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Ratings Reports (Archive)


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Ratings Reports (Archive)

Progress Report:

Progress Report


Post Date Poster Name Report URL Replay URL Lobby Name, Reporting Player Lobby Name, Offending Player Status
11/30/17 kangz link link     Invalid 12/18/2019
12/07/17 Beryl link link beryl then00b Resolved 12/09/2017
12/16/17 gentz link link gentz tomiiii2
Verified 12/18/2019Screenshot_2019-12-18_15-24-40.jpg
12/30/17 NewWorldEra link link epsylon eliasmolins
Verified 12/18/2019Screenshot_2019-12-18_15-50-27.jpg
01/01/18 Dunedan link link dunedan bitodiego2323
Verified 12/18/2019Screenshot_2019-12-18_16-02-05.jpg
01/01/18 Dunedan link link dunedan bitodiego2323
Verified 12/18/2019Screenshot_2019-12-18_20-46-54.jpg
01/07/18 pro3 link link pro3 reendow

Verified 12/21/2019pro3reendow.jpg

01/23/18 Nobbi link link herkeule matgress Verified 12/21/2019herkeulematgress.jpg
01/29/18 Terratos link link terratos hawaiipurple1 Verified 12/21/2019terratoshawaiipurple1.jpg
02/06/18 Dunedan link link dunedan bigshot Verified 12/21/2019dunedanbigshot.jpg
02/25/18 Dunedan link link dunedan nacres Verified 12/21/2019dunedannacres.jpg
02/25/18 Dunedan link link dunedan medranozzz Verified 12/21/2019dunedanmedranozzz.jpg
02/27/18 Dunedan link link dunedan slawek_pl Verified 12/21/2019dunedanslawek_pl.jpg
05/03/18 CAGD_lulofun link link cagd_lulofun caiomariolobi Inconclusive 12/21/2019cagd_lulofuncaiomariolobi-INC.jpg
05/26/18 aeonios link link aeonios tkbelchorizango Inconclusive 12/21/2019aeoniostkbelchorizango-INC.jpg
05/28/18 Jofursloft link link jofursloft yilmazgng Verified 12/24/201980132565_2671516716426473_4832646327571578880_n.jpg
05/28/18 aeonios link link aeonios sophie_hatter Processing
07/26/18 WilsonWilson link link wilsonwilson onkelmartin Verified 12/24/201980115364_578863022680239_6014252484229332992_n.jpg
08/26/19 androidlover5842 link link androidlover5842 basiliskos Verified 12/24/2019Screenshot_2019-12-24_16-54-00.jpg
08/26/19 androidlover5842 link link androidlover5842 basiliskos Verified 12/24/2019Screenshot_2019-12-24_16-49-48.jpg
09/10/18 @#$% link link as mativen1983 Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_17-44-06.jpg
09/25/18 thankforpie link link thankforpie tony921 Verified 12/23/2019Screenshot_2019-12-23_10-56-42.jpg
09/29/18 amadeus link link retoric234 marcusen Verified 12/23/2019Screenshot_2019-12-23_10-59-20.jpg
09/29/18 Jeee link link jeee kiudwildff Verified 12/23/2019Screenshot_2019-12-23_10-41-07.jpg
10/09/18 cielo link link cielo marcusen Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_18-18-24.jpg
02/13/19 soloooy0 link link s0loooy0 jose37 Verified 12/23/2019Screenshot_2019-12-23_10-37-19.jpg
03/29/19 dutchpatriot link link dutchpatriot rezling2011 Verified 12/23/2019Screenshot_2019-12-23_11-08-43.jpg
03/29/19 dutchpatriot link link dutchpatriot yann2mars Inconclusive 12/23/2019Screenshot_2019-12-23_11-03-36.jpg
03/29/19 dutchpatriot link link dutchpatriot yann2mars Inconclusive 12/23/2019Screenshot_2019-12-23_11-06-23.jpg
05/10/19 jodeldi link link jodeldi tomasasselborn Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_20-03-04.jpg
05/25/19 Keko2 link link keko2 xxcesarexx Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_12-26-37.jpg
05/27/19 PhyZik link link phyzic yilmazgng Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_18-38-11.jpg
06/12/19 Bwana link link bwana mativen1983 Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_20-34-23.jpg
06/18/19 Bwana link link bwana wollolooow Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_20-00-14.jpg
06/19/19 peitacas link link peitacas mativen1983 Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_20-08-21.jpg
06/21/19 Kornux link link kornux scorden28 Verified 12/23/2019Screenshot_2019-12-23_10-38-57.jpg
06/26/19 badosu link link badosu jacklegendaryv Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_11-51-24.jpg
07/03/19 carthage link link carthage stockfish Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_12-23-27.jpg
07/03/19 Kanda link link kanda -1 Verified 12/23/2019Screenshot_2019-12-23_10-32-00.jpg
07/07/19 badosu link link badosu then00b Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_12-02-17.jpg
07/07/19 badosu link link badosu jacklegendaryv Duplicate
07/25/19 Angen link link angen max789power Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_18-32-21.jpg
08/03/19 ryuga link link ryuga mativen1983 Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_20-39-36.jpg
08/19/19 faffie link link faffie soro-baba Verified 12/23/2019Screenshot_2019-12-23_10-22-10.jpg
08/22/19 MERTZEN link link mertzen oshivan Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_18-27-15.jpg
09/06/19 zfy link link zfy basiliskos Verified 12/23/2019Screenshot_2019-12-23_09-59-02.jpg
09/17/19 alreadyexists link link alreadyexists rafael_br Verified 12/23/2019Screenshot_2019-12-23_10-19-22.jpg
09/19/19 amba91 link link amba91 dgingerich Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_17-58-56.jpg
10/05/19 thebrodmann link link thebrodmann juarca Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_14-52-02.jpg
10/15/19 BraveMan link link khals gonzalogf Verified 12/23/2019Screenshot_2019-12-23_10-04-33.jpg
10/20/19 meisdug link link meisdug ammaz Verified 12/23/2019Screenshot_2019-12-23_10-10-06.jpg
10/28/19 Stockfish link link stockfish shade11 Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_18-00-56.jpg
11/06/19 MAYONNAISE link link mayonnaise arkhipov Resolved?
11/08/19 MERTZEN link link mertzen jodeldi Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_19-35-31.jpg
11/17/19 Juleferie link link juleferie basiliskos Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_18-42-08.jpg
