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  1. Not an easy question.... Mmmmm... I got lost at "225 food, 200 wood", I would have put 100 wood there ... then I got more lost around the "230 resources payback", I have tried adding and substracting all possible numbers mentionned previously but i don't think i can get the reasonning nor the same result. I guess to really understand what players do/should do, the relative value of military versus eco would be the main explanation. Maybe having a few more military rather than a better eco is worth it if you think it will bring you a high return (less risk of losses or you might get a good advantage over the enemy out of it). Then you might deviate from the optimal threshold that you are trying to evaluate for the best economic boom. Focusing on a free boom, a tricky part of the question that you are assuming away is on the relative value of ressources. For example, the value of metal in the very beginning of the game is close to 0 since you would only use it for upgrades. Should it be included in the cost of the upgrade in your computations since you have no other use for it in early game? The value of food in terms of wood (how many food units i would be willing to trade for 1 unit of wood) is also critical. At the beginning, during the first few minutes of game, you want food fast (high demand) while wood is less of a constraint (you need it mostly for houses only). Food will help you to increase your population faster (since women are trained faster than men and cost half of the total amount of ressources) but you also have some good supply of fast food (berries, chicken, hunt...). As long as your supply of fast food is good, it put a downward pressure on how much you value some extra food, and you should therefore develop relatively more your wood production since there are no source of fast wood income. Since the wood upgrade only really cost wood which has a low value outside of its use for houses (and metal is "free" in early game), this should be when you get 200 spare wood not needed for houses production. Your priority in early game is getting more units first, upgrades come after. Maybe another way to make some computations that will prove that what I usually do in game totally makes sense... The +15% is actually most of the time equivalent to a +0.1 increase in gathering rate for any unit. For wood, women gathering rate goes from 0.6 to 0.7 and for men from 0.7 to 0.8. But with women nearby, gathering rate for men increase also by an additionnal +0.1. So you might formulate the trade-off as a choice between having 4 men with +0.2 extra gathering rate instead of 4 women (cost 200 wood) or increasing the gathering rate of all units by +0.1 (i assume that i might be dead before metal become usefull for me, so its value is 0). My answer then to this question would be from the moment that you have more than have 8 units and the opportunity cost of using 200 spare wood is nul (it won't slow down your growth if you use it). The second part of that rule will then be dependent on which civ you have and therefore should be the main criteria. In my opinion, just make that wood upgrade when you get your 200 spare wood for a free boom. eae?
  2. Congratulation on your victory! Your main issues are the following (in order in which they appear in the game): - you send your women to food collection, however, thanks to treasures, you have already plenty. So it would have been better to send some either to build your first house or to collect wood. - making bigger batch at the beginning would help you to grow your population faster, also, you are likely not to be rushed inthe first few minutes of games (especially by Petra, Petra is nice). Since women are trained faster than men, you can increase your population faster by training only women. - buildings should be always training units until max pop, it is important to start as early as possible to train in your cc; - for your wood collection, you might wait before making your first storehouse if you want to do something special with food. In this game, you won't be making fields anytime soon, thanks to treasure. Putting a first storehouse between wood and stones would have been nice. As brit you will want to have one there pretty early, so that one would have save some walking time to your units; Around 2:00 - you started to make your fields too early. You still had plenty of food in stock and the emergence for better growth was to get the ressources you needed the more: wood. Getting more wood fast would allow you to make the wood upgrade earlier and potentially a barrack too. The first one would improve your wood income that you needed and the second one would help you to increase your population faster; 2:20 - when you women get out of cc, they were iddle. Click on you cand define a rally point on wood so new units will never be iddled. You can always redicrect them if you are not busy when new units arrive; 2:50 - you didn't have enough houses. That 's probably one of the main issue when starting the game. It delays your growth a lot. Some players keep 1 or 2 women on "house duty". Those women will always be building houses constantly. Having a few too many houses can be a solution too. A last option is to use units already busy somewhere to tell them to build a house, and then shift+click to assign them a new task just after they completed the house construction. 4:50 - you might want to make your barrack slightly further away from cc so you could put another field in that exact spot. Putting that barrack just slightly further would be better. 5:00 - you can see some elephants with your cav. Use it to throw one arrow to each of them, taking care that the éléphants don't get to close to you cav and kill it. Bring back you cavalry unit to your cc, the éléphants will follow. Use your dog then to kill the elephants safely andcollect the free food once the éléphants are dead using the cav.This is a quite fast way to obtain food with no investment (you don't need to invest wood or food to produce). Making a few more cav can be usefull to gather the food faster. Calvarly gather food much faster on hunt than other units, this is why players use them for chicken instead of women. The same apply to other hunts type. 6:20 - you went for an early phasing up to phase 2. It is usually better to invest those ressources into more units to have faster income. Also, economic upgrades are very important, especially the woodand food one. Pay attention to have your building continuously producing units. 