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  1. Everytime I select a player's view, every player's name gets displayed, with the one I selected on the topmost layer. It's not much of an issue unless you want to click the "Follow Player's Actions" Button, which you can't. The display only goes back to normal when I switch to Observer View. I can understand that this bug has gone unnoticed since it doesn't happen on Windows.
  2. Oh come on. I'm not talking about us strategy nerds. I was referring to the people who don't enjoy anything that is "turn-based". The people don't like pure mental exercise.
  3. Since we're resurrecting a decade-old thread, I'll play along. I love the "real-time" part: Chess is the stereotype of strategy games. Nowadays "taking turns" is boring for most people. That's what I love most about Real-time Strategy.
  4. Could that be replicated in Alpha 21?
  5. Since Spear Cavs are limited to Raiding Women and Traders, maybe have other factions get other types of Cavalry instead of rebalancing them? My suggestion would be similar to a Red Alert 2 Attack Dog: Insta-bite any infantry but also gets insta-killed by arrows. I dunno. Pikemen should only be slower when inside a formation? Two features I'm waiting for before proceeding with war elephants: Trample Damage, & Turret (You know. I think even Persians will gain the "Parthian Shot" technology.)
  6. I made a little comment about the game's UI. Although I can play with it, I still prefer that the Mini-map and the Resources are in the same area.
  7. Thanks guys! Guess all I needed was what each emblem contains. Still, I can't really make up what the Celtic symbols are... Especially the Britons.
  8. Got curious. The only emblem I'm familiar with is Sparta's Lambda Blazon. But I don't know why the team chose it asides from the fact that the Spartans were known to have it on their shields. At least for this one, I can make a quick search to look for its history. About the other factions, I have no idea what their emblems are, and thus can't search the web about it. Can anyone provide me links if ever they're somewhere in the forums? I'm asking because gave up looking for the Celtic Emblems.
  9. Here's another situation: I built 2 Embassies (Italian and Celtic). I trained 5 Italian Swordsmen and 5 Celtic Cavalry. After that I destroyed 1 Embassy (doesn't matter which) and built the Iberian Embassy to train 5 Skirmishers. It's not very practical, but it's a loophole I can do to make Embassy limits somewhat meaningless.
  10. Tried talking about the Counter System... ended up saying why the game is still in Alpha. And that camel wanted to have an archer on his back just so he could be mentioned (I only paid attention to him once).
  11. Don't the Celtic tribes have this tradition of suiciding priests to boost moralle? I wonder if that could work. A priest who commits suicide would temporarily give boosts to the units around them.
  12. Coming from a Red Alert 2, I'm assuming that it works like this: Spy Trader right clicks on any enemy unit/structure - Disguises as a Trader for that player. He steals X amount of [Random] resource from an enemy player's Market once he touches it. He can't steal from the same Market until he steals from another Market (be it the same player or his ally). His vision range is very small. Otherwise there's an imbalance. Enemy units don't automatially attack him, but players can "right-click" to attack him without the help of any "Force Attack" keys. War Dogs can sniff them out, and auto-attack. The above will be quite the challenge for AI programming.
  13. That's kind of a bummer. That's why I suggested that the Mercenary Units should be Unlockable in the Barracks. That way you can have 1 Italian Embassy and 4 barracks. In effect, you can train 4 Italian Mercenaries simultaneously. But that takes away the eye-candy of units popping out of the Embassies. Not to mention the ability to train 1 archer from the Civic Center 1 spearman from the barracks 1 sword cavalry from the Celtic Embassy, and 1 swordsman from the Italian Embassy ...all at the same time. :-(
  14. I find that difficult on the auto-healing side. Which units should they auto-heal? They don't automatically choose the one in the middle. But your idea seems better applied to Hero Healers... just to make them more unique or something. Well, since we're talking about it: it's a pet peeve seeing units that "pray to treat wounds". It even got me asking, "How DID people treat wounds back then?". But I just brushed it off since classical RTS just uses priests instead of real medics or something. But, yeah. Make (non-Wololo) priests more useful in-game.
  15. Well if you guys are planning to have Greek and Persian Embassies (which limits Carthage to build 4 Embassy types), then that's fine. But that wasn't exactly my point. Given the situation now, why can't I build 3 Italian Embassies, and 2 Iberian Embassies? I mean, I still have 2 Embassy Types, right? I just realized that my post is whiny, so I apologize for that.