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  1. Hello, mbr1305 quit without resigning Vs SuperSpartacus Thankscommands.txt
  2. Hello @user1 rutto (1237) Vs SuperSpartacus : rutto quit without resigning. Thanks. commands.txt
  3. Hello @user1, commands.txt ElPirri quit without resigning Vs SuperSpartacus. Thanks metadata.json
  4. KarlJhonson (1195) Vs SuperSpartacus (1041) KarlJhonson (1195) about to loose, quit without resigning metadata.jsoncommands.txt @user1
  5. @karin_ashx Vs @SuperSpartacus karin_ashx quitted without resigning. Thanks commands.txt metadata.json
  6. vijayvithal (1063) quit without resigning a 1vs 1 rated game with SuperSpartacus (989) commands.txt metadata.json
  7. @user1 Hellocommands.txt In the game : "berain993_s (1087)" Vs "SuperSpartacus (1168)" berain993_s left without resigning. Thanks
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