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  1. feneur

    Open source free minecraft

    Ah, yeah, it would have helped if you had been more specific, but that does indeed qualify For the same reasons I mentioned in the reply above (I usually just read the forums via the View New Posts list, and since I had already taken care of the spammer via the reports - if you feel like something is violating the rules that is a good system to use as it notifies us immediately - I was taken directly to your post so I assumed that you meant the entire topic. In general, I would recommend just using the report system for posts though, spammy topics usually stand out enough to get noticed immediately anyway.)
  2. feneur

    Open source free minecraft

    Had it been the first post of the account and/or been for something commercial. When it's by someone who has posted relevant non-advertisement posts previously, and for something free (and open source), it's certainly not a problem.
  3. I guess it might just be because of English not being your first language, but as far as I can tell they are both very calm, so no need to tell them off
  4. feneur

    vandalism / spam

    Attachment deleted. Thanks for the report and for restoring the page
  5. feneur

    celtic reference

    Done. Moved them to the Art references forum for now.
  6. getting rich by donations atm

  7. Not sure how this law would affect contributing Do you mean that it might be harder to find good, free source images to use for textures etc since some sites might not be able to afford to get a proper system in place?
  8. feneur

    Free Games and Offers

    Had it been the first post of a user, not in the relevant topic, the link been to a suspicious looking site. Then I would have thought it might be. In this case I don't though.
  9. feneur

    Mute / Ban players.

    The reasons aren't publicly visible as far as I know though but in @ffffffff's case, I really can't understand why he needs to be reminded of why calling people certain words really isn't talking about them in a nice way. Having a reason displayed for people, as well as clearly stating where they should go to explain the situation would probably help make people accept and learn from their mistakes. Especially since that way they won't have to feel as if creating a new account is the only way to discuss what has happened.
  10. feneur

    Got banned for no reason!

    When you register for the lobby you have to agree to the terms and conditions, which clearly states this, so it should not be a surprise. Especially since ours are short enough to read without giving up =) Done (Y)
  11. feneur

    Free Games and Offers

    Not sure if the GoG version of Unreal Gold is different, but it seems to work fine without any edits
  12. 36€ until the 29th, but yeah, one needs to consider what one is willing to spend. I'm "having" to force myself not to buy many new games since I haven't played a lot of the ones I have bought already. The trouble with all the deals all the time =) "I better take advantage of this, I know I want to play it eventually, and it is a good deal"... =)
  13. Thanks for noticing, it's been fixed (Y) Thanks for letting us know, it's been fixed
  14. feneur

    Known Problems (Please read before posting)

    I think it needs to be decided a bit more before being posted about.