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  1. I got it right. You have to work on the pfSense: Firewall / NAT / Outgoing Enable hybrid creation of NAT rules and set the mapping for port 20595 (static). See picture
  2. OK, I spoke too soon. Once I was able to join a game as a spectator. Now it no longer works
  3. Yes, I am the owner / administrator and may play :-) I have read the Netgate documentary. It says I should enter it under NAT -> Outgoing. Does the port 20595 incoming or outgoing have to be open? UDP, TCP or both? I have tried it on the pfSense under Firewall / NAT / Outgoing: Unfortunately without success.
  4. Hi@all, At home, I "sit" behind an ordinary router and have no problems joining or hosting a game in the online lobby. The router does NAT and I have no port forwarding set up. The client PC is always the same. Ubuntu 20.04 with the firewall disabled. In the office I have a pfSense firewall host. It does not work there. It tries to connect for a long time and in the end it says it doesn't work. Does anyone have experience with how to configure the pfSense so that 0 AD behind it works? with best pixel24
  5. What does "CS" stand for? Supporters are the spiritual ones who heal? Champs are then the heroes?
  6. Ok, Javelin, Pike and sword are melee weapons. I group them together. What to do with the slingers and the archers? In a separate group or integrate them into the group with the melee fighters? Then I have siege weapons (catapult). Do I make a group for that too? I suppose I position them behind the other two so that they are protected, right? So that's my position (from front to back): infantry & cavalry slingers & Archers Catapults I hope I have understood it correctly. Thank you for your patience!!!!!!! with best pixel24
  7. I am concerned with the handling / organisation in combat. I don't think I'm doing that optimally. I always moved the whole troop together and left it in formation when attacking. I guess I have to form smaller blocks and control them separately. Just like it was in the battles in the past. But here I don't know: which units are best combined?
  8. ok. Then that makes sense. I finally managed the map yesterday with Medium / Balanced. :-)
  9. Hi@all, I am currently "fighting" the map: "Duel on the Cliff". The settings: Medium & Balanced. For practice, I started the map with "explored". I saw that all the opponents already have defence towers and others. Isn't that a bit unfair? with best pixel24
  10. Hi@all, I would still call myself a beginner in 0 AD. I play Alpha25 under Linux. How do I learn to place and organise troops better in a battle? Do you make groups with certain troops here? Is there any help (text or video) on this somewhere? I would be grateful for tips :-) with best pixel24
  11. Thank you for the tips. I will test it. I need to get better acquainted with the control/grouping of troops in battle.
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