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  1. Summary of the game : 4,3k infantry units, 1,3k cavalry units, 54 champions, 72 sieges units. A very long game in which one team took a significant lead in the "early" game. The course of the game was however slowly reversed through successions of small victories. Gamesettings: 4v4, 53 minutes of game time, random civilization, 200 pop. Map: Mainland (Normal size, autumn biome) T1 Players: Wendy(1705) - Sparta Unknown_Player(1644) - Mauryans MacWolf(1651) - Ptolemies randomid (∞) - Iberians T2 Players: PhyZic(1705) - Kushites faction02(1378) - Romans Edwarf (1465) - Persians aow - Mauryans commands.txt metadata.json
  2. I personnaly don't mind that a strategy wouldn't allow me to win over a >2000 player, I still don't know any strat that could do the trick xd I mostly see fanatics used in multiplayer games to kill trade or even steal the cc of player with a relatively low rating. Thanks for both the video and the complementary replay, they might both help in promoting more diversity in the gameplay.
  3. While watching a replay, I noticed that the flag disepeared from a tower after it started to get repaired despite the 5 slingers in there. PhyZic said he wanted to do ninja stuffs in that game, but how can britons do any ninja stuffs since they are britons ? The flag disepear around min 12. commands.txt metadata.json
  4. I am using the last version: 0.9.2, assuming it is related to autociv... I couldn't join games after that and after restarting 0ad, I couldn't even see any game anymore. I had to disable both autociv and fgod to get ride the error.
  5. Tiny suggestion: the grey bar can be annoying when there is another window open. It is not possible to click on the button below then because the grey bar get on top of it. It isn't too annoying because u can move the bar to click on what's below but maybe it isn't to complicated to fix...
  6. I have some related questions, just taking advantage of the attention on the topic about those computations... For example, consider a Kushites citizen soldiers, with a normal gathering rate for metal of 0,5. If I bring this unit close to a pyramid which gives +15%, the statistic displayed indicates 0,6 instead of 0,575, the same for a woman. First question: What is the effective rate at which metal is then gathered 0,6 or 0,575 ? The same works with a woman (bonus of +15% too), the unit gathering rate displayed becomes 0,6. Where I get puzzled is when I put a women + a pyramid nearby and the gathering rate remains at 0,6 instead of cumulating the two bonuses (1,15*1,15=1,3225 which should give a gathering rate of exactly 0,66125 or 15%+15%=30% should give a gathering rate of 0,65). Second question: Why isn't there any cumulative effect of having a woman+a pyramid around? Is there a rule to round statistics ? If I do now the first metal upgrade (+15%), then the gathering rate is 0,6 by default and get to 0,7 when I bring the unit close to a pyramid or to a woman. But having pyramid+women is useless again (no cumulative effect). If I do the second (+15% again), it gets to 0,7 by default and increase by 0,1 with a woman or a pyramid but the two doesn't cumulate again. If I do the last upgrade (+50%), it gets to 1, near a pyramid or near a woman, it gets to 1,1 and with 1 pyramid+1 woman, it gets to 1,3. I did the same for wood: By default: 0,8, with a woman: 0.8, with a pyramid 0,9, with both pyramid+woman: 0,9 Third question: Maybe with an answer on how numbers are rounded, it would be easier to understand but I have trouble trying to find the formula behind each case easily... After the first wood upgrade (+15%): 0.9, with a woman: 0.9, with a pyramid 1, with both pyramid+woman: 1,1 After the second wood upgrade (+15%): 1, with a woman: 1.1, with a pyramid 1.1, with both pyramid+woman: 1.3 After the third wood upgrade (+50%): 1.5, with a woman: 1.6, with a pyramid 1.7, with both pyramid+woman: 1.9 Last question: meh?
  7. Shadows enabled does help to get much nicer berries bushes in savana biome, but maybe a bit more red would help to spot them without using minimap when players uses low settings. Or we could potentially think of an alternative bush in that biome that could justify bigger/more visible fruits and help to make them easier to see. Apple trees are not always easily spotted neither if you don't search for them. Grapes and berries bushes are quite visible in any other biome than savana. Not something of a high priority but I have also noticed that trees have in general the same icon as berries bushes while grapes have their own nicely designed icon. I didn't know where to put that remark neither...
  8. I have the same error as this one with another game. It seems triggered by the end of the game. This time, I post the corresponding logs, and replays. Same version of fgod and autociv as previously. mainlog.html interestinglog.html commands.txt metadata.json
  9. This illustrates the smoothing representation well I guess. Since the real territory of all those towers is linked for the blue player (blue and red are enemies), the blue circles shouldn't exist probably I guess and the red lines shouldn't "isolate" somehow the territory of each tower. But what strikes me in this case is that one player territory isn't the "negative" of the other player territory, in the sense that everything that doesn't belong to blue should belong to red. Maybe when drawing the line, this constraint should be somehow imposed...
  10. disk space more likely since only 50 Gb left, but I have 16Gb ram so it should have been fine...
  11. I replayed both games. The error for the first screenshot didn't happen again (I checked), it might be related to the game ending somehow. For the second game, there was an additional one with respect to the screenshot, I didn't have time to read if it was the same one. Those files were updated once I closed the game. Would it be useful to separate the errors (replay the game with error until the first one, stop it, close the game to generate the files before the second one occurs...) ? interestinglog.html mainlog.html
  12. I have those two but I see they were modified with the latest error, so they might not be relevant anymore I guess. mainlog.html interestinglog.html
  13. hi, 2 mods enabled: fgod 1.6.22 autociv 0.6.1
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