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  1. See the one and only Lord of the Seas with a remarkable 0.02 k/d in a 4vs4 on his favourite map. Short summary of the game: metadata.json commands.txt
  2. GG after all. But when I watched the stream replay I found out, that camel was dancing not only against me but at every opportunity, this fact had also been noticed by the commentators multiple times. He used it against LANDLORD and got big advantage out of it in the first rush. But he also used later in all main battles. Maybe he was busy adjusting his hat (see picture below) when Unknown_Player wrote NO DANCING. On the other hand UP saw that camel was dancing like table***** but wasn't to bothered since he was gaining huge advantages out of this clownshow.
  3. I really do believe in the illusion of democratic principles and all the negatives (atrocities) this illusion helped to enforce. Yeah, that's exactly what they "fear". Partly right: it's bigger, but it's not a fight, since most people worldwide are still in the stage of observing that some "democratic deficit is growing at an alarming rate" or, which is much worse, "have not encountered restrictions of any kind" yet. Astonishing stuff.
  4. PhyZik


    Thx Barcid, very interessting approach. Hmm could we choose to interpret frequent pausing during critical battle situations (like when your teammate loses his soldiers and rams) as such? Because that was exactly the reason I started, after a warning, kicking fpre and later Pudim. That aside, I said the game was lost for our side anyway. What would you say Barcid, how should we proceed with abusers of pauses like Pudim? Do you need to consult a colleague? I certainly choose to interpret pause-button-abuse as gaining unfair advantages in multiplayer matches as much as I choose to interpret Pudim to go AFK during running games or pointlessly complaining about being kicked for pausing games as undermining of multiplayer matches.
  5. fpre, Avinash, lapatiencos, PhyZic vs camelius, lodbrog, chrstrgtr, shade11 One of the very few games where despite losing on both flank the tides were turned due to coordinated teamplay. GOAT like cavy raids, 2vs1 steamrolls, sniping of endless catas & bolts and much suspense. goat replay.rar
  6. Boudica brother, I think your de-anonymization time has come... I found you! Please re-log, Dr. Singh
  7. Who got steamrolled? Everyone! commands.txt metadata.json
  8. Epic game. Fpre had some unpleasant experiences vs RedViper and LANDLORD some matches previously. It was his chance for revenge. Very OP strats.
  9. PhyZik

    2vs2 Mainland

    Dizaka, PhyZic vs. chrstgtr, phoenixdesk. OP strats and civs. commands.txt metadata.json
  10. The cav. balance is d'accord in A23. However, there still some issues, I would like to point out. I actively spectated and played in the last 2 weeks and noticed the following: Main tasks -> Archers are by far weakest unit in any regard. It takes them just too long to kill enemy units. In equal numbers they lose against any kind of other army. Even a minimum amount of tanking units is giving them hard times. As a result of this, hardly any player above 1600 plays with archer civs., and if he does, it's mainly against weaker opponents (for fun) or he gets steamrolled by the very same (weaker) players. -> Ptols. is the new OP civ. What makes them OP is the skirm. spam. If you have an Iberian and a Roman ally in your team, it makes you basically unstoppable in P3. You can spam fast and cheap rank 2 skirm. units. I tried out myself. You don't even need a meatshild or smthg. you just spam like crazy and your opponent can't hold the pressure. Ptols are also very fast in development; having only 1 cluster of berries, I managed to reach the 200 pop. limit in 10:35 or something. Secondary tasks Some heroes need a revision. There still some heroes, which are NEVER used. What's the point of keeping them? I can only point some of them out, for the civs. I use myself. -> Marcus Claudius Marcellus has zero attractivity as a Hero. 60 Meters is a good range, but having +15% attack bonus in A23, where cav. is not the main force anymore, makes him nearly useless. I suggest to rethink his bonus. Besides that, why is cav. even his domain? He was good in siege battles and hand-to-hand combat, maybe some bonus in those directions would be better? -> Spartan hero Agis is totally useless, literally. He is just a strong unit. -> Macedonians need a hero, which affects citizen soldiers. Maybe add some bonus for Alexander the Great? -> The castration of Cunobelin was a bit too husty, I think. Either his healing range or ration need to be increased again. ____________________________________________________________ Catapults are now a mighty force in inf. battles. They are dealing huge damage in close combats. On paper they have a min. range of 26 meters, but you never feel that in the game. Maybe 30-35 meters needs to be tested? I also think the building time of catapults should be increased slightly.
  11. But but, it's the only way to keep me alive :D. Not sure I can stop mocking JC. Just kidding, you can delete this topic, I don't mind.
  12. Oh someone removed my post. Please write at least why... No? Then I try again.
  13. Uploading a request. 4vs4 Mainland, further comments would only add insult to injury. So I just leave it as it is. commands.txt metadata.json
  14. luzbel, juniormaster, Decger, Phyzic VS faction02, snelius, phoenixdesk, fpre Ez strats. - ez win. The idea was to spam our front player (luzbel) with res. so he can hold as long as possible, while the notorious spammer Decger would prepare his army in the background and we would invade by sea. Ofc. sea-control is crucial (on this map) and I encouraged juniormaster and Decger to fight for it. Absorbed by his will to spam Decger was literally in his own world, while juniormaster was busy helping luzbel, to hold against the pressure faction02 and snelius were putting on him. Of course I did end up fighting for the sea alone. However while shreddering fpre, he managed to kill a ship of mine with 10 soldiers in it. His joy about this questionable achievement was unproportional big (he lost over 40 little fpres by that point). So I brought 2 rams on his coast and ate his shore like JC would guzzle a slice of Pizza while screaming GENOOOOZIIIDE. Have Fun commands.txt metadata.json
  15. Emperior (1437), faction02 (1360), PhyZic (1774) VS Boudica (1666), merlin1 (1635), DoctorOrgans (1314) Funny JC fail. Have to upload this or it "never happened". JCs beloved move to run into enemy's base with light infantry and to kill women and traders took a dramatic turn this time and did end in a "total annihilation" (borg-). 3(!) times the naval supremacist, Dr. Genozide fell into the same trap and lost his organ eating squads without doing any noticeable damage. To save him from the unstoppable counterattack, merlin1 had to leave Boudica 1vs2 against Emperior and faction02. As result, they started loosing on both flanks and JC got steamrolled. 2017-12-30_0003.zip
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