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  1. Here's another aspect I'm going to jab at: There are no real significant differences among the factions. Everybody can rush. Everybody can build armies and fight. No faction really specializes in any of that. For example, even with their walls the Iberians can still be raided almost as easily as any other faction. The Mauryan Worker Elephant? I don't see a lot of players using the advantage of "faster builder" and the "saving wood because for the Mobile Dropsite". Carthage's Embassies, Faster CC Build and Stronger Walls? I don't see them having practical advantages. Now I've become a bitter old whiner again. My fallback argument is always "It's still in Alpha."
  2. Google Translate trolls you
  3. Being new to this, I would really like how 0 A.D.'s current gameplay pattern sort of looks like. I recently got a comment from Youtube arguing that the game is just "Build an army, then send them to fight". Now, I would go on and argue that it's not THAT empty or it's still in Alpha, but I'll just give him the benefit of the doubt. So far, the arguments I've seen are "The game is empty because..." Just eXplore and eXterminate Just populate and gather Just rush (summing up the 3 above) Use little/no strategy. And by the gameplay visions set forth in this section, I still can't see what is the envisioned gameplay pattern actually is. Can someone give me an easy-to-digest version of what the gameplay pattern should be?
  4. He seems to be going for the Trial-and-Error Method of Learning. Also, Vanilla for the Game, DE for the Thumbnail.
  5. Not exactly sure. But I thought it interesting, too.
  6. I haven't actually tried it yet, but I thought you can have a batch size of 1. And that's how you can control it.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xx1xl-VMBg8 Support Units
  8. Is there a poll for this? The third option is what I favor.
  9. Too late. I already have that replay and recorded my commentary on it. Should be coming up in the next few weeks. Gonna do this one if the game length and max unit count is decent for my machine.
  10. Formations? I'll just go soft for now. Citizen Soldiers - Historical but Broken. The fact that you don't recognize them as "Villagers that can fight" should already tell you that it's broken. Please don't remove, just improve. Overall Gameplay Design? Moving away from AoE2 and closer to Battle Realms. I mean.... Resource Outpost > Civic Center Soft Capping - I happen to like this because "Don't ADD a resource, just REPLACE population" Peasants (Slaves) transforming into Military Non-upgrade Phase Transitions
  11. Don't be so harsh. Have a heart for people who need more space at the cost of speed like me.
  12. A little bit of update: Romans - Let's just assume that the two wolves represent Romulus and Remus Thebans - Although the closest correlation I can find is a Disney movie, the Club of Hercules Iberians - I didn't notice that I missed this one. And the only thing I can find is that it's a modified design of a certain shield I found on Pinterest.
  13. Sword units. Sword units are strong against Siege Weapons. You might be surprised but even Women can take them down.
  14. I prefer that format the Loot has employed (Following from that Bamboo Spearman Example): Attack: (Hack Icon) 3, (Pierce Icon) 2.5, (Rate Icon) 1 Defense: (Hack Icon) 5, (Pierce Icon) 5, (Crush Icon) 15 Capture: (I don't know what to do with this part) Speed: (Walk Icon) 8.5, (Run Icon) 15 Loot: (Experience Icon) 100, (Food Icon) 5, (Wood Icon) 5