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  1. Queens of the Stone Age with Dave Grohl Glastonbury Festival 2002 Best lineup!
  2. I can just speak on behalf of myself on why I had decided to not contribute for the first half of this year but started committing to Alpha 24 now.
  3. The message I got was "screw wfg", which led me here :-/
  4. Disabling TLS also means disabling encryption, so it would be better fixed. You happen to be on Windows 10? Did you succeed to connect via TLS (in a23b) before? Did you install or configure some networking software (VPN, firewall) (since then)?
  5. Did you modify any files during the pause?
  6. When I first saw the fake ISO view I wrote #4638. One can hack such things by replacing default.cfg until the aspired implementation is deployed. (Ideally every mod could introduce custom config options without having to overwrite what exists, so that two mods can be launched simultaneously without breaking.)
  7. Any mods enabled? Pressed alt+tab during the 6 minutes? Is it possible to reproduce without 6 minutes waiting?
  8. I couldn't reproduce the issue without mods and I don't see in the code how it can fail as it is initialized in the init function. As reported on IRC:
  9. That was +D, try #0ad-dev instead of #0ad if you want to talk to developers. Did you apply any mod? When did the error occur? Perhaps it was something like pressing a key combination during or at the end of the loading screen?
  10. An option for an option sounds a bit meh (why only that one option and not for every option). There is also the fact that all chosen gamesettings are reset when changing the map for Skirmish or Scenario maps.
  11. If I would post something that is completed to 27% that would only mean that it's being pointed out that 73% are missing, so I can only report when something will be done to 100%.
  12. To answer the question, a lot of the alpha 24 work is in private github branches of different Wildfire Games members for the reason fatherbushido has posted. It's sad to see people decide to try to make Wildfire Games obsolete. I would have wished to continue to cooperate together, but Wildfire Games has a 20 year history, has created this very software and the online platforms and to me this is a value byitself to maintain rather than to actively help tear down. So I have to support Wildfire Games and 0 A.D. at the pice that I will have to pay for that.
  13. The default is teams being locked, which I guess is the most prevalent setting? You mean having LMS the default over allied-victory if teams are not locked?
  14. The error happens when enet (udp based network protocol) can't send the network packages to the peer / client (http://enet.bespin.org/group__host.html#ga6ba501b3ee576e5578c8e6d1694ebd49). This might be because a local firewall or other network setting denies the network connection. Perhaps you also have mutliple network controllers where one of them disconnected during the time of hosting.
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