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  1. The only new thing I've learned here is that some temples were actually used for healing. I thought that's the only area where 0 A.D. emphasizes gameplay over history and realism.
  2. An interesting take on the chickens. I thought that they are too realistic/small for the game.
  3. (Not signing up, but I'm curious about the Civ-banning mechanics) Does it have an order like "Player 1, Player 2, Player 2, Player1"? Was this system in the previous Champions Cup?
  4. I don't know about partial leather, but I think they used Leather Casing for their shields when not in use. Guess that might give you an idea about the Shields on the Back.
  5. Speaking of which - Nice job on the Ptolemies. They now look more consistent with 0 A.D. than with AoM. But the idle animations just astounded me. 0 A.D.'s assets are its gateway drug that I can't seem to get enough of.
  6. To think I used one for the thumbnail of my next video. Fortunately I tend to use SVN images for the thumbnails.
  7. Yep. It's the Realism argument against the Citizen Soldier itself. Many people have pointed it out that it's too unrealisitic for people people who are carrying Wood to be able to instantly whiff out their battle-gear and vice versa. As much as I prefer Gameplay Over Realism at this point, they're correct. Even the Marian Romans (who are the prime example of Gather-Build Soldiers) need time to ready up their formation and brace for battle.
  8. No, not like that. Like a Windmill, for example. No need for someone to do anything to it. But taking into account the "being damaged / captured" is a good point of More Unnecessary Hassle.
  9. It's interesting to know that the Storehouse was called Mill back then. Since I was a curious cat back then I didn't even notice it. It might be awkward to call it a Mill now, but I personally would find it interesting if the Storehouse had a "milling" animation. Such animations would make structures have that vibrant and lively feel to them.
  10. This game is basically on "Life Support" now. It actually makes me appreciate 0 A.D.'s move to Open Source.
  11. "Cavalrymen are the elite and are therefore respected; you don't expect them going around slicing chickens." That's the historical argument right there. Ironically, it seems that Cavalry Hunters fits the AoE2 timeline better since Knights enjoyed hunting as a game. But as @Nescio pointed out they're still not expected to bring the meat to their families by themselves. Gameplay-wise, it's also my complaint that they're being overused for Rushes (which should not be the case for Village Phase). I'm still going for what I've suggested: Cavalry shouldn't be trained in the Civic Center (or at least it trains them significantly slower). Make players earn them through Barracks.
  12. It took me time to find the compatible Autociv (Yes, I'm THAT lazy). Feldfeld's Rush.zip
  13. Thanks, but I don't really do IRC. Given the fact that the code is currently open to a limited people, I couldn't really care much what goes on there. I only want to know if the project is still alive. That's enough for me.
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