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  1. I used already no blood mod. Bc I had same impression about performance. It helps. But no doubt lag is still there. Faster decay will help no doubt. Pathfinder still the big guy in the arena. Greet!
  2. Fpre has a gui changing mod. Some scores added or changed for summary. Have a look https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24318-fgod-mod-for-0-a-d-a23-fully-compatible-with-0-a-d-players/
  3. for me one of the main problems of the "Livestream Pro Game Series" is that we don't have these nice graphics from @LordGood and @Stan` and all the other Graphics Developers in the live stream of @HMS-Surprise @Feldfeld @Unknown_Player and @psypherium (Alistair). Is that maybe a problem of performance with large unit amounts in game? Or is it simply a lack of good graphics card? For promoting this game this is a very sad showing off the game if we only focus on skill and tactics but the leave the ambient feeling of the graphics side behind. Maybe we can fix that somehow? If the performance is the problem I guess we have to wait for the multithread pathfinding at least. I hope there is a progress coming. Btw is there finally a graphics computing thread in progress? Or this nice new @aeonios graphics patch around @vladislavbelov? Because for the ambient feeling this is very sad if were are not gaining that. Btw the stream and the gameplay and the commentary else was really nice! Thx to everyone at that point! ( @borg- @nani @elexis @Boudica for acknowledge and all the other ) Here is the last Stream link for a quick look:
  4. live stream HERE http://tinyurl.com/0adstream100!!
  5. good that @Hannibal_Barca needs a reminder. maybe he find his mind back at the same time. eae.
  6. @Boudica my friend. i want a relative weighted score. pls look into and dont need this extra touch to get it done. <3 (what a talker)
  7. maybe it is good to substract received resources from sent resources to get the real amount of help added to the team and weight it.
  8. that is super jelly of borg super op balls
  9. i looked into the summary countering code and the scores military and economy are weight by division of 10. Resources sent are not counted into economy count but trade income (just for info). Maybe we should weight sent resources also by division of 10? Actually i thought weight them by division of 100, just because the total resource sent amount seems a magnitude to high for me. Just share your thoughts! Eae. Some programmer @Stan`, nani can link the summary/counter.js online svn view code here? eae
  10. ffffffff

    My arts

    borg r u laughing a lot about urself when making thoses buildings eae XD
  11. Fpre are you ready?

  12. u can always retreat from fight until its to late and somebody starts dance. when u have spear in front of range unit no dance possible. u can always retreat to ur base buildings etc and there is no dance possible distributed arrows. so dance is no issue. dealing with that tactic is issue. so u all nub. all resolution r in this post to all questions. eae gn
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