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  1. https://store.ubi.com/es/games all games discont 11% or 75%
  2. is perfect state effects, catas and fire cav, Would they do damage, after stopping attacking, to units and structures? the morale and the cold will be interesting in what situations you put them.
  3. f-good mod implemented in nex version, for see friends, and game time in lobby
  4. i like step 1, what is the last icon for? keep your distance?
  5. soloooy0


    hola, estoy teniendo problemas con los scripts y si tengo que unirlos o agregarlos o cómo configurar los disparadores Campos gálicos (3) .js numantia test.xml
  6. thanks, now good and bad news, the Iberian wall of beginning, was removed at the beginning of the game, to put it out as I do ??
  7. f-good mod and auto civ Do mods affect the atlas?
  8. big problem atlas doesn't let me play any game I have to reinstall 0ad or how error reports are sent this happens to me with all the maps, both because they are by default as mine (custom)
  9. I think that in order to avoid catapults and ballistic spam, you have to put artillery friendly fire and battering only against structures will be much more useful the tunnels, I think remember that Rome puts under the important structures a tunnel and put straw oils and pigs, to burn the foundations
  10. Estoy editando un mapa, para hacer un disparo, numancia, necesito saber ciertas cosas sobre la creación de mapas ... ¿Cómo podría hacer que el ataque gaia cada x veces, las posiciones iniciales del mapa no sean automáticas en el editor superior? El manual de Atlas está muy desactualizado y no da respuestas a nada de lo que necesito. ¿Cómo pongo unidades en estructuras gaia? Actualmente el mapa no funciona pero es una creación bastante hermosa de @ Lankusnav Gracias por la ayuda Currently it has too many failures to finish putting things on the map, so it is clean of some parts .....
  11. I like your idea, but put to put a different way and massive warfare these seem really interesting CBA and risk
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