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  1. sphyrth

    0 A.D. on YouTube

    *Gasp! People can stream the game almost immediately?!
  2. sphyrth

    Alpha 24 name suggestions

    Been enjoying the Youtube comments lately.
  3. I loled at the Youtube comments concerning Steam. Lion has beat me to the punch. So far the main complaints are optimization and AI toughness. Because of that "other game" the latter complaint seems beautiful to look at. I'd prefer a tough AI than a "cheating AI" or "unplayably broken AI".
  4. Kushites: oh yeah, finally a new civ many are looking for! Sooner or later, though, I will have to upgrade my hardware for this game. It's a mixed feeling for each release now.
  5. sphyrth

    Alpha 24 name suggestions

    Xenial Xerus - Oops! Wrong thread. xiphos - The classic blade was generally about 50–60 cm long, although the Spartans supposedly started to use blades as short as 30 cm around the era of the Greco-Persian Wars.
  6. sphyrth

    [NOT] Just Another UI

    I didn't know that Battlefield 4 is an RTS. But putting that aside, I noticed that the city building games have their controls all bunched together into one single control panel, while the action-packed games have them scattered all throughout.
  7. sphyrth

    [NOT] Just Another UI

    I'm still arguing that the mini-map should be as a top panel (top-right specifically). Maybe it's my playstyle, but having the mini-map up there is more comfy to glance from time to time.
  8. sphyrth

    Empires Apart. ==Released==

    ^ - True dat. Now I'm tempted to suggest that an answer to the FAQ "Why not 0 A.D. on Steam?" is "Empires Apart. Nuff said." Though it's not really "early" by their standards. I remember that they actually delayed the release for about half a year. I'm actually surprised by the review's criticism: - Bad pathfinding - Missing animations - No Campaign - Horrible AI These problems are also present in 0 A.D. but is in a much much better form... in Open Source Alpha. Not to mention you guys are in a better situation feature-wise as well. I hope that Slitherine won't make excuses for supporting Empires Apart. Staying quiet, moving on to other projects, and forget it ever happened is the best they can do.
  9. sphyrth

    Empires Apart. ==Released==

    lol @stanislas69. My avatar just got burnt because of your comment. Anyway @Lion.Kanzen I found this screenshot from that latter link. Is this really from THE resonance22? If it is, then their publicity is backfiring.
  10. sphyrth

    Empires Apart. ==Released==

    When honest reviews come up, I can't help but compare how 0 A.D. tries to handle the issues. I mean it's basically saying "Empires Apart is a bad AoE clone because it's far too close." While in here, "0 A.D. is a bad AoE clone because it's going too far astray... to the point of you don't know how it should be played." And in about 1 minute into the video, he criticizes the counter system, while we're debating whether it should be put back or not. But to be fair, he said simple counter system. I mean, I haven't really played Empires Apart but is the counter system really so simple that it deserves criticism?
  11. I was about to be surprised, but then I remembered that North Korea has RedStarOS as their official OS.
  12. sphyrth

    Game rewards turtling too much

    Soldiers are Gatherers I won't be getting much into the heart of the anti-Citizen Soldier arguments because I already got traumatized by that. You might be working the assumption that you're losing resources because you're using ALL of your soldiers to fight, instead of leaving some to gather resources. Harassers actually hold the initiative because he forces his opponent's units to abandon their work and thereby lose resource-gathering time while he has some leftover gatherers buying that time at home. If playing against the AI, I can see why towers are effective. But from what I understand, building Towers early on sacrifices an amount of resources and is generally not advisable... especially because they are only static defenses. They're easily taken down by the aggressive players. Only the Mineral placement is what I can agree to... so do the devs. They're just placing them in there for now.
  13. sphyrth

    Two handed animations

    New wood-chopping animations. Woohoo!
  14. sphyrth

    Empires Apart. ==Released==

    Releasing an Unfinished Game because the devs had to. Delaying it further doesn't help either. Every consumer will rightfully feel ripped off. No matter how you look at it, failure was at the door.
  15. sphyrth

    Empires Apart. ==Released==

    The animation looks fine for the first few minutes. It makes me feel that it's alive with the weather (clouds moving below the sun). But after those few minutes, I realized that this is what you usually see when you're in the middle of Sahara. Do they want their players to visualize moments before their heatstroke?