! 2v2 3v3 4v4, 2v2v2v2? tacticals eae
  5. I offer Survival Team Game Tournament, various settings tg 4v4 3v3 2v2, ffa various buckets players. You like? Enter teams here
  6. jes indeed some nasty suprises. i will get to it i guess.
  7. In-Game Team Right: How about a rule that when players go missing (disconnected, leaving), then a total of 5 minutes pausing per match is available (doesnt matter how often they disconnects/connects, join, leave, the time counts until the player is completely joined in game and ready to continue playing again), then the other team can enforce no more pausing possible if they want. Just giving them a right to take. The team can of course doesn't have to choose that right and just keep waiting. So we keep a good time frame as valid for playing if the other team wants. @MarcusAurelius @AllOthers
  8. Wow, you speak against yourself, okay!
  9. oh mighty god i will take my place from a surveillance view of course. eae. PUSH!
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