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  1. I really appreciate, but I think that a top player needs to be constant. I am not, in the past months I have been extremely busy. Impossible to manage doing two unis, sport, friends and playing 0ad at the same time. I'll be back in summer I hope :))
  2. Hi, I already partecipated in a tournament back in 2018. Because of that tournament, I decided to stop playing 0AD for 2 years. I don't really like the idea because I can't think of 0AD as a competitive game. I play it just for fun, and I think that having a monthly league or tournament (= real skill ranking) would be stressful and could probably lead me to stop playing. it's just a personal thing, you can obv disagree with it :))
  3. Hi, I uploaded a new video about my personal economy strategy with Sparta. I did a little tutorial about my build order in single player then showed 3 1v1 games I did against @Philip the Swaggerless, @dakeiras and @vinme. Hope it can help :))
  4. I discovered 0AD in 2015. I started playing multiplayer in 2017. I'm still here, not getting bored of it :)) (0AD is the only game I play)
  5. 1) With 500 of each metal and stone you will be able only to get the P2 eco upgrades and build some barracks, nothing else. 2) If you need to go outside your territory to get other mines, how can you do it if you don't have the resources to build a civic centre? 3) If there are little mines scattered in your territory (that can be easily reached during P2 for example) these little mines have a capacity of max 10/12 men. THis is the heaven of any rush player, and the nightmare of any counter rush player (cavs are just so fast that can kill these small group easily before reinforcement can arrive). I prefer the idea of having the 5000 metal and stone mines in your territory (reachable also in P1) but not next to the cc. The main problem is that in this case you have no way to protect the fields from a possible min 8-10 cavarly rush. It's already hard to defend a cav rush in the fields with 5000 res mines, imagine to do it when your mines around the cc are exhausted even in the early game. You cannot keep 20 men idle just to defend the fields.
  6. Would discourage rushes and favour turtling. Terrible if implemented in 1v1 games
  7. I use them a lot mostly in tgs when I play with kush/maury. Mixing them with regular spearmen is soo good They can be used for P2 rushes too
  8. Take 1 camel and he won't deal any damage to a woodline with 40 units working. Take 15 of them and they will be both annoying and lethal if microed well (they can kill a skirmisher in 1 shot and a spearmen in 2-3 seconds). In P2 if the enemy is booming (unless he is an archer civ) he has no units to counter them, and doing melee cavarly as counter takes at least 2 mins (stables+training time), so it's a good way to slow down the opponent
  9. I think archer cavalry is a good unit. It is not supposed to deal a lot of damage: it's mostly and annoying unit which purpose is to keep the enemy idle and harass his wood/mineral eco. In my opinion it's not a unit that can win a battle, so while you train some of these archers to slow the enemy eco down you should train a strong army in the back (skirms, slings, sword cavs, or any units that deal much damage). In the 1v1 I showed in the video Vali had only archer and spearmen infantry in his base, which is why when I attacked him with merchenary units mixed to slingers and spearmen he had no counter to that. If he began to train skirmishers and maybe waited to have 10/15 cav archers before attacking me he could probably survive better my P2 attack.
  10. Hi everyone, I just uploaded a new video on my channel of you are interested. It's a commentary of an interesting 1v1 I had with @ValihrAnt two days ago (we both experimented not common civilization strategies) :))
  11. This felt pretty easy honestly. Only "cheat": I paused at the beginning to have an immediate start and to check the woodlines and berries of my territory. I realized at the end of the game that I didn't set "teams locked", but the AI remained allies for the whole time and I didn't make alliances with them. I will try 1v6 too. 1v5.zip
  12. Idk if someone can be interested in this, but here is my personal ranking (very few players) of the players that particularly impressed me in the past 3 months (from july 2021 to october 2021). Valihrant vinme, Feldfeld, Lorenz11 chrstgtr, Berhudar, borg- Letswaveabook, dakeyras
  13. The ONLY way to counter a good carthage player is 1) making palizades around fields 2) playing in a biome that has a lot of wood so it allows you to have only 2 woodlines. Rushing with cavs is so easy (when you have more than 15 cavs), but defending it is so hard.