11/18/19 Juleferie link link juleferie enriquegg Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_18-39-53.jpg
11/19/19 donmed link link halamadrid2 bsodjunkie Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_17-54-27.jpg
11/19/19 donmed link link     Duplicate
11/28/19 Juleferie link link juleferie basiliskos Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_18-46-44.jpg
12/05/19 newenmapu link link newenmapu caiomariolobi Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_12-18-37.jpg
12/06/19 Rustless link link rustl3ss defc0n Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_12-28-59.jpg
12/10/19 HerrZ link link herrz basiliskos Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_11-20-06.jpg
12/15/19 ironbar link link ironbar king_soly Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_18-13-22.jpg
12/15/19 ironbar link link ironbar uwnd Verified 12/22/2019Screenshot_2019-12-22_18-23-44.jpg
12/20/19 sergimbo link link serbemas niki777 Screenshot_2019-12-22_18-15-18.jpg
08/20/18 Dunskied link link dunskied oscarhc89 Inconclusive 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_17-12-16.jpg
09/24/18 Thorrky link link thorrky huabidbs Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_19-12-53.jpg
09/24/18 Thorrky link link thorrky arthus Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_19-08-15.jpg
10/03/18 Thorrky link link thorrky octavioe Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_17-16-20.jpg
10/09/18 MarcusAureliu#s link link marcaurel septum Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_17-21-57.jpg
10/19/18 Yani link link yani jerryca123 Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_18-56-51.jpg
10/22/18 shookees link link shookees keko2 Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_18-59-13.jpg
10/27/18 Edwarf link link edwarf schweinepriester Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_19-14-57.jpg
10/27/18 Edwarf link link edwarf keko2 Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_19-17-21.jpg
11/01/18 Edwarf link link edwarf gregoriojuan Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_19-59-04.jpg
11/27/18 General_Mantis link link general_mantis absolutenutt Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_20-27-51.jpg
12/23/18 stierkampf link link stierkampf elegance Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_20-30-13.jpg
01/25/19 MarcusAureliu#s link link marcaurel gatsu Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_20-31-05.jpg
02/07/19 TheN00b link link then00b gugus Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_20-04-29.jpg
02/07/19 TheN00b link link then00b gokhan19 Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_20-06-58.jpg
02/09/19 TheN00b link link then00b artmospt Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_20-35-44.jpg
02/20/19 Strategoslaro link link strategoslaro mativen1983 Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_21-14-01.jpg
03/15/19 TheN00b link link then00b bubblebut Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_21-44-21.jpg
03/17/19 TheN00b link link then00b kanenoddic Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_21-43-12.jpg
03/17/19 gator303 link link daniel_king lagos Verified 01/01/2020Screenshot_2020-01-01_21-42-31.jpg
03/17/19 JamesWright link link jameswright grosquick Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_09-36-21.jpg
03/18/19 JamesWright link link jameswright thanty Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_08-56-12.jpg
03/18/19 Felipe_Chile link link felipe_chile mativen1983 Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_09-35-05.jpg
03/19/19 JamesWright link link jameswright mrverceddy Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_09-45-28.jpg
03/21/19 JamesWright link link jameswright zezo Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_09-49-04.jpg
03/22/19 Basshunter link link basshunter micky Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_10-16-14.jpg
03/23/19 JamesWright link link jameswright dakeyras Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_09-50-59.jpg
03/31/19 JamesWright link link jameswright bmw2401 Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_10-11-25.jpg
04/07/19 __najimakimoda link link __najimakimoda dutchpatriot Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_09-52-50.jpg
04/07/19 __najimakimoda link link __najimakimoda mativen1983 Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_09-57-54.jpg
04/07/19 __najimakimoda link link __najimakimoda quierohacercaca Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_10-03-08.jpg
04/08/19 soloooy0 link link s0loooy0 zezo Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_10-17-35.jpg
04/11/19 JamesWright link link jameswright dantirius Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_10-14-10.jpg
04/12/19 JamesWright link link jameswright vector0101 Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-07-37.jpg
04/12/19 Unknown_Player link link unknown_player pesem Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_10-55-11.jpg
04/12/19 Unknown_Player link link unknown_player made91 Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-04-05.jpg
04/16/19 __najimakimoda link link __najimakimoda gvit Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-11-25.jpg
04/28/19 __najimakimoda link link __najimakimoda chesterx Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-04-52.jpg
05/05/19 gator303 link link daniel_king oshivan Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-10-03.jpg
05/05/19 KORN link link _k0rn_ silasgrant Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-14-17.jpg
05/06/19 gator303 link link daniel_king artmospt Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-18-06.jpg
