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  1. faction02

    Ideas ?

    I agree that dancing/luring/patrolling against big armies is a problem. I do blame high level players for doing it. I do not consider this to be fair-play and if it was to become a standard practice, the game would become pointless for me. I guess many players agree with the idea of having hero-trainable once only, I do not see any reason to be strictly against it. However there might be some adjustments to be done accordingly (aura range, hp, balance between civ with 3 good hero and those with only 1...). It could be used to address other issues too, weaker hero with larger aura could reduce dancing issues for example. The idea seems interesting, however I wonder about the implications that it might have on the other parts of the game. Would it make melee units run around too much or what would be the implications for fights between small groups of units ...
  2. I was wondering whether it would be feasible/practical to implement a way to target a group of units instead of only one? For example if you have some archers, you might want to tell them to hit the skirmishers instead of the melee soldiers in front of them. It could be also useful to counter players making their hero dance. The units doing the actions would only ignore other units until the one which were targeted are all dead...
  3. faction02

    Economy and Citizen-Soldier Movement Speed

    Of course, most people don't want to consider this. I personnally do consider those details because I need to keep myself busy while other players might be rushing. That would be the way I try to build some economic advantage over those players who have less time to manage their eco. I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing, it might not even make more difference over a game than an extra cluster of berries for example. I might be biased also by my game style preferences.
  4. faction02

    Economy and Citizen-Soldier Movement Speed

    Difficult to say if more armor would be sufficient. It would create an incentive to have more of course, but ranged units would still be more effective at making damage. I think that a metal cost would make archers even less attractive. Metal is always a scarce ressource, it is needed for all upgrades and on some map, it might be a problem to be relying so much on it. Ptolemies have this issue too, but they also have the option of relying on stones too for sieges and slingers when metal run out. Archers would still need something more to become more attractive.
  5. faction02

    3 vs. 3: Winter Battle

    This battle would deserve a better name. Very epic game !
  6. faction02

    Economy and Citizen-Soldier Movement Speed

    I would like to suggest into alternative options that uniforming units speed to improve balance. I doubt that removing units differences would make the game more interesting. I personnally think that balancing the game should be about giving options to players to deal with a specificity rather than removing them. For example if you want to maximize the productivity of your soldiers, you could build a barrack near your minerals and use this particular one to produce the slower soldiers of your army. Those will then collect only minerals as the walking distance for this particular task is constant and usually smaller than for wood. To reduce the economic disadvantage of walking speed, players could build more dropsites, use elephants or the carrying tech. Those tech still remain largely unused by a large number of players even when wood is sparse. Also, in early game, most civ don't offer the choice between different ranged units. So the economic advantage that might offer one ranged unit with respect to another plays no role in the way players will act once the game has started. It only affects balance accross civ which seems to be a different issue. Archers are definitely at a disadvantage with respect to other ranged units but taking off their economic disadvantage would still not solve their problem. Giving them some advantages as also suggested by Philip the Swaggerless would make more sense. About the question of speed, I think that raising the speed of melee units with respect to ranged units remains interesting. One reason to prefer ranged units over melee units is that during a fight, they are much more effective in killing. Ranged units can also be more easily managed, you basically just need to group them behind their meat shield and press H to be sure they target the closest units. Melee units are more tricky, the closest units is sometimes a bad target for them. All of them might be running toward the same unit which is either isolated, either moving in the opposite direction. Melee units used offensively can spend a good amount of time walking around during the battle before dying while still ranked I. Increasing their speed slightly might give them a chance to kill something before dying. Currently, only swordmen seems to make sense as a weapon on the battlefield in the absence of cavalry units. They are the only melee unit that can get decent kills, other units are too slow and weak. Many civ do not have any and metal scarcity often is a good reason to keep them out of the battlefield. Raising melee units speed could also potentially reduce slightly the problem of rams too fast to catch.
  7. faction02

    Eae rating

    that's not worse than most. Congratulations !!
  8. faction02

    Eae rating

    Eae, I suggest here an unformal eae rating for op player. You can compute your own aea rating using the simple following formula: eae rating = (Number of times you won againt the top player)/(Number of times you played against that top player) If we call this top player borg- for example, then borg- would have a constant score of 0,5 and he would be the benchmark to beat. Other players would have a score between 0 and 0,5. For those with a 0 score, keep trying beating the top player or just keep on having fun! Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!! f02
  9. faction02

    Problems with STUN

    If I disable IPv6 protocol in Windows, it is working... I hope you can bring a permanent fix to the problem.
  10. faction02 had a mess with plenty of files everywhere. Now fixed! Thanks for support
  11. faction02

    RANDOM MAP: Dune - Desert

    Thanks nani for contributing!
  12. faction02


    Hi, since those bugs seems to have appear at a rather similar time, I post them together. I hope it can be of use...
  13. The version is 0.0.23 even if the 3 doesn't appear here. I can usually see part of the 3 ingame. (Someone should fix the print screen). Thanks for looking into it. I post here my settings just to be sure, there is nothing wrong there.
  14. Is someone else getting this message? I got it at every game.
  15. faction02

    nani out, couldn't rejoin (nub)

    Something about parse terrain error... Don't know if ussable... commands.txt metadata.json