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  1. It's fine. Not everything always pans out the way you want. We had great time though - chatting with you guys and researching all of the parts we needed was educating and the breakthroughs and help we got from you were beyond anything imaginable. We also got certificates of excellence for the path we took while creating and planning everything, so there's that!
  2. A quick update: The moving of files to the data folder did help the VFS error we were having, but now it's just back to error code number 0 and game freezes... Today is the presentation, and it's sad to end the project on this note,but we'll the best out of the situation. Thanks for everyone who tried to help us!
  3. Interesting, but unfortunately we won't have time to commit to a server right now. Therefore we will stay with the Files...
  4. Update: I've finally managed to upload the entire repo of our latest work,you can check it out yourself here :https://github.com/ram1660/0ad If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  5. I tried to make an E-Net server-client, however I was confused about how to make the connection also my guide told me and to my partner to do not tarry on it if we are getting stuck and just stick to the idea of the files which made sense because it "worked" until we found all of these problems.
  6. Yeah,It doesn't work. I guess it just defaults to everything in the simulation folder.
  7. Well, I tried to create a dummy file and just see if I could read data from it, but apparently it is not working at all, regardless of using a file or anything else. Does anyone know what could be the reason for that? I'm pretty sure that is what happens too since the VFS_load (Whatever that is) is the same that was for us beforehand.
  8. Okay, should I try just using the absolute path into a folder i create in the mod folder in My games? I'll also chekc the cpp file, thanks!
  9. I see. I guess it one of the main folders of the game, and not our custom-made,right? also, I did want to move the actual files to a place like My Documents, because I suspected a conflict early on, but as far as I understood the Engine.ReadFile and WriteFile wouldn't work with it, right? (The path needs to be like the one we used in the code examples above,and not absolute?) Also, is there a place where I can check error codes? I tried to change the way we handle a time when JS tries to access the .txt, and got the following error code: Assertion failed: "el_size != 0" Location: wdb
  10. Can you please explain what does hotloaded mean? I'm unfamiliar with the term. Interesting idea! Is there a good way to rename a file in JS? EDIT: I gave it some thought and I can't really see how it fits our code, since our objective is that the Python script will create a file and that file will be processed by the JavaScript.
  11. What you say may be true, but unfortunately we tried to figure out to be sure and it didn't quite work yet. Here is how we handle the file accessing, JS-side (defenseManger.js): let i = 0; while(i < 100000) // delaying the JavaScript Side so python can catch-up. i++; if( Engine.isFileInUse("D:\\Users\\micha\\Desktop\\ram-and-michael\\binaries\\data\\mods\\public\\simulation\\ai\\petraML\\mlData\\answer.txt") && !Engine.FileExists("simulation/ai/petraML/mlData/answer.txt")) return -1; Engine.AppendToBuffer("a"); Engine.WriteToFile("simulation/ai/petraML/mlData/zxc
  12. We dealt with that problem where there was a data race between Python and the game where they both tried to access the same file. We added exceptions handling on the Python side and making sure no other process is using the file. I don't think the Python script is related to that problem any more. As I said I will upload the whole project including the ML model so you will be able to see every step we are making and maybe spot where we did wrong.
  13. Me and my partner modified functions and code I think it won't be possible to reproduce without uploading the whole project to GitHub and getting Anaconda set up correctly on your side. I will upload the project tomorrow.
  14. I am on Windows. I can give you the files we modified + the script or share our repo if you would like!
  15. EDIT: The repository https://github.com/ram1660/0ad Hey guys, long time has passed,and I hoped I could resurface with a similar question to previous ones: Me and my partner have continued working on our ML AI and on the brink of finishing, but one error is continuously bothering us: When reading the answer.txt file that contains the % of winning an engagement using Engine.ReadFile() in the assignDefenders function , we usually see an error in game that reads: " CVFSFile: file simulation/ai/petraML/mldata/answer.txt could not be opened(vfs_load: -110101)" later on, if it runs too m
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