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  1. elexis

    A23 - Lag in the lobby on OS X

    You created the image to be committed, no?
  2. elexis

    A23 - Lag in the lobby on OS X

    The author should commit his work.
  3. elexis

    terra_magna warning messages appeared!

    Those are still the same warnings you reported last time, no?
  4. elexis

    "Not implemented" error with campaign button

    Not sure if we can write a script to detect that. Some strings are used in GUI objects, others aren't. Those that aren't may use unescaped symbols, right?
  5. elexis

    Hyrule Conquest

    First the map is created in atlas, units and buildings placed, then a game is started in which all units receive their orders, then the path is created in atlas. Then the replay is played with the cinematic path enabled. You can do the same without cinematic paths and just record a replay.
  6. elexis

    A23 - Lag in the lobby on OS X

    One could investigate if the sending or receiving is the slow part. The lobby bots are not involved with chatting at all, thats ejabberd.
  7. elexis

    Hyrule Conquest

    Vladislav, The Undying Nephalim, about the perspective cinematic trailer, I noticed the distorted perspective in regular games too. I think the openGL view is tuned for a fixed window ratio, like 4:3, but if we use a different ratio it will appear broken. Try to resize your window to something like 1000*350 and rotate, it will appear messed up. In case you want to render it more consistently, you can use the screenshot rendering hack here https://github.com/elexis1/0ad/tree/trailerhacks_a23 which allows you to render with a fixed FPS rate independent of the CPU and GPU lag. Needs compiling of the program however. (And the JPEG support doesn't work on windows yet, so the JPEG commits would have to be excluded there. Hopefully going to be merged next release.)
  8. You mean the match setup screen doesn't even show up or just noone joining?
  9. elexis

    A23 - It crashes on OS X

    (Ah wrong, actually he can test if he hosts a game rather than join)
  10. elexis

    A23 - It crashes on OS X

    and he cannot test if it fixes the issue because he cannot join any games of people that dont have the mod
  11. elexis

    A23 - It crashes on OS X

    In case we want to share mods that don't work, I have one too. hasSameMods() prevents players to join lobby games with different mods. I might upload a working one later.
  12. elexis

    A23 - It crashes on OS X

    It's the only texture Im aware of that is only loaded in lobby MP gamesetup but not in nonlobby MP gamesetup. Possibly, since it is an independent package.
  13. elexis

    A23 - It crashes on OS X

    0 libsystem_kernel.dylib 0x00007fff6b2584aa __kill + 10 1 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x00000001053f19ab TexCodecDds::decode(unsigned char*, unsigned long, Tex*) const + 427 2 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x00000001053f0523 Tex::decode(std::__1::shared_ptr<unsigned char> const&, unsigned long) + 323 3 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x00000001053bf21f OglTex_reload(OglTex*, std::__1::shared_ptr<IVFS> const&, Path const&, long long) + 111 4 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x00000001053bfd74 h_alloc(H_VTbl*, std::__1::shared_ptr<IVFS> const&, Path const&, unsigned long, ...) + 1268 5 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x0000000105279b62 CTextureManagerImpl::LoadTexture(std::__1::shared_ptr<CTexture> const&, Path const&) + 178 6 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x0000000105278407 CTextureManagerImpl::TryLoadingCached(std::__1::shared_ptr<CTexture> const&) + 183 7 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x00000001052782a9 CTexture::TryLoad() + 105 8 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x000000010527821c CTexture::GetHandle() + 28 9 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x000000010525947d CShaderProgram::BindTexture(CStrIntern, std::__1::shared_ptr<CTexture>) + 45 10 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x00000001053713a9 GUIRenderer::Draw(GUIRenderer::DrawCalls&, float) + 281 11 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x000000010534b7a0 CGUISpriteInstance::Draw(CRect, int, std::__1::map<CStr8, CGUISprite*, std::__1::less<CStr8>, std::__1::allocator<std::__1::pair<CStr8 const, CGUISprite*> > >&, float) const + 144 12 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x000000010538695c IGUIButtonBehavior::DrawButton(CRect const&, float const&, CGUISpriteInstance&, CGUISpriteInstance&, CGUISpriteInstance&, CGUISpriteInstance&, int) + 316 13 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x000000010532aea7 CButton::Draw() + 887 14 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x000000010537bcaa GUI<int>::RecurseObject(int, IGUIObject*, void (IGUIObject::*)()) + 74 15 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x000000010537bcd1 GUI<int>::RecurseObject(int, IGUIObject*, void (IGUIObject::*)()) + 113 16 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x000000010537bcd1 GUI<int>::RecurseObject(int, IGUIObject*, void (IGUIObject::*)()) + 113 17 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x000000010537bcd1 GUI<int>::RecurseObject(int, IGUIObject*, void (IGUIObject::*)()) + 113 18 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x000000010533838b CGUI::Draw() + 59 19 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x000000010536d049 CGUIManager::Draw() + 169 20 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x00000001051504ba Render() + 522 21 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x0000000104f855a5 RunGameOrAtlas(int, char const**) + 8069 22 com.wildfiregames.0ad 0x0000000104f83556 main + 54 23 libdyld.dylib 0x00007fff6b108015 start + 1 Since it only occurs when joining the gamesetup via lobby but not any other GUI page nor the gamesetup in SP or non-lobby MP, we think its the bubble.png image for the lobby dialog.
  14. Noone volunteered to inform the packagers.
  15. elexis

    Help whit adding new resource

    The colors of minimap icon types are in the templates / XML files, the possible minimap icon types are hardcoded in CCmpMiniMap.cpp. A subset of them are the 4 default resources. I think you can use an arbitrary minimap type for your new resource as the color can be set independently in the template. If I read the current component correctly, the Type property is not even used. Probably intended to allow the player to show only minimap icons of a specific type.