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  1. As far as I can tell it's HH:MM:SS, no idea what the final numbers mean though.
  2. It should be about 1 and a half hour left (from when I'm writing this) before it's over according to the time mentioned in the ban message.
  3. That's one way to look at it, I prefer to look at it as an easy way to add to the conversation without having to clutter up the forum with a lot of posts with three or four letter words (and I'm not talking about bad words here, just things like yes, ok, lol).
  4. You can just wait until the ban is over, if it feels like you're waiting a long time, maybe remember that next time you are about to do something that might be questionable Take a few seconds to think about whether or not to do something, might be annoying to spend a little while thinking about something, but seconds or even minutes is nothing compared to hours
  5. Not sure what I can say, but in either case I've not edited the post, nor has Nescio. I'm certainly not wanting you to feel disappointed, but I'm not going to lie just to make you feel better. I hope you will want to keep being a part of the community around 0 A.D. and contribute to it for many years to come, but then you need to be mature enough to admit that things might be different to how you want them to be. There aren't 100s of reviewers for every patch submitted, there isn't the time to write an essay on each and every suggestion or discussion that's posted on the forums, etc etc. The team members are at least as disappointed with that as anyone else, but that doesn't change things. If you have constructive suggestions for how to improve things feel free to offer them, but just complaining about something that then turns out to be the opposite of what you claim doesn't help anyone.
  6. A question: Will people not just remember who you are and play/not play with you regardless of which account you play with in this kind of scenario? It might take a match or two before people realize, but would that really make enough of a difference to make it worthwhile. It also seems unfair towards the people who might want either a more difficult or an easier match if someone joins who are of unknown skill level and then turns out to either let his team down or crush the other players.
  7. I don't really see why you are arguing all the wrong things. It doesn't really change that much if you insulted the person saying something or those reacting to what was said.
  8. Well, maybe where I mentioned the part of your message that I deleted I've forgotten the exact word you used, but it was worse than stupid, so maybe you shouldn't question your own words, but rather try to choose them more carefully before writing them.
  9. @JC (naval supremacist) In a way you was the one who sent it to his screen, so I'm not sure how offensive it was that he recorded that you sent it. And while shut up might not be a polite way to say no thanks it's a long way away from even calling people cowards as you did just before, but certainly from racial slurs. I really don't see how you even jokingly can see yourself as a gentleman in this situation.
  10. If you want to change the situation, maybe explain why you think the banning is not warranted? You say that he has banned you multiple times, that does seem to indicate that you have created multiple accounts, in which case the bans would be justified. Right now there is very little to support your argument (and if anything what you say suggests that you are wrong), so it's hard to see any reason why the bans wouldn't be justified.
  11. I'm really not understanding what you are looking for. What I'm seeing in this thread is someone coming to complain about something not being noticed or cared about, several months after it was cared about enough to be included in the game. And I'm certainly not seeing how people pointing to your contribution being cared about can be seen as something either entitled or rude. People did indeed display confusion and amusement at your angry comments contrasted to the reality being opposite of what you were suggesting, which might not be polite, but which certainly is understandable given how surprising they were. People cannot edit their posts without moderators and admins being able to see it, so either you are likely to have misunderstood or just misremembered it. Either way, my main reason for commenting was that I was genuinely confused. Especially why you tried to continue making something an issue where there never was one to begin with. At least not apart from possible miscommunication or similar. Which is of course serious, but which certainly isn't going to be helped if you are looking for insults and issues.
  12. I really don't get it. Do you want to be banned from both the lobby and the forums? What is it you are looking for? Because if not you should be careful inviting others to provide more and more proof of your bad behaviour. There have been people supporting you, saying there are real world causes for your behaviour and that you have tried to behave better. Right now though almost everything I see seems to indicate that you for some reason don't want to even try to be a nice person. Punishment rarely helps to change someones behaviour, but at least banning you would make the place nicer for others.
  13. You could just ignore them you know
  14. Not sure where you are reading that, in his post he says that the issue was corrected, but the first mention of the word submitted in this topic is by you.
  15. Well, this being an internet forum I don't think we can require of people to be formal. And I would suggest that if you want people to like you more, the best way is to treat them better than they treat you. Might cost a bit more effort at first, but it will pay off in the long run.
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