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  1. [SVN] Construction Bug

    (It happens when a foundation is placed in the fog of war.)
  2. [SVN] Construction Bug

    @wowgetoffyourcellphone reported the same. Did you compile or use the most recent autobuild? Can you send a replay? Which civ are you talking about? (I can't reproduce the issue.)
  3. [SVN] Construction Bug

    Oh oh
  4. Animal corpses don't disappear under foundations

    (Polished and committed it)
  5. Campaign aid

    Writing trigger scripts is not too easy yet (but it becomes easier with every triggerscript map we add). The tutorial maps have objectives and scripts depending on unit orders and positions if I recall correctly. The random maps Survival/Danubius/Jebel Barkal are mostly about spawning masses of dumb attackers. That would require a player with a locked diplomacy, which is currently only supported for scenario maps, but might be changed in some distant future.
  6. Oh I had never seen it ingame. The hack seemed to work for me. So it's something for @vladislavbelov then. The GUI backwards compatibility for replays and savegames is kind of useless, but for the lobby an attacker could deny the service with broken JSON. But it will be quite a lot of code to address every possible issue that could arise in gamedescription. It would be quite ugly so meh. We never had someone trying to be that funny and if, then he would be banned. Damage would be quite limited (meh)
  7. That would be something for @s0600204. (That language seen on that screenshot is german). About a22 games in a23, we don't have any sanitization for displaying lobby game attributes. The clients might send any kind of garbage and we get JSON errors repeated. Usually we solve this problem by removing the broken game, but it's probably better to add conditions all over the place in the long run.
  8. Animal corpses don't disappear under foundations

    darn, wraitii had a somehow working patch for that which was never committed! D21
  9. @(-_-) uploaded a patch for the Gaia entities already. I'll fix the mapname. String changes means english strings that are translated on transifex, we have some deadlines with regards to those.
  10. SVN Files As "Conflicted"

    Since there were merge conflicts, it means that at some point in history you most likely changed something in your directory. If you don't care about that anymore, just do a revert and delete unrevisioned files. https://tortoisesvn.net/docs/nightly/TortoiseSVN_en/tsvn-dug-revert.html https://stackoverflow.com/questions/613485/how-can-i-get-tortoisesvn-to-get-a-list-of-files-that-are-not-in-the-repository
  11. SVN Files As "Conflicted"

    unrevisioned files = files that aren't marked as part of the repository. like a new template that someone wanted to add sometime but wasn't actually added but you still got the file around. patched file = file that differs from what is in the repository
  12. SVN Files As "Conflicted"

    Merge conflicts only happen when you at one point patched your working copy, then updated it and the update changed the same files in the places you have edited. Than can include a leftover unrevisioned file. If you want to preserve your diff, you have to carefully proofread it. If you weren't aware that there was a difference, you should revert your working copy regardless of the chosen merge resolve action. Should also look for unintentionally leftover unrevisioned files with the file "status" somewhere in tortoise.
  13. Age of empires mod for 0 ad ?

    Imarok if the tree obstruction size is increases, then you have people chopping thin air. Same issue exists when there is clearly space between trees to walk through them but an invisible wall is blocking you. Can create impassable forests only by making them so dense that there is no space between the trees / bushes (asking for lag).
  14. Game is crashing

    We would need a bit more information to interpret the error. Right now it only says "Segmentation fault" without any context. There are some logfiles which may contain more information: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths A callstack would be what we need, to see which line of the code exactly crashes: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ReportingErrors
  15. Yep, 0.20.7. I went with the ' or just keep “Egypt”' proposal by Nescio. We can still do changes to the maps, just no more string changes. It should be possible to replace the owners for the flora and fauna owned by players from command line. Not sure how now though.