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  1. In my opinion graphics are fine. The only problem could be differentiating units. Gameplay wise I'm sure it will be top tier. What I'm most worried about is optimisation and the lobby system. Both of these things Aoe2:DE has problems with. Many players are avoiding TGs due to lag and the lobby system is mediocre at best. Hopefully the new engine will help in optimising the game and maybe the pathfinder will be better too. For the lobby system player profiles, PMs, easily spectatable and downloadable matches are a must imo.
  2. Can you outline what parts you're not planning to implement so everyone is on the same page?
  3. It's great to see that @borg- has got the motivation to go through with implementing the mod and that a lot of people are willing to help. Yes, a 1v1 tournament would be great to get people to play the mod. I don't think it going on at the same time as the SPG 1v1 league is a problem, since it is a quick weekend event.
  4. I'm not doing this all alone. I have mostly been cooperating with Feld as borg- is generally harder for me to reach, but both of them have given me their opinions on things, helped test and offered suggestions on how to improve the changes.
  5. As borg- isn't going to be implementing his balance mod to base game and no one else is planning to do anything about current game balance, I decided to take things into my own hands and prepare some changes. I am most interested in the champion changes and how they play out in team games. Their stats are fine in the current base game, the reason they aren't used is their high cost. I also reduced their metal cost quite severely since metal mine spawns aren't consistent and in team games there rarely are enough mines for all players. During testing they are able to fight cost efficiently against citizen soldiers, but don't dominate. When playing 1v1s against Feldfeld it felt like champions are much more useful, but not a necessity. Of course there are other changes. Slingers are nerfed, archers buffed. I want to nerf camel archers by reducing their movement speed in P1 and having P2 return it back to the old movement speed, that way they aren't op in rushes and aren't weak in the lategame, I just don't know how exactly to do that. Changes in this mod. Team bonuses: Iber: 20% to 10% Rome: 20% to 10% Kush: 20% to 10% Technologies: Loom: 50% to 100% Unlock champion units: 1000M and 90s to 300M and 120s. Armor plating: 500W, 250M to 300W, 150M Advanced Siege: 1000W, 500M to 600W, 300M Citizen soldiers: Slingers: 9.5P, 1C and 3.0 accuracy to 9.2P, 0.9C and 3.5 accuracy(right between skirms and archers). Archers: 6P to 6.8P. Elephants: War Elephant: 250M, 250F to 225M, 225F Elephant Archer: 200F, 80W, 20M to 150F, 75W Champions: Infantry: 125F, 75W, 100M, 20s to 90F, 75W, 30M, 15s Cavalry: 250F, 100W, 100M, 30s to 150F, 90W, 45M 20s Sword Cav: 250F, 100W, 100M to 150F, 80W, 55M Merc Champs: Black Cloaks and Fanas the same. So they're still strong P2, but will be unable to compete P3. Idk how to have P3 automatically reduce their cost, but it would be good to have their cost drop right after P3 is reached. Similar for camels, just their move speed not cost. Skirmishers: 100W, 150M to 75W, 90M Heavy Swords and Cardaces Hoplite: 75W, 150M to 75W, 90M testBalMod.zip
  6. All Vali games. Played with fgod and autociv. spg week2 valihrant perspective.zip spg week2 val no mods.zip
  7. On high settings all of these maps look very good and this being a 1v1 event I doubt anyone will have trouble running the game at those settings. But I doubt anyone would be against graphical improvements if it doesn't affect performance.
  8. You can do this quite simply without any mods, but you will need to have cheats activated. So to play together both people will obviously need to be in the game together and when the match starts one of the players can open the developer overlay by pressing Alt + d or Alt + Shift + d. After that select the ''Change Perspective'' and ''Control all units'' options. After that simply change the player perspective (In top right) to the one you want to play as. (You can also do this if you enter the game as a spectator).
  9. It's barely noticable, atleast in my experience. I'd gladly take the improved performance over it. I suppose a setting to turn it on/off would be nice.
  10. From the testing I did, yes it helps massively. I had max number set to 50 and saw 50-150% fps increase which kept increasing the longer the battle went on. During battles in which I had 2-5 fps I had around 15-30 with the corpse count limited. Lowest fps I hit with a limit of 50 corpses was 7fps.
  11. The Ptolemie camel rush usually happens well before a normal cavalry rush, while able to maintain a strong economy behind it. Which is why it's so hard to deal with as taking even a small amount of damage will make you fall behind any player who can multitask well. As for Britons and Gauls. It doesn't matter how good unit balance is. They will still dominate even if it's perfect. Why? They have something no other civilization has - an economy bonus. It simply gives them a big advantage over every other civ.
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