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  1. Thanks for noticing, it's been fixed (Y) Thanks for letting us know, it's been fixed
  2. feneur

    Known Problems (Please read before posting)

    I think it needs to be decided a bit more before being posted about.
  3. feneur

    Where are you from?

    Done (Y)
  4. feneur

    Unit roles and balance

    Ok, done (Y)
  5. feneur

    Unit roles and balance

    If you give me a list of exactly what posts would go in there I guess I could, but maybe just start a new topic with any conclusions after the discussion is gotten to a point where you have a conclusion. This topic is messy as is, so it can just as well be used for the discussion =)
  6. feneur

    Using Comma key for unit creation doesn't work

    I'm not stanislas, but I think it's ok if I did it =)
  7. feneur

    0AD assets in unity

    It should probably be checked whether there are any restrictions placed on assets used in the Unity engine, and whether or not any such restrictions are compatible with the 0 A.D. license. And of course what your goals are. If you're just creating a project for yourself/a school project or similar there shouldn't be much to worry about, if something that is to be released for free probably not very much either. However, if it is going to be sold/combined with other assets some more caution is needed. Actually especially in the latter, as the CC-BY-SA license requires that the same license that is on the 0 A.D. assets applies to assets made with them, which might not work if you e.g. combine a 0 A.D. unit with a helmet found under another license. Exactly where to draw the line is a bit difficult though, so to make it easier for you it's best to either just use content that has a CC-BY-SA license (possibly combined with content you create yourself) or to only use content with other licenses.
  8. feneur

    hola yo soy el jugador 2blea

    As far as I can tell from https://launchpad.net/~wfg/+archive/ubuntu/0ad only A22 is available in that repository, maybe he's already added the dev repository (wfg/0ad.dev), and now it's detecting that as the newest version and installing that? If so he could try removing that repository and try installing again afterwards.
  9. Wasn't it around that time where the more heavy graphics options were enabled by default?
  10. feneur

    Launch error.

  11. feneur

    Lobby server downtime

    No, this is just the lobby server that needs some maintenance to work better in the future
  12. feneur

    2941 AD (A LotR mod at ModBD)

    It is indeed an area with a lot of uncertainty, but that's really more of a reason to err on the side of cautiousness In the dictionary I have on my shelf they are certainly both included, so any distinction he used is more of a curiosity I'd say =)
  13. feneur

    2941 AD (A LotR mod at ModBD)

    Dwarves are generic enough, but when it comes to the look it depends on how unique they are, and that would most likely be too complicated to just say "this is legal" or "this dwarf is too similar to the LotR dwarves", so it would have to be decided in a court. Or settled before that if you don't have the money to pay lawyers So yeah if one wants to be certain to avoid trouble one should make sure that what one is creating is not close to what is already existing. I guess it mostly comes down to whether or not they deem it worthwhile. With trademarks, I believe it's a bit more strict because (if I recall correctly) there is some rule stating that if you don't make enough effort defending your trademark you might lose it, so companies are going to be harder against that. Also, I believe companies are less likely to interfere if all the content is newly created (though if it's using their characters, stories, etc, it's still illegal), rather than just, for example, copying/modifying game assets from one game to work in another.
  14. feneur

    2941 AD (A LotR mod at ModBD)

    It's definitely illegal, and Hyrule Conquest is illegal as well. I guess they've just not noticed it, I was of the impression that Nintendo is about as aggressive as the people owning the rights to LotR. Maybe they just pretend like they don't see things if they are not popular/well-known enough.