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  1. Hello, I think game time was about 1h30 but I had pressed start about 2 or 3 hours earlier. No files were modified by myself (except for hotkeys), I had fgod and autociv enabled. I have attached both files, the game didn't crash afterward. I have also a pyrogenesis.exe.8428.dmp of 4.4mb created at the same time if that can help.... If anything else can help, let me know. crashlog.txt crashlog.dmp
  2. I am not sure to understand the questions. Maybe try double left click on one unit of the units type you want to select . Try to use SHIFT+right click to create a path going through multiple points. I hope that's what you were asking...
  3. I vote for ITRELLES as next president, he is op!
  4. I never got the loot associated with free buildings. Free house: no loot, free dropsite: 10 wood, free farmstead: 100 food+10wood, free coral: 25 food+10wood. What is the logic behind that part?
  5. No micro ???!? What would you do when the game is lagging??? Managing each units individually keeps me busy and make the fun! A game without micro at all would be like eating paste with no sauce !
  6. "We are all dancing." - A nub (Lobby) That nub might be right in some ways but I see one important difference between "micro" and "dancing". For me: Micro consists in moving a unit for a particular purpose. Dancing consists in moving a units to influence an audience (other units). These definitions emphasize one important difference, the purpose of the unit move. (All) dance is micro but not all micro is dance and I would consider dance as rather bad while micro isn't necessarily. From this perspective, trying to save a cav from death with micro is fine. It requieres some efforts to do so, and the advantage earnt is small. Doing the same thing with the only purpose of distracting a whole army is wrong because with only one unit, you might gain too much advantage over too many units. The difference can be sometimes relatively thin and apparent only to the player performing it. The issue might be seen as being in the relationship between the dancing unit and the audience. A simple way to allow a cav to run away safe but prevent from exploiting units predefined behaviour would be to implement a counter move to dance moves. To protect the strategy dimension of the game, there should always be some ways to counter efficiently all micro moves, dance or not. But this is not the case when some micro actions requieres too many actions to be countered efficiently. One could try to remove micro (aka adding battalions´╗┐ if I understand well) but it is also possible to just search for ways to counter the influence of the dancing units on the audience. If the "public" units could be ordered to ignore the dancer or attack a particular group of units, then all might be fine. I have also read ideas about doing this in a more systematic way, by changing units predefined behaviour as for example by implementing some spread fires. Micro would remain there while dancing would be countered (I could save my cav from multiple fires while the enemy could target my army easily). Luring is another form of dancing but I don't see it as too problematic since it can be countered more easily. I do not claim that I believe it is the best way to go, but it seems a small departure from the existing gameplay but simply cutting that relationship might allow to save some micro for those who enjoy it...
  7. You spoiled the end of the game...
  8. Yes, exactly. The only disadvantage that I see might be for communication since all players might not choose to allocate the existing colors in the same way. Maybe with a default allocation of colors (for example the one chosen by the host) that could be solved if desired/usefull. This way all players could have their favorite color (chosen among the existing one) as seen from their own perspective and the host wouldn't have to care about this anymore. Fears of the black player 's sneaky attack would be gone
  9. Op game. Nice to see it also with comments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5o4DgsQonCY
  10. A few ideas that could be interesting to add in game setup: 1 - option of choosing players locations/leaving it random (could help to balance games with players of different levels, for example when you have a team with 2 strong and 2 weak players against 4 medium. It could also make some civs more interesting to play but most of all, we could make sure Pudim is on border duty); 2 - option to choose mines average density on the map (it could make some civ more interesting to play in team game) 3 - option to allow for Wonder or not (in some game we might want it not to be forbidden to limit lag) 4 - color customized differently for each players (I am player 2 I can set player3 to green, and player3 can set player 2 as green if he want Good or not ?
  11. I agree that dancing/luring/patrolling against big armies is a problem. I do blame high level players for doing it. I do not consider this to be fair-play and if it was to become a standard practice, the game would become pointless for me. I guess many players agree with the idea of having hero-trainable once only, I do not see any reason to be strictly against it. However there might be some adjustments to be done accordingly (aura range, hp, balance between civ with 3 good hero and those with only 1...). It could be used to address other issues too, weaker hero with larger aura could reduce dancing issues for example. The idea seems interesting, however I wonder about the implications that it might have on the other parts of the game. Would it make melee units run around too much or what would be the implications for fights between small groups of units ...
  12. I was wondering whether it would be feasible/practical to implement a way to target a group of units instead of only one? For example if you have some archers, you might want to tell them to hit the skirmishers instead of the melee soldiers in front of them. It could be also useful to counter players making their hero dance. The units doing the actions would only ignore other units until the one which were targeted are all dead...
  13. Of course, most people don't want to consider this. I personnally do consider those details because I need to keep myself busy while other players might be rushing. That would be the way I try to build some economic advantage over those players who have less time to manage their eco. I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing, it might not even make more difference over a game than an extra cluster of berries for example. I might be biased also by my game style preferences.
  14. Difficult to say if more armor would be sufficient. It would create an incentive to have more of course, but ranged units would still be more effective at making damage. I think that a metal cost would make archers even less attractive. Metal is always a scarce ressource, it is needed for all upgrades and on some map, it might be a problem to be relying so much on it. Ptolemies have this issue too, but they also have the option of relying on stones too for sieges and slingers when metal run out. Archers would still need something more to become more attractive.
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