05/10/19 JeHathor link link jehathor artmospt Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-16-08.jpg
05/18/19 theotherhiveking link link theotherhiveking felix2007 Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-35-12.jpg
05/22/19 JamesWright link link jameswright usmank Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-36-24.jpg
05/24/19 soshanko link link suron ferith Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-37-53.jpg
05/26/19 gator303 link link daniel_king xxcesarexx Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-38-58.jpg
05/27/19 anonimitazo link link anonimitazo xxcesarexx Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-39-57.jpg
06/29/19 gator303 link link daniel_king legionvc Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-49-47.jpg
07/07/19 badosu link link badosu then00b Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-50-53.jpg
07/07/19 gator303 link link daniel_king yildirim978 Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-47-46.jpg
08/03/19 JamesWright link link jameswright gani Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-59-19.jpg
08/09/19 JamesWright link link jameswright eye15 Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_11-54-17.jpg
08/22/19 MERTZEN link link mertzen oshivan Duplicate 01/02/2020
08/24/19 gator303 link link daniel_king lord_commander Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_12-16-22.jpg
12/24/19 sergimbo link link serbemas albaitar90 Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_12-21-27.jpg
12/26/19 sergimbo link link serbemas magiccrack Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_12-17-41.jpg
12/26/19 Tramite link link basiliskos auxilentmoon Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_12-20-20.jpg
12/28/19 Tramite link link basiliskos niki777 Verified 01/02/2020Screenshot_2020-01-02_12-13-26.jpg
12/28/19 sergimbo link link serbemas bayburtlu69 ProcessingScreenshot_2020-01-02_12-02-30.jpg
06/23/19 rkan001 link link rkan001 avinash Verified 01/09/20Screenshot_2020-01-09_10-57-01.jpg
06/23/19 rkan001 link link rkan001 kyro Inconclusive 01/09/20
08/30/18 strategoslaro link link strategoslaro herks174 Verified 01/09/20Screenshot_2020-01-09_14-01-01.jpg
08/30/18 strategoslaro link link strategoslaro varistorroto Verified 01/09/20Screenshot_2020-01-09_13-54-04.jpg
08/30/18 strategoslaro link link strategoslaro schwein_der_weisen Verified 01/09/20Screenshot_2020-01-09_14-10-05.jpg
08/30/18 strategoslaro link link strategoslaro elpolako7110 Verified 01/09/20Screenshot_2020-01-09_13-59-48.jpg
08/30/18 strategoslaro link link strategoslaro alexanderrodericus Verified 01/09/20Screenshot_2020-01-09_14-06-58.jpg
02/06/19 strategoslaro link link strategoslaro fedesalas94 Verified 01/21/20Screenshot_2020-01-21_15-43-01.jpg
02/06/19 strategoslaro link link strategoslaro artmospt Verified 01/21/20Screenshot_2020-01-21_14-44-16.jpg
02/06/19 strategoslaro link link strategoslaro toni_ivanov Verified 01/21/20Screenshot_2020-01-21_15-41-10.jpg
02/06/19 strategoslaro link link strategoslaro mmgamer Verified 01/21/20Screenshot_2020-01-21_15-38-24.jpg
02/06/19 strategoslaro link link strategoslaro ave_citrus Resolved 02/13/2019
01/13/20 yzoni link link yzoni uwnd Verified 01/21/20Screenshot_2020-01-21_15-53-01.jpg
01/16/20 Tramite link link basiliskos king_soly Processing
01/18/20 ironbar link link ironbar gifox Processing
01/20/20 AeternaTristitia link link aeternatristitia maximusbullet Verified 01/25/20Screenshot_2020-01-25_16-45-20.jpg
01/20/20 AeternaTristitia link link aeternatristitia mulaudzia Verified 01/25/20Screenshot_2020-01-25_16-40-53.jpg
01/20/20 TheNewSound link link thenewsound basiliskos Verified 01/26/20Screenshot_2020-01-26_16-01-49.jpg
01/21/20 AeternaTristitia link link aeternatristitia albaitar90 Verified 02/03/20Screenshot_2020-02-03_11-28-31.jpg
01/21/20 AeternaTristitia link link aeternatristitia kinghugo Verified 02/03/20Screenshot_2020-02-03_11-32-57.jpg
02/04/20 soloooy0 link link s0loooy0 newenmapu Verified 03/06/20Screenshot_2020-03-06_15-37-44.jpg
02/05/20 TheNewSound link link thenewsound halamadrid2 Verified 03/06/20Screenshot_2020-03-06_15-28-25.jpg
02/06/20 Tramite link link basiliskos lorenzo13 Verified 03/06/20Screenshot_2020-03-06_15-25-52.jpg
02/06/20 catenaccio link link catenaccio lorenzo13 Verified 03/06/20Screenshot_2020-03-06_15-22-07.jpg
02/06/20 catenaccio link link catenaccio god-of-war Verified 03/06/20Screenshot_2020-03-06_15-32-52.jpg
02/06/20 catenaccio link link catenaccio russian_soldat Verified 03/06/20Screenshot_2020-03-06_15-34-34.jpg
02/08/20 AeternaTristitia link link aeternatristitia g4nu5 Verified 03/06/20Screenshot_2020-03-06_15-35-42.jpg
03/05/2020 androidlover5842 link link androidlover5842 andremf Verified 03/31/20Screenshot_2020-03-30_15-55-51.png
03/06/2020 ryuga link link ryuga andremf Verified 03/31/20Screenshot_2020-03-31_12-30-04.png
03/09/2020 sergimbo link link serbemas logan123 Verified 03/31/20Screenshot_2020-03-31_12-38-43.png
03/18/2020 randomid link link randomid andremf Verified 03/31/20Screenshot_2020-03-31_12-36-39.png
03/24/2020 2fftr link link uncertain kig_kaway Verified 03/31/20Screenshot_2020-03-31_12-58-20.png
03/25/2020 go2die link link go2die ironbar Verified 03/31/20Screenshot_2020-03-31_12-37-47.png
03/25/2020 axi link link axi liberal_elite Verified 03/31/20Screenshot_2020-03-31_12-56-28.png
04/01/2020 Roos link link roos logan123 Verified 04/07/20Screenshot_2020-04-07_17-36-15.jpg
04/01/2020 Roos link link roos   Verified 04/07/20Screenshot_2020-04-07_17-58-11.jpg
04/02/2020 Roos link link roos   Verified 04/07/20Screenshot_2020-04-07_17-48-24.jpg
04/09/2020 Xylon link link xylon 1ac Verified 04/13/20Screenshot_2020-04-13_11-28-44.jpg
