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  1. When it comes to processors, AMD is currently in the lead. But of course, that's on the latest, high-end side of things. But I'm really struggling to get to minimum cost right now (especially with this pandemic still crippling the economy).
  2. Who could say No if your mere presence gives you victory before the battle?
  3. Serious Answer: Looking at Boudica's comment, you have a misbehavior. To you, the statement "Don't get banned again." doesn't mean "Behave yourself." Rather, to you, it means "Look for loopholes around the system."
  4. I might as well stay home I'll be playing on my own I'm banned again... naturally
  5. Everything's coming together. Step 4's Repair Icon is the sore thumb. The Original seems to fit Step 4, though. Edit: I only noticed this now. Why is Guard's icon a sword - shouldn't it be a shield?
  6. The modern vibe of the status icons don't seem to fit the game's historic theme. But then again, I did think that 0 A.D. DOES need that modern UI touch.
  7. The Artillery Tower, for sure.
  8. His content is a bit boring by today's standards, but it's the right step forward. Sure, he's done what other channels already did, but I believe in bite-sized info videos.
  9. I'm torn between 1 (Good Contrast) and 3 (Good Minimalism). Either step is great for a modern polish.
  10. Okay, so how about making a post for WOOD, STONE, and METAL?
  11. The development of the thread just made me an auto-queue supporter. To think that I believed that feature is just a trivial thing to argue for. To think that currently the strongest argument against AQ is "It's boring because all you do is watch buildings spew out units towards the battlezone."
  12. Well, that thread gives a sample player's attitude against the Auto-queue: "Oh look! You now have the computer to manage your economy instead of yourself. How NooB / lazy of you." I also don't have a problem with the auto-queue feature. The fact that I love 0 A.D.'s removal of manually seeding fields makes me consistently like auto-queue. It's one of my fave features in Battle Realms, too. Gameplay-wise, you don't generally have your buildings auto-queue until you're confident in your economy.... something you want to think less of in the mid to late game. The only thing I want to worry about economy in the mid-game is the enemy raiding them.
  13. The gameplay improvement from AoE1 to AoE2 was Technology and Programming Creativity. Machines that could handle more computations went hand in hand with the programmers who implemented ideas that weren't yet possible with the earlier machines. Nowadays, we got oversaturation of both fast processors and gameplay ideas. So much so that you don't know what to put in unless there are strict guiding principles of what kind of RTS you're trying to make. - One mistake is having all these ideas blended together that it made a Frankenstein's Monster of a game. Also in today's corporate AAA industry, Game Companies no longer care what their game looks like from the inside (and even in this department W3: Reforged breaks that apart), as long as it "looks" great to play. The Open-Source world can't compete with this kind attention-grabbing competition. - That's another possible mistake: poor/false game advertisement
  14. Looking at the situation, I think that "entertainment" is what got him banned in the first place. But yeah, I think even this is too much. Please un-ban him. Otherwise, he'll continue entertaining the forums.
  15. What I enjoy about these rants is that Stockfish gets randomly injected.
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