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  1. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2737 mas de una semana sin poder confirmar mi correo electronico
  2. hello I would like to know, how to put the damage by fire and poison in the svn Siege workshops, changes: if a workshop only makes one ram it would have to have the minimum base cost of 300 and one like the Macedonian that does everything should cost more and have more capture points and hp than the others horse heroes upgrades i like iber viriate change skills, guerrilla tactic: +15 speed attack and moviement booty. trade it to create champions on foot It would be perfect and just as used as the other Iberian heroes murians chandragupta can only create archers, add some more bonus, fast and "low cost" elephants Xerxes administration effect to the entire map no 60m -.- and something offensive or defensive agis II made economic reforms could give an improvement in construction and collection for lancers, javalineros and women I have not looked much more than agis II Macedonians and Thracians the Thracians were allies of macedonia for quite some time, adding a stoa helena is not such a bad idea
  3. Could you put a stoa helena to the Macedonians?
  4. I have tried the svn, and the siege workshops are all the same price, it is not logical In order to produce tastings, bolts, siege tower and rams, you need a greater capacity, size and tools than to produce just one ram for example the Macedonian siege workshop has to be somewhat more expensive, have more health and capture points, since it is the one with the highest capacity instead the Celts would be cheaper since they only produce one thing Could the castle of Athens and Sparta be given the improvement of the bulwark tower? so it would be useful against a siege of slingers I love the new sounds of javelins, bows and slingers I like the new regular unit icons I need to try more to comment more, the A24 looks good the Iberian brulets, need a favorable balance, now they are a huge expense that can bankruptcy in the naval games, especially against cata ship, rome and especially ptl, if the fire could be activated when taking damage or at contact, it would be useful and not
  5. soloooy0

    pack replays

    team 1 Obi Mace Legion Briton Kingalphaisback Galus Palaiologos Iber team 2 s0loooy0 iber santa rome roscay briton mr.michael rome 2020-06-12_frontera ibera.zip In this game, the two borders are Iberian, palaiologists advance fast and take away a border fast, Santa and Roscay are forced to defend themselves from a joint attack of three while I try to advance slowly through my area
  6. soloooy0

    pack replays

    LOW ECO team 1 juaraca-ptolomeans ClanTeamPlora-Spartan team 2 Talenters-seleucidas s0loooy0-spartan in this game. tema 1 good pop and fast eco, team 2 bad rush, little eco and defensive game 2020-02-20_ low eco.zip last defense team 1 s0loooy0 iber cysgod galus nani rome russian_soldat rome team 2 H.Herly briton Ryuga galus juaraca briton King_soly athenes in this game all fronters broken fast The advance of the enemies by the lost part is unstoppable, in the 2 teams but there is a decisive difference in tactics 2020-02-23_ last defence.zip 3vs1 team 1 AnancondaGroso mace Ulyses ptl kokostar ptl team 2 s0loooy0 iber in this game orange and blue better eco, bum pop and siege me, in this game I have to be passive aggressive is more interesting see tactic vs masive troops 2020-03-29_3vs1.zip 2vs2 CAV OF DESERT team 1 Hoorse rome go2die persia team 2 guiropaw sparta s0loooy0 iber this game is in desert green fast eco, full pop, pahse 3 and siege, attacked but it was a really expensive siege that cost him the mastery of the battle, while the yellow was recomposing, and the Iberians hit and run getting to stop the economy of both until Sparta could end the game 2020-05-18_2vs2 CAV OF DESERT.zip 2vs2 INSUPPORTABLE CAV team 1 ruscany spartan bubblebut spartan team 2 s0loooy0 iber thenesound rome in this game team 2 send little cav scout, and kill workers is very patetic attack, team 1 prepare eco for bum and fast war agresive so interesting type team game 2020-05-20_2vs2 INSUPPORTABLE CAV.zip 3vs3 ANTISOCIAL SKIRTITES team 1 roscany sparta bubbleut sparta thenewsound rome team 2 s0loooy0 iber keko2 galus c0 briton in this game team 1 more strong economie, and fast full pop, but they trusted the numbers a lot and it was expensive, team 2 all borders colapse in 2 attack so hard defense 2020-05-20 3vs3 SKIRTITES ANTISOCIALES.zip
  7. we are stressed by the quarantine even if it is mutated that between
  8. What if you need, or all of the mods? you have a website to translate but I don't remember T.T
  9. https://store.ubi.com/es/games all games discont 11% or 75%
  10. is perfect state effects, catas and fire cav, Would they do damage, after stopping attacking, to units and structures? the morale and the cold will be interesting in what situations you put them.
  11. f-good mod implemented in nex version, for see friends, and game time in lobby
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