04/11/2020 Odin_1988 link link odin_1988 darius0ad Verified 04/12/20Screenshot_2020-04-12_14-35-30.jpg
04/12/2020 jeromescherer link link jeromescherer dandiertie Verified 04/13/20Screenshot_2020-04-13_11-43-50.jpg
04/12/2020 vijayvithal link link vijayvithal crashiex Verified 04/13/20Screenshot_2020-04-13_11-39-41.jpg
04/13/2020 Kaligula1 link link kaligula1 samhdhill Verified 04/13/20Screenshot_2020-04-13_16-18-46.jpg
04/13/2020 Omiris link link omiris hunn Verified 04/13/20Screenshot_2020-04-13_16-38-23.jpg
04/13/2020 SuperSpartacus link link superspartacus berain993_s Verified 04/13/20Screenshot_2020-04-13_16-45-32.jpg
04/13/2020 Omiris link link omiris ayx Verified 04/19/20Screenshot_2020-04-19_15-54-22.jpg
04/13/2020 maximumentropy link link maximumentropy justinistschwarz Verified 04/19/20Screenshot_2020-04-19_16-06-44.jpg
04/14/2020 Roos link link roos dudehunter Verified 04/19/20Screenshot_2020-04-19_16-09-44.jpg
04/16/2020 Approvals link link approval ludovicovanbeethoven Verified 04/19/20Screenshot_2020-04-19_16-10-43.jpg
04/17/2020 maximumentropy link link maximumentropy logan123 Verified 04/19/20Screenshot_2020-04-19_16-14-20.jpg
04/18/2020 steazy link link steazy athol Verified 04/20/20Screenshot_2020-04-20_12-52-17.jpg
04/18/2020 steazy link link steazy messalasevero Verified 04/20/20Screenshot_2020-04-20_12-57-03.jpg
04/18/2020 steazy link link steazy lictor_caesar Verified 04/20/20Screenshot_2020-04-20_12-58-58.jpg
04/19/2020 dpikt link link dpikt hamdich Verified 04/21/20Screenshot_2020-04-21_16-15-17.jpg
04/19/2020 maximumentropy link link maximumentropy konak Verified 04/21/20Screenshot_2020-04-21_16-20-10.jpg
04/19/2020 Utinam link link utinam pedrog Verified 04/21/20Screenshot_2020-04-21_16-32-14.jpg
04/20/2020 Santi link link lord_jack capitanjacob Verified 04/21/20Screenshot_2020-04-21_16-31-10.jpg
04/20/2020 Utinam link link utinam sephan Verified 04/21/20Screenshot_2020-04-21_16-44-19.jpg
04/21/2020 Santi link link lord_jack alberto86 Verified 04/21/20Screenshot_2020-04-21_17-03-27.jpg
04/21/2020 Doc Steve link link jews titanboy Verified 04/21/20Screenshot_2020-04-21_17-04-45.jpg
04/21/2020 Doc Steve link link jews linar1586 Verified 04/21/20Screenshot_2020-04-21_17-05-55.jpg
04/21/2020 Elinvention link link supertux95 mativen1983 Verified 04/21/20Screenshot_2020-04-21_18-17-29.jpg
04/21/2020 maximumentropy link link maximumentropy sogt Verified 04/21/20Screenshot_2020-04-21_18-19-44.jpg
04/22/2020 dpikt link link dpikt indio1515 Verified 04/23/20Screenshot_2020-04-23_12-55-02.jpg
04/22/2020 TheNewSound link link thenewsound greekwarrior Verified 04/23/20Screenshot_2020-04-23_12-57-37.jpg
04/22/2020 Doc Steve link link jews auxilentmoon Verified 04/23/20Screenshot_2020-04-23_12-58-34.jpg
04/22/2020 jeromescherer link link jeromescherer negraco Verified 04/22/20Screenshot_2020-04-22_14-08-43.jpg
04/23/2020 Lictor_Caesar link link lictor_caesar mativen1983 Verified 04/23/20Screenshot_2020-04-23_17-14-04.jpg
04/24/2020 armus-man link link armus-man raffobaffo Verified 04/24/20Screenshot_2020-04-24_15-10-51.jpg
04/25/2020 Lenhes link link lenhes alberto0ad Verified 04/25/20Screenshot_2020-04-25_15-18-10.jpg
04/25/2020 rkan001 link link juannieve jota3 Verified 04/27/20
04/26/2020 TheNewSound link link thenewsound wrack Verified 04/27/20Screenshot_2020-04-29_15-18-43.jpg
04/26/2020 Santi link link lord_jack fresco16 Verified 04/27/20Screenshot_2020-04-29_15-24-11.jpg
04/27/2020 Doc Steve link link jews jjhidalgo95 Verified 04/27/20Screenshot_2020-04-29_15-20-35.jpg
04/29/2020 LudovicoVanBeethoven link link ludovicovanbeethoven coyote1234 Verified 05/03/20Screenshot_2020-05-03_11-59-07.jpg
05/01/2020 rkan001 link link rkan001 polo_le_poulpe Verified 05/03/20Screenshot_2020-05-03_12-59-52.jpg
05/01/2020 damagum link link damagum konak Verified 05/03/20Screenshot_2020-05-03_13-45-48.jpg
05/01/2020 urreasebas link link urreasebas atendedorboludos Verified 05/03/20Screenshot_2020-05-03_14-02-59.jpg
05/02/2020 armus-man link link armus-man remi_hndz Verified 05/03/20Screenshot_2020-05-03_13-54-14.jpg
05/02/2020 Lictor_Caesar link link lictor_caesar campeador Verified 05/03/20Screenshot_2020-05-03_14-20-04.jpg
05/03/2020 jozi link link jozzi mativen1983 Verified 05/03/20Screenshot_2020-05-03_14-13-53.jpg
05/04/2020 Santi link link lord_jack stribog Verified 05/06/20Screenshot_2020-05-06_14-47-06.jpg
05/04/2020 Santi link link lord_jack   Verified 05/06/20
05/05/2020 Utinam link link utinam samhdhill Verified 05/08/20Screenshot_2020-05-08_18-13-36.jpg
05/06/2020 Doc Steve link link jews theprofesor Verified 05/08/20Screenshot_2020-05-08_18-18-25.jpg
05/06/2020 jozi link link jozzi jmarshall27 Verified 05/08/20Screenshot_2020-05-08_18-19-31.jpg
05/09/2020 Login link link loginaaa   Inconclusive
05/09/2020 Login link link loginaaa alonzobistro Verified 05/10/20Screenshot_2020-05-10_13-14-09.jpg
05/09/2020 damagum link link damagum maximoxx Verified 05/10/20Screenshot_2020-05-10_13-11-11.jpg
05/10/2020 Santi link link lord_jack   Verified 05/10/20Screenshot_2020-05-10_13-04-25.jpg
05/10/2020 Santi link link lord_jack   Verified 05/10/20Screenshot_2020-05-10_13-08-33.jpg
05/11/2020 jozi link link jozzi andifront Verified 05/11/20Screenshot_2020-05-11_11-41-02.jpg
05/12/2020 RogerDeFlor link link rogerdeflor jwwatson1994 Verified 05/15/20Screenshot_2020-05-15_12-11-29.jpg
05/12/2020 RogerDeFlor link link rogerdeflor ku Verified 05/15/20Screenshot_2020-05-15_12-01-30.jpg
05/12/2020 RogerDeFlor link link rogerdeflor rorrosaar Verified 05/15/20Screenshot_2020-05-15_12-14-48.jpg
05/12/2020 RogerDeFlor link link rogerdeflor fronzolone2 Verified 05/15/20Screenshot_2020-05-15_12-07-00.jpg
