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  1. If you look at it from the other side: someone is playing, then leaves. How can then the other player know anything about why the first player leaves? From the limited information available it is as easy to believe that someone is cheating as that someone is having issues with their internet connection. You can, however, report it here in the forums and it can be looked into, it's a lot more likely that the moderators will be positive towards you if you don't call people weirdoes or assume that there is some bad intention without more information (that is kind of the same thing as you are accusing the moderator/community of after all). @user1 @Hannibal_Barca
  2. feneur

    Translation of command

    If there would be a lot of translation topics it should have a forum of its own but for now, the https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/forum/312-game-development-amp-technical-discussion/ forum is the best place I guess. I'll move this topic there
  3. feneur

    [NOT] Just Another UI

    That's most definitely spam, or yeah, as Vladislav says, not really professional enough to do a good enough job anyway.
  4. feneur

    Honor League

    Now you can
  5. feneur

    Open 3D files on Wikimedia Commons

    As references, sure, but they've not made them available under any license which allows reuse, so the actual models can't be used.
  6. feneur

    Any news about lag fix

    This is mentioned here: But to answer your question: it's impossible to say (and to some extent to do as well, a game completely free from lag is probably not possible to achieve) as the issue is too complex. It's not just one little thing that can be improved and fix the problem, but rather a lot of smaller and bigger issues which together mean that the game doesn't run well enough under certain circumstances. To complicate it further plenty of the improvements needed to get the lag down to acceptable levels are among the most complicated areas of programming (perhaps especially pathfinding - how the units move around), so it's not just a matter of finding more people to work on it either as they not only need to be (or become) very skilled, they also need to be very familiar with the 0 A.D. code. All in all, this means that while small improvements continue to be made it will take a lot of time and a lot of work before lag is reduced enough. And that is not necessarily easy to define either. If you only play on small maps, using a few units, with only one other player, no AIs, are on the same local network or have a good internet connection, etc it's probably running pretty well already. But if you want to play on bigger maps, with more units, etc it will take a while before it runs well. If you also want to have all the graphical features set to max/enabled or don't have a very fast computer, or have high requirements for the number of frames per second you need to be able to enjoy the game, then it will take even longer.
  7. feneur


    Please mention it to help others running into the same issue in the future I think the root attach point is created/approximated automatically for all models.
  8. feneur

    0 AD on Steam

    Interesting read, thanks for looking into this (Y)
  9. Well, it is mentioned in the manual
  10. feneur

    Open source free minecraft

    Ah, yeah, it would have helped if you had been more specific, but that does indeed qualify For the same reasons I mentioned in the reply above (I usually just read the forums via the View New Posts list, and since I had already taken care of the spammer via the reports - if you feel like something is violating the rules that is a good system to use as it notifies us immediately - I was taken directly to your post so I assumed that you meant the entire topic. In general, I would recommend just using the report system for posts though, spammy topics usually stand out enough to get noticed immediately anyway.)
  11. feneur

    Open source free minecraft

    Had it been the first post of the account and/or been for something commercial. When it's by someone who has posted relevant non-advertisement posts previously, and for something free (and open source), it's certainly not a problem.
  12. I guess it might just be because of English not being your first language, but as far as I can tell they are both very calm, so no need to tell them off
  13. feneur

    vandalism / spam

    Attachment deleted. Thanks for the report and for restoring the page
  14. feneur

    celtic reference

    Done. Moved them to the Art references forum for now.