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  1. Hi all, the copy-paste trick worked perfectly and instantly for me. Thank you @faction02. For @axi, I found my new user.cfg file in: /home/my_username/snap/0ad/197/.config/0ad/config/user.cfg
  2. Hi @faction02 and @Angen, I'm an Ubuntu user and I had to install A24 from snap; because of this I am not really able to locate the new user.cfg file... any more ideas? Will try to investigate deeper though.
  3. I noticed that the max health of units such as slingers/skirmishers does not increase when you reach town and city phase; is this the expected behavior? Such troops tend to become pretty useless with their 50 max health in phase 2 already. Cheers! Colin
  4. Hi all, is there a way to recover the password for my account? After switching to A24 I have to insert it again, and I forgot it... my fault... Cheers, Colin.
  5. Dear @user1, my username is ColinMcRae and I played a game against scatespider. After I destroyed his CC and army, he quit the game without resigning. It is happening a lot lately. I attach the commands.txt file. Cheers, Colin. commands.txt
  6. Hi @user1, my username is ColinMcRae. I just played a game against samentoITA. As soon as he realized he was going to loose the game, he quit it without resigning. Pretty annoying. I attach the commands.txt file. Thanks, Colin. commands.txt
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