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  1. Lorenzo13 quite a game. commands.txt
  2. wtf? u say u have two accounts... its not fair so i quite
  3. i like to report King_Soly for quite a rated game. commands.txt
  4. one more. name: Niki777. he choose the map and run in the end. commands.txt
  5. Quite the game. Nickname : auxilentmoon commands.txt savegame-0004.0adsave commands.txt
  6. He always quits the game and nothing ever happens kkk nor tries to
  7. MightyMike9 QUITE A RATED GAME AND POST HERE SAYING I QUITE. He said he would give me the victory and started playing normally. BECAUSE OF THAT I QUITE THE GAME. savegame-0002.0adsave
  8. left because u quite the game first.
  9. will the ban come? because its the second time. Ajan2017
  10. now are u lying hahaha u are a quiter and because of that i quite
  11. Defc0n quite the game and in the lobby say another thing.... i dont found the print of Juleferie but i will search. commands.txt
  12. WeRiDeToGeThEr6 kit the game agaaain man one hour of game for the guy leave alll !!!
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