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  1. There is a difficulty setting. Medium is tuned for experienced players!
  2. If it doesn't cause OOS and doesn't change strings
  3. Ever read the GDPR?
  4. elexis

    Translation question and issue

    Yes, just click on the buttons "1" and "other". I don't know where it is specified how many plural forms that language has though.
  5. elexis

    Translation question and issue

    Different grammatic rules for different numbers. In english it's only singular and plural: For the first one minute... For the first two minutes. Other languages have more forms and can chose arbitrary ranges or something like that.
  6. elexis


  7. elexis

    Garrison units from the editor

    Garrisoning walls shouldn't be a problem. Notice that SpawnAndGarrisonAtClasses spawns at classes of the Identity component, such as Tower, House, or Wall or SiegeWall, not template names.
  8. elexis

    RANDOM MAP: Riverway

    The story could be added to the map description, if there is one.
  9. elexis

    Uneditable translations in Transifex

    https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24321-untranslatable-strings/ https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/5155
  10. elexis

    4 Ideas to improve the game

    All four ideas are implemented, check the options and HotKeys.
  11. elexis

    RANDOM MAP: Riverway

    What's the story of the people in the water? Is this missing a shipwreck?
  12. I see premake4/5.lua translating '`without-lobby` to `CONFIG2_LOBBY` and this is used only in JSInterface_Lobby.cpp but not XmppClient.cpp or glooxwrapper. I see that premake excludes gloox if without-lobby is passed. But many files still refer to g_XmppClient and it's members, so it seems the setting doesn't exclude all of the lobby code, and thus may still result in unwanted binary code and compile errors?
  13. elexis

    Game rewards turtling too much

    You're reading my tickets, admit #5147
  14. elexis

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

    Because the same corpse is not supposed to be in two places simultaneously. -> max relics = max relic templates A logged error most likely occured at that moment then. Not so fast. What matters if the first error, which may not be on the screenshot. Not unlikely a template error.
  15. elexis

    Game rewards turtling too much

    For random maps. It could also be developed to a gamesetup option (no starting mines, small starting mines, regular starting mines, extra mines) (for random maps).