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  1. Thanks a lot! I did the mistake and downloaded from mod.io... By the way: very good job with the mod and keeping up with the updates!
  2. Hi, since the Update to 0AD 24 my Autociv doesnt work anymore and I get a lots of errors. I deleted all of the game and mod and reinstalled... No Changes... Here are my Logs. Any Idea, what is wrong on my System? Any Help is appreciated! logs.zip
  3. it never worked from this VM, even the first time I created a new Account. So the game couldn't have known that there is another acc...
  4. Thanks for your answers and support for my thing. But it is not relevant if I use the newly created "hosting" Account, or if I use my normal Player Account - I can't login from the Azure Server
  5. I was able to create and join with a testuser with lower case letters. I was able to be in the lobby for about 10sec. Then this happened: Now I can't join anymore.
  6. Thanks for the reminder, well this account should technicaly just be the host and spectator and not actively playing. But I could also just use my normal (playing) account. I will try this, thanks! But I could still need help with the settings then
  7. Hi there, due to the DOS problems getting more and more during online games, I am thinking of hosting a game (as spectator account) in my Azure VM. And I am joining than via my real account from my normal PC as Player. Is this even possible? (Hosting as spectator). What I HOPE that will help, is that Azure recognizes the DOS Attack and tryes to block it. So I tryed to create a VM and download/install the game and create an Account. Everything worked fine, until Account creation: I get the Message "incorrect User or PW", but this is the Account I created seconds ago from this client! Is it some kind of connection Problem? can you tell me, what kind of Ports/ Settings etc. must be ok to make it work?
  8. Hi, @user1: I killed nearly all city Centers of my Enemy tingeltangelbob and completely ran him over... He just disconnected. Want my points. Thanks. commands.txt metadata.json
  9. Hi , @user1me again: Played against juanjojjvb. He left after I destroyed his City center again... My user Name: YAKUZA_24 commands.txt metadata.json
  10. @user1 Hi, played against hermes_32 and once I destroyed his Citycenter, he left. My Username: YAKUZA_24 commands.txt
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