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  1. sphyrth

    Food and citizens

    For a long time I considered suggesting this mechanic because of the "Infinite Food from Fields" would be made better use of. Well, that and the aforementioned realism and history. However, the Gamer Instinct says "It's just another unnecessary headache." and didn't entertain it any further.
  2. sphyrth

    Questionable use of war elephants

    Add to that the DE is the "fix the main game" vision mod.
  3. sphyrth

    Rome 2 Total War gameplay

    Creative Assembly has set the standard: "We've finally released the game" means "We need 4-5 more years of patching." Any game that goes beyond that won't cut it.
  4. sphyrth

    Can we agree on this?

    Disagreeing just for the kicks. Because I want to put Women in formation, then send them to packs of lions. After that, watch them scatter for their lives.
  5. sphyrth

    Empires Apart. ==Released==

    In the world of Empires Apart, they do exist. Anyway, they're making the effort to fix the bugs. All I want to see them do first is apologize for releasing it even with the problems that need to be addressed. I mean, just read the latest announcement for yourself. Also, I wasn't surprised that even with the 34% decrease in price people are saying that it's still not worth it.
  6. sphyrth

    Empires Apart. ==Released==

    Gonna relieve some of my stress by stating what the recent patch includes: Improved server connection by lessening the amount of playerbase (maximum of 2 per session) Better management of financial resources (on the players' side) by the steady decline of Empires Apart's gains Improved method of alienating the Youtubers who promoted the game Resonance22 found out that the devs care little about his work ZeroEmpires has yet to make his review (probably he can't make it positive enough) Making the spinning unit a forever-feature because they love players whine about it
  7. My, my. The discussion has devolved into a general gameplay discussion. Balance I noticed that in every Alpha, different balancing complaints are being addressed: 1. Roman Swordsman rush destroys Civic Centers immediately! That's no fun 2. Skiritai Commando and Slinger Rushes destroy buildings quickly! That's no fun 3. Cav Rushes are too OP! That's no fun 4. Ranged Cavs are unstoppable! That's no fun 5. There's something wrong with Siege Weapons! Is there an end to this? Counter System Yeah, it needs to be brought back since the planned combat system has yet to take successful fruit. Citizen Soldiers I'll advocate that Citizen Soldiers should only be available in the Civic Center. Because, you know, they are Citizen Soldiers (villagers that can fight; NOT soldiers that can gather). They are technically defined as Resource Gatherers, but they're visually defined as Fighters. -- This is where the developer/designer-to-player miscommunication happens. Different "Barracks" for Different Types of Units It's getting there. We'll just have to wait. Even the Siege Workshop is being done. Gameplay Vision Seriously, the classic playerbase vs. modern playstyle is rearing its ugly head again. And the devs (who still need a tremendous amount of help) are being forced on the fence trying to decide how the game should be played.
  8. sphyrth

    [NOT] Just Another UI

    I love the round version! It feels less strain for the eyes. + Points for the consistent feel to the bottom panel: What you need to know on the Upper half What you can click on the lower half
  9. sphyrth

    0 A.D. on YouTube

    *Gasp! People can stream the game almost immediately?!
  10. sphyrth

    Alpha 24 name suggestions

    Been enjoying the Youtube comments lately.
  11. I loled at the Youtube comments concerning Steam. Lion has beat me to the punch. So far the main complaints are optimization and AI toughness. Because of that "other game" the latter complaint seems beautiful to look at. I'd prefer a tough AI than a "cheating AI" or "unplayably broken AI".
  12. Kushites: oh yeah, finally a new civ many are looking for! Sooner or later, though, I will have to upgrade my hardware for this game. It's a mixed feeling for each release now.
  13. sphyrth

    Alpha 24 name suggestions

    Xenial Xerus - Oops! Wrong thread. xiphos - The classic blade was generally about 50–60 cm long, although the Spartans supposedly started to use blades as short as 30 cm around the era of the Greco-Persian Wars.
  14. sphyrth

    [NOT] Just Another UI

    I didn't know that Battlefield 4 is an RTS. But putting that aside, I noticed that the city building games have their controls all bunched together into one single control panel, while the action-packed games have them scattered all throughout.
  15. sphyrth

    [NOT] Just Another UI

    I'm still arguing that the mini-map should be as a top panel (top-right specifically). Maybe it's my playstyle, but having the mini-map up there is more comfy to glance from time to time.