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  1. 3vs3 Mainland (Destruction of JC)

    Have you read the posts in this topic? There is no reason to add to the conflict, so please don't. It only makes me more inclined to delete/hide the entire topic.
  2. Im trying ..

    Hmm, seeing as you posted this in the mod sub-forum (though in the announcements, which is not the place for user questions, so I've moved it to help and feedback) I'm assuming that what you are trying to put into a folder is a mod?
  3. Hyrule Conquest

    That's just the .exe though, so you'd be missing all the other important changes.
  4. Hyrule Conquest

    You do need TortoiseSVN (or a similar program) to download it, but once downloaded it usually "just works" (sometimes there might be changes that require a new .exe to be built, but usually that happens pretty quickly). Using TortoiseSVN is really easy, see https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/TortoiseSVN_Guide for more information, the sections 2, 3 and 4 are the important ones.
  5. Black Panther

    The left one almost looks like a 3D printed version of a low res image of the right one :-P
  6. How to get SVN version?

    No, don't use the repobrowser. Use the normal browser, and checkout the entire 0 A.D. SVN. If you want it in more detail see https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/TortoiseSVN_Guide, but in short Checkout http://svn.wildfiregames.com/public/ps/trunk to a new folder of your choosing (either accept the name that is chosen automatically or change it in the checkout dialog).
  7. 3vs3 Mainland (Destruction of JC)

    Sure, there might be some value to that. However, while this thread sure can stay visible for a couple of days so everyone has got a chance to see it, I don't think the benefits of having it around in the future are very big. It will still exist if it's needed for reference, but to leave it visible could just as likely cause tension as learning.
  8. 3vs3 Mainland (Destruction of JC)

    Since @Hannibal_Barca has got experience with improved behavior I think the best course of action is to hide this entire topic (the first post was rude after all. I have to admit I hadn't even looked at it beforehand though, which might be something to consider in general - it's not always to one's benefit to answer to an insult since it might call more attention to the insult.), but not to ban @JC (naval supremacist). I do encourage you to please overcompensate with good behavior though, and see it as an opportunity to impress us with being nice and humble. And I think it's probably good for all of us (definitely including myself) to interpret what others say/write in the most positive way possible and to consider that what we say will most likely be interpreted in the most negative. That would probably be helpful in quite a few situations online
  9. How to get SVN version?

    Hmm, what do you mean by open, and what exactly is it you are trying to open? The safest way to checkout is probably to let TortoiseSVN create a new folder, and to be sure there doesn't exist a folder with that name in that place already. Actually, looking back at your screenshots it looks as if you are trying to run the game via the TortoiseSVN Repobrowser (which doesn't look at the files on your computer, but at the files on the server). Please try running the game by going to the binaries\system folder using the normal Windows Explorer file browser instead
  10. 3vs3 Mainland (Destruction of JC)

    Let me explain how one can come to such a conclusion: You do have a history of if not being at least appearing arrogant. Then someone posts a topic in which he tells of your defeat in no uncertain terms (and to be fair in a way that ridicules you). Then a couple of months later, so one can not really assume that it is an immediate reaction, but a deliberate response, you reply basically saying that you assume that gloating over your defeat is the only reason he has to stay alive. And that you think he's a lonely person. Do you truly not see how that could be interpreted as you, if not wishing him dead/saying he should die, at least making it sound as if it is something you thought he was at risk of? I don't think anyone would think that you actually thought it was likely, which is why I said that you shouldn't be joking about such matters. The beginning of your defense sounds fine, but then you mention running after cars, what is that even about? Completely unnecessary. It would have made a lot more sense if you just would have admitted that you were angry or something, but (although I hope you're not being serious even in a small way) more or less questioning their sanity (you are after all basically saying that you thought he might be going out running after cars if he didn't spend time in front of his computer instead) doesn't exactly tell me that you have any interest in respecting other people. Have I been interpreting things more strongly because of past experiences? Sure. Is it fair? Not really no. But, is the best way to combat that to just be silly and not expressing any interest in being taken seriously? Let me tell you the only way for you to change my opinion of you: to go the other way completely, and be more serious, more polite, more respectful than the situation requires. Of course it's not easy, but it's worth it if you want to continue being a part of this community. It's your choice though, but I think there are more people than I who would be more likely to interpret your actions favorably after a period of more positive behavior from you.
  11. How to get SVN version?

    Hmm, that sounds weird. Usually when you get a notice that something can't be opened/run it's because it's already running when you are trying to run the application, not when you are trying to install it, but that might just be that you don't recall exactly what words were used, so I'm not sure how useful that thought is It should definitely be possible to install it even if it's already installed though, but it might still give a warning. It should look something like this: (ps is the folder where I've checked out the 0 A.D. SVN repository)
  12. How to get SVN version?

    Just to make things a bit clearer, on Windows using TortoiseSVN it says "SVN Update", and in my experience you might have to left-click on the folder name to get the proper right-click menu (sometimes it seems like you get the right-click menu for the folder you're in rather than the one you've clicked on, but maybe that's just me thought it was worth mentioning anyway though).
  13. 3vs3 Mainland (Destruction of JC)

    @JC (naval supremacist) Unless you're able to give a very good reason that was the final straw and you will be banned from the forums. Joking about suicide is not something that should be tolerated in our forums, and given your history, it's sadly hard to find much room for sympathy/will to assume you didn't mean anything negative.
  14. What are the dimensions of the window?
  15. ===[TASK]=== Differentiating Britons and Gauls

    For the first release 500 B.C - 1 B.C. so that's what you should be aiming for in this case.