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  1. yo hablo en español, pero no me acuerdo de donde se traducia -.-
  2. team 1 DoctorOrgans -rome Rauls -britons n08212000 -galus phoenixdesk -britons team 2 randomid -galus mord -rome boudica -iber emperior -galus in this game, DoctorOrgans fast raid and constant attack at mord, for this decision DoctorOrgans lose more eco and mord lose all eco and pop, this war is more fun 2019-02-12_mord`s survival mode.zip
  3. este juego es, un tutorial para jose37 (nub), necesito reiniciar el juego para un mapa incorrecto, y no recuerdes dejar de hacer una evaluación o dejar el juego sin terminar s0loooy0 vs jose37 2019-02-13_tutorial.zip 2019-02-13_tutorial.zip
  4. W.W-ptl vs s0loooy0-britons 2019-01-07_0001 WW vs S0loooy0.zip W.W very and good eco and full pop, my pop in the frist attack is low and stop my production for defense,
  5. iber armory variants 1 skrimisher celtiber armor recreation scutary 1 recreation espazai 1 duel skrimisher 2 basic defense pectoral plate veteran and regular friend civil outfits pectoral plate hit and run tactic body type celtiber slinger veteran, merc or romanized
  6. http://egiptoaroma.blogspot.com/2010/02/corocotta-heroe-cantabro.html hero cantabri INDÍBIL Y MANDONIO allies heros ibers vs cartago https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orisón need more info for this leader
  7. need info of heros and units: vaskonsgadas, catabrians and navarra
  8. @viridis and your information, maps of numamcia plz
  9. vaskongadas =vasconian + goths, year 276 celtiber armory
  10. iber mercenarie, italo-corintian helmet mercenaries ibers victory recon and soliferreum hit and run mercenarie cartago mercenarie by Escipión el Africano
  11. balear slingers body type creation sling amunnation
  12. vascongadas vascones recon cantabro, vasco rome soldiers in zone of vasconia rainig.... 300 days at year cava tactic for reload and supplies javelins cav of cantabira, vasconian zone,( rain and cold zone) celtiber troop
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