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  1. ffffffff

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    u would fail @borg- or @Feldfeld in looser bracket semi final. end.
  2. ffffffff

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    i just played some 1v1s against @Feldfeld and must say he is in a really good condition! gj!
  3. ffffffff

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    @temple u sure u appear sometime online? havent seen u long ago
  4. this needing threading support for more cpu power i guess? maybe aura threading implementation.
  5. ffffffff

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

  6. ffffffff

    RANDOM MAP: Dune - Desert

    pls put version in filename to make destinguish and make incompatible to normal 0ad so player only can connect with map (kill monkey mod check)
  7. ffffffff

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    I guess it's a good idea to upload replays zip after a game by the game hoster (with round and player names), so one can look into a game after its done too. Who has knowledge in game streaming? @Palaiologos or @(-_-)? Twitch maybe...
  8. ffffffff

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    i have same doubt. maybe make highest rank against middlest rank and then go downwards...
  9. ffffffff

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    after two win matches, the player is direct in next round, when two player dont get a result after one week, both players out, instead the two players in the tree where the winning would match the winner of that match, just both of that two players are then in the next round. so its fair in time to everyone in the same round and nobody has to wait for a missing match in a round. so i would say per week one round is fair to everyone then, and we keep in timing. choose civ?
  10. ffffffff

    0 A.D. Champions Cup

    nub level fpre in, middle european time
  11. ffffffff

    AutoCiv Mod - Less clicks more civs

    lol omg also vote kick ban possible xd im not sure if mute possible. maybe only locally how about ready command
  12. ffffffff

    AutoCiv Mod - Less clicks more civs

    lol omg maybe also name change possible. must be setted as if player is newly connected in g_Player and Assignmentes i guess. can be reengineered. command name op. or so
  13. ffffffff

    AutoCiv Mod - Less clicks more civs

    how about vote mechanism? map type, map name, map size, res, pop limit, nomad, treasures, maybe for all options? could be also vote team configuration 1v1..2v2...etc. maybe also in player dropdown gray out a player that enter spec command. or player that set play command or play slot 1 (1-8) command as yellow in color in appropriate slot player dropdown.
  14. ffffffff

    snap package for 0ad

    nice can u add also in the installer the *.pyromod file extension mime support for linux? from here https://code.wildfiregames.com/source/0ad/browse/ps/trunk/build/resources/pyrogenesis.xml and here https://code.wildfiregames.com/source/0ad/browse/ps/trunk/build/resources/0ad.desktop thx! @oSoMoN
  15. ffffffff

    AutoCiv Mod - Less clicks more civs

    spread ur work more to hosters. add to title or tag! advertize a bit in lobby.