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  1. elexis

    Hotkey does not exist.

    @gameboy please post this on https://www.transifex.com/wildfire-games/0ad/, otherwise the bug will reappear soon
  2. elexis

    Hotkey does not exist.

    Register at http://transifex.com/ and translate "Add another worker to speed up the repairs by %(second)s seconds" correctly. It should be in the "public-gui-other" section.
  3. elexis

    Hotkey does not exist.

    That ^, because in there is "Add another worker to speed up the repairs by %(second)s second." and using gives one result: Entirely: So someone added a broken translation that should be fixed as soon as possible on transifex. Gratis bonus fact, the translation was copied from: Now who wants to write the script that checks all *.po files for this mistake systematically, so that players don't have to randomly discover it (or even the trac ticket)?
  4. Did you get the crash with Tobbis image or with one that you compiled yourself?
  5. Looks like trompetin17, Itms and Tobbi are saving the day! To all macOS users: Please help us test this 0 A.D. Alpha 23 release candidate! Try to find and inform us of any bugs (in particular bugs that prevent you from actually playing the game)! macOS Alpha 23 re-release candidate: 0ad .dmg 840.3 MB https://mega.nz/#!Jcd2EaqB!uX5NiOYuaIzfdliy10nOZx9T2vsQK8AKltStDbE5IQs
  6. elexis

    Cheat walls

    scythetwirler had changed siege engines to be much more effective in Alpha 21 or so. It was mentioned in the trailer. A23 is indeed the most stable balance I played so far (still imperfect in various ways).
  7. svn is tested more or less permanently by a number of players (those who are able to download svn and annoyed by some dealbreaker bugs), but not on macOS That assumes that there aren't compiling or linking issues, version conflicts. There are what feels like 1% Mac OS people on the lobby. Most of them are never seen again after few lobby joins (even if they could play with the icon fix mod). Of the handful remaining that occasionally join the lobby and can be communicated with, one of them had a version conflict issue, the others are not available for such discourses. It really needs a developer to record, investigate and fix reported issues. I guess that will again be done by people who don't have a mac again with a VM, rather than the developers with macOS fixing their system (please prove me wrong).
  8. WFG members can't do the testing of bugfixes because we have noone with a platform to test, Tobbi is not doing the testing of bugfixes. So this is a deadlock with the remaining choices to ask other people who are not available or not interested, abandon macOS or bundling on an illegal virtual machine and running into the abence of macOS devs problem the next release bundling where noone run the application even once on macOS before everyting is in feature/string/translation/commit frozen again. The technical issues aside, what really bothers me is the attitude of people who accuse others of preventing them to commit game features, directly or indirectly, whether here or in other threads, without ever having lifted a single finger to go beyond ones own scope of interest in feature development and performing whatever is needed to have the next release (and a final release sometime). The ones going beyond their own scope of interest to accomplish a release are the stupid and exploited ones as they pay with their own time and energy to fix what ought to be shared obligations and then get the blame from the ones who feel too noble to substitute missing development occupation if it isn't fast enough according to their liking. cudos to stiefkampf and av93 who asked answerable questions rather than unactable statements that are not or not well distinguished from blame. At least on my side there has never been a lack of development either, just a lack of published development with more than hundred committs in git branches waiting to be committed, waiting to be rewritten because they coudln't be committed and patches not distributed as I'm not making myself a slave for the project in every instance. Have a nice day.
  9. Mac issues are unresolved, existing solutions to mac issues from previous releases aren't committed because they can't be verified, noone can bundle the thing on a macintosh because none of us have one (or rather the only one who still is online sometimes has too few disk space to compile it). (The same thing will most likely repeat itself in the future development cycles and the holy grail of macOS being broken will probably be that they dropped openGL). The codebase is finished with regards to GDPR since Oct 16.
  10. If you don't express what you mean, readers can only guess what you may want to say and that may lead to conflicting interpretations. Do you want to express that there is evil we are not allowed to talk about or not allowed to witness? If so, I agree. Otherwise,I don't know the purpose of this thread? If thread participants want to see a specific task being done, how about performing it if noone else does it? In that case the question that people should ask is what is needed for the next step and translate that into actions. To me it seems like can give up on releasing mac OS and go on with development for windows and linux, since every mac OS developer left the team long ago.
  11. elexis

    Catapults can't move in standground mode

    With the UnitAI code from before rP21630, the catapult does not unpack on sight. The described issue was introduced in that revision.
  12. Unknown land with nomad and terra magna works for me.
  13. elexis

    Catapults can't move in standground mode

    Wasn't that the case in alpha 22 too?
  14. elexis

    Catapults can't move in standground mode

    @temple @mimo @bb_ this is frequently reported as a new bug in alpha 23, so I suppose it is related to rP21630, rP21784 or rP21786? Reproduce: Start a singleplayer match with 2 players with siege engine civs (athen, ptol, seleucid, mace...) on a tiny map Type "gift from the gods" cheat Build the building to train the siege engine and train a siege engine Move the siege engine to neutral territory. The siege engine is still unpacked and still in the default standground stance. Type "gift from the gods" cheat (so that packing isn't instant anymore) Press Alt+D and switch perspective to player 2 Type "gift from the gods" cheat Train some attackers, and let them attack the siege engine Switch perspective back to player 1 Observe that the packed siege engine starts unpacking on it's own as it was attacked by an enemy. You want the siege engine to retreat intead of continue to unpack and attack. Therefore you click on "cancel unpacking". Expected behavior: Clicking on "Cancel unpack" stops the unpack process and allows the still packed siege engine to process move orders. Current behavior: Clicking on "Cancel unpack" resets the the unpacking progress bar to zero, but the siege engine starts the unpack progress again on its own. The user has to wait to wait one full unpack cycle and then one full pack cycle to move the siege engine that was packed already. Here my somewhat concise replay: commands.txt Reported at #5328
  15. elexis

    struggling to play 1 v 1 against my son.

    If you just want to play against someone who is using the same internet connection, don't use the lobby, but click on multiplayer -> host, the other one clicks on multiplayer -> join and types the LAN IP address, something like 192.168.bla.bla, not the internet IP. Then most likely you don't need to forward. For internet games, only the host needs to forward the port, not the client. STUN allows joining for some but not all remote players if the host failed to forward properly (so you can test if you forwarded correctly by hosting with disabled stun and seeing if anyone can join).