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  1. Hi @user1, Anotha one bites the dust without resign. I'm a spammer sorry... cant do much about all the bad hombres :-(. Played a game against TITANN and was winning: destroyed his army, 2nd city center, fortress. After the fort he quited. commands.txt
  2. Hi @user1, Played a 1v1 today vs D.I.C.T.A.T.O.R I did a great job with my early sling rush and took out much of his eco. He said GG and stopped the game without resign. commands.txt
  3. Played a game today vs Juaraca. He quited while I destroyed his CC and army. commands.txt Little time ago, I played a game vs Goldenarches. I won the game but didnt get any points because he left the lobby before points could get rewarded. commands2.txt Also little time ago I played a game vs ferencvaros. He left aswell, when I destroyed his CC and army. commands3.txt @user1hopefully you can do something with this. Thx
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