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Open Positions to organize NEW Programs/Events


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Hi all,

We all want 0 A.D. to be better. Moving forward together is more powerful rather than our individual attempts. It's also easier to motivate ourselves for some time rather than endless responsibilities. 

We can bring individuals and teams together for a project. Then organize the event with the power of the community. There can be many ways to have more fun with the skills of our valuable people. 

If you have an interest, a skill or a passion check out the opportunities where you can be the future of the community.

-Game Testers
-Graphic Designers
-Video Editors
-Content Writers
-Social Media Managers
-OP System Ambassadors

For more information about how YOU can make 0 A.D. better, show your love, ask questions in this thread, or join the discussion of the upcoming events and positions:

-Upcoming 1v1 Event Development Thread


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 *** If you want to be in the notification list, or not, send a PM so I can add/remove your nick.

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