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  1. yeah people use watsapp,IG,snapchat and tiktok now whatsapp is quite bearable, in comparison to the rest
  2. global warming's leading cause is cus 0ad overheats pcs too much
  3. oh well, sorry about that then! I am not yet used to forums!
  4. ...but why did you call me Philip..? I am not Philip, and I won vs him easily in the past, so this is an insult to me
  5. hows that offtopic? theres not a single game more related to 0ad than AOE
  6. i am someone who gets bored of games in few days-weeks max, very rarely i enjoy them for months, maybe if i never tried the genre before. then all the mechanics are new to you, and it takes longer before you get bored of them, up to months even in my case (and years for other people) but i played a few rts games already, so i know i will not enjoy aoe4 that much, and tbh aoe3 was kinda lame, wouldnt play it even if it was free but id kinda try aoe4 you know? it looks nice, i am hoping for some competitive multiplayer. but i will get bored of it in few days anyway, so im wondering if i should buy it or not......
  7. if youre nolifer gamer prob about 3 months otherwise 6 months its a good result to be honest, but i dont think its good deal for veteran players theres only so much a game can do, especially if game is based on replaying same matches over and over theres no fun in building your kingdom and spamming units anymore PS if you think im wrong, just think about all the players who played for period of few months and then dissapeared permanently! they got bored
  8. WYM theres like 10 players online in lobby (or less without afks) and rankeds are not even working properly, and whos going to fund these rewards? and no one will know about this tournament unless you spend a lot on advertising also i can already tell borg and valihr will take top rewards its not exciting to know whos gonna win but yeah no one will know about it without advertising
  9. Why do you keep asking why I think theres just one attacker when its obvious? Maybe you're the one attacking and you like the attention secretly, lol 0AD has very small playerbase that fact alone makes it unlikely that theres more attackers. At most it can be one small group of related people. Why other player-hosted games dont have these DDOS issues, eg Rust or Dont Starve Together? Is 0ad obfuscating/hiding the IP addresses correctly or is it displaying them welcomely for anyone curious? I know theres a way to get IP regardless but not displaying it would be a start.
  10. you know that you will never find the culprit even if you spend years looking at and deciphering these logs? DDOS attacks come from virused devices, not from attacker's machine
  11. how funny would it be if every 0ad player created a thread like this
  12. We need a DDOS detective for this!
  13. wym LIKELY ? there are countless ddos services and theres just one attacker, the chance that ddoser used different service is much much bigger
  14. more realistic != better more/less polygons != better its only better if it looks better and its not killing performance too much
  15. first/third person games need first/third person features. such mode will be either useless or require complete game redesign
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