  14. How can you have large enough groups on biomes such as Aegean Anatolian, Arctic, Autumn, Nubia, Sahara, Steppe when playing in a 1v1 on a small map? They have a very weak base if you have at least 30+ soldiers to attack it. When you send your army, the carthage player will likely see it coming, so he will just retire his troups moving them around his territory, building towers, garrisoning in them and barracks, slowly damaging your army thanks to the range of archers (who can be kept near to the cc if we are talking about P1 and P2). In order to damage the carthage player you need then to have a big army, and when you move it away from your territory you 1) renounce to develop your eco 2) become extremely vulnerable to a sword cav rushes (that can rush immediately after your army passed your territory border and still be able to return to the base in order to support the defense against the counter rush)
  15. The problem I mostly encountered with sword cav is that in order to survive I must have at least 20+ soldiers in the rushed woodline. The more the sword cavs, the more units I need to counter them (if 20 sword cavs mixed sword and jav attack me I need to have like 30 units to defend). This becomes a serious problem when it comes to 1v1 matches. Except from subalpine, india and savanna biome, in the other biomes I need to keep active 3-4 woodlines when I pass 150 pop (otherwise I exhaust the woodline too fast) and obv I cannot keep an army of 30+ soldiers to defend every woodline. The extreme rapidity with which the cavs move allows to the enemy to kill any group of less than 20 units in your territory, and if you move reinforcements the cavs can run away easily. This becomes really annoying because rushing with sword+jav cavs is so easy, while defending it is so hard. I think that the solution you propose is not really a solution because in this kind of fights most of the units basically don't even survive to the rush (while a lot of sword cav merch arrive to r3). I think a solution could be eliminating the auto-ranking r2 and making it an upgrade which can be researched in P3 or that requires other previous upgrades (something similar to a bonus that was present in the previous alphas and that allowed to mace barracks to train automatically r2 pikes). And, obviously, nerfing cavs in general.
  16. That's definitely the case of mauryan Maiden Guards. That units (champions!) don't absolutely make sense and I think should be reviewed. Another big problem (in my opinion) is about heroes. Boudica and Cleopatra have a insane and totally unrealistic damage attack and amount of HP.
  17. I really like the idea but 1 metal per second is huge. It means that if you have 20 mercenaries that's 1200 metal per minute! Maybe 0,3/4 could be a good cost.
  18. That's why I say we should also add female traders, female crossbowers and archers, female healers (and male healers for ibers). If this is realistic, why not implementing it? I mean, this is not a necessity, it's just something is nice to do because it's realistic (as much as any change who is done in making the graphics of the game better)
  19. "Just in case", which means that is something you would avoid because men have a terrible gather rate. A not-trained man who works in the fields 12 hours per day and has a poor diet is far from being as strong as a man who is trained for a fight.
  20. Police brutality is something completely different from the corona topic. I abhor that as much as you do. There are ton of cases of police brutality towards criminals (happens in every country). Even though we all think that doing something against the law (as what robbers or drug dealers do) is something reprehensible, police has not the right to do justice by itself. But this is another topic.
  21. Absolutely agree, also because we don't actually know if all the men that we see in the game are actually men or they fell themselves to be women. What I'm saying is that we should just make this a bit more inclusive (that in this case means also more realistic), just because having only women and not men farming fields doesn't make sense (as much as having only men at fighting makes sense).
  22. I partially agree. Male gatherers make absolute sense. Female soldiers don't really make sense because women have factually not enough strenght to maneuver a pike or throw a heavy javelin in a long distance. This doesn't mean that nowadays there cannot be women who are stronger than the average of men, but we also have to consider the culture of that time (women basically as not for few cases didn't receive a proper phisical training) and the nutrition of the time. Only if we talk about archers/crossbowers/slingers I agree there could be also female soldiers. It's obvious there will always be people who complain about something, but I think that 0ad should be a bit more realistic in this sense. The main thing I find to be a problem is that in a lot of games when I pass minute 13 I begin to kill all my women who are working on the woodline and replace that with men (and that yes, I find it to be a bit too much).
  23. Even when Obi left the lobby I could still see his match opened. When I tried to join it said me "Service unavailable".
  24. Use formations (the most compact and linear ones) to organise the troops. After the units begin to fight, disable the formation and let them do their job. While fighting, ranged units will automatically dispose in a "circular" position (which is the best way to damage the enemy units).
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