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  1. @badosu We will not start the final stage until wednesday. so we can get predictions and sort out every player
  2. Lorenz has gone inactive MarcAurel is also inactive, afarre is busy, and subotai mongol is ready Timezone issues
  3. victorbravo quit a game @user1 commands.txt metadata.json
  4. You're in your own bracket @badosu and I are still deciding what to do
  5. If we can get 2 people then we would be fine and fill the group We might not need a sub keep that noted
  6. Sure @Lenhes go here - https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/tEIjQdtcbb and register then go here and do the following.
  7. @Wendy22@Dizaka @Feldfeld @frank93 @LeGenDz @Lenhes @MarcusAureliu#s @Lorenz11 @borg_ @borg- Thanks for registering when would you like to play please include your timezone aswell
  8. OKay @Dizaka https://challonge.com/july0ad/participant_settings
  9. Okay, here is the doucment I made. I don't really know how to do the seed shuffling SHuffling seed.xlsx
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