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    I got a head start on the black pines, could benefit from a few more variations. General purpose tree dump thread
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    Prickly juniper, or cade trees and ground brush 3 new grasses with graded transparency on the bottom so they'll blend with any terrain without a seam
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    On Sunday we had a workshop with some other people. We showed to three or four how to mod the game, and to one how to translate the game. Hopefully there will be new contributors on the forums. We also had a talk with the person who made the GLTF importer for Blender, and we might contact him in the future when we make the switch from Collada to GLTF Finally I had a talk with the school head master about next year art contributions, so we might have 2D, 3D, Animation, and Web Design contributions next school year.
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    Hi, I am working at new tutorial with attempt to improve it. I aim to have cleaner and less text for user to read. To this tutorial I have added Market, trading, bartering, rotation of buildings. Any military stuff would be in second part of tutorial, this should be only about economy. Any suggestions, improvements welcome. @Nescio I would be glad if you could provide review from language perspective. @Freagarach, @borg- @ValihrAnt @Boudica @Stan` could you please try it and give me feedback? newTutorial.zip
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    atlas cedars and cedars of lebanon can be the same thing because they look like the same thing
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    Emperior (1465), PhyZic (1694), nigel87 (1582), Lord_Commander (1590) vs. Merkel4.0 (1434), Unknown_Player (1631), borg- (2300), kizitom (1688) 1 game before Emperior, Nigel and GOAT lost vs the team of Borg and UP. This time 3/4 of our players decided to rush. The result was impressive: Emperior rolled Borg, while GOAT was suppressing his flank like a boss delivering horrific cavy raids. However I commanded Lord_Commander just to boom for fast rams. He failed at that and went p3 after GOAT had a fort up. Luckily enough, Emperior was steamrolling Borg already.... Group photo of the victorius team: commands.txt metadata.json
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    Screenshots of whats new with the mod development.
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    The textures are all taken from photos that I took, and other textures are from the 0AD files. I've sign the waiver, but if further proof is required that these are pictures I took please let me know.
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    lol. 0 A.D is AoE IV
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    Edit: Hello all! I meant to reply to this thread with my repository a long time ago but... Here is my Thracian mod with the thracian units that are already in 0 ad and @Stan`'s thracian buildings from https://github.com/0ADMods/thracians https://github.com/lefty-studios/thracians
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    First time player. Excellent narration... Player: "Are these sheep or pigs? They look like sheep to me." Gaia animal: "Baaah" Player: "That is definitely a pig. Yeah, you can tell by the sound it's making. Pigs go Baaah" "Yes, the women of Rome, known of course for their heavy logging", lol...
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    How we see borg- How someone else sees borg- "Resistance is Futile!"
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    @StopKillingMe If you want to discuss the merits or bad things about @borg-'s mod, please do so on specific and concrete grounds, and not just some generic "it's not the way it used to be" or "it doesn't say things this way in the design document". Nothing holds any value on its own, if you can't explain why there is less reason to mention it at all than if you can explain why your point should be taken seriously. And also more specifically in this thread, the Design Document etc doesn't really matter, what matters is the aspects of the mod borg has created and their merit in and of themselves. If you want to discuss whether or not parts of the mod or the entire mod should be included in the main game, please create a new topic to do so.
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    Dear friends and leaders of the 0 A.D. project and community. I am an expert in the ancient history of Greece and Rome, fluent in Latin and Greek with a broad network of specialist experts in both languages. WE FIND YOUR PROJECT FANTASTIC AND CAN HELP YOU WITH - (real) Greek Hellenistic pronounciation and grammar - (real) Naming of buildings/institutions - Architectural expertise (library of 10.000+ images of Hellenistic art available) to improve your already great buildings for hist. accuracy - An overview of ALL technologies developed in Greece and the Hellenistic world, for use in the 'Academy' building, as well as a realistic estimate of their actual importance to history. To be honest I am working on important stuff and technically should not have time for this, but the effort of all of you here astonishes me, and it is worth it. It will have to be a work in progress, but we can start with the technologies, a few building design 'repairs' so to speak, and a clarification about Greek pronounciation. THANK YOU for your great work! Long live 0 A.D.
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    As I've mentioned a few days ago on IRC, I'm also working on a battalion system. We might be able to share ideas and code, if you don't mind. I've only had a brief look at your code on github. I might want to copy parts of it, especially the battalion selection code. Is that OK for you? I've uploaded the current state to github: https://github.com/Yves-G/0ad/tree/BattalionSystem Feel free to copy if you find anything you can use. It's still very experimental and unfinished in the current state. There's a demo map included with (currently) just two melee battalions that can attack eachother.
