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  1. My guess is that it's not historically accurate. A Battering Ram is just a long log under a wheeled tent. It's designed to be mobile.
  2. Sorry I couldn't catch the joke in that one. I don't really belong in the Marvel and DC universes... (if that's a nerdy historical joke, then that would be a shame on me). Anyway, I thought Pseudochronos would be a nice concept because 0 A.D. itself is a name of a "Fake/False Time". Edit: PLUS the name begins with the Psi Fork.
  3. PseudoAD maybe for the name? I initially thought of "Pseudochronos" but that's not as creative nor as catchy.
  4. I couldn't care less about release dates anymore. 0 A.D. at least has some updates to show. Meanwhile Fork AD's still closed from the general public... accessible to those who want to really see it.
  5. I made my @#$%ute account even before the Spkout Fiasco. I never opened it since. I still consider it my backup, though. Edit: And that censorship was one of the arguments for changing the name. The Forum Engine just reminded me of it. lol
  6. I'm calling it. These succeeding Alphas will be the time for Terra Magna: Xiongnu for 24 Yayoi for 25 Zapotec for 26
  7. “One of the pillars of the Age games has always been ‘a bright, inviting world,’” (Adam Isgreen) ... by trebucheting the other players' walls and then sending your troops to ransack what's left. The reason "Modders will put blood in anyway" seems a little bit off to me. I don't know what they were really thinking.
  8. Hmm.... looks like we have a patch suggestion: If the game crashes because of mods, then the game will try to reload with the default [public] mod.
  9. lol @Stockfish. That was a nearly word-for-word translation... Google Translate helped me lol.
  10. Could the Torrent download be the alternative instead? I've been irritated by those "I don't trust torrents" comments. I understand them. If it was the former me, I would've chosen the Direct Download as the primary method.
  11. Most build order guides out there involve rushes, so I'll just point you to Tom0AD's faction overviews. He hasn't completed it yet, but this should get your feet wet.
  12. Now that this is over, let me say @JC (naval supremacist) I also wanted you in this tournament, but you have to learn the lesson... by trying not to get banned until the next one. In addition, I really enjoyed the salt you've thrown in these threads. XD
  13. Age4's Screenshot wins. Despite my usual "I don't care for HQ graphics!", the 4k quality made the difference for my eyes.
  14. Easy there. He was just asking you a question. It would be simple if you just answered. Anyway, we're waiting for the substance of your arguments. So, don't you worry.
  15. There are various reasons for the rating. I'll just give at least two: 1. Stat-padding - Some people just love stats, and get their self-esteem from that. When they realize that they're losing, they quit (or try other means not to reduce their rating). 2. Looking for Challenges - Competitive players want to play with other competitive players. And ratings help them find each other.
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