05/14/2020 Kalman link link kalman hellyeah123 Verified 05/17/20Screenshot_2020-05-17_11-59-28.jpg
05/15/2020 ishaan777 link link ishaan777 andremf Verified 05/17/20Screenshot_2020-05-17_11-00-40.jpg
05/16/2020 armus-man link link armus-man thevlasic Verified 05/18/20Screenshot_2020-05-18_13-13-49.jpg
05/17/2020 shirsho12 link link shirsho aurelianoxx Verified 05/19/20Screenshot_2020-05-19_17-13-55.jpg
05/17/2020 SilverLuke link link silverluke jjhidalgo95 Verified 05/19/20Screenshot_2020-05-19_17-10-58.jpg
05/19/2020 zfy link link zfy genghisbong Verified 05/19/20Screenshot_2020-05-19_20-10-23.jpg
05/19/2020 Doc Steve link link jews mativen1983 Verified 05/19/20Screenshot_2020-05-19_19-40-31.jpg
05/19/2020 lsd25 link link lsd28 larkinpoe Verified 05/19/20Screenshot_2020-05-19_19-21-43.jpg
05/19/2020 Roos link link roos kopodebois Verified 05/19/20Screenshot_2020-05-19_20-29-26.jpg
05/23/2020 damagum link link damagum 2000ad Verified 05/24/20Screenshot_2020-05-24_12-25-35.jpg
05/23/2020 Roos link link roos 2000ad Verified 05/27/20Screenshot_2020-05-27_12-13-39.jpg
05/24/2020 adrien2p link link adrien2p ajan2017 Verified 05/27/20Screenshot_2020-05-27_12-04-46.jpg
05/24/2020 Warfare link link warfare asus60 Verified 05/27/20Screenshot_2020-05-27_12-18-23.jpg
05/25/2020 shirsho12 link link shirsho   Verified 05/28/20Screenshot_2020-05-28_12-37-50.jpg
05/26/2020 zfy link link zfy andremf Verified 05/28/20Screenshot_2020-05-28_12-40-40.jpg
05/27/2020 armus-man link link armus-man aarongreen001 Verified 05/28/20Screenshot_2020-05-28_12-42-57.jpg
05/28/2020 shirsho12 link link shirsho _lecacapuant_ Verified 05/28/20Screenshot_2020-05-28_12-45-35.jpg
05/28/2020 damagum link link damagum fabienguillou Verified 05/30/20Screenshot_2020-05-30_13-24-24.jpg
05/29/2020 DaveTheBrave link link davethebrave uwnd Verified 06/04/20Screenshot_2020-06-04_13-27-41.jpg
05/30/2020 turicum3000 link link turicum3000 elpirri Verified 06/04/20Screenshot_2020-06-04_13-30-25.jpg
05/31/2020 DaveTheBrave link link davethebrave godmodon2000 Verified 06/04/20Screenshot_2020-06-04_13-35-26.jpg
05/31/2020 DaveTheBrave link link davethebrave than Verified 06/04/20Screenshot_2020-06-04_13-32-07.jpg
05/31/2020 ishaan777 link link ishaan777 jangers Verified 06/04/20Screenshot_2020-06-04_13-38-00.jpg
06/03/2020 jozi link link jozzi makoszet Verified 06/06/20Screenshot_2020-06-06_12-36-07.jpg
06/04/2020 jozi link link jozzi pereda237 Verified 06/06/20Screenshot_2020-06-06_12-41-31.jpg
06/04/2020 damagum link link damagum frank93 Verified 06/06/20Screenshot_2020-06-06_12-47-48.jpg
06/06/2020 DaveTheBrave link link davethebrave iroc501 Verified 06/08/20Screenshot_2020-06-08_10-59-59.jpg
06/07/2020 llb link link llb james666 Verified 06/08/20Screenshot_2020-06-08_11-01-50.jpg
06/07/2020 llb link link llb guille23 Verified 06/08/20Screenshot_2020-06-08_10-49-23.jpg
06/09/2020 DerekO link link dereko evni900 Inconclusive
06/10/2020 MR.MICHAEL link link mr.michael andremf Verified 06/11/20Screenshot_2020-06-11_12-54-55.jpg
06/10/2020 Doc Steve link link jews zzz Verified 06/11/20Screenshot_2020-06-11_12-45-33.jpg
06/11/2020 damagum link link damagum esaucanul Verified 06/15/20Screenshot_2020-06-15_16-36-22.jpg
06/15/2020 jozi link link jozzi cbhanhkhat1 Verified 06/18/20Screenshot_2020-06-18_16-37-38.jpg
06/16/2020 Lebedis link link lebedis zebroniculious Verified 06/18/20Screenshot_2020-06-18_17-17-45.jpg
06/18/2020 jozi link link jozzi edouard Verified 06/20/20Screenshot_2020-06-20_14-35-43.jpg
06/19/2020 MR.MICHAEL link link mr.michael obelisk777 Verified 06/20/20Screenshot_2020-06-20_14-38-50.jpg
06/20/2020 mralex link link mralex boredrusher Verified 06/22/20Screenshot_2020-06-22_15-21-37.jpg
06/20/2020 jozi link link jozzi manuel-rhodes Verified 06/22/20Screenshot_2020-06-22_15-10-01.jpg
06/21/2020 mralex link link mralex capamerica Verified 06/24/20Screenshot_2020-06-24_17-24-49.jpg
06/21/2020 MR.MICHAEL link link mr.michael pignasmile Verified 06/24/20Screenshot_2020-06-24_17-27-37.jpg
06/21/2020 mralex link link mralex fortresss InconclusiveScreenshot_2020-06-24_17-17-22.jpg
06/21/2020 mralex link link mralex albert_amadeus Verified 06/24/20Screenshot_2020-06-24_17-20-51.jpg
06/21/2020 frank93 link link frank93 2000ad Verified 06/24/20Screenshot_2020-06-24_17-33-16.jpg
06/24/2020 rossenburg link link defc0n zombieman Verified 06/24/20Screenshot_2020-06-24_17-53-53.jpg
06/26/2020 avikpal link link avikpal bloodhair Verified 06/26/20Screenshot_2020-06-29_13-16-00.jpg
06/26/2020 avikpal link link avikpal methhead Verified 06/26/20Screenshot_2020-06-29_13-22-28.jpg
06/26/2020 Lebedis link link lebedis methhead Verified 06/26/20Screenshot_2020-06-29_13-25-19.jpg
06/26/2020 damagum link link damagum jamescaesar Verified 06/26/20Screenshot_2020-06-29_13-26-35.jpg
06/27/2020 avikpal link link avikpal kiraa Verified 07/08/20Screenshot_2020-07-08_21-05-17.jpg
06/28/2020 Pepito_magno link link pepito_magno wwwgabika Verified 07/08/20Screenshot_2020-07-08_21-07-22.jpg
06/28/2020 Pepito_magno link link pepito_magno chocapoca Verified 07/08/20Screenshot_2020-07-08_21-10-47.jpg
06/29/2020 avikpal link link avikpal yari444 Invalid
07/02/2020 _RCF_DiAmOnD link link _rcf_diamond twosete Verified 07/08/20Screenshot_2020-07-08_21-12-47.jpg
07/11/2020 General_Josh link link jhamlett berhudar Inconclusive
07/15/2020 General_Josh link link jhamlett shalom7 Verified 07/23/20Screenshot_2020-07-23_14-38-40.jpg
07/17/2020 gandalf_deluxe link link gandolf_deluxe shalom7 Verified 07/23/20Screenshot_2020-07-23_14-39-39.jpg
07/19/2020 METHHEAD link link     Invalid (Please reupload)
07/21/2020 Pistacho_Bizarro link link pistacho_bizarro depdawg007 Verified 08/19/20Screenshot_2020-08-19_16-22-14.jpg
07/22/2020 Poppapoptart link link