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    made the 2nd crest: Adjusted the helmet:
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    I'm locking this topic because it's not getting us further. Feel free to state opinions on balancing that are not already mentioned elsewhere on the forum but please do so in a factual tone ideally proposing thought through solutions if at hand, thanks
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    Ho fatto un'altra mappa, ma questa volta è una mappa scaramuccia, questa mappa è una mappa continentale con molti biomi e con 6 giocatori. Questa mappa è totalmente inventata. Great Island.xml Great Island.pmp
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    This is an overhaul for the Scythian Archer actor file. It is based on amphorae illustrations of Scythian mercenaries, some will be armored like how it was depicted in the amphorae.
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    If there were ever any cut scenes for scenarios or campaigns, this method would actually be very nice if applied to "character" textures. Meanwhile, I'm stealing the test texture for Delenda Est! Looks great, actually.
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    oh my god what is that ground texture
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    Very nice work ! Add some flags and banners maybe ? Also maybe some props
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    What do you mean? Another shot:
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    Revamping foundations. That's really sloooooooooooooooooooooooow. Still need to add props. They now have consistent size 1x1 is one game tile and 2x2m in Blender
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    gave it a little resize and edited the texture a bit
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    Hello. Position: 3D modeler. Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free? Yes, but ¿what happen whit the donnations? ¿And credits? Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license? Yes, if it posible only for wilfire Are you sure you are not wanting to work on something programming related? (Then you don't need to send in an application form.) No Name: Cristian Arcedo Montiel Email: cristianlorca98@gmail.com Location: e.g.: Spain/Seville Availability: I think I could do at least 10 hours a week, although I do not know exactly how long I can, but I'm sure I do, although I usually work fast and well Age: I am 20 years old and I usually have time and dedicate to 3D modeling or learn Occupation: currently nothing next year I'm studying computer science, and I've been working in Vaultsofware for at least 2 years managing modelers and helping in animation or whatever I could, I'm currently going to take another project with "Vaultsofware" to get benefits and make it an indie company Skills and Experience: modeler 3d, texturizer. Motivation: Me gusta mucho modelar, diseñar o poner mis ideas como objetos, el mundo de los juegos siempre me ha fascinado, pero cada vez que juego no puedo dejar de notar cómo se hacen las cosas, si es posible me gustaría vivir del mundo de los juegos. juegos. Es un trabajo que me gusta.. Personality: worker, perfectionist, shy, imaginative, patient, persistent ... Short Essay: I was looking for a strategy game like the era of empires or games that I played with my older brother as a child, I like them, even though playing online I'm a bad thing, hahaha. What motivates me to be part of the project is to let me know as a modeler, help improve a game that I like and has potential, if it is possible to earn some money to maintain the team, if it breaks down it would be very difficult to buy another... Interests and Hobbies: Modeling, researching or searching for information, thinking about ideas, "meditating", playing games, creating things ... Staff: I do not know anyone from the team Community: 3D juegos, vrutal, artstation, stratos. Favorite Game: my favorite game currently ... created that none maybe the elders scrolls, Fallout my favorite game of all time is not clear ... but I remember with happiness zelda: minish cap / oblivion / age of empires 2 Work Examples: portfolio on artstation: [Click me] photos of any works on Vaultsofware: [Click me] photos of my first models: [Click me] Thanks. Att. Cristian Arcedo ------------------------------------------------------------------ Answers and questions Answers: 1.- I'm modeler and texturizer but I prefer to model 2.-I would prefer to make buildings, environmental art, ground texture and if possible too correct the mesh, props. Questions: 1.- Do you use discord or some form of more direct communication to upload images and ideas? 2.- Any model of task or any model? 3.- do we communicate in English? Is there anyone who speaks Spanish?
