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  1. can u translate that for me in portugese?
  2. at least per file translation threading must be possible no? read cores count and fill according number of worker threads with translations no?
  3. thought the same. i looked in some worker threads from current code to know how to implement and how they work. i wanted to start trying to thread the current archive builder code to thread the translations happening there to see if that can be threaded as first try that would result in a gain for that when building archives for mods and stuff. then i would try to apply to the transitions of the functions being called most often when building a frame in the game. current idea from me. so need to isolate by perf measuring code the functions that do the most work. then try to thread and make the data lock that is being worked on so we get a parallel work here.
  4. so i walked now through this thread and made the finding that i also guess is the most relevant to our 0ad performance: is someone currently looking on that performance bottleneck on javascript computations that belong to C++? I would dive into that if someone is on it and would like to split work. So let me know
  5. my mod doesn't change it
  6. windows 10x coming out
  7. very good now u can get loose of drugs alcohol and coffeine
  8. i hope my doctor says i can play this week. doctor organs is ok?
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