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  1. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    Nothing is passed to the allies since that is a simulation command and everyone derives the necessary rendering based on that. Adding a dot to the minimap representing the flar shouldn't be an issue either by adding a MiniMap entry to the template of the flare. Sending the other through the minimap instead of through the game view can be done in a separate patch, but ougt not be hard either because we have said GUI event already at hand.
  2. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    Sure about that not that easy part? Adding a new entry in Commands.js and creating a local entity, similar to the target marker in D606 should likely suffice.
  3. Tactical/Resources map

    Should not be hard at all when I look at the current XML code: <!-- Minimap --> <object size="8 8 100%-8 100%-8" type="minimap" z="20"> <action on="WorldClick">handleMinimapEvent(arguments[0]);</action> </object> <object type="image" size="4 4 100%-4 100%-4" sprite="stretched:session/minimap_circle_modern.png" ghost="true" /> We could probably also allow different sizes of the (small) minimap in the config.
  4. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    Icons on the minmap are certianly desired. The minimap we have has only 120px * 120px however. So the art problem is as difficult as the code problem. A greater minimap that pops up when clicking a button would be much better for communication and viewing details.
  5. Hyrule Conquest

    You can see it in the JSON file phase_town_generic.json "requirements": { "entity": { "class": "Village", "number": 5 } }, So it looks for the number of entities having the Village class. A building requiring the Village phase is different from a building having the Village class.
  6. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    ticket link broken, you mean #3370. It's assigned to alpha 23. Motivation is necessary and sufficient (i.e. nothing else like consensus required). As you can see in the ticket, @Imarok already has a patch D931, but it needs a bit of tuning. Its not only Hyrule, but every other mod too. Especially since there are now balancing mods out which try to address any imbalances.
  7. Speaking to the lobby moderators directly is usually the way to go. We usually warn ask the concerning player then once, ask to give you the points by resigning and then ban if this repeats itself. I'll mention it to Hannibal who keeps track.
  8. Germany (1476) quitter noob - 1 vs 1 rated

    Perhaps both accounts should be banned.
  9. how i can play a LAN game?

    Registrating accounts only works every hour or two.
  10. Potentially Offensive Visual Content

    (rare pepe anyone?)
  11. A war with Romans, surprise! Yep, was exactly looking for an interaction with Ptolemians due to the geographic proximity. The greek interaction is also interesting. Thanks for all your documentation!
  12. Sundiata you seem to be the most informed person around about Kushites. I did not read all the valuable information in this thread, but I have a question I couldn't find an answer quickly. The Kushites have a very long history. Do you know if there were interactions (usually conquest) between Kushites and other civs found in 0AD (or maybe prominent civs between 0 and 500 AD)? Its very unlikely that we get there, but I would really love to have one campaign for each civ that we have models and templates for and part of that in a RTS is usually battling someone else :-)
  13. Minifaction: Nomads Xiongnu

    The issue is that one can pack a civic center, move into the enemy territory, unpack it and thereby steal territory influence? Well. binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/components/Upgrade.js has the upgrade code. I think it should be possible to test if the current location of the entity is within enemy territory and if so, just abort. (Still does't advertize this restriction in the GUI). But territory influence stealing would also be possible by unpacking in gaia territory near the enemy, then unpacking a second civic center in the gained territory then.
  14. Yes, reducing the occurrences of the problem by an order of magnitude because most players likely won't find the magic oneliner.
  15. Running the replay nonvisually upon user initiated reports would work. Would also require a tool to change the ratings manually without having to restart the ratings server. Still annoying as there is about a report every day. It could just work without user interaction. Might want to estimate how much renting a/the server/s would cost (the processing power).