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    Batalion Test Update soldiers are trained in battalions of size 15 (infantry) + banner carrier cannot build cannot be disbanded cannot be merged hero deploys with his specific battalion to use ram or siege tower you has to "garrison" battalion into it, but units stays visible and can be attacked garrisoning into buildings is possible and in garrison panel all units from battalion are grouped under one icon (you can ungarirson only all of them) units can be put into Free formation, in this case they will not keep any of the shape and this is preferred in city spaces ammo refill should be fixed technologies have been removed from structure tree visualisation because of space house has 10 population bonus some buildings have been moved to phases Sentry Tower -> town phase Palisade -> town phase Farmstead -> town phase Barracks, Ranged -> town phase (+ blacksmith) Stables -> town phase (+ corral) Field -> needs farming research (available town phase) Stone Tower -> city phase Stone Wall -> city phase Technology Forging is needed for archery axes swords spears mace City Phase is needed for chain armour Vision range of units is lower ( a lot ). Infantry speed is lower, cavalry speed is a bit higher (percentage wise compared to infantry). Gather rate is drastically lower -> technologies has huge boost for gather rate. Worship of gods You can choose which god your people will worship. You can worship 3 gods from 6 (now). In each phase you can choose one from pair. First two are in CC. 3th is in temple. God of animals (cavalry training boost) God of builders (building boost) God of family (worker training boost) God of farming (farming rate boost) God of blacksmiths (research in blacksmiths boost) God of war (infantry training boost) A bit changed Civilisation selection. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Each battalion has its banner carrier, but they do not really fit in as unit type yet. Running or charging might not drain energy for battalions (I am not sure what I messed up) Capturing is kind of not possible using battalions yet ( dont worry, it will be). AI is a bit broken because of number of units in battalions and slowdown (to be fair I broke it) so enjoy smashing AI because it does not train soldiers. Or find someone for MP (better to test it) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for support Please report weird animations (like alive blooded soldier, soldier without helm but rest of his battalion has, not moving capes - this drives me mad, I always find one)
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    Update: Few changes on deck texture contrast. Added a bridge on rome bireme deck. added stairs to lower deck in cart trireme. Pers Bireme, Rome Bireme, Cart Trireme Main-Sail added. Sail animations (Idle - Move) More width compared to norse sails.
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    @borg- what are your thoughts on making archers stronger but with a longer attack repeat timer taking around 10 or 15 seconds to aim + the rest of the animation in realistic human speed reducing attacking speed while increasing piercing damage? At this point from a Realistic view, they are like sharpshooters or guide anti-aircraft missiles aiming and firing in no time. Whitout mentioning the gattling guns of archer champions suchs as athen ranged champion.
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    This is the replay of me vs littlegirlbeatyou. ffm_littlegirlbeatyou.zip
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    I disagree. I think range, firing rate, and accuracy should be inversely proportional to damage. Movement speed is inversely proportional to armor. Health is inversely proportional to Food cost. Health+Accuracy inversely proportional to train time. Wood/stone/metal cost (whichever) inversely proportional to damage+range. This all depends on how granular you want to get. It's not absolutely necessary.
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    Done the seleucid cataphract mask from the topic but forgot to turn off some objects for render before 30 mins bake, so i wasted 60 mins baking (30 normal map). Heres a preview alongside others maks until it ends baking again.
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    PROPOSAL: As we already know A LOT of infantry looks pretty much unnatural and weird with their high movement speed while using a "walk" animation, so i changed as test the walk animation from "jog_relax" to "run_relax" in the javelinist variant and pretty much fixed the issue and looks more natural. Should this be applied to fix once for all the Inhuman walk speed animation? To be honest this behave just like the bug of the fauna animals walking ultra fast while moving just 2 steps from the run speed change to multiplier.
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    As the current system works, if a unit garrisons in a building, that structure regenerates loyalty and, if it is a defensive one, they add to the arrow count. Personally, I would prefer it if melee and ranged units offered distinct functions for garrisoning. Ranged units could add arrows, but not contribute much to the loyalty, and melee units would only provide a substantial boost to loyalty. I think that this approach would make defending and attacking buildings more nuanced since one kind of unit would be good as anti-personnel at the cost of keeping it vulnerable to capture if there would be a substantial enough force present. Melee units might make the building resistant to capture, but occasional sorties would be necessary to mount if the player wants the structure to stay up from direct attacks.
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    FYI for you -- that documentation is at this very moment in the process of being rewritten.
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    Balancing isn't like submitting code on phabricator. Others have tried explaining it to you that this isn't some AAA or any other kind of commercial game development enterprise. When balancing an alpha game, nothing is "out of scope," especially when it is essentially one guy doing his best to make something good out of the gameplay. The team can choose to implement the whole mod, parts of it, or none at all. The team could choose to delegate the gameplay and balancing to him, someone else, a small team of balancers, or no one at all. None of this is "out of scope" as long as that's how the team wants it done. So, that argument is largely invalid. How can you say "this" or "that" doesn't belong in a game which is still in alpha? lol, come on.
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    I think we would all appreciate if everybody could calm down and keep on topic (borg's mod, in fact). Further off-topic discussion may be hidden or deleted and insults could lead to temporary bans.
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    Yes it did, but I am having fun
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    Clearly the metal is for making the dog tags.
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