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  1. 0AD Discord Server

    It's not my decision to make though
  2. New forum layout lacks contrast

    Most likely, it just doesn't seem to be all that urgent as you still can use the forum without easily reading the bread crumb links (+ I have been busy), so I have been postponing it. I should hopefully be able to look into this, and other things, during the next couple of days though. I am a bit uncertain whether or not there might be something that causes things to be different for different people. The breadcrumbs are gray to me, but they are mentioned to be pastel? Maybe it's because they are all marked as visited for me The text on the Create New Topic button on an existing topic is not high contrast no, but the one in a forum is easy to see, so again, nice to improve, but not urgent.
  3. 0AD Discord Server

    If the quoted part is what is causing controversy I'd say there's really no need to worry. It does really just say that they can use content transmitted via their service in the operation of their service. I'd say that license is probably required to at all be able to run such a service (if they can't display it, how can you see what someone else writes? If they can't create derivate works, how can they say create thumbnails of images or things like that? If they can't publish it, how can someone else see what you write? etc), the "perpetual" part is probably a bit unnecessary, but otherwise it'd be hard to create logs - or the license would have to define a set limit. Not sure there are logs, but if there are =) Not sure what you want me to do here :unsure:
  4. 0ad bug with firefox 55?

    IIRC SpiderMonkey can either be system-wide or specific to 0 A.D. could it be that you are using the former and that somehow affects things? I would assume not as that would have been more logical if you always had the issue, than if it just has begun. SpiderMonkey is all that 0 A.D. and FireFox has got in common though, right?
  5. Lack of contrast in selector mod

    I assume it's RGBA, and am pretty sure that 0 is 0% and 255 is 100% of a given color
  6. Range visualization

    Is it possible to only display the range in certain situations? (E.g. when a tower is selected or when you are placing a foundation.) If so I doubt it would add many circles at the same time, but I could be wrong =)
  7. A square masked off.
  8. Thanks for the reminder, I'll get right on it
  9. Logo Theft?

    You certainly can sell them. And while we might not have stated it recently we have at least previously had the opinion that the creator of something is free to decide if he/she does something else with the content. (Obviously you would have to abide by the license if you are e.g. using an existing texture etc, but for something you have created from scratch.)
  10. Logo Theft?

    I don't think we have specified how we want it, nor is there any general recommendation that I am aware of. But that would be one option yes. Report them with evidence of copyright theft if the store allow you to do that.
  11. Logo Theft?

    No. The question is also whether they make their art available under the same license (or at least any art that is based on cc-by-sa art, exactly what happens when you combine art with different licenses is too complicated for non-lawyers to discuss generally =) ). :-P If they only use art from others I guess that point is quite moot though. *rolleyes* But generally speaking they are allowed to use our art, as long as they give credit and make anything they create based on it available under the same license. That doesn't go for non-free/CC/OS Art though. That's a clear violation of the law.
  12. At the moment we don't really have someone who has the responsibility for audio. I think @Itms and possibly @Pureon as well have some opinion on it as least, but ideally we would find someone who can focus on it So you are definitely welcome @Ell
  13. Split out into its own topic, I hope I gave it a decent title, but if not please suggest improvements