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  1. This seems to be an all the more reason A23 should be named after him.
  2. 1. Healing Temples and Healing Priests is a Gameplay Decision. 2. If you're referring to Christians, then there isn't any in your time period (it's called BC for a reason) 3. If you're referring to Jewish people, there is the Pool of Siloam and the Jordan River (their superstitious counterparts anyway). 4. Even if there were people who got offended by the statues inside the temples (The Ptolemaic having the most visible one), they can't deny that healing methods sometimes had religious attributes. So that's historical. 5. The devs aren't promoting anyone who to worship. They're rather displaying what deity was worshiped in a certain civilization in that time period (You would know why they were called the Athenians, why the Persians had those winged disks, Great Stupas, etc.)
  3. Being a Spartan back then would give you so much prestige that people were willing to give up their heads just to work as one.
  4. Getting back to this video, he superimposed some sort of music on Alekusu's video right after asking him.
  5. Any reason why he's using @Alekusu's video without even giving proper credit?
  6. techs

    I prefer DE's Capture Mechanic better. Some buildings like Storehouses and Farmsteads can't be captured. Sure it messes up the consistency, but they're among the obvious structures to capture+delete anyway. Civic Centers, Military Colonies, Barracks, and Fortresses are another thing. I have witnessed people take advantage of these captured buildings.
  7. This might be the last time I'm posting Baz Battles because they obviously like @OmriLahav's music, and might get featured several times over. "First Sighting" music isn't really 0 A.D., but it's still a part of it.
  8. Even took a jab at automated farms. I appreciate the effort of going against the modern "stream-lined" gameplay, but that's just going overboard. The Auto-farm may be the reason why we have "Add a Manual Farm" and "Keep the Corral System" debates, but just how much APM is needed for something so mundane be needed? I see in the comments argue "It's not about improving your APM, it's about making it less tedious." And I believe a no-queue system is just unnecessary work. A person who can train the next Villager almost immediately while scouting doesn't really impress me. APM is good, and should be recognized. But that should take a backseat, and let Strategic Skills shine more.
  9. No. They look good, actually. If they are to be categorized as Collector's Item, then I have nothing against it.
  10. Since the devs have become a little quiet for some time, I think they're on The Zone mode.
  11. CD's are a thing of the past now. The thumbdrive idea will be good. It reminds me of NVidia's April Fool's Drive. People who knew the joke wanted it to be real, and NVidia complied. Only the looks of course.
  12. The survivor mechanic is a tricky one: I don't expect any when a whole tower/fortress caves in on you. But I would expect that some will survive the crumbling walls of, say, the Military Colony since its current design has "less roof" to fall on soldiers. And on sea battles. It messes my head for quite a lot: Pulling down the drawbridge, I think, creates an imbalance on ships... even on shallow waters. So I'm not sure ungarrisoning is quite viable. And there is also a risk for soldiers who abandon ship. Which reminds me shouldn't units move slower even on shallow waters? Creating delay time for garrisoning, and ungarrisoning is interesting to me. I can say that it would create some slight gameplay adjustments, but it can be done. It's not Total War after all. You don't wait until the 1,001th soldier gets into the walls so you can ungarrison them again.
  13. I don't go to svn, so I don't know how legit this is... in terms of the incoming Alpha 22.
  14. Since this thread has somewhat become a more specific "Suggestions for 0 A.D.", I'll just reiterate my suggestion which is a little bit similar to wow's suggestion above. This time, as an observer / replay viewer. Yep. The difference is that the current unit/tech is displayed above the building. And I did consider this being a default-but-optional feature... meaning it can be toggled on/off.
  15. Things I agree with 1. Women-only Bell (not multi-level), Tower Bell, and Market Bell 2. Garrisoned Units should also be aware of the Alert. What I'm on the fence about: Alerted units should drop whatever resource they're carrying. (Gameplay vs. Realism) What I don't agree with: Garrison Traders on Allied Market. What if you ally wants HIS traders inside there? Something I got curious about: [Z] Women-only Bell, [X] Military-only Bell (Same Sample-only Hotkeys for their Unring). This one is not for the Civic Center. But for the ironically named Military Colony that is able to train Women Citizens.