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  1. Step 23: Add towers near the oppidum walls. Less than seen here though! Step 24: Adding a lot of flora near the water. Step 25: Reintroduce substreams that are not horizontal to the water: Step 26: Add a second type of farmland and add a path around it. Step 27: Add a lot of actors on the paths and on the main grasslands. Step 29: Add the bigger buildings in around the CC. Needs improvements though. Step 30: Add men and women to the city. Step 31: Use other texture for the main terrain and the waterground. That one had been chosen because there were some nice flowers on it, but I agree that it looks odd when zooming out. In particular I need a good name for the map!
  2. That is true for some map settings for some map types. In onlne multiplayer almost exclusively random maps are used and currently 70+ random maps support all gamesettings. So people (rightfully) expect their settings to be persisted, when they already discussed for 30min the teams and settings but only want to play a different map. For scenario maps only the gamespeed can be chosen currently, and I guess that also makes sense to persist (but certainly not the rest including ceasefire)
  3. elexis

    Is this normal ? About lag.

    If the game itself doesn't complain about your connection, it's not your connection.
  4. elexis

    Is this normal ? About lag.

    If there is relevant actual network lag, it is seen in the upper right corner of the screen, mentioning the latency and affected playername.
  5. elexis

    Is this normal ? About lag.

    Select the mapsize normal and a population limit of 150 and it should work without huge problems. and besides pathfinding, and rendering, the AI is slow too.
  6. elexis

    Viewing Command.txt files

    You can locate the replay directory too by selecting a replay in the ingame replay menu.
  7. elexis

    Is this normal ? About lag.

    The game being computed too slowly when the number of units or mapsize is too large is an algorithm problem. Losing the network connection only occurs if a player has a network problem, except the part where it occurs after the loading screen, that is a bug.
  8. Not the 'perisstmatchsettings' feature, but the equal persisting of settings when changing the map. I couldn't find any map that specifies a Ceasefire timer currently, so if this is truly happening with scenario maps only, I guss you have some custom maps with ceasefire timers. Basically this one, besides that all of the hardcoding should be removed. diff --git a/binaries/data/mods/public/gui/gamesetup/gamesetup.js b/binaries/data/mods/public/gui/gamesetup/gamesetup.js index 7096014..fc7a3d3 100644 --- a/binaries/data/mods/public/gui/gamesetup/gamesetup.js +++ b/binaries/data/mods/public/gui/gamesetup/gamesetup.js @@ -2054,6 +2054,7 @@ function selectMap(name) delete g_GameAttributes.settings.WonderDuration; delete g_GameAttributes.settings.LastManStanding; delete g_GameAttributes.settings.RegicideGarrison; + delete g_GameAttributes.settings.Ceasefire; } if (mapSettings.PlayerData) One may argue that scenario maps should persist some settings such as the gamespeed, or argue that none of them shoud be persisted. The problem is that every setting has a different character, it was and still is hard to unify them because they are inherently different. Anyway; you can add a workaround for the map and just force 0 ceasefire for your scenario map. You can see the format of the gamesettings in the first line of the replay file commands.txt. One can format that line with https://jsonlint.com: start { "settings": { "PlayerData": [{ "Name": "elexis", "Civ": "iber", "Color": { "r": 21, "g": 55, "b": 149 }, "AI": "", "AIDiff": 3, "AIBehavior": "random", "Team": -1 }, { "Name": "Player 2", "Civ": "rome", "Color": { "r": 150, "g": 20, "b": 20 }, "AI": "", "AIDiff": 3, "AIBehavior": "random", "Team": -1 }, { "Name": "Player 3", "Civ": "ptol", "Color": { "r": 86, "g": 180, "b": 31 }, "AI": "", "AIDiff": 3, "AIBehavior": "random", "Team": -1 }, { "Name": "Player 4", "Civ": "ptol", "Color": { "r": 231, "g": 200, "b": 5 }, "AI": "", "AIDiff": 3, "AIBehavior": "random", "Team": -1 }, { "Name": "Player 5", "Civ": "ptol", "Color": { "r": 50, "g": 170, "b": 170 }, "AI": "", "AIDiff": 3, "AIBehavior": "random", "Team": -1 }, { "Name": "Player 6", "Civ": "cart", "Color": { "r": 160, "g": 80, "b": 200 }, "AI": "", "AIDiff": 3, "AIBehavior": "random", "Team": -1 }, { "Name": "Player 7", "Civ": "iber", "Color": { "r": 220, "g": 115, "b": 16 }, "AI": "", "AIDiff": 3, "AIBehavior": "random", "Team": -1 }, { "Name": "Player 8", "Civ": "gaul", "Color": { "r": 64, "g": 64, "b": 64 }, "AI": "", "AIDiff": 3, "AIBehavior": "random", "Team": -1 }], "VictoryConditions": [], "CircularMap": true, "Size": 320, "PopulationCap": 300, "StartingResources": 300, "Ceasefire": 0, "RelicCount": 2, "RelicDuration": 20, "WonderDuration": 20, "RegicideGarrison": false, "Nomad": false, "RevealMap": false, "ExploreMap": false, "DisableTreasures": false, "DisableSpies": false, "LockTeams": false, "LastManStanding": false, "CheatsEnabled": true, "Name": "African Plains", "Script": "african_plains.js", "Description": "The central region of the vast continent of Africa, birthplace of humanity. Players start in a lush area teeming with vegetation and wildlife.", "Preview": "african_plains.png", "Keywords": [], "RatingEnabled": false, "TriggerScripts": [], "VictoryScripts": [], "mapType": "random", "Seed": 2739431346, "AISeed": 100161980 }, "mapType": "random", "mapPath": "maps/random/", "mapFilter": "all", "script": "african_plains.js", "gameSpeed": 1, "map": "maps/random/african_plains", "matchID": "77899E47129312ED", "timestamp": 1531835751, "engine_version": "0.0.23", "mods": [ ["public", "0.0.23"] ] }
  9. elexis

    A few questions

    Yes, -10% sparta pop limit still exists, also mauryan and persian +10%. You can see it in the population tooltip ingame too. It should also be seen (someday if not already the case) in the ingame civ history page thing. For the formation questions, @temple knows the current state best probably.
  10. elexis

    Can we agree on this?

    I didn't say B > A, I said C = A+B
  11. (The screenshot showed that the playercolor ban on one side of the persian temple had golden stars on it but the other side didnt.)
  12. elexis

    Laptop powers down when i play 0ad

    Either too hot or no more remaining battery power.
  13. Not all gamesetup options are present in the Atlas editor. These have to be changed in the XML file of the map.
  14. elexis

    RANDOM MAP: Dune - Desert

    A DunePainter is something that was missing on Elephantine and Jebel Barkal. To fix the resource problem and increase aesthetics, could have half of the map dunes, the other half something else. Finding a geographic location that the map represents can inspire further content.