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  1. During a game, I have noticed that a metal minewas bugged: depending on which angle I was looking at it, it has either its normal texture either a tree texture... Nevermind... while watching the replay, I can't get the same bug.
  2. I heard that he might not exist...
  3. Based on this, clearly deserves to be at least 1781...
  4. @BeanBoy sorry for the issue, I should remove those mods references in future posts. Reference to mods appears at the end of the first line of the command.txt file the line is quite long, it might be better to search for "mods" in the text file to find where you should do the modification). "mods":[["public","0.0.23"],["fgod","1.6.22"],["autociv","0.10.0"]]} should be replaced by "mods":[["public","0.0.23"]]} I have attached the correct file below, if you come accross similar issues with other of my posts just do the modification described above. commands.txt
  5. ffffffff u are ranked in the top 10 players, why don't u participate ? Put a bit of extra opness in the tournament pls...
  6. Map was random indeed. Flying fishes aren't in the water, the enemy can't see them with the lighthouse . Mayber it should be an archer job...
  7. From what I can understand, I am guessing that rP23015 doesn't fix cathagenian temple flag? @Stan`
  8. Thanks for the answer and the reference. From what I understand so far, what I suggest doesn't seem compatible with the existing code. I will keep reading D2016 to get a better idea.
  9. I have noticed from the structure tree that towers range elevation bonus increases by (+6) when a sentry tower get upgraded. I was wondering: whether those bonuses are included in the aura range that can be visualized ? If not it might make more sense to include these bonuses in the normal range rather than in some elevation bonuses. At least, the visual representation of the range would be closer to the real one. if something is wrong with them. I attached a replay in which I simply upgrade 3 sentry towers and check the elevation bonuses in each case. According to the structure tree, the elevation bonus should increase by 6 (even if I would prefer those to remain constant). However I get the following numbers: -8 -> -1 +3 -> +8 +16 -> +23 I guess that second issue might just be the result of rounding numbers but it would make more sense if the elevation bonus was only depending on where the tower was built. @Stan` metadata.json
  10. Summary of the game : Rush, mauryan rams and sneaky civic center. In this game, YilmazGNG discovers that macedonians have a siege workshop... Gamesettings: 4v4, 40 minutes, random civilization, 200 pop. Map: Mainland (Medium size, alpine biome, capture the relic) T1 Players: littlegirlbeatyou(1490) - Mauryans faction02(1465) - Mauryans Edwarf(1378) - Mauryans r4pt0r(1380) - Macedonians T2 Players: PhyZic(1705) - Kushites Palaiologos(1421) - Spartans Issh - Ptolemies YilmazGNG (1804) - Mauryans commands.txt metadata.json
  11. Does Palailogos has ninja skills too ? His 2 spartan sentry towers have both soldiers inside but there is no flag on them... replay
  12. Many players would disagree with this statement...
  13. Summary of the game : 4,3k infantry units, 1,3k cavalry units, 54 champions, 72 sieges units. A very long game in which one team took a significant lead in the "early" game. The course of the game was however slowly reversed through successions of small victories. Gamesettings: 4v4, 53 minutes of game time, random civilization, 200 pop. Map: Mainland (Normal size, autumn biome) T1 Players: Wendy(1705) - Sparta Unknown_Player(1644) - Mauryans MacWolf(1651) - Ptolemies randomid (∞) - Iberians T2 Players: PhyZic(1705) - Kushites faction02(1378) - Romans Edwarf (1465) - Persians aow - Mauryans commands.txt metadata.json
  14. I personnaly don't mind that a strategy wouldn't allow me to win over a >2000 player, I still don't know any strat that could do the trick xd I mostly see fanatics used in multiplayer games to kill trade or even steal the cc of player with a relatively low rating. Thanks for both the video and the complementary replay, they might both help in promoting more diversity in the gameplay.
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