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  1. Alpha 21? Resolution?
  2. Main Menu -> Learn How to Play -> Manual lists all hotkeys present in the game Indestructable towers were just an idea, but not present in the game currently (The treasure seeking woman is invincible though). Lobby players favored the idea of only having a banner / waypoint flag at the spawn point, so not adding the tower :-/
  3. > going to the map manually, I now see this There is also the objectives window showing the map description if you click on the scroll icon in the top panel. > never saw the on-screen note At the beginning of the match, it should say "First wave attacks in 10 minutes" for that period > spawn points more obvious How about adding two indestructable, garrisoned wooden towers? The arrows being shot immediately indicate danger
  4. Extending a bit, the idea of that map is to get rekt by gaia enemy waves that are spawned all 2-3min there while building up with taking treasures in the middle that spawn all 4 minutes. It's also explained by the on-screen text notification at the beginning. A number of things are proposed to be added on that map in: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3102 https://code.wildfiregames.com/D145 Specifically with regards to your issue of those units appearing unexpectedly out of the blue, we (the players of that map) were wondering whether we could make the spawn points more obvious, for example with a big cross on the floor. But such a cross still woudln't indicate that enemies are coming from right there. Perhaps they could spawn behind a gate or something, but that might not work with 400 attackers. Ideas welcome.
  5. Read the map description
  6. Map: Survival Of The Fittest Players: borg-, Hannibal Barca, bb (later replaced by fpre), WW_Butcher, META-BARONS, elexis, Csar_Spase Summary: Regicide, Revealed Map, 2x Speed, 100 pop cap, High starting resources, self-trade, Large map This match was in particular interesting as it wasn't obvious until the very end who would win. While I got entirely embarrassingly defeated in the first freaking round, three candidates withstood all attacker waves for 2,5 hours (there will be exponential enemy waves to reduce the waiting time, see #3102). In particular I am glad that Hannibal Barca has proven that this can be achieved without self-trade at all (as it isn't obvious whether markets should become disabled). 2017-02-13_rough_survival.7z
  7. But you're playing alpha 21 right? (Not the developer version) Could you upload the savegame (for the AI error spam)? Perhaps you tried to load a savegame from an old version of 0ad (like alpha 20)?
  8. (Phabricator is for code review, trac is used for reporting bugs and ideally designing patches before actually writing them)
  9. Fixed by s0600204 in https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP19213, https://code.wildfiregames.com/D113. Thanks for the patch!
  10. The error has something to do with the petra bot, doesn't seem to be related to houses and ungarrisoning at all. Usually the "no space" bug appears when there is literally no area in the surrounding building to pop out the trained unit, usually when trying to build a ship in a too narrow river. The AI bug still should be fixed, if it is one. Did you try to load a savegame from an old version?
  11. Sometimes developers get to writing actually noticeable patches instead of following the duty of fixing bugs somone noticed sometime ago ;-)
  12. You're all wrong https://code.wildfiregames.com/D117
  13. With regards to roman sentry towers: It would remove the civ specificness that Romans dont have defensive buildings in age 1. For example they don't have wooden walls and their siege walls only appear in age 3. If you want to present the model we could make the sentry towers an age 2 building (perhaps the stone tower even age 3) fatherbushido added a patch in https://code.wildfiregames.com/D129 but I'm not 100% convinced yet
  14. metadata.json contains the summary screen data at the end of the game. If it's absent, the "summary" button will be hidden in the replay menu, but the replay should still show up
  15. Mostly the "permanent hero death" option will lead to focusing heroes when they are on the frontline (and they have to be there, otherwise they are of no use). That will mean that heroes will die soon somewhat often, changing the gameplay somewhat. I believe this will add a huge use case for healers, not only with regards to the hero elephant. I'm not convinced by distinguishing heroes in tiers, as they should all be equally useful, just with different applications. Losing a hero will be detrimental for the rest of the game, but it won't be the end of the world. The more I think about it, the more I like this option.