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  1. Aha! I missed the gap in line numbers there, thanks. So do those line numbers match up with the latest release? -Michael
  2. I was able to fix the options screen by increasing the height by 44px. In binaries/data/mods/public/gui/options/options.xml I changed line 17: <object name="options" type="image" style="ModernDialog" size="50%-476 50%-316 50%+476 50%+316"> to: <object name="options" type="image" style="ModernDialog" size="50%-476 50%-338 50%+476 50%+338"> Worked fine, although maybe I overshot by a couple px: I don't know what the gui standards are for line height in this window so I just guessed. -Michael
  3. Thanks! I came up with a workaround for the infinite loop issue. In binaries/data/mods/public/gui/session/session.js I added the following global: var g_AutosaveInitialized = false; And then in @vladislavbelov code I modified the if statement to only trigger if it's false, and immediately set it to true the first time around: function GetSimState() { if (!g_SimState) g_SimState = Engine.GuiInterfaceCall("GetSimulationState"); if (!g_IsNetworked && !g_IsReplay && Engine.ConfigDB_GetValue("user", "autosave") == "true" && !g_AutosaveInitialized) {
  4. Ok, so, I tested @vladislavbelov's patch. It was obviously designed for an earlier version of 0ad, but it did essentially work with a few flaws. I went with 4417_autosave.2.patch on the assumption that was the newer version of the patch. The code in binaries/data/mods/public/gui/session/session.js originally looked like this in his diff: function GetSimState() { if (!g_SimState) onSimulationUpdate(); setTimeout(displayGamestateNotifications, 1000); // Report the performance after 5 seconds (when we're still near // the initial camera view) and a minute (w
  5. Should, as in it's how it is supposed to work? Or should as in you feel like it should be there if it isn't? And do you know anything about modding? Does my idea sound like something that is doable if so? -Michael
  6. Ok, cool, did not know about that... but it doesn't appear to work, or if it does it would not help with a crash. I just initialized a game, hit SHIFT-F5, saw the message that the game was saved, and then quit. I then restarted 0 A.D. and went to Load game from the menu, and there was no quicksave. I started a game, hit SHIFT-F8 and got this message: It looks like you can only Quicksave and Quickload within an active session, which would not work for crashed games. -Michael
  7. I didn't dig too deep into the tutorials yet because I am hoping this might actually be a quick, easy, down and dirty thing that someone would know the answer to. I was finally getting a decent game going tonight when it crashed on me just now (yay!), which is when I discovered that autosave is not something that is implemented in the game. I noticed that mods incorporate Javascript, and I know that native Javascript has the ability to utilize timers. Is there a way to set a timer to autosave the game every 60 seconds? I am not even worried about incremental saves that would allow me to roll b
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