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  1. This guide may be obsolete on some parts, but it's still so useful that I believe that this deserves to be pinned.
  2. I would say that I love this particular take on the UI. The choice of color palettes is so consistent with the game environment that it makes the upper UI look like it needs to follow suit.
  3. I don't think Alpha 22 exists anymore, though.
  4. Assuming that you're already in Town Phase and the territory doesn't cover it, there's a technique called Territory Crawl. One way to do that is to keep building houses on the edge of your territory in the direction where the stones are.
  5. We don't like to admit it, but this thread shows that "Citizen Soldiers don't make sense for the basic Gameplay". Problem: Barracks is intuitively for Military, but the game made it Economy-centered. Solutions Offered: borg-'s Mod removes CS from the CC. DE does the same (or something similar). Even 0abc did that: Women only in CC. The Barracks must have a Trick Exp function. - That's my favorite feature in Vox Populi (Garrisoned Units gain Trickle Exp). Solutions Suggested: Make CS from the Barracks "Advanced Rank" while CS from the CC "Basic Rank" Call to Arms Make the CS visually stand-out as Economy Units at the beginning Slaves, Workers, etc. Exp + Rank vs. Work Efficiency will conversely shift depending on what you focus them to do (work or fight). My Opinion: Personally, I like all solutions being put forth. I'll just state my favorite ones: CS should be visually Economic at the beginning. Basic Rank in CC, Advanced Rank in Barracks Trickle Exp for Units Garrisoned in Barracks
  6. @feneur Sorry for being vague. I only realized it after reviewing the thread. For some context, I have this thinking of "If the UI needs improvement, one of them is to remove some clutter." and I have this assumption that seeing two seemingly redundant classes (Worker and Citizen) is part of that clutter, and one of them needs to go (or at least become non-visible). Now, I'm asking why Worker and Citizen should exist as separate classes. The answers I got is "From the standpoint of devs/modmakers, it's a great distinction.". And I can see why. But from the player's standpoint, "Why?", and @fatherbushido is giving me hints. =========================== @fatherbushido That is IF there's an instance that does that. I won't badger you into finding one. Even I can do a work as minimal as that (like I said, I haven't been playing in a long time - so I need to brush up on my knowledge about the game). I'm sure the mods (which I'm currently checking out) put that distinction to use. I'm marking this thread as [ANSWERED], because it already is. It just took my slow mind *some time to grasp it all. Thanks for the help!
  7. So far, I only understood about the visible and non-visible classes. Perhaps this is me not playing the game for a long time, but will it be a valid suggestion for me that Worker (for example) should be non-visible? I should be able to grasp them after a few reviews on how each Factions work. But for now, I'm going with that knee-jerk comment.
  8. Let's just take apart the Citizen and Worker classes for now. This was my thought process when I first read the Classes for Women. "Citizen? Okay, what does this one do? Eat, sleep, and work?. But then I read Worker. "Okay, so it's a Citizen who works". Support, "Sure. I know this one, she supports using her aura." But there's a nagging thought that having both Citizen and Worker seems redundant. Of course, that's coming from me - a specific player's personal view. Now, from the side that players don't usually see. What specific instances these differences play a part in the game? I mean, what if a Woman doesn't have the Citizen class, but only the Worker class (and vice versa). How does that affect them?
  9. @wowgetoffyourcellphone thrashes the game, but gets respect because he puts on the work with Delenda Est. @DarcReaver thrashes the game, but gets respect because he knows what he's talking about and can back up his statements substantially. @BabyStar1, 2, 3, ... N thrashes the game.... just thrashes the game. As a contribution to the topic, I miss the Rush Factions (that is assuming that they haven't all nerfed). In this case, the Slinger Rush is being implied, and I still love the Naked Fanatic Rush. In teamplays I like a Combo of Rush + Late-game Factions going against Anti-Rush, Mid-game Factions. That's only IF 0 A.D. doesn't consider 1v1. Let's take DotA for example. You can play 1v1 with DotA, but it's clear that the game is designed specifically for 5v5. So every nerf, buff, item changes, even map changes - they all revolve around the 5v5 experience. But in 0 A.D. I don't know how you can do that. So, in this case, you can see why Darc wants the devs to have a clear flow of the game (that isn't a broken copy of AoE).
  10. I'm confused as to the differences in each of the classes, more on the units than the buildings. For example: Worker and Citizen - How are they different? Since I don't know how to dig through the source code, can anyone give me the link to find the info about these things?
  11. Are the UI improvements being employed on the SVN or are you still on the planning phase?
  12. I request for this thread to be locked. The more it goes on the more evident it is to see the toxic and provocative ones.
  13. Many local dialects / language (I'm not sure which term to actually use) are disappearing. I didn't even know that we had Chavacano and Castillano variants. All I'm using Spanish for is counting prices.
  14. For now, a general clean-up of the info is needed. If it's not currently there, it shouldn't be displayed.
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