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  1. @user1 My name: Feilongbay Enemy: mbr1305 commands.txt
  2. Thank goodness for ridding us of straggler trees! I like the ideas of using grooves as a terrain for war. I think decreased movement, attack range, and vision make sense. I also think there should be modifiers for ambush because surprise should positively effect your battles. I'd envision a greater ambush modifier if enemy troops entered the forest because troops garrisoned there should have experience with the terrain. I would envision a smaller and short duration ambush modifier if your troops ran out of the forest. Also, I was wondering what people thought about garrisoning of some un
  3. @user1 lobby username: Bossatchal and the lobby username of the offending player: Autentico Freaking macs hide library folder for no reason. Screw this guy for leaving as host and making me learn how to use finder. Ty for ur service. commands.txt
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