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  1. PhyZik

    goatissh dominance

    OP trick. Even my teammates fell for it and resigned which made the trick look even more credible... GOATs meta-strats.
  2. PhyZik

    goatissh dominance

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-D_CwlTBtY Video version commented by @ValihrAnt
  3. Ultra OP Cavy as it had never been seen before. Only GOAT can handle them.
  4. PhyZik


    camel got banned for excessive dancing abuse, right? BB mi camello.
  5. Upon a request, I upload this here. commands.txt metadata.json
  6. Emperior (1465), PhyZic (1694), nigel87 (1582), Lord_Commander (1590) vs. Merkel4.0 (1434), Unknown_Player (1631), borg- (2300), kizitom (1688) 1 game before Emperior, Nigel and GOAT lost vs the team of Borg and UP. This time 3/4 of our players decided to rush. The result was impressive: Emperior rolled Borg, while GOAT was suppressing his flank like a boss delivering horrific cavy raids. However I commanded Lord_Commander just to boom for fast rams. He failed at that and went p3 after GOAT had a fort up. Luckily enough, Emperior was steamrolling Borg already.... Group photo of the victorius team: commands.txt metadata.json
  7. I fear the evidence is overwhelming: JC has and is the weakest link in any chain. It's time to officially announce the JC-LAW.
  8. This was this kind of game where GOAT managed to mass his cavy that the end of the game was mathematically predetermined besides both flanks losing ground and some nubs (we won't call names, right _zoro_?) started panicing. Corrected by GOAT. Thank me later.
  9. I expect the mighty dog (ValihrAnt) to enter the witness stand and position himself...
  10. I would be very grateful for an epic GOAT screenshot, which I may use as my avatar.
  11. I would like to report YilmazGNG for quitting a rated game. @go2die @Hannibal_Barca, @user1 commands.txt metadata.json
  12. PhyZik

    2200 ELO 1vs1

    Very OP 1vs1. First it looked like gg for borg- because he had barely any wood and got towered... But somehow he managed to recover due to good food income from fishing and produce the killer-cavy, which easily killed all archers of ValihrAnt. Short summary commands.txt metadata.json
  13. See the one and only Lord of the Seas with a remarkable 0.02 k/d in a 4vs4 on his favourite map. Short summary of the game: metadata.json commands.txt
  14. GG after all. But when I watched the stream replay I found out, that camel was dancing not only against me but at every opportunity, this fact had also been noticed by the commentators multiple times. He used it against LANDLORD and got big advantage out of it in the first rush. But he also used later in all main battles. Maybe he was busy adjusting his hat (see picture below) when Unknown_Player wrote NO DANCING. On the other hand UP saw that camel was dancing like table***** but wasn't to bothered since he was gaining huge advantages out of this clownshow.
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