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    The constant ban evasion and revealing you have other old accounts from as far back as alpha 20 has not helped your case. Instead of inquiring on the forums you prefer to use VPNs for a week. Did you not know about the forums? You create new accounts not to try to talk to me but to just join games and play. Nobody knows why you won't just play on the name everybody knows you as. Why did you create the HellBreaker account?
  2. Just select a game being hosted by someone else. Both of you join the same match in the lobby then you can play together with other players.
  3. You should be able to play a public game together by joining a third person's hosted match. Is this no longer possible because lobby authentication of players joining has been made mandatory? I think a simple mod could be made to allow someone to override the ip address the game connects to when they join a lobby match. Then you could host and your friend can use the mod to connect to the game at your local ip address instead of your public ip address.
  4. user1


    I've brought this to @elexis's attention as he was the one handling the situation.
  5. Do you receive any error message when you attempt to join? It's definitely not an IP ban. Are you using the same PC to connect from each different network or different PCs? Could it be a password issue? Maybe an incorrect password is stored in your config. The username and password are both case-sensitive. Try retyping your password and make sure you use the same caps for your username that you used when you registered.
  6. It appears that the difference between 1400 and 1600 is an order of magnitude and the difference between 1600 and 1800 is another order of magnitude. This is shown by the fact that ~1600 is top 100 but ~1800 is very rare in comparison (top 10), and >2000 is ultra rare. IMO it would be pretty hard to get much higher than 1600 by playing low rated players. It's also not difficult to get into the top 100 because there are not thousands and thousands of active rated players; just hundreds. If you assume there are only 200 active rated players then top 100 would really only be just somewhere above the 50th percentile of active players. Top X is always arbitrary and can only be considered a measure of skill as it compares to the total # of competitors. The total # of competitors is kind of unknown and many(most) rated players are inactive and/or have only played a very small # of games. In short, the value of the rating system is increased with more participation and participation is relatively low. Also, interpreting a player's rating as a measure of skill requires knowledge of certain variables that aren't exactly easily known, but for instance, make sure you at least consider the # of rated games the player has participated in.
  7. This doesn't make any sense... nobody was banned. I guess your son forgot his password?
  8. There is no such registry. Only users who make more than one account per person are breaking the rules. Hundreds (if not thousands) of users play from shared IPs and it's very easy to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys
  9. It seems this can be safely ignored as both of these are banned permanently. No rating is valid for either of them.
  10. @PenguinLover When can you be available to resign a game for octavioe?
  11. I guess this was @elexis. From what I understood, a temp ban seemed at least mostly appropriate but it was unclear how long the temp ban should be... I would prefer to see octavioe awarded the points he deserves. This means you would join a match with octavioe and resign immediately so he can get his rating.
  12. user1


    One account per person. Your ban stated the reason and the time that your ban will end. You are each banned for 24 (more)hours. See you tomorrow.
  13. Hello Mativen(?), I appreciate your cooperation and I've taken the time to thoroughly review your case. So here's what I have: Your first account appears to be mativen1983 but I remember you as DavyJones. I recall receiving multiple reports about DavyJones leaving rated matches without resigning.. I was viewing the logs and now I realize that you've also been affected by those players that leave rated matches without resigning This is regretful and for me, addressing the issue of rated match 'leavers' is a top priority for the release after next (alpha 24 or possibly before.) Now you found yourself on my radar once again since you were reported for leaving a rated match with B_Smoke... We're happy to have you as a new player here and I know the rated match issue is very frustrating but I guess it goes without saying that everyone must abide by the rules even if others are not... If you do that, your reputation won't be tarnished and those other guys will get what's coming to them...
  14. You could do this a different way that wouldn't require you to run two instances of 0ad. Start a single player match and setup Player 2 with whatever civ and team you wish and start the game. Then press alt+d to bring up the developer overlay. Now choose 'change perspective' in the dev overlay and you can select Player 2 in the dropdown on the panel at the top of the screen. Then choose 'control all units' in the dev overlay and now you can control this player also. You can switch back and forth between players whenever you like.
  15. Hi, pavoo. You basically have two options. First, your brother can use the main menu to connect to a game you host in the lobby by selecting Main Menu>Multiplayer>Join Game. You have to find your internal network IP address. You can run ipconfig(if you're on windows) from a command line and look for IPv4 address.Your brother should enter this in at the prompt and choose a nickname. You can bring up a command line by running cmd.exe. Second, you and your brother can choose to play together in someone else's match.
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