6:30 - I noticed that you chose to put all of your houses in the same spot. Often people prefer to put them all around the field. So that in case of attack, you can "ring the bell" from cc. The Women then run to the closest house, which would then be quite close. You might also want to build houses in such a way that they would slow down an attack with sieges going to your cc and take the role of "natural obstacles" for enemy soldiers that would have lower range than your slingers (it is not the case here since you have archers as enemy) 12:00 - you have already plenty of wood in storage, you might want a second barrack to produce soldiers faster. Also you can notice that on this map, you have not so much wood available. It would then be a good idea to adjust your army composition to available ressources on the map. Replace skirmishers by slingers since those cost less wood and you have a second stone spot. Think about making a temple to train priest later. Those only cost wood, and can help you to save some soldiers later. Cavalry could also be an option to get a good military power at a low cost in terms of wood. Spearmen cost wood, but they have more armor and they can be used as meatshield later in game. They will help you loose less sligners an indirectly make you save some wood too. 14:00 - You might also start thinking about making trade with yourself to be sure yyou don't run out of wood later in game at this stage. 16:00 - you keep producing women. Usually about 50-60 women is a good number. You mainly use women for food production since htey are mor eproductive there. Then you also want to spread a few of them everywhere you have men working too. They will give your men a 10% speed bonus. However on this particular map with few wood, making so many women can be seen as an ok strategy since it gives you the possibility to increase your pop faster. You should also have made enough building by now to be able to phase to p3. 17:00 Notice ho your barrack became annoying for your women, they have to go around it everytime they want to bring back food. You should consider making a farmstead near the field which are not next to the cc, so women don't spend so much time walking back. 18:00 - Notice how much extra ressources you have saved , you should find a good way to spend it (more barracks, more soldiers, a new base forward, phasing p3+making fort, more upgrades...). 20:00 - For battle, it is usually better to get units in order. Formation could help you for that. You want melee units which have a better armor to receive projectile while range units target the enemy. You also want to group all your unit sbefore starting to fight so all fire at the same time. This will help you to kill faster the enemy and therefore receive less damage from the enemy too. 22:00 - you could collect the wood along the river simply by making a dock. You would reduce a lot walking time of your workers 27:00 - when attacking, it is usually better to bring with your sieges weapon to destroy building: rams from your fort. You could destroy towers while your soldiers kill units. Retreating was the best decision. On your final fight, notice how Petra send its units one by one. With a good army size, well grouped, you can easily win the fight even if in the end you would be outnumbered. You can probably improve a lot at this stage by trying to improve on your eco. Good players playing Brits can usually get to: - 100 units before minute 8 - 150 units before minute 12 - 200 units before minute 15 Keep those numbers in mind to try to get an idea about how good you are doing with your eco. The main factors slowing down eco are usually: - forgetting to make houses; - not constantly training from buildings (you can select all your units production building and do "CTRL+2", this would allow you then to monitor more easily whether your building are producing or not by simply pressing "2") - having iddle units. using SHIFT to queue more actions is the best way to solve this problem without too much stress; The link provided to you above is quite good. You have also plenty of enterntaining videos on YouTube. You can also get easily some advice while playing online. hf! P.S. Also, if you see a truck driving near you, keeping a safe distance if possible.
  3. During a game, I have noticed that a metal minewas bugged: depending on which angle I was looking at it, it has either its normal texture either a tree texture... Nevermind... while watching the replay, I can't get the same bug.
  4. I heard that he might not exist...
  5. Based on this, clearly deserves to be at least 1781...
  6. @BeanBoy sorry for the issue, I should remove those mods references in future posts. Reference to mods appears at the end of the first line of the command.txt file the line is quite long, it might be better to search for "mods" in the text file to find where you should do the modification). "mods":[["public","0.0.23"],["fgod","1.6.22"],["autociv","0.10.0"]]} should be replaced by "mods":[["public","0.0.23"]]} I have attached the correct file below, if you come accross similar issues with other of my posts just do the modification described above. commands.txt
  7. ffffffff u are ranked in the top 10 players, why don't u participate ? Put a bit of extra opness in the tournament pls...
  8. Map was random indeed. Flying fishes aren't in the water, the enemy can't see them with the lighthouse . Mayber it should be an archer job...
  9. From what I can understand, I am guessing that rP23015 doesn't fix cathagenian temple flag? @Stan`
  10. Thanks for the answer and the reference. From what I understand so far, what I suggest doesn't seem compatible with the existing code. I will keep reading D2016 to get a better idea.
  11. I have noticed from the structure tree that towers range elevation bonus increases by (+6) when a sentry tower get upgraded. I was wondering: whether those bonuses are included in the aura range that can be visualized ? If not it might make more sense to include these bonuses in the normal range rather than in some elevation bonuses. At least, the visual representation of the range would be closer to the real one. if something is wrong with them. I attached a replay in which I simply upgrade 3 sentry towers and check the elevation bonuses in each case. According to the structure tree, the elevation bonus should increase by 6 (even if I would prefer those to remain constant). However I get the following numbers: -8 -> -1 +3 -> +8 +16 -> +23 I guess that second issue might just be the result of rounding numbers but it would make more sense if the elevation bonus was only depending on where the tower was built. @Stan` metadata.json
  12. Summary of the game : Rush, mauryan rams and sneaky civic center. In this game, YilmazGNG discovers that macedonians have a siege workshop... Gamesettings: 4v4, 40 minutes, random civilization, 200 pop. Map: Mainland (Medium size, alpine biome, capture the relic) T1 Players: littlegirlbeatyou(1490) - Mauryans faction02(1465) - Mauryans Edwarf(1378) - Mauryans r4pt0r(1380) - Macedonians T2 Players: PhyZic(1705) - Kushites Palaiologos(1421) - Spartans Issh - Ptolemies YilmazGNG (1804) - Mauryans commands.txt metadata.json
  13. Does Palailogos has ninja skills too ? His 2 spartan sentry towers have both soldiers inside but there is no flag on them... replay
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