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  1. For more information see: We will let you know once they are enabled again.
  2. Admittedly there was a lot of other text as well, so I don't blame you for missing it, but the info was there: Attach the files (crashlog.txt and crashlog.dmp, though if I read the error message correctly the latter might not exist) to a reply in this topic, to find them go to the linked page, or if you're on Windows just click the "Open logs folder" menu item in the Start menu.
  3. I doubt that would help, if people don't read it now I don't think they will read it later. I do think we could make error reporting easier though, maybe it would be possible for the game to gather up the relevant files into a zip file and include a link that would open in the file browser of their operating system, so it would just be to take that and upload. But if nothing else we should most likely at least include a link to the game data paths page in the wiki so people would have an idea where to find them.
  4. We will re-enable registrations once we deem it possible. See for more information on what happened, and check the announcements forum to know when they are re-enabled.
  5. Does loading bigger maps work in-game?
  6. New registrations are currently disabled due to one person being involved in rude and illegal behaviour towards other players. He kept registering new accounts to get around us banning him, so we unfortunately had to take this step. Once we have found a way to stop it or the person has stopped misbehaving we will re-enable registrations again.
  7. You certainly can choose to install most applications on another disk Which is useful
  8. New registrations are currently disabled due to one person being involved in illegal behaviour towards other players, and registering new accounts to get around banning. Until the issue is resolved registrations will be disabled.
  9. Until the spamming has stopped or we have found a way to stop it. It might take a week if the person responsible for it stops mistreating other players, but if not it might take months or years.
  10. A couple of not-even-that-new games and it's easy to use up several hundred GB. If you do art related things it's easy as well, especially video.
  11. What is the point of this topic? It sounds like spam from a quick look, but I doubt that you would have registered and participated in the forums just to eventually post something that doesn't apply to most people visiting the forums. So I am confused
  12. There is a bug in Alpha 21, so you will have to go to the options and change a setting, click save, and then go to the language selection. This is fixed in the development version, but we didn't think it was a big enough thing to release a new version just to fix this.
  13. To view the animations you can use the Actor Viewer that is included in Atlas. It allows you to select specific units/animations and loop them and play them slowly + more but I think those are the relevant ones for audio creation.
  14. Not that I think that Vacuna is necessarily a perfect choice anyway, but I really don't see why vaccine and "related to cows" would be arguments against using a name =) What's wrong with cows?