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  1. Isometric View Option

    I don't think anyone has worked or planned an implementation. But count me in for the crowd who would like to see it.
  2. Reduce Lag

    Depends on what kind of lag youre talking about. Simulation lag not really. Network lag is a thing you have to discuss with your ISP. Less FPS can be a result of the FPS limiter which was implemented add the new models with more polygons, new maps with more actors. There was the multi-selection patch and the visual aura thing which might have had an impact on the FPS when selecting hundreds of units. I didn't really notice a difference.
  3. minimap issue

    The color rearrangement was done in r19819, #763. No matter how the colors are arranged, some of them are always going to conflict.
  4. Suggestions for 0 A.D.

    I think you didn't understand that we don't disagree with someone implementing more core game mechanics.
  5. Problems With Translating Into Greek

    > Enhanced food gained from ranching and farming We find that string in the brit.json and gaul.json civilization description. It refers to their civ bonus (not to be confused with their team bonus). It seems this one was not implemented unless I'm missing things. Pretty sure that it would refer to an increased food gatherrate. Well, things have fallen apart. Many names appearing in 0 A.D. are apparently unknown to the rest of the internet world and I wonder where they were taken from originally. If it's a name, it should be possible to reuse it. If it doesn't fit, might want to replace it with a word of the language that you're translating to that does fit and carries a similar meaning.
  6. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    Didn't understand the question. Serialization is just creation of a savegame (that is either saved to the disk or sent via network for multiplayer rejoins)
  7. 【Fixed】Map error!

    On windows? Starting a new match instead of loading a savegame? wtf. @Imarok can you try wheather you get an errorspam when starting a match on svn next time you're on windows?? @gameboy is that also the exact same error you posted above? Because there are other known errors in svn
  8. 【Fixed】Map error!

    Try deleting the 0AD folder and do a new checkout. Should be done in 20min.
  9. 【Fixed】Map error!

    and if you delete pyrogenesis.exe and revert?
  10. Really?

    I don't see a problem with adding unique content proposed by others that keep players interested. Notice Capture The Relic feature is actually part of the design documents and @Sandarac originally implemented it because it was a feature which was desired since. The design documents described as an aoe2 clone variant where one picks it up and puts it into a building. We consciously decided to go a different path from what was described there and not make them garrisonable (actually more interesting gameplay if it's discoverable and players have to guard it) and not make them able to be picked up (how would a pickup feature add to the interest of the game and justify the cost of spending the time to implement that?). Agree (and never claimed that it would). Never claimed that relics or random maps add to the conquest gameplay. Relics and Danubius countered the claim that these features added have no relation to the historic aspect of 0 A.D. The team didn't work on this at all unless you mean me being judicious with Hannibal and the relic feature which was not historically related yet. What has stopped you from developing a feature of any proposed design plan yourself? Why did you spend time on adding Kushites to DE rather than on javascript tutorials? The fact that it will consume months to get a single feature done? I discovered this game three years ago and considered the game a technical demo too after reading many claims by the game promotion itself that the game would be an unplayable alpha. However after actually playing it, I immediately lost the impression that this is a tech demo, but an actually good game. Hence I do not and never did intended to turn the the way the game is played upside down (unless counters count). I would appreciate if someone would go through the trouble of implementing formations that mimic the actual historic usage, but that won't be me (sounds more like years than months to me). There were missing engine features (for instance replay and good multiplayer support) and many bugs (most things falling apart when looking at it wrong) that prevented the game from being what the existing game mechanics intended it to be. This is what motivated me to work on the code. The vast majority of that is fixed and implemented now. Was playing with the thought to implement a narrated historic SP campaign, but actually why would I want to do that if the primary feedback we get after 8 months of development is a complaint about one wrong number in the balancing? So technically, I'm done here.
  11. 【Fixed】Map error!

    gameboy does the error happen when you start a new match with svn, or only when loading a savegame?
  12. 【Fixed】Map error!

    Sure you updated? Compiled if not using linux or mac OS?
  13. Really?

    There is a different use case of random maps and scenario maps. These things would suit a campaign. It's on my list of things to do, but that will certainly take many months without doing anything else. The fact that we have added further maps in alpha 21-23 is just because there was someone who isn't us making them and coming to us with the finished product. So we have the decision to either make it fit to the game or reject them altogether. Rejecting them doesn't really save us time since we didn't spend (much) time on creating them to begin with. So not adding these maps by other people doesn't free up time to enable us to create new maps. I don't think any kittens were hurt by new maps like arctic summer that don't quote a specific civ or a place of a specific battle. As said already, sometime we should have an ingame map downloader (probably WFG authorized files only), then we can publish maps as DLC and allow even more of them. For example _zoro's high castle map was a fun one but was beyond the scope of what we can commit to the game. I do agree that Howe Sound was a bad fauxpas with regards to the scope of the game. So I took much more care and would like to highlight Ratumacos and especially Danubius as an example. I recall sitting more than hundred hours just on that map alone, adding dozens of fitting actors, determining actual historic and geographic background and making it well balanced for all sizes and as many types of players as possible, designing and creating a specific side-goal for the players (destroying the gaia fortification) and creating an own small scripted AI to interact with the players. As you can see it was planned that the gaia units are the Dacians to frame that specific historic & geographic reality. Isn't that what you asked for? There is no ingame narration, but we do want that for a campaign eventually. Unfortunately we don't have a Dacians civ and creating new models for them would have taken months. You have to consider that there were 3 people doing 80% of the commits last release, 4 people doing 18% of the commits and 3 people doing 2% of the commits. The development is just above the threshold of being dead since years as we can barely maintain the code and fail to cope with the review queue growth altogether. We can be happy if we can write one feature on our own per person in two months, even if some refuse to recognize it as a feature. Again, I don't think quality and quantity of features are mutually exclusive. Semi-finished features that people propose can be converted to features that fit to the game that many, even if you don't like. But when I spend my time on something, I do it right and this means that I will put each bracket into the place where it belongs and possibly do hundreds of commits cleaning up the mess that devs accumulated previously before adding complexity (you were asking for quality, didn't you?). Another example of something that fits to the concept of 0 A.D. that was only framed as a gimmick that noone cares about where we spent weeks on making it fit to the historic aspect of the game are relics. It was not easy to find a leading figure for each civ that wasn't already present in the game and finding an ingame bonus that can be derived from actual history. Adding more filters is easy, we just need a proper name. With regards to small and tiny mapsizes, playability becomes very different from usual games.Just one of the many facets how the game can be modified. It's a fun gimmick in multiplayer mode, you have to fight for every single tree and every man and woman lost makes a huge difference. .
  14. Spartan Structures

    About the blackness, the only Spartan well I found is this one: Maybe the thing may not be considered a well but just an artificial decorative pool / fountain? (Patio de los Leones in Alhambra)
  15. Spartan Structures

    Thanks for the improvements LordGood. The CC looks much better with the smaller trees and the vases! The model has become something I'd really want to show to others to show what nice progress has occured this release. I do agree that not all hellenic civic centers need that fountain, but I still wonder what purpose that wood serves? Wouldn't actual water look better?