poppapoptart Verified 08/19/20Screenshot_2020-08-19_16-14-49.jpg
07/23/2020 Lenhes link link lenhes queen_of_persia Verified 08/19/20Screenshot_2020-08-19_16-13-51.jpg
07/24/2020 afarre link link afarre liberal_elite Verified 08/19/20Screenshot_2020-08-19_16-26-43.jpg
07/28/2020 yzoni link link yzoni jack_v Verified 08/19/20Screenshot_2020-08-19_16-08-43.jpg
07/29/2020 DerekO link link dereko victorbravo Verified 08/19/20Screenshot_2020-08-19_17-35-14.jpg
07/30/2020 Dithless link link faendal breoso Verified 08/19/20Screenshot_2020-08-19_17-37-04.jpg
07/30/2020 jeremias link link zavitar zr0ad Verified 08/19/20Screenshot_2020-08-19_17-37-52.jpg
08/04/2020 AlexanDerGrosse link link alexandergrosse auxilentmoon Verified 08/19/20Screenshot_2020-08-19_17-48-57.jpg
08/06/2020 Lenhes link link lenhes tingeltangelbob Verified 08/19/20Screenshot_2020-08-19_17-51-51.jpg
08/09/2020 rossenburg link link defc0n karin_ashx Verified 08/19/20Screenshot_2020-08-19_17-53-27.jpg
08/13/2020 frank93 link link frank93 maximoxmeridio Verified 08/31/20Screenshot_2020-09-01_16-25-57.jpg
08/13/2020 frank93 link link frank93 ktut Verified 08/31/20Screenshot_2020-09-01_17-13-59.jpg
08/16/2020 Sequani link link sequani raffut1969 Verified 08/31/20Screenshot_2020-09-01_17-15-42.jpg
08/17/2020 jozi link link jozzi osiris16 Verified 08/31/20Screenshot_2020-09-01_17-16-46.jpg
08/21/2020 SuperSpartacus link link superspartacus vijayvithal Inconclusive
08/24/2020 4th_Rome link link 4th_rome rollo Verified 09/17/20Screenshot_2020-09-17_13-31-06.jpg
08/24/2020 patatevolante4 link link paul fedesalas94 Verified 09/17/20Screenshot_2020-09-17_13-33-16.jpg
08/24/2020 talassa link link talassa lechobetabeing Verified 09/17/20Screenshot_2020-09-17_13-34-08.jpg
08/25/2020 Dithless link link faendal niimrodd Verified 09/17/20Screenshot_2020-09-17_14-12-07.jpg
08/26/2020 go2die link link     Processing
08/27/2020 Hulla link link hulla fantasiefan Verified 09/17/20Screenshot_2020-09-17_14-35-53.jpg
08/28/2020 armus-man link link neutron hallmayer Verified 09/17/20Screenshot_2020-09-17_14-37-18.jpg
08/29/2020 Lenhes link link lenhes rutto Verified 09/17/20Screenshot_2020-09-17_14-38-02.jpg
08/29/2020 YAKUZA_24 link link yakuza_24 hermes_32 Verified 09/17/20Screenshot_2020-09-17_14-46-19.jpg
08/30/2020 Roos link link roos ferencvaros Verified 09/17/20Screenshot_2020-09-17_14-49-48.jpg
08/31/2020 YAKUZA_24 link link yakuza_24 juanjojjvb Verified 09/17/20Screenshot_2020-09-17_14-51-01.jpg
09/01/2020 facts link link facts alpha99 Verified 09/29/20Screenshot_2020-09-29_13-54-38.jpg
09/03/2020 facts link link facts maliks Verified 09/29/20Screenshot_2020-09-29_14-01-52.jpg
09/03/2020 stormwalk link link stormwalk theillusiveman Verified 09/29/20Screenshot_2020-09-29_14-03-24.jpg
09/03/2020 facts link link facts nicodiegui Verified 09/29/20Screenshot_2020-09-29_14-30-29.jpg
09/04/2020 facts link link facts lazer27 Verified 09/29/20Screenshot_2020-09-29_14-32-48.jpg
09/06/2020 Tomba link link tomba juaraca Verified 09/29/20Screenshot_2020-09-29_14-33-35.jpg
09/06/2020 Tomba link link tomba goldenarches Verified 09/29/20Screenshot_2020-09-29_14-37-06.jpg
09/06/2020 Tomba link link tomba ferencvaros Verified 09/29/20Screenshot_2020-09-29_14-41-17.jpg
09/08/2020 SuperSpartacus link link superspartacus karin_ashx Verified 09/29/20Screenshot_2020-09-29_14-42-43.jpg
09/12/2020 Laszlord link link laszlord
shalom7 Verified 09/29/20Screenshot_2020-09-29_14-43-45.jpg
09/16/2020 Tomba link link tomba d.i.c.t.a.t.o.r Verified 09/29/20Screenshot_2020-09-29_14-44-59.jpg
09/18/2020 Tomba link link tomba titann Verified 10/04/20Screenshot_2020-10-03_14-12-09.jpg
09/21/2020 armus-man link link neutron baterenema Verified 10/04/20Screenshot_2020-10-04_13-47-22.jpg
09/23/2020 Tomba link link tomba ajan2017 Verified 10/04/20Screenshot_2020-10-04_13-49-00.jpg
09/25/2020 DerekO link link dereko leblanc Verified 10/04/20Screenshot_2020-10-04_13-49-44.jpg
09/28/2020 chaos5 link link chaos5 ricky14 Verified 10/08/20Screenshot_2020-10-08_17-11-47.jpg
09/28/2020 ZOMBIEMAN link link methhead pinus Verified 10/08/20Screenshot_2020-10-08_17-12-17.jpg
09/28/2020 PurpleMotion link link purplemotion stckpkr7000 Verified 10/08/20Screenshot_2020-10-08_17-45-26.jpg
09/29/2020 PurpleMotion link link purplemotion tingeltangelbob Verified 10/08/20Screenshot_2020-10-08_17-47-13.jpg
09/29/2020 PurpleMotion link link purplemotion karljhonson Verified 10/08/20Screenshot_2020-10-08_17-47-52.jpg
10/01/2020 PurpleMotion link link purplemotion dereko Verified 10/08/20Screenshot_2020-10-08_17-48-18.jpg
