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  1. @user1 My name: PurpleMotion Playing against: CenturiasdeFuego (1264) (Host) He had lost everything and suddenly the connection which was fine the entire game got finicky, and I got kicked out, tried for several minutes to join back, but was not able to. commands.txt metadata.json
  2. @user1 My user: PurpleMotion Playing against: Ryan2012 He was the host and guess has the entire map visible, obviously had a plan. Rush me at the start and failed. Then when I starved him of resources decided to quit the game. commands.txt metadata.json
  3. @user1 My user: PurpleMotion I was playing with Ramon3000 He was the host. During the entire game he was messing with his connection and kicking me out of the game, I had to rejoin several times, finally I told him that if he does it again I will report him and the game was stable from that point. I took his civ center and he decided to do it again and ended the game without resigning. Since he was kicking me out the replay is short but I have added the final screenshot that should match and chat, you can verify this behavior from anyone who has played him before, as I noticed observing some games. commands.txt metadata.json
  4. @user1 Was playing with daniel10030 my user PurpleMotion I wasn't even attacking him, infact he was attacking me, or a base i was setting up, asked me to ceasefire for a minute way into the game when i had created units near his base, then decided to quit, he was obviously losing even no actual fighting had started. He was the host, and there was no game to join after the message, just to save you some time. commands.txt
  5. @user1 My user: PurpleMotion Offender: Shalom7 He was hosting, what ever he was doing wasn't working, and i was winning, I told him not to quit as he was already reported previously, and a few mins later he quit. commands.txt metadata.json
  6. @user1 My user: PurpleMotion Offender: Shalom7 (1050) He was hosting, I was taking out his base and he quit. I looked in the lobby to see if the server was running but he was gone. metadata.json commands.txt
  7. @user1 My user: PurpleMotion Offender: DerekO Tried to rush me at the start and failed, then ended up losing his main TC and dragged the game for no reason, just about when he was about to be wiped out, he decided to cheat and block me or what ever. commands.txt metadata.json
  8. @user1 My user: PurpleMotion Offender User: KarlJhonson (1236) Game was going ok, he was rushing me and all fine, then I took out his TC and he exited the game, few minutes later he joined back in and claimed it was due to lag and I didnt pause it. He clearly left the game. Then he paused the game and started talking and left again without resigning. commands.txt metadata.json
  9. @user1 My user: PurpleMotion Offender User: tingeltangelbob (954) He quit after I destroyed his Town Center and was cleaning up. commands.txt metadata.json
  10. @user1 Just finished a game with stckpkr7000. He was the host and I joined under his conditions and played. I was clearly winning the game and he decided to quit without resigning. My lobby name is PurpleMotion Replay attached: commands.txt metadata.json
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