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  1. @plautus besides making noise can u play them like they r suppose to be? play
  2. good u op brain have thought ur shi to end
  3. jaja @nani can you help him? Look him code change resolutions to fit 4 lines in build menu. tx code is here https://mod.io/mods/file/13913 https://0ad.mod.io/borg-expansion-pack
  4. put same height same width. really not hard. this happen at u.
  5. u have to resize the icons to keep their ratio in size
  6. 4 lines in build menu produces crushed squeezed icons very nub
  7. wut is shader effect enabled these are slider from 0 - 10 only oh lol it works. look awesome
  8. or is it a problem when setting in graphics option higher resolution for graphics that the ground graphics always stay the same so we get this gradient/difference there.? eae.
  9. compare this to here ground texture look much more better to rest texture. i guess in 0ad it hasn't been touched for decades while the other texture and game developed further. eae.
  10. here too the ground texture look awful. we need resolution here. eae
  11. lol the new buildings and smoke look so op that the ground textures are looking really ten years behind eae xD renew there is needed a guess eae maybe they need higher resolution? how to do this. eae
  12. the idea is to be a win-win for them that understand that top post.
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