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  1. Thanks @borg- @Feldfeld and @ValihrAnt for testing. I felt pleased that players would defend, then build a counter unit and then go on the offensive. In vanilla I don't normally see that back and forth gameplay. The civs were played differently to their unique strengths and I saw players choosing different techs which makes me think there's probably no obviously best strategy! But I agree with the consenus that cavalry was too strong and melee infantry too weak so I've made some changes: Cavalry -40% hunting gather rate, except for camels which remain fast hunters (but weak fighters) Swordsmen +20% attack Spearmen and pikemen: slightly buffed When you update to the new version make sure to delete the old version first!
  2. Thanks. Had some fun games: @nani beat @ValihrAnt and me in a 1v1v1 game. And I lost to @ValihrAnt twice in 1v1. I've released 0.9 which slightly buffs lions/tigers/dogs, fixes a Sparta bug, makes healers cheaper but limits the number you can build and tweaks the Golden Age tech. When you update to the new version make sure to delete the old version first!
  3. Summary For a while I've been working on a new mod to balance 0 A.D. for pro players. It features a lot of changes, and may take some getting used to. A counter system: melee infantry counters cavalry which counters ranged infantry which counters melee infantry (rock paper scissors) All techs are now useful and new dilemas have been added: many techs were too expensive to be worthwhile before Only six civilizations: each one very different to the others, with more depth and possible strategies More military buildings: units are split between barracks, archery ranges and stables Balance severely nerfs "dancing" but allows for tactical manoeuvres Battering rams and bolt shooters are now available in the town phase, but catapults are still city phase-only Citizen soldiers cannot gather resources (except cavalry can still hunt) but they can still build Women can build all buildings but civic centers can't build military units any more Many features from similar civilizations have been merged into the six available civilizations Stone and metal are more limited and only 16 women can gather from a mine at one time Numerous small improvements: rams don't attack fields, loot is consistent, etc General Meta The game encourages rushing more since citizen soldiers cannot gather resources. Generally players will produce women at the start while using their citizen soldiers to build and defend the women from rushes. Some civs can use dogs/tigers/lions for very early rushes. It's important to build at least any two of the barracks, archery range and stables fairly early so you are able to counter incoming attacks. The civic centers can build "Minutemen" which are cheap, have high attack and train fast, but slowly lose health over a minute. They're ideal for buying time if a rush catches you by surprise. There are now extra techs in the civic center and houses to increase women's vision, health and attack which can be used to mitigate against rushes. In the town phase siege is available in the workshop and some civilizations get access to weaker champions. Many civilizations also have special buildings available. In the city phase heros and more tech becomes available. Champions dominate in the late game. Unit Counters The barracks now trains melee infantry: swordsmen, spearmen and pikemen. Spearmen and pikemen are now fast moving and are particularly effective at countering cavalry. Swordsmen "soft" counter cavalry and other melee infantry and have strong armour making them useful as a "tank" unit, but they're slow moving. The archery range trains ranged infantry: skirmishers, slingers and archers. All these units are effective at countering melee infantry. Archers have the greastest range but are slower to move. Slingers do the least damage to infantry but are somewhat effective against buildings and siege. Skirmishers are fast moving and soft counter other ranged infantry but have less range than archers. The stables train sword cavalry and spear cavalry. Sword cavalry is stronger in almost every way but only Brits and Mauryans have access to them. In addition, Ptolemies have access to camel archers which are weak and mostly only useful for hunting. Brits Opening Strats Starting units: 6 women, 2 spearmen, 2 slingers, sword cavalry and a dog. Brits are good at rushing with their strong sword cavalry. However Brits also have access to dogs which can be used to rush very early in the game. It's a risky strategy though since if you don't kill enough enemy women you will fall behind economically. Dogs are only useful while your enemy may not have much army and become useless after 2-4 minutes of play time. Brits also have access to slingers and spearmen. Iberians Opening Strats Starting units: 6 women, 2 swordsmen, 2 skirmishers, spear cavalry and walls. Iberians walls are more effective than in vanilla because of the fewer ranged units. Iberians have access to swordsmen, slingers, skirmishers and spear cavalry making them quite versatile. They also have upgraded towers with no minimum range. Their early game is mostly defensive and economy focused. They become stronger in the town phase with access to cheap Embassy swordsmen. Mauryans Opening Strats Starting units: 6 women, 2 spearmen, 2 archers and 2 worker elephants. Mauryans are good at rushing with sword cavalry and upgradeable archers. They have access to tigers in the civic center which can be used for very fast rushes like Brits dogs. Mauryans start with two worker elephants which allows them flexibility in taking resources however they're the only civilization not to start with any cavalry which means that women have to gather chicken instead, slowing their economy. Ptolemies Opening Strats Starting units: 6 women, 2 pikemen, 2 skirmishers and 2 camel archers. Ptolemies have free houses, farmsteads, storehouses and corrals making them great for booming. However early in the game they don't have access to any strong cavalry which means they need to exclusively build skirmishers and pikemen, which are slightly strong than spearmen. In the town phase they have the easiest expansion with cheap military colonies. Rome Opening Strats Starting units: 6 women, 2 swordsmen, 2 skirmishers, spear cavalry and a healer. Rome are mostly defensive early in the game but they can do small very early rushes with lions. Since they can build ranged units in their barracks, they they are slightly more versatile in the opening period. Rome become much stronger in the town phase with their strong siege. Sparta Opening Strats Starting units: 6 women, 2 spearmen, 2 skirmishers, spear cavalry and a farm. Sparta start with strong women (+100% health, +200% attack) which helps them if they're rushed. Sparta's early game should be focused on reaching the town phase and spamming their strong champion units and skiritai. There may be bugs still, be warned! Please send me your suggestions and thoughts! champ-mod.zip
  4. Thanks everyone who played! It was a pleasure to watch all your matches! ^^ At long last we have the results... Winners borg- FeldFeld ValihrAnt Jofursloft
  5. 3-2 to @Feldfeld so far. Unknown_Land and Mainland again left to play! ^^ @borg- can you post the replays so far please?
  6. They haven't arranged a time yet but it's likely this weekend. Will let ya know when more's known!
  7. Since game 25 wasn't played I have to choose a winner. Overall I thought Jofursloft did a better job of attempting to arrange the match so he is given the win. I've PMed both players the detailed explanation of my decision.
  8. I'm extending the deadline for games 25-26 till 9 September!
  9. The deadline for matches 23-24 has been extended until 29 August.
  10. I get your point but it's a small cup and most games are played ahead of schedule. It'll be fine!
  11. I'm extending the second round until 12 August for @kizito and @spahis to play their match. That means the third round losers bracket will run until 19 August.
  12. @nani @CAGD_lulofun I doubt the map size would affect the result that much, and I'm not sure who hosted the round, but if either of you make a complaint I will look into it further.
  13. Thanks to everyone for playing their first round games. The second round starts now! See the first post to find out your opponent
  14. Round maps have been made for every round (see the spoiler in the first post for more information). Thanks to everyone who has played their first round match! Three left to go! Have fun!
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