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  1. So, it still is the case. Just in case, I'm not saying whether Northgard's territory mechanic is better or not. I'm saying it's just different. I wonder how the people here think. Do you like Northgard's fixed territory, or 0 A.D.'s more dynamic territory?
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last time I checked the game, its territory mechanic is more or less fixed regardless of where you build your structures. Check the OP's 2nd screenshot. It looks like the whole map is built with hexagons. So I think when that mechanic is pushed to 0 A.D., your territory will be defined by those pre-defined hexagons... even if you built your CC in the corner of those hexagons.
  3. I've seen it before. Didn't think too much about the similarities. But come to think about it, what other modern RTS likes the Territory Mechanic?
  4. Welcome to the forums! The devs would give you a good response to all of this, but here's mine The Game NEEDS to be Finished The devs are on their way. They also see the need for the game to get this game out of Alpha. We all share your concern. The Development is Slow What you're witnessing is the primary side-effect of Open Source. People working on their free-time without payment for the time and resources they've spent on it. I can't refute this point, but I'd like that they keep it Open Source because it's the only RTS game with a Tripla A potential that has an "Open Source" brand that I know. Coders > Money Don't get me wrong. They DO need money. But talented/skilled developers with a lot of time and willpower is a greater need right now. Right now, they're only a handful with so many tickets to address. Similar Games There's a game that I think meets your current criteria: Empires Apart 1. It's being funded 2. It also brings the old-school RTS with modern touches. 3. It will be released somewhere in the second half of this year. I support that game being finished while considering it as 0 A.D.'s proprietary twin/rival. If you want to see what 0 A.D.'s might look like when it's close to being finished, check out a mod called Delenda Est. Just think of it as "0 A.D. on Steriods"
  5. Loose Criteria: Faction must be from a Civilization in its Classical Peak (500 B.C. - A.D. 500). Since we're here, it's interesting to note that the Greek Factions are divided among City States, and the Celtic Factions are similarly separated by geography. The rest of the factions are based on a nation's ruling dynasty/empire. I mean, they didn't divide Rome (or maybe Italy for that matter). If you're going to add a Roman Faction, go DE mode: Roman Kingdom, Roman Republic, Roman Empire... or should we? Can we have an Western Roman and Byzantine Factions?
  6. Wait. You mean there will be new factions in Part 1?
  7. Not to mention they can't be captured.
  8. I'm not sure if it's more organized to divide the gameplay discussions based on structures, but I'll go in here anyway. So, it's a given fact that walls are nearly useless in the early game, but unnecessarily drag the late game. This "feature" will be further magnified with Carthage's really buffed walls and @wow's strong core city concept. We'll be having this thread for more future wall discussions but here are my suggestions: Incrementally increase Wall and Turret build time based on a player's total wall length and/or turret numbers. Walls and Turrets almost immediately turn Neutral, forcing players to garrison them. (Yes, they will also be prone to capture by opponents, and that's the point). #2 will probably mess up gate-building if not garrisoned. Edit: #2 is also unrealistic especially that we still don't have a feature to set which side of the wall is facing out... and I failed to take account the Iberian starting walls, which will be made useless with my suggestion. But I'm still laying it on the table: walls immediately turn neutral.
  9. It's also important for me at times when I watch gameplay videos on mute.
  10. I had to watch it in slow-mo to confirm. If we ignore the splash, everyone was hitting static units with pin-point accuracy. I guess dodging is the vital part of the combat system.
  11. Since I can freely watch Youtube videos today, Imma watch the OP while I present you this. I guess 0 A.D.'s Fortresses can get away with these standards... to some extent.
  12. Okay. I think the color palettes are much better now. Less unnecessary movements (before, the economic units flying in a circle was an eyesore to me). Build time and possibly resource-gathering slowed down while the military action was fast. Almost every military unit is a "walking turret". The game now looks fun.
  13. Reminded me how awesome the game's graphics are.