10/01/2020 DerekO link link dereko noamgot Verified 11/03/2020Screenshot_2020-11-03_15-35-19.jpg
10/01/2020 1General link link 1general tingeltangelbob Verified 11/03/2020Screenshot from 2020-10-01 20-41-44.png
2020-10-05 Tomba link link tomba stckpkr7000 Verified 11/08/2020Screenshot_2020-11-08_18-45-56.jpg
2020-10-07 JohnDoe2 link link johndoe2 josecely Verified 11/08/2020Screenshot_2020-11-08_18-49-59.jpg
2020-10-07 PurpleMotion link link purplemotion shalom7 Verified 11/08/2020Screenshot_2020-11-08_18-50-44.jpg
2020-10-10 SuperSpartacus link link superspartacus karljhonson Verified 11/08/2020Screenshot_2020-11-08_18-57-09.jpg
2020-10-13 PurpleMotion link link purplemotion shalom7 Verified 11/08/2020Screenshot_2020-11-08_18-59-06.jpg
2020-10-17 AlexanDerGrosse link link alexandergrosse rebi13 Verified 11/08/2020Screenshot_2020-11-08_18-59-43.jpg
2020-10-18 AlexanDerGrosse link link alexandergrosse frappucino InconclusiveScreenshot_2020-11-08_19-32-15.jpg
2020-10-18 YAKUZA_24 link link yakuza_24 tingeltangelbob Verified 11/08/2020Screenshot_2020-11-08_19-34-42.jpg
2020-10-19 frappucino link link frappucino kenpachi Verified 11/08/2020Screenshot_2020-11-08_19-38-56.jpg
2020-10-22 Tramite link link basiliskos auxilentmoon Verified 11/08/2020Screenshot_2020-11-08_19-40-58.jpg
2020-10-25 nixcoder link link n1xc0d3r titiboi92 Verified 11/08/2020Screenshot_2020-11-08_19-41-46.jpg
2020-10-27 Tramite link link basiliskos karljhonson Verified 11/08/2020Screenshot_2020-11-08_19-46-04.jpg
2020-10-28 JohnDoe2 link link johndoe2 kenpachi Verified 11/08/2020Screenshot_2020-11-08_20-05-00.jpg
2020-10-29 gator303 link link     Invalid(Ratings disabled)Screenshot_2020-11-08_20-08-02.jpg
2020-10-30 AlexanDerGrosse link link alexandergrosse roque15 Verified 11/08/2020Screenshot_2020-11-08_20-17-53.jpg
2020-11-03 E-Sportler link link e-sportler naimz Verified 11/08/2020Screenshot_2020-11-08_20-18-51.jpg
2020-11-03 SuperSpartacus link link superspartacus elpirri Verified 04/02/2021Screenshot_2021-04-02_14-44-33.jpg
2020-11-08 PurpleMotion link link purplemotion daniel10030 Verified 04/06/2021Screenshot_2021-04-06_15-23-26.jpg
2020-11-08 SuperSpartacus link link superspartacus rutto Verified 04/06/2021Screenshot_2021-04-06_15-26-26.jpg
2020-11-08 quierohasercaca link link quierohasercaca guilhermeflapp Verified 04/06/2021Screenshot_2021-04-06_15-33-47.jpg
2020-11-09 .DarlinMedrano. link link .darlinmedrano. fedesalas94 Verified 04/06/2021Screenshot_2021-04-06_15-36-59.jpg
2020-11-11 JohnDoe2 link link johndoe2 auxilentmoon Verified 04/06/2021Screenshot_2021-04-06_15-41-04.jpg
2020-11-13 PurpleMotion link link purplemotion ramon3000 Invalid
2020-11-13 PurpleMotion link link purplemotion ryan2012 Verified 04/06/2021Screenshot_2021-04-06_15-42-43.jpg
2020-11-15 quierohasercaca link link quierohasercaca titiboi92 Verified 04/06/2021Screenshot_2021-04-06_15-46-11.jpg
2020-11-16 gator303 link link daniel_king methhead InconclusiveScreenshot_2021-10-05_14-53-58.jpg
2020-11-16 gator303 link link daniel_king agust.t Verified 10/05/2021Screenshot_2021-10-05_14-59-51.jpg
2020-11-21 PurpleMotion link link purplemotion centuriasdefuego Verified 10/05/2021Screenshot_2021-10-05_15-01-19.jpg
2020-11-28 Player of 0AD link link weirdjokes the_king_juri Verified 10/05/2021Screenshot_2021-10-05_17-14-35.jpg
2020-11-30 Player of 0AD link link weirdjokes titiboi92 Verified 10/05/2021Screenshot_2021-10-05_17-12-38.jpg
2020-12-05 Player of 0AD link link weirdjokes tato98c Verified 10/05/2021Screenshot_2021-10-05_17-19-53.jpg
2020-12-06 Player of 0AD link link weirdjokes gladiator_7050 Verified 10/05/2021Screenshot_2021-10-05_17-22-15.jpg
2020-12-10 PrinceVegeta link link princevegeta jobiwan Verified 10/22/2021Screenshot_2021-10-22_13-03-18.jpg
2020-12-10 DeepBSNTV link link deepbsntv lubacca98 Verified 10/22/2021Screenshot_2021-10-22_13-16-44.jpg
2020-12-16 Bossatchal link link feilongbay autentico Verified 10/22/2021Screenshot_2021-10-22_13-11-09.jpg
2020-12-22 quierohasercaca link link quierohasercaca jameson666 Verified 10/22/2021Screenshot_2021-10-22_13-19-43.jpg
2020-12-26 ColinMcRae link link colinmcrae samentoita Verified 10/22/2021Screenshot_2021-10-22_13-38-48.jpg
2020-12-26 ColinMcRae link link colinmcrae scatespider Verified 10/22/2021Screenshot_2021-10-22_13-41-22.jpg
2020-12-30 mysticjim link link     Invalid
2020-12-30 jeremias link link jeremias raffut1969 Verified 10/22/2021Screenshot_2021-10-22_13-42-32.jpg

















