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  1. Formations need more love

    Units in formation adjust to the slowest unit? I guess I didn't actually notice it because when I move a Formation so that it would make a 180 degree turn, everybody moves at sonic speeds just to get into formation. You can even see the Dust Effects because of the running.
  2. Trolling on Facebook

    lol. I guess I ticked one off. There's another commenter who said " you should focus on improving the graphics engine" - A verbatim quote. Since it can be interpreted both in a positive and negative light, I just left it alone. I was actually tempted to reply "Don't worry, they're working hard to implement 2D models."
  3. I know it's kind of mean because this guy is really just saying: Make Every Faction and Map Topologically Equal. But given the facts of RTS, imbalance is one of the asset/weakness double-edged swords. So I went and suggested this.
  4. Introduction and Ideas

    Welcome to the Asylum Satoral! Regarding Mods: 1. Everybody loves Delenda Est - It's just not getting much support. I find it paradoxical. 2. 19th Century Mods - Quite inactive, but it's only waiting to be implemented on other mods. 3. Unified Balance Mod - Vox Populi
  5. 0abc mod

    I haven't checked yet, but I believe that your GUI Elements are begging to be put in a Sidebar. (Please ignore the bottom part. It's just a rushed attempt to put everything on one side) And why not? Some games did it. Take Caesar 3 for example. All it needs is a way to handle all the buildable/trainable stuff when they can't fit on the entire screen. Just like how Red Alert 2 does it.
  6. ===[COMMITTED]==Mauryan Ram

    @wow lol That was the time I was just surprised that a historically Elephant Civ had Siege Weapons. Or that siege warfare was something they did in the first place. I learn something everyday in these forums.
  7. I'm going to butt in just a bit. Please don't use too much of the empty space... too much info can be an overwhelming eye-strain. Red Alert's UI Lobby didn't evolve much because it's been working. The only thing I might suggest is on the minimap. You can select where you "spawn" by clicking on the numbers (or selecting it). Not to mention that the numbers make it easier to see where you actually are on the map before the game begins.
  8. ===[COMMITED]=== Brittonic Shooting Range.

    Although it's more visually appealing that the tower's ladder is position outside, shouldn't it be positioned on the inside?
  9. 0abc mod

    My 1024x768 Screen is a Nightmare for GUI Modders. Asides from the Resources, the Hero Icon and Minimap are overlapping.
  10. 0abc mod

    THIS! This is what I wanted on the core game. I can't remember when I suggested it. Permission to feature 0abc on my channel.
  11. ===[COMMITED]=== Brit Stables

    lol. Just because of that comment the conversation about flowers just wilted.
  12. ===[COMMITED]=== Brit Stables

    lol. So in order for you guys to slow down, it's time for the art critics.
  13. 0 A.D. on YouTube

    Here's one for 0 A.D. in the comments: "AoM clone!", "RoN ripoff!" Edit: I might not have enough of comments like these. They're hilarious as long as they're coming from outsiders.
  14. Empires Apart. now is Beta.

    Another announcement like that and I can safely assume that it ain't happening. Notice how dumbed down his message was when he was trying to say why it will be delayed.
  15. Mauryan siege engine

    No. I wasn't talking about Elephants being the main Siege Weapons. I meant that Elephants will chase down and trample rams very easily. Hence it's logical to make Indian Rams lighter and faster. And I think this is also the main reason they were not used that much.