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  1. Really?

    @Sundiata I'm not going to be the moderator of any discussions, I've more or less left the project. I try to help out with the forums, but that's about it. I also doubt that another public discussion would be useful, there's no lack of that as it is. What would be needed would be someone who could both take the lead on design and get support for their ideas. Just having random discussions will just result in more information to go through, but no consensus to act on. Just going on without more defined design is unlikely to provide an enjoyable game, or at least as good a game as would otherwise be possible. But on the other hand, there is no point in having the best idea if you can't convince others (especially the ones who will implement it) to see things the way you do, or at least see that it's worth compromising to get a better end-point. So far there has been no such person, at least not for the last bunch of years. There was quite a lot of design discussion and decisions which were made in the projects early days, but not only have all those people left the project many years ago, a lot of things has happened which has put things in new light (features have been cut due to time constraints or technical limitations, and sometimes been added/added back later, other games have brought new ideas, etc.). So I do see that there might be a need to re-evaluate things. As for wow leaving, leper expressed himself a bit harshly, but at least he's still around and can be talked to. Wow just left and didn't even seem to consider that he might have been wrong/misunderstood things. It might just have been a symptom of him being less than hopeful with the project overall and this just being a catalyst for that. In either case, and while it's certainly worth taking seriously how the team reacts to community contributors, it's hard to take him completely serious as he's done the same thing (though under a different alias) several times before.
  2. Territory markings missing on OSX

    I don't use a Mac (haven't built the game for years either, should almost be considered retired), I just thought I'd ask since it seemed as if Servo didn't know what to do with the information he was given
  3. Territory markings missing on OSX

    Do you know about the command line/terminal @Servo ?
  4. Really?

    Yeah, it seems like a matter of miscommunication. There was no information given that the change would not be required for mods as well on the one hand, but on the other hand, @wowgetoffyourcellphone just assumed that he would have to change everything rather than ask if it was the case.
  5. Can you help me on my latest post?

  6. I would recommend reading the devlog of the developer of the game Banished: http://www.shiningrocksoftware.com/2011-06-01-the-story-so-far/ (and going forward in time), it's got a lot of useful information, both on the process and on more practical decisions as well. If you're going to create a game yourself it's probably relevant to read what it's been like for someone who created it himself (and he finished the game as well, so it's not just "how to get started", but the entire story ). I think the topic is too big for a tutorial though, so learning about the process and what to think about is probably the most relevant
  7. error cant find

    See your existing topic: for Lion's answer
  8. What do you think about renaming this topic to something like "Who would like a fantasy mod?" There isn't a clear cut border between which posts belong to a Warcraft mod discussion and which belong to a more generic discussion, and seeing as there aren't any details/work done on the mod already I think it's probably better that way I would suggest staying away from specific intellectual property though; it's really easy to break the law there. Better to do some generic fantasy mod Orcs or elves or whatever general things can't be copyrighted after all =)
  9. New forum layout lacks contrast

    I did try the other day to change things a bit, but I was unable to find the place for some of the link text, and the color of the number in the "speech bubble" in the image below is the same as is used in the title of the area, among other things, so it's hard to find a solution that works in all cases. So I had to revert some changes I made.
  10. Can't create groups

    Previously when people have had an issue with creating control groups, it's been because of the interaction between the game and their keyboard (most if not all cases: they've had a non-qwerty keyboard), but that doesn't seem likely in your case if it's been working previously. Has something changed with your keyboard? (Or have you gotten a new one?)
  11. That's not true. The art (and sound and other data) is available under the CC-BY-SA license, which means that as long as you give proper attribution (i.e. tells where/who you got it from), and that anything you create based on it is available under the same license, you can sell it or distribute it as you like. (Also, if one is to be nitpicky, the CC0 license would have meant that one basically (not fully, but more or less) could have done whatever with it, not that it would be more restrictive.)
  12. That's not really relevant in this case though. For a new game, he can call the version whatever he wants. As for the question itself: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ReleaseProcessDraft#Prepareforpackaging lists the places where the Alpha name is mentioned.
  13. How to start modifying?

    I don't know for sure, but I think Glory that's used in Delenda Est works something like that. Maybe take a look at it and see if you can do something similar?
  14. Facebook animated banner

    Video for cover is available
  15. Considering that he hasn't logged in to the forums for four years, it's unlikely that you will get a reply