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Hi, i was playing a rated game with TheN00b during which he sometimes started pausing (didnt mind it that much) but when i won the game i didnt get any points. The chat time stamp of the lobby said he left during our game and joined the lobby again after our game was finished.

So i guess it was on purpose because he knew the rating only gets updated when both players are online in the lobby.

user1 told me to post this here and upload the replay.


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ATTN: @kangz


Thank you for the report.

Unfortunately, this replay appears to be invalid.



The reason is that the replay does not begin at the beginning of the game. You must have left the game and rejoined; if this happens, it will invalidate any replay that is generated after you reconnect. However, the replay of the first part of the game should be fine.

You may upload the first replay if you can find it.


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eliasmolins quit a rated pvp game without resign
Game finish at 3h53 GMT(+1) 31 decembre 2017

I have kill all city at eliasmolins and all he cav and lots of he unit so i'm going to search the last unit for win, but the host have exit without resign.


I have say that in lobby directly, but @hannibal not in lobby, so @user1 say me post in forum.


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I (pro3) played a rated 1vs1 against Reendow and he quit quite before he lose. I hope some moderators will see that. Can someone explain me how i can find the data of the repeat of the game. (I have windows 10)


Yours Sincelery



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They're not good enough. I went and played my first rated game today, expecting to play vs a more or less even skilled opponent, and instead I got a game that was completely rigged in his favor. He set starting resources to very low on butana steppe and then rushed me repeatedly (which I actually fought off without much trouble) after my build got screwed up from the complete lack of expected starting resources. At every point in the game I was either behind in population or behind in resources, or both, and even though by the end of the game I managed to steadily pass him in population my resource starvation was apparent as I was unable to fight off his rams and repeated attacks and also unable to resupply my pop effectively. He had upgrades which I couldn't afford, and had it been actually fair I'm pretty sure I would have wiped the floor with him.

Why is this sort of crap even permissible? Games should be won on skill, not by dirty tricks that people come up with to snare unsuspecting players with an unfavorable situation they didn't count on at game start.

IMO all rated games should be locked at low starting resources and 300 pop. There are certainly other issues with rated games, but this one is easy to fix and very, very stupid because it not only allows but even perhaps encourages unscrupulous players to engage in unsportsmanlike behavior. That's really irritating, to say the least.

also, the replay, just because:


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In date 28° of May YilmazGNG (1668) quitted a rated game in multiplayer lobby without resigning against Jofursloft (1630). Here i post the photos of the match, because i don't exactly know how to upload the replay in the forum. I ask so to administrators of the lobby to give me the points that belong to me. Thank you for help.




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Im getting tired of this, its disrespectful and its happening more frequent lately, just happened now, I hope we manage to develop a mechanism to stop this from happening or to punish those who do it, maybe a forum threat dedicated to reporting people who do this.



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