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  1. The random map scripts also spawn as much treasure as needed to afford a civic center , unless the "disable treasure" setting was ticket.
  2. I would guess that that the user config for the batchtrain count is not a number and thus defaults to 1. Or the setting was set to 1 or less. Try changing the one number that actually does set the "batchtrain modifier" or however it was called. The other settings should be irrelevant.
  3. I guess @vladislavbelov knows best. Perhaps one can install a different wx version. Perhaps something can be changed in the atlas code, then you could apply that patch.
  4. That tells us that it's trying to save the crash message, but doesn't speak about the crash itself (sounds like the gdb command being executed too late) Uploading the mainlog.html and crash something .txt might yield more information. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ReportingErrors
  5. A stacktrace. gdb shows it with the command "info stack".
  6. As far as I understand, the one moderator doesn't care whether non-africans are being called soulless monkeys either. And the other moderator seems to have jumped in after a certain amount of BS had been exceeded, not because of the specific content. But I haven't been there and precisely for that reason that I have better things to do than trying to get 120 random people in a room to become happy with each other. There's a difference between defamation and hatespeech. The latter is often defined to be anything that makes anyone subjectively feel uncomfortable and thus something we must strongly oppose if we believe in free speech. Someone could say your message offends me personally, whatever it is, so you should go to jail. Calling for violence and defamation is more specific and also a criminal offence in countries where free speech is in the constituion. You are right, it's not an edge case. With 100k of lobby accounts and 10k of them being used every month, someone is toxic on the lobby chat every day. Point was that it's impossible as a moderator to not getting shat at on a daily basis for moderating too few or too much and that this just results in moderators being even less willing to donate their time. I think just because a moderator did not chose to policy speech, doesn't mean that he does condone that speech. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be better to have a platform where there is no authority, so that toxic messages are only attributed to the person who posts them, not to the person who didn't policy them, i.e. a more peer-to-peer platform, or just removing the chat feature from the lobby altogether. At least I didn't donate my time to such bullshit anymore. As a moderator I have received enough of such accusations to stop joining this room. And no, I'm not being convinced to give other people moderator access who promise to ban a lot more violently for their personal definition of hate speech. It often ends up in being the same kind of offensive behavior but under opposite sign, and will lead so just the same accusations. When I think back about the people who have offered themselves as a moderator and how they behaved in chat later, I'm glad they didn't get moderator access. So yes, I agree that a mute would have been appropriate in this situation, but in general, Wildfire Games should enable players to play, but shoul avoid putting themselves in a situation where they are responsible to make 100k players accept each other.
  7. Terms_of_Use.txt From what I gather, it was your guys first witnessing of pesems noisefloor. There are few others who seem to have been born with some essentials missing. The first important thing to me is that everyone knows who is the author of foul messages and that they have the freedom to avoid that individual without having to leave the lobby. If people chat that on their own server, others know that's the badpeoples corner and that they won't join that area anymore. If such messages are posted in the lobby chat, especially if they are posted over large periods of time, the users have no choice but to have to read that crap, and thus I would agree that a mute or temporary ban is appropriate. It is very stressful as a moderator to face poisonous people on a daily basis and get attacked for banning them and not banning them at the same time. No matter what you do, you do it wrong, and whatever the bad people do is now attributed to the moderators. So lets remind ourselves that we can be happy to have any moderators and online multiplayer at all, it's not to be taken for granted.
  8. There are thousands of trees and auras have bad performance (depending on the type of aura. In some cases it can take several seconds to compute). So if anything, it would have to be select few entities (probably the invisible placeholders), as wow and nescio proposed above. From a coding perspective, I'm not sure if auras are the right way to go about this. A tile-based mechanism might be a considerable alternative. That would allow for example rectangular shaped shallows / river crowssings to be covered precisely. Or a long road without placing many small auras. That is about movement speed modifiers. But why would a nearby tree change a units attack stats or defense stats? Ambush? Well I guess it's not forbidden to think about that, but it sounds like it could have weird consequences (all players running into the forest to fight?). (We have trac tickets on Ambush and environmental slowdown, but that probably won't help, and who knows what the design document intended) (Also it already is slower to walk through a forest, since the units bump into the trees and each other. But perhaps it's not as significant as desirable.)
  9. I never wrote the trigger scripts though, and I wanted those decal paths, which require a new paradigm to store information sub-tilesize level efficiently, and some storytelling elements. Maybe some day. I remember another map that you could put into the mappack D1497. It's an overhaul of Alpine Valleys. (Problem is only that I'm a fan of the labyrinth and that overhaul seems to remove that from what I see on the screenshots.) In general it would be great if users could upload maps (and replays, D1723) more easily, so that user-generated 0ad content distribution is less bottlenecked.
  10. Dancing means moving without intending to move a unit away, but only to dodge bullets. In your example you actually move the unit elsewhere. Meh, switching formations back and forth is another exploitable thing. In that case the units even receive run speed. That's not the dancing we're talking about, dancing is only moving backwards and forth to dodge bullets with either many move commands or patrol command. Like actual dancing where you're not getting into formation with others or transporting units (ministry of silly walks doesn't count as dancing because it's moving units). The question is whether one of you wants to report that as a cheat, or as as unintentional exploit that still cost you the score. (If you're playing top 5, you want the game result to be acurate). I guess the burden of proof is on the reporter to show that a specifc series of moves has resulted in the loss of the game. It's easy to show for most dancers and formation wigglers. That's always the case with enforcing custom terms of use. Where is the limit to jokes on the chat if the host says he will ban if players are making jokes he doesn't like? Mostly players need to organize and decide for themselves if it doesn't affect the WFG score database or WFG lobby chat. They should join the host they trust or host themselves and become a source of player trust. That's even the more messed up part than just the invulnerable units. It forces everyone to play with the silly exploit thing (or to train nothing but the most recent OP unit). I mostly think about the pile of 100 arrows in one place left and 100 arrows right of the unit. That inherently seems wrong. Perhaps one can reformulate the trajectory somehow. If we would actually look at the code, we wouldn't have to guess. It should be in Attack.js. But it's hard if not impossible to change it without affecting the balancing.
  11. As smiley mentioned, the map would require rewrite since a lot of things changed in the last 3 years in that code.
  12. Did you test the map in MP? g_InsectEntities sounds like it would trigger an OOS on rejoin, and should become a property of the Trigger prototype (thus serialized and deserialized). I will try the map eventually. Mods for mod.io are only reviewed for security concerns, which is not much to review for maps, since they have very limited JS Interfaces. Simulation/AI/rmgen context doesn't have much access, GUI does have much, much, much, much, much more access.
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