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  1. Not sure I assume it might have something to do with splitting the topic, but I don't have time to look into it further right now. @Franksy Would you please upload it again?
  2. Thanks for the heads up, split it into its own topic
  3. That he has got some units he likes in other games and he wants to recreate them in 0 A.D. =) Which is fine if it's just generic units, but if it's e.g. specific characters it's not really something we can support. Acolyte sounds like the former though I'll move this to the proper forum, if there is any reason at a later date to have it in the CoM forums just let me know and I will move it back
  4. Actually, Windows is the easy one as there is the autobuild. So, it's really not that difficult. It is of course more risky though as the game might crash more easily, and you will have to be sure that your opponent has got the exact same version if you want to play multiplayer.
  5. Moved to the CoM art dev forum.
  6. Not sure what you mean by "I haven't registered" as you obviously have registered an account here to be able to post in the first place =) Don't you have an internet connection for your computer? (Though I guess you must have if you have downloaded the game ) Either way, as long as you find the image on your computer (on Windows it's in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAMEHERE\Documents\My Games\0ad\screenshots , I'm not sure exactly where it is located on a Mac/linux, but https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths should give a hint where to start looking ) it should be really easy to get it into the post, either drog them from an open file browser window onto the "Drag files here to attach" area that appears underneath the box where you write your post, or click on the "choose files" linked text right next to that and navigate to the image
  7. It's an ancient symbol, so I don't really see why it should be removed (especially not when it's so clearly different from the Nazi one). If the game had been set in the modern world I'd say it'd have been best to not include that kind of symbol, but given that it's appropriate given the time and geographical location I think it's fine to keep it. Might be useful to educate people on its varied history though
  8. The default action is for units to capture buildings, siege weapons (and any units you have given specific orders to destroy via Ctrl-clicking) do destroy buildings though.
  9. Yeah. It's going to be really difficult to come up with a better name than that. I sometimes wonder how he (and other people who were around shaping the base of 0 A.D.'s design) would feel about the game as it is today, but (while I wasn't around to get to know him) I at the very least hope he would have been proud that there are still people working on the game at this point in time. The last word of that quote of his really has proven true, it's taken and will continue to take quite some perseverance to bring this project to a finish.
  10. There already is a wololo cheat https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Manual_Cheats It just converts the currently selected unit to belong to you thoough
  11. If the sounds are for Delenda Est, that's the best place yeah. If not I don't really see why
  12. That having old, now unused topics, would make it more difficult for someone to find the one they are actually supposed to take a look at if they want to contribute sounds. The new ones would get lost among the old ones.
  13. Isn't sound a kind of art? But seriously, I thought there already exists several topics where needed sounds are listed? I'm sure it might be better to lock those and create a new one/maybe even a new forum, but just creating a new topic without dealing with the existing ones will not help the situation.
  14. There are still ways to get the game onto Steam if that's a path that is chosen, but I don't think Steam or any other platform or service should be the only solution. It's not good to force people to use another platform, and especially hard to justify forcing people to use a non-Open Source platform to get mods for an Open Source game. To me the ideal would be if WFG could provide a place where you could search for mods, read descriptions about mods, rate them and comment on them, but where you would click on links to go to other platforms (ModDB, Nexusmods, Steam Workshop?, maybe there are others I don't know about) to get them. That way we would be able to provide a useful place to get information about mods, make it easy for mod authors/mod users to use sites/services they already are familiar with, without us having to either rely on one particular service or take the negative sides of hosting the mods ourselves (bandwidth usage, responsibility if not for the mods working as they are supposed to at least that they don't break the game/your computer). But even that does take quite some work to implement, especially since it would require user accounts and permissions etc. Perhaps could be done as a plugin to the forums, but then that requires knowledge of the IPB code, so not something that will be done overnight anyway =)
  15. For now you can set the difficulty per AI bot, just click the little gear next to the AI name and choose another difficulty setting. There are most likely many things which can be fine-tuned, and the AI behaviour could change between the difficulties. for now the default AI difficulty simply means that it will do its best without any bonuses.