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  1. I've always wondered why the British long-sword champion has the same stats as the rest of the swordsman champions it would have to have less armor, for not using shield, greater damage, adding damage by crushing or bonus against cavalry horse carriages and bonus It would have to have some important bonus the car of hairs in front of the mounted cavalry (total war) shooting in motion, shooting in 360º, assuming that the melee attack and the load is a great complexity to create (In some mod I have seen that the murian champions can pass from melee to distance by a price in resources, it is not a bad idea) Finally, the spy, I would like it to work to find the last 5 or 10 of an enemy and not be looking around the map for a long time Happy New Year to all siege machines the technique of doing massive catapults and ballista is profitable, the damage and cadence I like of this version, but not to do that tactic so lightly it would be good to put damage artillery friend
  2. bade cav, skrimish cav or 20 spearmen ,for kill iber cav chaps, towers in zone of cc + regulars 10 in cc, iber cav is expensive and need more time control for guerrilla war iber ...
  3. soloooy0


    Hi, I have a new pc and I lost my account: soloooyo-s0loooy0 (my baned account is solotroll....) can you help me recover or not block the new plz
  4. and add fog in some areas: maritime or high humidity, mountains / mountains
  5. I'm not in that conversation, but the first one's help would be, good or important
  6. No, lo más cercano a los clientes habituales son los campeones gladius hispanensis y falcatas. y las unidades Soliferreum, que no sé cómo sería viable, una unidad que usa una lanza pesada para romper una armadura, pero fue utilizada en pocas ocasiones mmmm
  7. yo hablo en español, pero no me acuerdo de donde se traducia -.-
  8. team 1 DoctorOrgans -rome Rauls -britons n08212000 -galus phoenixdesk -britons team 2 randomid -galus mord -rome boudica -iber emperior -galus in this game, DoctorOrgans fast raid and constant attack at mord, for this decision DoctorOrgans lose more eco and mord lose all eco and pop, this war is more fun 2019-02-12_mord`s survival mode.zip
  9. este juego es, un tutorial para jose37 (nub), necesito reiniciar el juego para un mapa incorrecto, y no recuerdes dejar de hacer una evaluación o dejar el juego sin terminar s0loooy0 vs jose37 2019-02-13_tutorial.zip 2019-02-13_tutorial.zip
  10. W.W-ptl vs s0loooy0-britons 2019-01-07_0001 WW vs S0loooy0.zip W.W very and good eco and full pop, my pop in the frist attack is low and stop my production for defense,
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