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  1. Still think a resource trickle for corrals is boring and doesn't require any investment or skill of the player. "status bars for every single thing in the game" as in gaia resources too? Otherwise it's the case already. "resource counts for all players" as in showing the sum of resources all players currently have? Can I write a TODO list for you guys too? Hope you didn't plan anything until November/December.
  2. The schema entry is just to generate the documentation and ought to be complete for the public mod.
  3. Classes and VisibleClasses of binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/components/Identity.js used by the binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/templates/
  4. What do you want to achieve exactly? Just disable hashing to improve performance?
  5. (Ideally we could have an upload and download button in the 0AD client, being able to browse a standardized overview on both website and lobby, taking screenshots automatically in games so that we don't have the same mappreview every time and a way for players to write down a summary of the game right after it occured, so that the memory is fresh, as in #3960, but most of that is too far out)
  6. user1 don't forget to ask whether they actually played on the same svn revision and whether they used the windows autobuild (and thus might not use the most recent c++ code) (and for completeness whether they played with the same mods)
  7. I don't know how this error could occur unless you are playing a mod with custom GUI pages or if you updated without restarting the game
  8. Probably not a good design choice to link the walk speed to the territory owner. If you're under fire you might even have to retreat from your own home base or a captured base. But I think you might want that Stamina feature which would allow units to run for a short period of time (half abandoned design ticket somewhere).
  9. CCmpPathfinder::CheckBuildingPlacement has this check "// Fail if any span includes an impassable tile" which is triggered for those 3 tiles on the map border (that what Imarok said) and also if there is water for example. But instead of displaying a better error message, the building placement actor should be limited to the circular mapsize (instead of the square one) and account for those 3 tiles, so that we don't need an error message in the first place, no? Also the units can't walk on those 3 tiles, so everything can be walled off the player wants to).
  10. Besides the fact that we shouldn't hope but check whether code will do something, this looks like a bugfix (and those can be committed after FF, before CF if someone takes care of it). Mods shouldn't have to carry around patched copies to work correctly (fixed for now usually means broken for tomorrow). The patch tries to fix this error, right? WARNING: The "Iphicratean Reforms" technology is not researchable in any structure buildable by the athen civilisation, but is required by something that this civ can research, train or build! The error message could replace "something" with the name of the production queue entry. Is the patch actually a good idea? Shouldn't he remove that something that noone can research, trian or build from the production queue of the templates instead? "has more unit trainers than can be supported by the current GUI layout" is because we don't have scrolling yet (last time I checked, had to modify 60 files to rename scrollbar to verticalScrollbar or something).
  11. Such a patch can be generated by creating the diff between the two released revisions. Notice you can only patch a git or svn clone, because the released version contains all javascript, XML and so forth in the public.zip flie (if you want to patch that, the patch would be about the same size as the release). I'm not sure that people will be able to figure out how to patch their system. Also patches don't delete files if they're not applied with svn or git. If the patch is applied correctly, it will be in sync with people who downloaded the release though. Other than that, that what fcxSanya said.
  12. Of all the smileys I've found in the emoticon list, this one fits best:
  13. You start xpartamupp with --room arena21 but join with the alpha 22 client
  14. It means the WFGBot (XPartaMupp.py) is not running
  15. It appears as if you have been banned for rating fakery.